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Old 08-05-2003, 01:01 PM   #15
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Welcome home Bailey!

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I guess we know who's going to be the pambered baby of the house now...

Dear Kira,
I'm Kiev, a copper Siberian Husky (male) and airstream lover - I jump right in! Hope to meet you at some rally or on the road soon.


Called petinsurance again! They're working on my refunds...It's months! No money yet!

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Another Update

Three weeks later, you can hardly tell that Princess Bailey (as my daughters call her) ever had an encounter with a snake. She has made a full recovery!

It was rough going for the first week or so. Rattlesnake venom kills skin tissue so one whole side of her face and neck were covered with dead skin. The dead skin then sloughed off, at one point she had a gaping hole in her neck. (Sorry, I know it's gross). We were at the vet almost daily and she had to spend three nights there.

Once it began healing, it closed up very quickly. She now has a little scar on the side of her face and neck. It is barely visible. She is as active as ever and more spoiled than ever before!

I think she'll be game for a second camping trip in a few weeks. Hopefully she'll get to enjoy it this time!

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Well, all hail Princess Bailey!

I'm so glad to hear she recovered so well, even though I'm sure that was a very difficult recovery for everyone involved - ick! I was actually thinking about her last week and wondering how she was doing, but I figured we'd hear from you again. Glad to hear she's doing so well.

Rattlesnake bites are one thing I'm very afraid of on the trail, but I have heard that their deadliness is somewhat exagerated by all the cowboy movies we've seen. I'm relieved that even after an initial mis-diagnosis they were able to sucessfully treat her.

Hope you all enjoy your next trip a lot more. Midnight trips to the emergency vet are no way to spend a camping trip!

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Old 08-26-2003, 07:37 AM   #18
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Way to go Bailey!! Always love a happy ending when it comes to pets. Had that been one of my two pups, I would of done whatever it took, (as you did Cyndi), to ensure their recovery!! Dogs just seem to want to love their human companions no matter what, unconditionally. I know mine do.
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Originally posted by Stefrobrts
Well, all hail Princess Bailey!


Rattlesnake bites are one thing I'm very afraid of on the trail, but I have heard that their deadliness is somewhat exagerated by all the cowboy movies we've seen


Well, maybe yes, and maybe no.

We almost lost our son to a rattler bite a few years ago. 7 days in ICU, 11 drips running, multiple surgeries, skin grafts. 32 units of antivenin (at $275 a pop, I might add.) Not a fun time in his life. Or ours.

I'd say: just keep your healthy fear of rattlers - they certainly deserve it. OTOH, I wouldn't obsess over them, either - just be prudent where prudence is called for.

See you on down the road...
Dave Jenkins
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Originally posted by Dave Jenkins
We almost lost our son to a rattler bite a few years ago. 7 days in ICU, 11 drips running, multiple surgeries, skin grafts. 32 units of antivenin (at $275 a pop, I might add.) Not a fun time in his life. Or ours.
Yikes! Sounds like Bailey got off easy. Sorry to hear about your son, but glad it turned out ok.

I just meant, in the movies people get bit and die immediately, and then there's the old 'suck out the poison' drama, when really now they say you should just hike out and get to a doctor pronto. At least it is treatable, not an instant death sentance. Lets hope no one around here has to go through what your son did though!

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We were surrounded by sidewinders on our fist Airstream trip to Baja a few years back. Like " honey, what are all these marks in the sand". We first noticed them in the morning after our arrival the night before, 3 of them snoozing under my kayak in the sand. One of them had an especially bad attitude. It was April, and that's when a lot of the baby snakes have hatched and start cruising around the warm sand in the evening.
Took a shovel from the campground host and gently moved them behind some brush about 200ft away. The one with the attitude unfortunately did not make the trip. About 30 feet out he ( or probably she) decided to get frisky, despite the cold shovel. I had to adjust the attitude with the sharp end of the shovel before continuing the trip to the brush. The snake ended up in a shallow grave, but all it's buddies made it fine. We were never attacked or otherwise endangered after we knew they were also camping out at the same beach. Interesting thing was that the wind was blowing in the afternoon, erasing all the zig-zag like tracks the snakes leave in the sand. The next morning, all the tracks were back, but in a clean oval of about 30 feet around our campsite. I don't think snakes particularly like human presence, or odors or noise/vibration etc.
We stayed one more night, and then left the beach to the rattlers. Believe me, packing up was an adventure of it's own kind. Every item was picked up VERRYY carefully and inspected first before putting it away. We're very glad we did not bring the grandkids or the cat on this trip. We have been back to the same beach since, but have not seen as much as a trace of a snake. Then we found out about the sting-rays......but that's another story.
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Old 08-27-2003, 03:16 AM   #22
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Bailey -One/ Snakes-Zero

Glad to hear Bailey has recuperated. That must have been a horrible experience. Its super that she pulled through! Your vet sounds like a dedicated one. .So, when are you going camping again ? <S>
Seems as if we need a Special Topic Section for our Traveling Pets Discussions......................agreed?
Hoover VanDam Dog just had his first Airstream experience in Maine. He did Super! We are sure he thinks its a big metal doghouse! And its His, All His! And yes he is our "kid" (furkid). When we got him we made a commitment to take care of him. There have been some huge vet bills but his unconditional love, comedy acts, and companionship are beyond compare. How can you put a price on what your heart feels?
Re: Snakes Its nice to read about what campgrounds/areas I am not going camping in! I absolutely panic when I see a snake. Mostly around the yard are the garter snakes. But even those are enough for me to scream like a 5 year old and freeze up and shake and cry. UGH
Okay Mr./Mrs. Forum Grand Poobah.How about a Traveling Pets section?
Be Safe everyone!
Smiles, Amy
in a (Isn't it cute?) 1979 20 ft Minuet
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Yes- I agree! A Traveling Pets section for all of us pet lovers.
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Our dogs also love to go camping. Every time we start filling the frig and hooking up to the truck, our English Setter (6 yrs old) and German Shepard (almost 10 yrs old) race us to the Airstream! I don't think they will tire of camping! The Setter has even learned out to ride in the canoe! She doesn't want to be left out of anything! I am working up my nerve to try the Shepard in the canoe. He weighs in at 100 pounds and I am afraid he will tip us. They both especially like the camp dinners of steak, crab legs, baked potatoes and salad! I had another dog that passed away two years ago, she was a Doberman who loved to go camping. On one trip, as soon as the truck and Airstream were parked, she immediately visited the older couple next to us and introduced herself!

I definitely think thatAirstream Forums should have a thread for pets!
Kathy, Tommy, & Crew, Chattanooga, TN
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1989 SquareStream (Annie #8)
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Last year, before we got our AS, we were loading up the campervan for a camping trip to the mountains. We were leaving the dogs behind with petsitters because we planned a long hike and knew the little one would get tired, so we decided to leave them both home. I was carrying stuff out to the van, and on the third trip went to put some stuff in the back door, and there was a golden retreiver sitting there in the van wagging her tail! We called the number on her tag and left her in the front yard, and warned the petsitters to feed her too if nobody picked her up. She was gone when we got home. But it was tempting to take her with us, she looked like she was ready to go!

I agree, a pet section of the forum would be fun, we all seem to love talking about our pets.

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I own a rescue Golden Retriever who escaped from a puppy farm when she was 2 years old. The poor thing was kept in a cage and used for breeding up until the time she escaped.

Here she is at the dog show at the WBCCI 46th International Rally which was recently held in Burlington, Vermont. She didn't win any prizes but she had fun.
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Texas Cajun :-)
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We are major pet lovers too and look at it this way... if you wouldn't do something to a human child DON'T even consider it with your 'fuzzy child'. Animals are far less expensive than therapy and much, much more effective. I cannot imagine life without our babies.

We have 3 dogs (2 regulars and a spare... a foster baby) and until recently had 2 wonderful cats. They both disappeared about 3 weeks ago. We have searched, posted notices, checked at the local shelters, etc. It's torture. Cannot imagine what parents must go through when there children disappear. Prayer is the only thing that keeps me sane.

So comforting to know that many of you are true animal lovers. People who understand that pets are NOT property. They are living, caring, wonderful creatures. Please keep up the good work and spread the word!
God Bless! Roze
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First, to Astrodokk...

I am SO sorry about your dog, and I don't think you need to worry about your description being "graphic," at least as far as I am concerned.

I lost my 13 year old Blue Heeler a year ago Augusta nd I WISH I could have done it myself.

She had cancer and was really at the end. You know, they take care of US during their lifetimes so it's wrong if we don't do what's right for them. She had absolutely NO quality of life. The cancer had spread to her brain.

I said no more dogs, too, and then 3 weeks later I met THE DILLY. The UGLIEST, homeliest little Rat Terrier/Jack Russell mix. I never bought a puppy from a pet shop before... but at least it wasn't a BIG shop with puppy mill material. $450.00 later, I have a new dog. Jeez. It'll be one year on the 29th of this month, and she's so young and healthy.

Dilly is a GREAT camper. The only problem is that she hogs the bunk.

I also have a little Rat Terrier that I got from a rescue six years ago, and he DID belong to the kids, who have left home now. He's a good little dog but a TERRIBLE camper. He got boarded at the vet last weekend when we went. He's a little smartie, he just can't seem to handle camping. I'm working on training him.

************************************************** *

And about the snake bite! I am AFRAID to let the dogs out too far, even on a leashm of course, because I don't know what's waiting in the woods, looking to hurt THEM!. They're both little. I saw a hawk last weekend at Thomson Causeway here in Illinois that could have flown off with the Dilly :-(

I am going to put together a top-rate first aid kit but we still had better do a little resaerch and find out where the emergency vets are before we go somewhere!

************************************************** **

Good luck to you.. and to all of us trying to travel with our pets!

Rachelle Holmberg
Rockford, IL
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