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ASPCA Commercials

These commercials always kill me. I just have such a hard time trying to fathom why some treat animals so poorly.....

This is a subject that truly breaks my heart. But I have become so sensitive that I am almost incapicitated and find it difficult to dig deeper into it without breaking down. The stories haunt me for days - or even weeks.

My New Years resolution will be to find a way to be effective in helping animals in some capacity. I just need to be somewhat distanced from *experiencing* the actually pain & suffering that the animals are subject to...

Yesterday I went on a ride with a friend who has a Mustang
Rescue (both abused mustangs and adopting wild ones). I'm going to help her with promoting and fundraising events. I'd love to do more for companion animals, but I guess this will be a start.


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Laura, you may be able to help out by taking in one or two rescue animals, depending on what they are and their rescue circumstances. Our current dog (Sophie) was a rescue dog that was given up simply because her owners couldn't care for her properly any more. In this way, you can physically help care for a rescue animal without being exposed to the "abused" ones.
Oh, here is a photo of what this type of rescue dog looks like:
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I know the feeling, Laura, about the ASPCA commercials. They're really, really painful to watch.

You can also volunteer for your local ASPCA. You basically board animals in your home and show them to potential "humates" (and reject ones that you don't feel are up to the task). It's hard, though, because you start bonding with the animals, and then it's really, really hard to give them up.

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Hi Laura,
I feel your pain and concern. My plan is to work and downsize in the next ten years, and then quit my job in 2020. We hope to travel and volunteer at animal shelters. I am also affected by those commercials and shows like "DogTown". I volunteer when I can at our local shelter, but work really prevents me from doing much. On our local Kijiji page, there is a dog currently, and the write-up has haunted me for 3 days since I've seen it. I can't imagine giving up your faithful friend when s/he needs you most. Also, you can't imagine how cold it is here right now (-25C and with windchill, way worse). How disgusting to give your old dog away because "a new baby is coming". The most pathetic excuse! And the dog is incontinent. So now the dog has to lie in urine that is frozen to her body?! Here is the ad:

View larger image

Date Listed 30-Dec-10 Last Edited 30-Dec-10 Price Free Address Saskatoon, SK S7K 1B1, Canada
View map Date of Birth01-Jan-95 (16 years old)

We are expecting our first baby any day now, and are looking for a good farm home for our old dog to retire on. She is at least 14 yrs old (adopted in 1998) but still has a couple good years in her. She is a beautiful white (yellow with age) Akita( fixed). Great with kids and people, loves cats, dogs not so much, but does get along adventually. She is an outside dog as she has incontanance issues. This is why I need to find a good home for her. If she can't be inside with me, she needs to be running free on the farm. We had her on the farm as an outside dog before and she loved it. I just want her to live out the rest of her time as happy as she can be. Not depressed alone in my yard in the city and a new baby will not allow me much time to go out and see her. I can't bare to put her down as she still has so much spirit. Please email me if you wish to help my dog have a great end to a great life....

This ad sickens me beyond belief! I'm so happy that you are working to help animals now. We need more people like you! Thanks so much.

Lisa and Paul

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We just adopted Sadee from the National Mill Dog Rescue organization. She is a 7 year old mama that is SO SWEET and a great buddy for just breaks my heart to imagine what her life has been like up until more, she has found her forever home!

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We have Labs one from a farmer (non breeder) and one rescue Lab. We will always adopt now and we give to several rescue groups. Just do what you can but before you buy a dog go to
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Get involved and sign up for a Rally!
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Whole herd of rescue animals around here...dogs, cats, goats, turkeys and a couple of ducks.

I don't understand how people can mistreat animals either, however I strongly suspect it has something to do with their lack of a proper upbringing.

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Originally Posted by wahoonc View Post
however I strongly suspect it has something to do with their lack of a proper upbringing.
The people? Or the animals? Must be the people...I've never met a dog or cat I didn't like...
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Even little things help. Discourage people from buying cats and dogs from pet stores, as these are most often obtained from mills or other unethical breeders. Encourage adopting from local shelters or rescue organizations. Don't support pet stores that sell cats and dogs by purchasing food or supplies from them. Hit the unethical breeders where it matters to them most, their wallets. Every purchase from an unethical breeder or pet store means one more dog in a shelter who goes without a home.
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I know what you mean about getting tore up watching those sad stories. I don't watch that stuff on purpose. Our local CL pet section is filled with them every day - just the scum of the earth when it comes to how they treat their animals - disposing of them at the slightest inconvenience.

We have one dog from a very good breeder, one dog adopted from the girl who bought her from a pet store and found herself in over her head a few months later, and one dog adopted from a family that lost their home. Personally, I prefer getting my dogs from responsible breeders - they are healthy, the parents are healthy and have good temperaments, and those have been the best dogs we've had.

We have had such horrible experience with adopting I warn people to be very careful. We had a rescue put a dog with us at one point who was actually dangerous (to us and our other pets), and another that was just very very badly matched (particularly where the cats were concerned), and one that had a LOT of serious health and abuse problems - that was our dalmatian Chester who we kept to the end. But the ones we have right now are very good dogs who don't really have any problems that led to their being homeless.

I have volunteered with several local rescues. If you look on your local petfinder you'll see who the legitimate rescues in your area are (at least petfinder has fairly good standards for determining who they let on). Contact some of them and see what you can do. I've mostly done computer work for them. I like this because it lets me help out without bringing home animals and upsetting the balance of our current group.

Helping out your friend with her mustang rescue sounds like a great start. Companion animals actually have more resources than horses do. Because they are 'livestock', expensive, and require skilled handling and care, they quickly find themselves in serious danger.

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I too feel bad for thes animals, I have a cat that I got at the local shelter. I continue to suport it with donations of food, papers for litter and cash.
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My dogs from a good breeder love our AS, there you go. zz
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It's haunting me too

We rescued a white dog that looks just like the Akita in the picture.
His name is Cheewahya (cherokee for love wolf ) He saved me from a stray bull that was charging me. I am betting that the dog in the picture would protect the new baby without concern for her own life.
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Over the years we have adopted five dogs from rescue groups. Before adopting, we interviewed the foster parents, observed the dog in the foster environment and had a trial visit at our house with the dogs we presently had. This has made our adoptions very successful.

We have fostered many dogs (adult and puppy) in our home. The best was the mother dog and 11 puppies. Found a good home for all of them but it took work and help from our local Humane Society, along with networking friends and family.

I hate to think that our dogs could have ended up at a shelter. You truely don't know how traumatized some animals can become in that environment. If you can-support your local Humane Society, go to the shelter and feed and walk the dogs there. You may be able to connect the right family with the right pet. Word of mouth about what is available helps. Take out an ad in the pet section of the paper advertizing the pets that are available. Volunteer at a low cost shot clinic. Transport cats and dogs to the spay/nueter clinic. Get your local radio station to advertise "Pet of the Week" and events that are coming up. Work with big box stores to donate food and advertise available pets.

There are many purebreed dogs available at shelters, Humane Societies and rescues. Families have been hard hit in these economic times. When a family loses their home, many cannot take their pet into a new housing situation. Resources for many folks are slim in terms of what to do with their family pet.

I too have a difficult time looking at the commercials. However, this situation is a reality but one that I can make a difference by doing any of the above.


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