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Wireless Backup camera options

Anyone have any luck using wireless backup cameras for your AS? I am looking for something that will connect with my iPhone so I don't have to use a separate monitor. Any suggestions? 2003 Safari 25.

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A gopro with the suction cup mount works well. I keep it in the car and stick it on the back of the AS as needed.
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Great ideas.... Thank you!
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just saw this:

How To Use A Smart Phone As A Remote RV Security Cam

Also, search amazon for wifi video cameras, lots of interesting possibilities, this looks interesting: : Transcend TS16GDP200 16GB Drive Pro 200 Car Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi : Electronics

and lots of stuff like this:
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I installed the 4ucam license plate camera on my AS.
Wireless car backup camera 2.5" LCD Color Monitor and 2.4GHz Wireless Camera - Day & Night

Had some trouble with the first one, but they were very quick to replace it. The new one works great.
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Someone recommended a Voyager camera to me. I want one I can watch on my mini ipad2. Anyone using one they like? Does it cut out a lot with wireless issues?
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I have one of these on my tow vehicle, and another on the Airstream. The one on the back of the truck is a great aid when hitching, the one on the AS works great when towing.

iPhone Android iPad WIFI car backup camera
iPhone Android iPad
WIFI Backup camera
Item#: 8909WiFi
Listed Price: $169.99
Now $109.95
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I have heard the GoPro is not a good choice because there's a 5-10 second delay between the camera and the screen. Haven't verified that, though.
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Question Another possibility?

I was looking at this one today. Any thoughts?

RVS-020813 | WiFi Backup Camera System
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wireless back up cams

I-Ball Cam from Amazon, less than $100 and shipped free to Prime customers. Comes with nice little color monitor which plugs into any 12v accessory outlet. Camera is battery powered and has magnetic base. Use it to "hook up" by mounting on your hitch receiver, then move it to the rear of the AS to use as a "back up" cam.

Magnetic base and movable camera have come in Very handy when trying to change tires - mount on underside of leveling jack - and back right onto ramp or wheel jack. When stopping overnite at a "questionable" rest stop or remote location, camera can be mounted most anywhere to view trailer and monitor can be brought inside to 12v accessory outlet. You can see everything going on outside or just monitor area around trailer entry door.

Also works well in remote locations, Absaroka National Forest, Wy. , to monitor bear activity at night !!

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I bought one from Amazon for about $70. It was two part, one camera and the WiFi sending unit. I put the guts of the sending unit in a grey plastic conduit box from Lowe's stuck on with velcro and the camera screwed on below the middle upper light where it gets power. Pros: Cheap and easy setup. Cons: Takes some time for it to be seen by my iPad Mini that I put on the rear view mirror with rubber bands. It occasionally pauses and occasionally stops requiring a restart. It worked with the iPhone but I found the screen too small and I had the mini so I use that. Overall it does the job so I'm happy with it. Of course you have to have the lights on for it to work.

There doesn't seem to be a way to paste pics or I'd do that.
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I just installed ( this high quality wireless color and infrared backup camera in my 2007 19' 75th edition Bambi and love it. It uses my iPhone for a monitor in my truck that I mount with a universal dash mount. You can still use your phone by the way. It is very inexpensive as these cameras go ($479.00 complete) and only has a 12volt socket connection for power or you can hard wire it to running light in the back on the roof. It will work mounted inside facing out the rear window as wel, but you loose the night time infrared. Uses a 12volt Netgear wireless router that comes with the camera and that needs a 2nd 12volt socket in the front of the coach to communicate with the camera and your iPhone. Great system and Fred offers wonderful CS.
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I have a wireless camera on the back of the Airstream that only works intermittently because the distance is too great and there is too much stuff- walls, furniture, curtains- in the way.
I got a baby monitor from Walmart that works better, but I have not found a good permanent way to mount it. When I need it and the other camera won't work, I put the baby part (camera) on the bumper of the Airstream temporarily to get backed in.
An Bluetooth camera that transmits signal to an iPad would be OK I guess.
The separate monitor is annoying in the same way the monitor for the Dill TPMS monitor is annoying- no good place to put it and the wire danging-
I guess I would have been better off to keep my money in my pocket and not have a rear view camera or TPMS-
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Bambi with Voyager camera system

I went with the Voyager wireless system in the back of my 2006 16' CCD. It has incredible range. As a test, I powered it from a 12v extension cable and drove down the street unattached to the trailer. It had a good 1/2 block range. I didn't want to drill any holes, so here is what I did:

-Attached camera to the top of the license plate bracket using stainless steel L bracket.
-Attached the camera using a knurled bolt, so I can adjust the angle or even remove it. I point it staring backwards for driving as a rear view mirror, but can angle it down if I want to see the rear bumper.
-Got power from the license plate bulb outlet. I got a an adapter that replaces the bulb and brings two wires with 12v out. I then connected that to another socket for an LED lamp to illuminate the plate, with two more wires going for the camera power. So the license plate stays lit, and the camera turns on whenever the running lights are on.
-I cut a little notch in the license plate lamp housing, where I put in a small grommet, through which I ran the power cable for the camera. Then I fastened the housing back into place.
-The voyager has a quick connect between the camera and power which I keep behind the license plate. I can disconnect if I want to remove the camera.

I tested it in my driveway, and it appears to work well. Taking it on a short trip in a week. If the video monitor says there is no connection, it is a reminder to me to turn my lights on, which I usually do anyway. The rear looking video will then turn on in a few seconds.
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I just secured a workshop where I can park our Airstream indoors, but it's a bit of a finicky backing in scenario.

So, I finally bit the bullet on this, but instead of going the cheap, but labor intensive, route I went slightly more expensive but hopefully painless with the NuCam WR for CAN$250 on amazon. Range appears to be good, according to the reviews. My drone has a wifi range of 300+ meters, so I am hoping that 34' won't cause an issue for this camera, albeit that there's a trailer in the middle.
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Thanks for sharing this. I've never seen this particular camera.

Are you planning on keeping it inside the trailer pointing out the rear window or mounting it outside?

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Originally Posted by afk314 View Post
Thanks for sharing this. I've never seen this particular camera.

Are you planning on keeping it inside the trailer pointing out the rear window or mounting it outside?

I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see what's the viewing angle is from the inside, which would be my preferred option, keeping it out of the weather. If that works, then it will be an inside install, if not then I'll see if the magnet is strong enough to mount it outside.
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The camera arrived today. It seems very well built, it's heavy, and the magnet that is supplied for mounting is so strong that it takes significant effort to remove the camera from a metal surface.

I tested it in our office and got a usable 60' range at 10fps, with heavy duty walls and office-stuff in the way. Image quality is adjustable and crystal clear. Even our wifi router struggles without a repeater. Outside, with a clear line of sight, the range was about 200'.

Here's to hoping that a 34' trailer won't be too much of an issue. The camera is very wide angle, which is good news as I'll be able to install it inside the rear bedroom.

It is possible to both flip and mirror the image, meaning it can be installed upside down onto the ceiling.

Link to SD screenshot 640 x 360:

Link to HD screenshot 1280 x 720:
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Can the new AS camera work with new TV's?

Has anyone linked the new back up cameras which come on the new 2017 AS's to a TV back up system? My new F250 came with this "option" for trailer back up camera. Ford told me it should work; AS guys did not know how to do it, so I have the dash/windshield display unit. I would really like to just integrate into my vehicle display.

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