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Originally Posted by safari57
Find out if the legal way is also not too cumbersome and hopefully your hometown DMV folks can assist you. If not, check out the DMV's website for the state you are acquiring the trailer in to see if it says there what is required. Stuff happens and as we saw recently someone towing a later 90's home without insurance totaled it and they were out the cash. If it looks like it is going to be a big issue then I would take the chance, but that's what I'd do, not what I recommend to others. I just spoke to a buddy today who's tags expired last November and he's been out and about quite a bit and no one, including he, noticed.

What Barry said worked for us when we bought a '64' Nova from PO in Kansas. State DMV via web site, stopped in Monday AM, $8.00 temp tag and drove to Colorado with out worry. All of the proper paper work in order also. As long as it looks like you did the right thing and you don't other wise represent a revenue opportunity life should be good.

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Originally Posted by Silvertwinkie
Now that must have been a sight to see....Roger with the cherries kicked on on the side of the road....on the other end of those cherries!
Sorry, Eric... didn't happen... the ISP and DOT held a big party at the scales on S/B 380 between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids... every vehicle on the freeway got waived off and inspected for... well... whatever they could find. A quick show of paperwork, and off I went!


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Originally Posted by 85MH325
Sorry, Eric... didn't happen... the ISP and DOT held a big party at the scales on S/B 380 between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids... every vehicle on the freeway got waived off and inspected for... well... whatever they could find. A quick show of paperwork, and off I went!
Yeah, right ... . Roger, it couldn't have been anything simpler? LIKE IT WAS THE WRONG COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A temp or transport permit issued in one State will be honored by all the other States. It's a I believe Tenth amendment to the Constitution thing. Same way your States Drivers license or license plate is valid in another state.

So get one from the State you purchase in and haul it home.
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My state will only issue them for instate. I called that state and they said the same thing. Also called a dealer in that state and they said they cannot issue a temp plate for a private purchase.

I called my local sheriff's office and they told me a title with bill of sale is good to go. I asked the dealer in the other state the same question and they told me that should be fine.

So if I get a new to me one, I guess I'll just tow it home with no plate but have my papers in order.

Man I feel like I'm in East Germany....gotta have my papers
- Jim
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Legal -- who knows? It varies much by state and enforcement varies even more by county/township, whatever. The good ol' Bill o' Sale works most times (as long as it's not five years old). Just avoid Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina no matter what it adds to the trip. Cops there (especially on back roads) are heavily into revenue enhancement, and any niggling little thing will cost an out-of-stater a bundle.

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I bought mine in MO. the PO let me keep his tag on the trailer for the long 750 mile trip back to the Florida Panhandle then I immed. mailed it back to him dont know if it was right or legal but I did not get checked. I did years ago put a tag off one vehicle I owned onto another vehicle I also owned and I had to go see the man in the black dress (judge) he did not see it as a good idea and fined me a few hundred dollars but I understand now that it is a Felony offence seems kinda harmless but they know better I guess...
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Well heck, NC is one of the ones I was going through. Maybe I'll just ask him if I can keep his plate on it. Then if I do get pulled over, I could say I'm borrowing it from my friend.

You know, it really shouldn't be this difficult. I should be able to get a temp tag at the local police dept. and then just run it on home.
- Jim
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I see your expired just-bought trailer tag and raise you that plus the same on the tow vehicle! Luckily, I had dated titles and bills of sale for both along with proof of a current insurance policy on 2 other vehicles which "may" have covered me, otherwise the officer said they would have been impounded. That time, I got away without even a fix-it ticket, but this is TOTALLY up to the discretion of the individual officer, and if they want to be sticklers about it, they will.

My best understanding of the law in CA is this:
If the registration is expired, you MUST register the vehicle before towing or leaving it standing on public roads, or you can get a one-day moving permit at the DMV. If you have all the paperwork in hand and post the fees you might even be able to get a 30-day temporary registration for a trailer even if it needs weighing or verifying before permanent registration; for a car or motorhome I believe you'll need smog and insurance first so they're harder to get.

If the registration is current, there is a grace period of five days to report the sale to the DMV, but the catch is, you're not supposed to drive without insurance, which is a serious matter for cars, less so trailers.

Going to the DMV is seldom convenient at the places and times where I have made some great deals on vehicles that usually stipulate that they be removed from the premises at once. This gives the spontaneous wheeler-dealer a choice between risking getting pulled over by the first cop that sees you towing down the road trailing weeds and spiderwebs like The Munsters, or guaranteeing getting said vehicle impounded on sight parked unattached while off trying to get the paperwork in order. A smart thing to do if you anticipate making such purchases is to have an official DMV bill of sale form, as well as an application for transfer of (always seems to be lost) title. Having the proper forms on hand (as opposed to a hand-lettered bill of sale on a torn piece of fast food bag) makes life easier at the DMV later, but more to the point, looks REAL good to the officer if you get pulled over on the way home.

Some states like IL have a system where the person owns the plates, only in this case would you even consider switching them. In California, switching plates is liable to result in impoundment of both vehicle and driver! You might talk your way out of only-have-a-bill-of-sale, but not switched plates which is a felony.
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The nice fellow I bought my trailer from allowed me just to keep his plate - it was to expire shortly anyway. I returned the favor to the guy who bought mine.

I can't imagine being stopped and even if I was stopped, I've never had to produce a trailer registration.

If I didn't have a plate, I'd just trust that my title is good enough, and I'd promise to register it as soon as I got home.

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Rivet Transport Home

Hi Jim,

I found my 1983 34 Excella in the classifieds. It was in state so I got my brother to pull it with his full ton 4wd diesel dually Dodge rather than try it with my F150. (TV upgrade in the works.) It was a weekend and we just pulled it with no tags. Nobody even glanced at us.

Jim Rogers (jimrogers) in Jonesboro, AR buys and sells Airstreams as supplemental income and a hobby now that he is retired. He told me that he regularly brings them home without tags and has never been stopped. He usually has a few in his yard. I see some in the classifieds today.

Buying from Jim and his wife was the most pleasant purchasing experience I have ever had. They are truly delightful people. Anyone considering one of his offerings should have a good experience.

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When I picked up a trailer, I just saked the PO if I could use their plates to get it home. They agreed not to unregister it for 4 days. This way the trailer was legal, just barrowed from a "friend". When I shipped the plates back, I also included 2 bottles of wine as a token of gratitude. Now shipping alcohol across state lines was illegal, but you can send whatever gift that you choose.
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Just did this two weeks ago. In Texas, the tags stay with the vehicle, in Colorado they stay with the owner. We purchased one-trip, temporary tags
good for 15 days at our local tax office here in Texas for $5.00. All we had to give them was the trailer's VIN, city starting from, city ending at and three cities we would be passing through. Colorado DVM told us that they would recognize our temp. tag purchased in Texas. Tried over and over and over again to get through to New Mexico's DVM but could never get through to the number listed on their internet website. Since there was only about 100 miles of New Mexico we were passing through we thought we might be okay since Colorado had already given us their blessings.

Sure proud of our new trailer!
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When I bought my B van, it was in New Jersey but I was in Virginia, so I had to go through a couple states. I bought a temporary tag online which I assumed was good for all states (I thought states had to honor each others' tags, as long as they aren't expired?), but of course I also had a bill of sale with me that I'd had the seller sign.

I put the temp tag (it was just a printout) in the window, drove 'er home, and got it registered in VA for one month while I got the inspection and emissions testing done. Meanwhile the DMV conveniently and erroneously canceled the registration on my car... but that's a different story.
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we bought one from oregon we live in montana.. we sent the pay, they sent the title we went and got our plates and then went out and picked it up, putting the new plates on right then... had no problems at all.
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In Arkansas, I not sure of the technical law, but accepted practice by law enforcement is to accept a bill of sell, or signed title, within 10 days of tranfer of ownership, without a tag. The tag stays with the owner here, by the way.
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Originally Posted by JimGolden
You know, it really shouldn't be this difficult..
I agree. In the UK, trailers are not licensed or tagged. We just have to have a duplicate number plate from the tow vehicle on the back of the trailer.

In the USA you have been happily using VHF marine radios for years without a licence. Up until 2007 I have been paying about $70 each year for a permit to use this safety device in the UK, and am also required to pass a competency test (at commercial rates) to be permitted to use the VHF radio.

In modern societies there is a great danger of over-regulation, and it is interesting to compare and contrast the legal regimes in various countries. These contrasts can be used as levers to persuade governments to rescind legislation, or not to create it.
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Originally Posted by 85MH325

I DID recently get stopped with our new moho on the way home from the dealer without plates by a DOT officer. Since I had the appropriate paperwork, I was on my way.


Do you know how fast you were going, and by the way...where is your tag?


Streaming Soldiers Blog
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