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Consider doing an engine oil analysis at your next oil change. Easy to do, buy kit, get oil sample at next change, mail it in, get report. If the report shows no major wear or contamination, consider keeping that massive inline 6 doing its job and fix the small stuff. Many have seen their brand F with the entire cab off of the frame for a gasket replacement.

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I too have an 07 dodge with a 6.7, 6 speed auto, no problems with 88000 miles,I don't drive it as a grocery getter, just long trips or towing the airstream just what it was made for.....

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I have owned both Chevy Duramax and Ford (gas EcoBoost) trucks. The Chevy Duramax w/Allison transmission pulled my AS Classic 30 with the greatest of ease. The power train was superior in every way on the 2004 I purchased new. Fuel mileage was excellent as well. I must say there were too many warranty issues with Chevy back in those days but most of them were on the truck. I did have Duramax issues 2 times. Both times they replaced a fuel injector on the LLY motor under warranty. I really liked the tow-haul mode, power and torque. Amazing. No experience with the Ford diesel. I like your idea of staying with the 3/4-ton truck. It eliminates an awful lot of trying to make a 1/2-ton work and do what a 3/4-ton does all day long.
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Originally Posted by Sodbust View Post
With over 15 diesel engines around our farm,, I never worry about the 15 year old stuff working.. Its all my 2013 and newer engines I worry about. It all boils down to all the newer diesels are over loaded with electronic gizmos to in part pass all the stupid EPA guidelines. Plastic crap with micro millivolt connections that fail..
I still own my old 98 Dodge diesel with somewhere around 300,000k.. Don't know for sure as I cant read all the numbers with the dust that filled in between the gauge plastic window.. 1 lift pump and regular oil changes is all I have done.. But saying that,, my TV now is a gasser hemi,, It took me awhile to get use to it but its doing everything I ask of it and doing fine. I felt warm and fuzzy as most of the time since I got the hemi,, gas has been 80 cents a gallon cheaper than diesel and I get about the same hwy mpg as I got with my 98 diesel..
X2, When my 2000 diesel Excursion wears out, if ever (275k miles), I will go with a gas truck. Hard work doesn't kill a diesel. Mine has towed a trailer and been full of lots of stuff for most of its life.
Mufflers, turbos premature injector replacement are all due to emissions crap primarily exhaust gas recirculation (remember diesel emissions are highly acidic). The Dodge Cummins engine in 2005 before de smogging was as close to bulletproof as you can get.
If I had a newer diesel, I would do all the emission delete stuff to make it reliable unless it had t pass emissions. If it had to pass emissions, I would dump it and get a gasser. Surprisingly, resale on used diesels is very good.
Perhaps someday de smogged diesels will be reliable, but that day is not today.
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Currently Looking...
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The only way to own a new anything, esp a diesel is with a life time warranty. The diesel will require a higher maintance cost. Last I figures I've seen, you have to put 50,000 miles a year on a diesel to break even with a gas unit. And after much experiance with all of them, the dodge may go 300,000 miles but it probably won't have any doors left on it.

GuyViral Guy Tries to Out Pull 2 Dodge Rams at Once in His Massive Ford Powerstroke - GuyViral
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I have 132,000 miles on my 2008 GMC Duramax/Allison.
The repairs so far are 1 power steering hose, 1 Glow plug, and 1 power mirror motor. I replaced the serpantine belt a couple of months ago. I just felt it was time. It pulls my 30 foot International with ease.
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I just traded in my 2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins w/5 spd stick on a new 2015 Ram 3500 with Cummins/6spd stk. I put 110,000 miles over 16 years with the old Dodge - everything from farm work to hauling my '14 27FB Classic with only oil changes and routine maintenance. I'd've kept it, except it rode like a truck - fine for farm and off-road but a little rough when pulling the AS cross-country. Loved the old Cummins - plenty of power and a satisfying diesel sound that I have not found in any other year Dodge. The new one is a tricked-out Laramie Crew Cab with all the bells & whistles. I can't render judgement yet as it is only a week old with 450 miles. I looked hard at Fords and GMCs but went with the Dodge (sorry, I mean RAM!) for 3 reasons: 1.) the great experience I had with the old one; 2.) I much prefer the I-6 Cummins to the V-8 Duramax and Powerstroke; and, 3.) The RAM/Cummins combination is now the last pickup offered in the USA with a standard tranny. I'm just not ready to be "shiftless". My $0.02 worth - good luck on your decision!
"Hot meals, cold beer, dry bed & flush toilet - everything I look for in a wilderness experience..."
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2004 CTD 305/555 motor with the man trans. 200k miles at 5000 hours. Have replaced ujoints outside of scheduled maintenance. Tires last 100k plus. 21-mpg average last 54k miles. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

Will start replacing systems this year so as to stay ahead. No reason to keep original clutch any longer, and HVAC system is tired. Etc.

The 2014 and later RAM is worth the upgrade as changes took ten years to be significant. The entry price and greater complexity is the barrier.
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2017 Ram

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. They were extremely helpful.
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I like my Ram

I have basically the same truck as Slowmover: 2004 1/2 Ram Cummins 4 door long bed 4x4, only I have the heavy duty automatic. Bought it new, and to date have had absolutely zero problems with it. The body on mine looks new. Not sure why others are having body issues but I've not experienced that. Almost all driving with my truck is towing either the 36' Avion or my 22' equipment hauler. I once pulled my flat bed trailer with sides on it and a big tarp inside like a burrito with 13,000lbs of river rock on it (plus the 3000lbs of trailer = 16,000lbs....I was over weight by nearly 3000lbs). The big Dodge pulled it with no complaints at all.

I used to work for Grove Crane, and we used two of the 5.9 Cummins in our to drive it down the road, the other to power all the hydraulics and stuff. They are a great engine. My truck was one of the later ones to have the 5.9 without all the "stuff". I really like it.

If you read "Diesel Power" magazine, you'll see guys in there that strip all that junk off, get chips to fake out the computer so it won't cut the engine back to 3 horse power if it doesn't sense all the "stuff", and they seem to get 24mpg with them whereas they were lucky to get 16 with all the "stuff". Only you can decide if you feel ethical or whatever doing that. But the guys in the mag say it's a totally different beast when you remove all that.

For me, the 305/555 has been enough to hold me

That being said, you will also see in "Diesel Power" guys running hopped up Cummins powered Dodges that run 9 second quarter miles with street legal trucks. Pretty amazing for an 8000lb vehicle to run the quarter at over 130mph. They apparently launch in 4x4 and once they get up to about 60mph or so they bang it into 2wd. It's not uncommon to make nearly 1000hp and over 1300 ft-lbs of torque with that engine. Of course, they have to beef up everything else to take it. You'll also see guys putting Cummins engines into Ford trucks, as they say the Fords are fancier than the Dodge but they prefer the Cummins engine. I was kind of partial to the Duramax powered Chevelle that made 800hp, 1200 ft-lbs, got 30mpg, and would run a 9 second quarter very easily.

That being said, a buddy of mine bought a GMC with the 397/765 Duramax and the Allison. He said it would cruise at about 90mph at about 1900 rpm in top gear. It is a nice truck.

Now, if diesel would just go back to being 30 cents less than gasoline like it should be, things would be better in the universe
- Jim
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Originally Posted by mefly2 View Post
Not such good luck going from a Ford to a 2013 Ram CTD due to EPA mandated computer upgrades and front end recalls never completed on the Ram... however, exceedingly happy with the new Chevy Duramax ... similar power and even more comfortable.

Especially noteworthy was this test ... for us trailer haulers ... downhill grade control; page down on the link:

2015 Silverado 2500HD: Heavy-Duty Work Trucks | Chevrolet
Makes you wonder why ford bothers putting on the ineffective exhaust brake.
The higher your expectations the fewer your options.
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Tow Vehicle - what to do

My exhaust brake works great on my 2015 F350 6.7 diesel.

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Meh, I've seen one with 2,000,000 (two million) miles that was still pretty well stuck together.

I have no intention of keeping a truck that long. I wouldn't let the body hardware scare me away if I liked the truck.
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My 07 dodge cab is as good as the others, I've seen latter model fords have the doors with cracked sheet metal , my transmission is a wholly owned subsituary of Allison , the old dodge cabs and the 4 speed autos weren't that good in my opinion.

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