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Rent a truck with >6k lbs towing capacity


I couple of dealers I talked to are saying that they would check the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. They would not let me leave with the trailer with a vehicle that does not have the towing capacity. It does not make any sense for me as I am an adult and I should be responsible for my actions not the dealer, but anyway...

The trailer I am looking at is 6,300 LBS dry. BMW X5 (my TV) is rated 6,000 LBS in the US and 7,700 LBS in Europe.

Question – where I can rent a truck with a towing capacity >6k LBS. As an example, uhaul claims on their website that the trucks are up to 6,000 lbs towing capacity.



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Looks like a 15' U Haul truck can tow 10,000#.

U-Haul: 15ft Moving Truck Rental

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Does the dealer have a truck rental program? Our local dealer does, and you're not that far away from one of their other sites.
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Check out Hengehold Trucks on San Antonio Road. They're close to you and rent a variety of heavy duty pickups and other trucks.

Truck Rental | Mountain View Menlo Park Redwood City Sunnyvale Los Altos
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I think U-Haul rents pickups, too.
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Bono must be strange dealers. You are saying that they won't let you leave unless you have an adequate tow vehicle? So they don't want to sell you a trailer until they approve your choice of how to get it off the lot? Show them the photo of Wally pulling a trailer with a bicycle and ask them if they want a sale or not.

You should have a safe tow vehicle. But the forum is covered with posts of what one person would say is safe and another person would say the opposite.

Just sayin'.......

Enjoy your new trailer
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Most of your general car rental companies forbid you to tow anything with their vehicles regardless of whether they are outfitted with a hitch, etc.. Uhaul only allows you to tow their equipment with their trucks, so you are out of luck there as well.

The only places I have found that will rent a vehicle to tow with are the "Commercial" divisions of some of the rental car places. These places will rent you an F250, but don't expect it to be cheap, and beware that they may not even be open on weekends.

As to whether the dealership has any say in what you can tow with, no car dealership will allow you to drive away your new car without proof of insurance, so evidently "they" have been held liable/responsible in the past and want to limit their exposure.

good luck!
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Hi Bono

I was just in a campground in Malibu where over the course of 5 days I saw 11 pretty new Airstream combinations. 1 hitch set up was good, one barely acceptable 9 were terrible. My point is that they get all bent out of shape about a tow rating but the thing they have control over "the hitch set up" they don't take the time to understand at all. There are very few if any vehicles with a tow rating higher than the X5 that will out stop or out handle it while towing an Airstream. Enough of my rant though.

What people have had done before is have the dealer deliver the trailer to an offsite location then it is not the dealer's problem. Some have it delivered to their home but I remember a fellow in Florida buying a 23 with a Ford Ranger had them just deliver with their tractor to the parking lot next door and he hooked it up there. He sent us a picture when he was done just to be sure he had it right, I would say he was safer and more stable than 75% of the Airstreams on the road Another with a Mercedes GL buying a 25' had it delivered to the closest campground. If that is their level of understanding of towing you will do a much better job of setting it up than they will.

Which hitch system are you planning on using, do you know how to set the ball mount before you get there? If you need to send me a regular email and I can send you a couple of files on how to adjust everything. It's not rocket science.

Andrew T
Andrew Thomson
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Hi Bono,

Are you up at the dealer in Fairfield? We had the same issue when picking up our 25FB from them, resulting in renting their F150 because they had issues about tongue weight. We took the trailer out for a weekend but returned it to the dealer because they gave us a 1 year of free storage (which is good because they can fix all these little things that pop up). Next time, we came with our modified (reinforced) hitch receiver and a tailored setup from Canada (thanks Andy!), towed the trailer to Benicia where we had the battery mod and wheel changes done. Since then the dealership never asked any questions again. It is only the very first time when "you leave the lot". Seems to be a strange liability thing because you could actually sign a waiver and hitch up yourself, but they do not allow this at the first time.
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Why not see if they will accept a liability waiver? As long as the rig is licensed and insured you should be good to go. Here is a link to a free waiver that you can modify.

Waiver Of Liability
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Thank you very much for your suggestions. First of all, I am buying Jayco trailer – I mentioned this in other threads on this forum and would like to be transparent. One can ask, why I am not posting in Jayco forum, which is pretty active I must say… well, the reason is that there are a few, if any, people understanding and accepting that SUVs can tow larger trailers. When I asked about a few things about X5 towing the trailer I am planning to buy, I was beaten hard… AS forum is so much better, even with some fights from time to time.

Anyway, as somebody mentioned, uhaul allows to tow only their equipment, but I believe that connecting my trailer to uhaul truck, even though against the rental contract, should be acceptable for dealer (will check). I will tow it only to drive off the lot. I checked their pick up towing capacity (which is not enough), but did not check the trucks - Llando88 thank you for tip.

I am planning to buy the trailer out of state and to combine this with vacation, therefore, I need to double check all potential obstacles.

Andy, thank you for your suggestions earlier on the hitch reinforcement and appreciate your offer to send me some useful stuff.

In terms of the hitch – I am planning to buy ProPride, which is another potential “issue” as most of the dealers are not familiar with this hitch. I will need to educate myself how to install and set it up.

Thank you guys!
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Bono -

U-Haul 1/2T pick-ups are useless since they only have 4-pin connectors, & you need the TT brakes, & IIRC when I checked they won't let you tow anything but their car haulers or box trailers with the bigger box trucks.

Try the local Enterprise Commercial Truck Rental nearest you (not their local car rentals). They rent F250 & Dodge 2500 & Chevy/GMC 2500 3/4 ton pick-ups with 7-pin or combo connectors & plenty of tow & hitch capacity.

We've been renting from them here in OC while we find a Porsche Cayenne S we like (7716# & 700-770 HW).

We also thought about the X5 & looked into its ratings, so I'm surprised the USA rating is less. Check with the member above who did the CanAm/Andy Thompson hitch upgrades, & see what the local hitch/trailer or towing shops can do to upgrade your X5 locally in CA (since CanAm is in ONT, CAN).

IIRC someone on the Taureg/Cayenne/Audi Q7 topic thread on the TV forum here had the upgrade done locally in the SF Bay area too, so that shop could probably do yours to .... hopefully.

Also, check with the BMW dealer &/or online for their WD tow ratings, which are usually 10-50% more if posted. Someone on BimmerForums may also know if you post a question there too. IIRC it's free to join.

I'll bet that the actual WD rating is 7000+ for a US X5, which you can print out & show the Jayco dealer, but then you'll need the WD/AS hitch as well to mount on the TT.

There's also several other smaller/mid-sized American & Euro SUV/pick-up topics on here worth reading through.

If it were my X5, I'd just get the hitch info & upgrades done, then get the TT at the dealer, or use your Calif. 3 or 5 day rescission right to cancel the sale until you're ready, &/or to try another dealer.

BTW - I did the Hensley Cub install myself & it wasn't too bad, but took me 1/2 day with jockeying etc. - & another gal with a Cayenne on the forums here did her H. Arrow herself - & it's a cousin to PP, so you should be okay.

PS - please post your solution on that Taureg/Cayenne/Audi Q7 or an X5 specific topic on here for the benefit of others who encounter the tow rating & reinforcement problems.

Good Luck!
Tom T (janabanana48's other half )
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If I were there, I would tow it off the lot for you with my pickup-
And then pull over, uncouple, and couple to your X5!
That's like a car dealer wanting to see a driver's license.
What difference does it make about a driver's license?
I'm here to BUY a car.
I have MONEY!

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The car is ready to tow - my reinforcement photos are posted here

I do not expect any dealer to understand the differences in EURO and US towing ratings. I think I will need to rent a truck to pick up the trailer and then to enjoy BMW as Ultimate Towing Machine.


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