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Ignore all and just do......never mind.

Common sense usually works pretty well.


Mine must be bigger than yours.....

Do not depend on AS published weights...they are a bit off.


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M.hony, why is it poor advice to have a vehicle weighed? While I know they already have a tundra, and I know you posted weigh tickets for your vehicle. Something tells me that you personally don't weigh what the OP weighs, that your tundra isn't equipped exactly the same as theirs, and that you may have different priorities for what you need/want in the tow vehicle vs what you want in the trailer.

All of these factor into weight capacities, and I don't see how it's poor advice for each individual to know what their specific setup looks like on the scale.

To ignore advice without analyzing that advice is potentially dangerous.

To the OP, if you choose to ignore advice, it's your choice, but as they say - knowing is half the battle. If you choose not to know your specific setup, you're robbing yourself of knowledge that you can then choose to use how you see fit. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't get whatever trailer you want, I'm just saying that it's better to be armed with relevant information for your setup.

As an example, I used to have a 3/4 ton diesel pickup and then bought a 38' fifth-wheel trailer to pull behind it. The engine and brakes were fully up to the task and many people said "oh, you'll be just fine towing that setup." Well, my suspension wasn't up to the task, and I found that out the hard way, after the fact. Had I armed myself with the information I needed, I might have made different choices.

All i am saying is arm yourself with the information relevant to your specific setup, not someone else's. It's not hard to do, and you'll know exactly where you stand.

Again, happy camping.

To m.hony, I'm sorry you took offense, and in the interest of civility, I won't argue any further on this topic in this thread.

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Did you miss the fact that the op already has a Tundra?
It is a 2013.
Should the op go immediately and trade it for a 3/4 ton diesel?
Did you miss that many on here tow with Tundras just fine?
I am not offended in any way- just showing the alternative-
Why would there be millions of half ton trucks sold advertising they are up to the task if it weren't so?
Why would thousands of travel trailers be advertised and sold as "half ton tow-able" if it weren't so? Wouldn't that lead to serious legal repercussions for manufacturers of pickups and trailers if it weren't so? Not to mention all the people in the world towing with sedans and small suv's and minivans...
Relevant to someone else's- someone with a similar truck and trailer- the op hasn't yet stated whether they will be taking a boat or motorcycle along-
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Originally Posted by streaminlife View Post
---No plans to collect rocks, but we are planning to get a cap for the truck and use the bed space for storage: a couple of bikes, some tools and camping equipment. We also have an 85 pound dog. Would that be pushing it too much?---
That depends on how one defines "pushing it too much".
In your first post, you expressed concern about being safely within the truck's GCWR.
IMO, you should be more concerned about the truck's GVWR.

You listed two "payload" values -- 1515# and 1640#. However, the maximum value of payload should be equal to GVWR minus curb weight -- 7100-5625 = 1475#.

In lieu of knowing the actual loaded-for-camping weight of the truck, you can start with the curb weight of 5625# and add estimated weights of passengers, cargo, and tongue weight. For example:
2 adults + 85# dog --------- 400#
WD hitch -------------------- 100
truck cap --------------------180
2 bicycles -------------------- 60
camping equipment ---------- 50
tools -------------------------- 50
other (always are some) ----- ???
TOTAL passengers + cargo -- 840# + ???

Since the prospective trailer has a "hitch weight" of 976#, you might be able to stay within the truck's tongue weight capacity of 1030# with careful loading of the trailer.
For this example, a tongue weight of 1030# plus the estimated weight of passengers and cargo would give the truck an estimated loaded GVW of at least 5625+840+1030 = 7495# versus the GVWR of 7100#.
It's up to you to decide if this is pushing it too much.

As regards selection of a WDH --
I believe the 2013 Tundra Owners Manual specifies that the WDH should be adjusted to return the front axle to the same weight as before trailer connection.
As a previous poster has suggested, if this specification applies to your truck, if is highly unlikely that the Andersen WDH could achieve the required amount of load transfer.

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Thanks to all.

Tis the season: Last night, it was not sugarplum fairies but GVWR, curb weights, and potential cargo weights dancing through my head! I appreciate your input, Ron, this is exactly where my mind was headed. The last part of your post about the Anderson hitch potentially not up to the task is something I had not considered since I would have no way of knowing this from where I stand today. It makes sense, and I can follow-up with the Toyota manual and the line-up of hitches to be considered. Yesterday, I emailed Sean at ProPride, and he assured me the 3P-4100 plus extension kit would definitely be a safe option for our set-up. Granted he is selling a product, but I appreciate the great customer service. He also advised me on a brake controller and when I might think of replacing trailer tires - very helpful guy. I also found out it will cost nearly $200 to send this particular hitch to our dealership for installation(!) Looks like we may be renting bicycles and foregoing a topper if we end up going for the PP

Speaking of bikes, I like the idea of putting a bike rack on the back of the Airstream to ease tongue weight. I had not thought of it that way. We had been looking into adding solar panels, which would add more weight, but not needing a generator could compensate for the weight of the panels. The generator would have to go in the back of the truck anyhow, so the weight of the solar panels on top of the trailer may make more sense when figuring the whole weight equation.

I really like the idea of taking a driver's education class on how to maneuver a trailer. This, plus the parking lot practice and practice on a sparsely trafficked road (good luck finding one of those in Seattle!) are now in our playbook. I will look into taking a class and see what's offered locally. Being mindful of weight and being relatively conservative with what we will be taking is another good point, and this has been our aim from the get-go. We are actually trying to release much of our accumulated stuff and would like to cultivate a simpler existence, so this aligns with our manifesto (if we had one of those).

For me, advice from others can be very helpful because it comes from experienced Airstreamers, and I appreciate folks taking the time to dole it out. That said, I can see the point about leaving the advice alone and just going for it. This, I take to mean in the end one has to figure it out for oneself, trust one's own decisions, and not fret too much over it. I do not think it means go in unprepared, but that is just my take on the matter. To me, there is value in opinions, including those that advise ignoring them

I appreciate the humor and occasional banter in this thread. My take-away: nothing is completely fool-proof! Myself, I am a planner. I love to research options, hear everyone else's opinions, and then take action. Trusting my decisions is somehow aided by considering all kinds of things I have read, seen, done, heard, etc. Not saying this is the way to do it because it definitely has it's drawbacks, such as a tendency to over-think things - just ask my husband he will tell you! Generally speaking, careful weighing of the relevant points seems to work for me. I suppose it is just built into my personality.
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Before you decide on the back of the trailer bike rack, of which I think there is only one that is approved by AS... that thread is here somewhere,
you might want to check out this option. We use it on the Tundra and have plenty of room left over to drop in whatever else we need to haul in the bed. I leave it in place year round and in three years have only had to take it out once when I needed to move something really big.

Swagman Pick-Up Truck-Bed-Mounted 2 Bike Carrier - Locking - Fork Mount Swagman Truck Bed Bike Racks S64702

and as you can see, if you want to know something, just ask a question here.... you are bound to get an answer or more!

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Hi Dana, Thanks for the link. I had never seen one of those! I do like the price

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