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Need help parking trailer at home

We recently bought an Airstream 25 Flying Cloud. I can back the trailer relatively easily into my driveway [it is a straight back up] but my plan is to park it parallel to the driveway and beside my garage. I have a fence beside the driveway. I am struggling to maneuver the trailer into place. I get the TV twisted and in turn I cannot see the back of the trailer well (I do not want to hit the fence]. One thought I had after watching a video, was to disconnect the TV and trailer, straighten my TV around and start over. Another thought was to purchase a trailer dolly ( I looked at the cost and gasped).
It is winter here in Canada so the trailer is in storage right now and I cannot practice. Can anyone suggest ideas that I might do, when spring arrives and we awake our trailer.

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If you have a vehicle that you can put a receiver on the front bumper, you might try parking the trailer with your tow vehicle attached at the front rather than at the back. This might help if the issue is one of difficulty manuvering/seeing/backing.

If the idssue is that the place you want to park is just too tight to get the trailer and the tow vehicle in, then a mechanized dolly might be the answer. There are several competing models on the market. Some are quite expensive, but if you really only need the dolly for the last 30' or so of parking, you might try one of the hand-cranked models that sell for under $300. If you are handy, there is a guy selling plans for a trailer dolly on ebay that looks like a pretty stout design. I recall the plans go for around $30, and he suggests that the materials that go into the project can be acquired for a few hundred. I almost went the route of the home-made dolly, but stumbled across a used one on Craigslist for $100.

good luck!

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I've read here that some use a garden hose or brightly colored rope to lay on the ground so they know where to position the TV and AS. You could also get a cheap full length mirror that you could prop against a trash can so you can get a better view while the TV is angled. There are also backup cameras that you can install on the AS and TV that might help.

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I can second the suggestion for a front hitch, but go for a frame hitch, if one is available for your TV AND you are parking on a paved surface. I say paved surface because it is unlikely that your front suspension or front hitch can take the full load of your tongue weight, so you probably should use a tongue jack caster and the wheel will sink up unless the surface is paved.

I was parking a Safari 25 in my driveway which has a right turn into the garage. I wanted to park the trailer at a right angle to the actual driveway, inline with the garage. I purchased a caster wheel for my tongue jack at Harbor Freight. I would back in part way. When disconnecting, I chock the trailer securely and place the tongue jack caster on the trailer instead of the foot pad. Disconnect from the trailer, turn around, re-hitch to the front hitch taking only enough of the tongue weight on the front hitch to ensure the caster would always stay on the ground. With this setup, the gyrations of the TV are much subdued and you have a good view of everything.

WARNING - Be sure to get the right size ball for the front hitch. Don't ask how I know.

WARNING - When you hook up to pull the trailer out, be aware it may not follow the same path as when it went in. Don't ask how I know.


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I third the front hitch mount. It is amazing what one can do with one.
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You have limited options.

I also saw that video about disconnecting. A front hitch would help a lot IMO.

You can get a wireless camera relative cheap for your purpose to see what is behind you.

Using high visibility aid should help as well. Using yellow tape to mark locations you don't want to hit may help.

But you will need three bodies to help you if the space is really tight.
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I agree that a frame/uni-body-frame mounted front receiver can help in putting your trailer where you want, as others have said above .....

If it is a very tight fit, then you may be better off with a dolly - & I would recco an electrically powered dolly to aid your maneuvering it around in the tight space - over the person-power. This is especially true if you have a harder to turn twin axle trailer.

You'll also appreciate having power assist, the older & creakier you get, as I can attest at 64!

I have one of these Power Movers for our Avion, in order to both move it in tight quarters on our driveway now, & to eventually maneuver it between the house & garage & then back to the far back area of our yard. Call or email them with the specifics of your trailer, + surface(s), distance & grades you need to maneuver it, & they can recco a custom build for your needs (no more expensive, since the build all to order).

BTW - Using a front hitch set-up requires you to un-hitch from the trip, then re-hook-up at the front - so using a power dolly doesn't add any more steps to unhitch then hook-up the dolly.

Of course, you can also look at other powered dolly makers out there, but make sure to compare tires & motor power, so you have enough power to move your rig & enough traction to use that power.

Good Luck!
Tom T (janabanana48's other half )
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We've found that a second person outside with a walkie-talkie is very helpful in backing into tight spaces. Long Long Honeymoon has a video that may or may not be useful:
Good luck.
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"If you have a vehicle that you can put a receiver on the front bumper, you might try parking the trailer with your tow vehicle attached at the front rather than at the back. This might help if the issue is one of difficulty manuvering/seeing/backing."

This statement is right on. Have Can-am put a receiver on the front of your vehicle. Show them a photo of what you're trying to do. Then they can off set the receiver to give you the best shot at your driveway.

They did this for me and it's got me out of a tight spot more than once.
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Does one need to be concerned about somewhat exceeding the 500 lb limit of a front hitch receiver used just for backing into a driveway? If it's designed to carry 500 lbs at highway speed with the dynamic forces involved with rough roads, it seems to me that it would handle the tongue weight of a 25' trailer moving at a walking pace over smooth ground.
Grant Davidson
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You can measure the space you have and lay out that space in a parking lot to practice. The rope, hose marker, or traffic cones may help.

However, front or rear hitch, you can not see. You need a spotter. You may need more than one. You also need to go slow. Backing without a spotter requires that you stop, get out and look every 6 inches to a foot as you get close to obstructions - seriously.

Backing is best when a minimum of steering is used. To get into a very tight space mandates a very narrow path.

Practice - you could catch a dry day and rent a smaller box trailer to practice backing it into your space. Learn how to handle and place the rental now and you will have better skills when you take the AS out of storage.

If you do not have 10 ft of width beside your structure, you may have a very difficult time backing into it. Depends on how much distance you have in front of it. We know a couple who puts their coach about 3" from their house. It is a very difficult back up for them.

The other concern is the roof overhang. We know a couple who creased their 8.5' wide coach by turning it too close to the house roof overhang. They had been parking a vintage coach in the spot. It was not as wide as the new coach and cleared with no problem. It was a real downer lesson to find they had a new constraint with the wider coach.

Good luck with your practice. Look up, down and all around. Go slow. Use spotters. Do not get frustrated. Pat
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Don't know if ones accessable but if you know someone with a farm tractor with a hitch on front or back ,they work great for putting one in tight spaces
I have used one for years with a friend of mine working on trailers.
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Whenever I am backing into a tight space, particularly on the blind side, I get out and walk back so I can see exactly were I am, sometimes more than once. Standing there looking at the trailer and where it needs to go makes a huge difference in figuring out how to proceed.
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unhitching to change the angle of the truck is a big pain, but it works.

How much space do you have over there? Maybe a google sat image would help us see your situation.

But can start to back the trailer in, then pull forward with the wheels towards the opposite side, then continue backing in? That's one way to straighten the truck on the trailer, but if you have limited distance in front of your parking area, that can hinder this move.

I also strongly second the get out and walk thing. The mirrors LIE all the time. And it's difficult to detect a small amount of off center, especially when the truck is at an angle already.

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