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We sat down to lunch one day a mere two and half years ago and came across our 54 cruiser. We had never even paid any attention to airstreams before but had fixed quite a few other sob's. I had wanted a vintage trailer and the aluminum cruiser was a good fit to my occupation as a heating/metal working guy. The cruiser had been Craigslist for 10 min. when I called, it was 2 1/2 hrs. away and my daughter and son-in-law volunteered to go get it. It had not really sunk in how old it was, I didn't think about the wiring or wheels to much, so we just got lucky that it made it back home with out much trouble. The price was right also at $750, that has been the cheapest part of the hole adventure!! The easy restoration project moves on, Hopefully we will get to camp in it some day.
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It's not worth doing if you're not having fun.
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I fell in love with an Airstream as a sophmore in high school. I was working at the local Standard station (wild, absolutely wild in those days....people thought I might as well be working in a house of ill repute....) when a couple pulled up to the station pulling an Airstream. They had something I had never seen before and they asked if I wanted to go inside. I went in and decided, someday, somehome, someway I would own one. Lucky me!

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I first saw one when I was a little kid, tent camping near Moosehead Lake in Maine. I never forgot the shape. I love old, antique & classic things, so rounded & many paneled was the only option. It's taken a while, but I finally have one of my own.

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FreshAir, I have coveted your Buick from afar and at Casini last year and this. I want to see if I can find some way of beefing up my Dart GT convertible to tow our Globetrotter- towing with the top down seems like the ultimate way to go. Now, how many of you had any idea how an Airstream worked before buying (keeping my hand down).

@tinman, what a great rig.. I think the older ones are somehow more straight forward @ND10Cent, when did you work at the Chevron- I did, in high school from 77-81, yeah, I know what you mean, kind of fun!
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Originally Posted by Globie64 View Post
Now, how many of you had any idea how an Airstream worked before buying (keeping my hand down).
Since I've been the "RV guy" most places I've worked, I had a better understanding than most. I will say you gain a deeper insight into their workings once you own and start getting intimate with them.
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Originally Posted by overlander63 View Post
... I will say you gain a deeper insight into their workings once you own and start getting intimate with them.
Thats something of an understatement
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We had been in motorhomes and our life-style/travel plans changed. We started looking at our options and an AS fit the bill perfectly, not to mention the cool look that we've always admired.

I've got our pro/con list as well as background on our blog if you're interested.
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What made you think of getting an Airstream?

It is very easy for me to state the reason why I purchased my Airstream - - it was heavily influenced by childhood memories. My aunt had friends who were active Airstreamers and often parked their Airstream on my family's farm as they were passing through town. In 1964, they traded their 1954 Airstream Caravanner on a new 1964 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht International. On their first visit to our farm with that coach, they must have realized how enamoured I was with their Airstream. Shortly after their first visit during their "shake-down cruise" I was invited to join them for my first camping trip.

Our friends retired from Airstreaming and traveling in 1980, and their first thought was to offer me the '64 Overlander at the very reasonable price of $3,000. I was in my third year of college at the time so such a purchase was out of the question. Fifteen years later the Airstream bug would strike and I would find myselft spending six plus months looking for an Airstream. With each Airstream I toured, it always seemed like something was missing -- then, I happened to pickup a local trader publication - - and there it was in the photo ads -- 1964 Airstream International 28'. I traveled the 250 miles to inspect the trailer and found a very well preserved 1964 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht International -- I realized that it was actually 26' and not the advertised 28', but never said anything to the seller about the discrepency. Less than 30 minutes from my first look, I was handing the owner a deposit of $1,000 and making plans to return to tow the coach home ten days later.

It never really fully dawned on me why the trailer had such a strong attraction for me. From my first trip, the trailer seemed like an old friend; and this was confirmed about six months later when I towed to my family farm for the first time. I was passing near the home of our family friends' son who immediately identified the trailer as the one his parents sold in 1980 -- it still had the drapes and upholstery that his mother had sewn for the trailer about two years before they retired from Airstreaming.

The Overlander came to live with me in June of 1995 and has remained with me ever since.


The photo below is from a 1967 trip that the original owners of my coach made to my family farm. I am the child holding the pony's bridle.

This is the same coach four years after I purchased it from what I learned was the second owner in 1995. (I was on my way to the WBCCI International in Dayton, Ohio).

This is the coach in 2003 following its visits to Symsonia, Kentucky were Arelen and Henry Fowler (Fowler RV Interiors) worked their magic on the interior restoaration; and to the Ruths in Helena, Ohio (P & S Trailer Service) where the coach received an OEM-style natural sheen polish with Plasticoat.

I have looked at new Airstreams at every WBCCI International Rally, but have never found one that could replace this coach's position in my family.
Kevin D. Allen
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What a good looking rig, Overlander64... Have you posted anything about the PV installation?
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Ever since I was a kid I've found the idea intriguing to have your house follow you wherever you roamed and knew I'd have to have me an RV when I got older. The iconic image of the Airstream and it's "difference" from mainstream RVs intrigued me. Therefore I took the plunge!
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Why an Airstream

Good question. When I first bought a trailer back in the late 8o's I had seen some where a picture or it was on a old movie showing an airstream and for some reason I loved the look.
I then followed this trailer on the web for years and after almost buying a used one in 2000 I had put the thought of owning an airstream on the back burner since I could not afford one since I kept on buying other brands in our price range.
But if I had of just bought the airstream to begin with I would have been ahead.
After one used tent trailer and 3 new trailers two of which where award trailer's and a Sunny Brook I made the move this May and bought a new 2011 28 foot Flying Cloud.
We had it out once and love it, we will be off in a few weeks time for a month long stay.
But seeing photo's of this trailer brand all over North America just symbolizes what a great icon it is as far as quality and ownership.
I guess to answer the question it is all the name and history of this Trailer.

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Before I got my first Airstream I really did not know much about them. Only had experience with Boy Scout tent camping and then a pop-up in the late 60's through the mid 80's. While I was killing some time away from work at lunch one day I saw a car I wanted to look at on lot and ended up looking at the 73 Excella 31' the owner's friend had left there on consignment. Long story short - fell in love, so to speak. Tossed and turned all night then went back the next day and bought it. Little did I know my truck would not haul it, had a friend had to haul it home for me. Had to get a truck so I could haul it. I did not even know what a weight distribution hitch was. Got a quick education though. My first trip was 370 mile round trip to the beach for a weekend, the rest is history. I have had a few more Airstreams since then. I don't think I will be without, as long as I can take care of one.
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This is probably an insane reason, but we traded in our Class C motorhome on an Airstream so that we could travel without being accompanied by hundreds of stinkbugs. Here in Northern Virginia, our area has become infested with the brown marmorated stinkbug over the past couple of years, and they are everywhere and invade your home and were invading our RV in the fall, looking for a place to spend the winter. They have no natural predators and are becoming a problem for farmers as well. Anyway, after we took a trip with about 800 of them on board with us in our motorhome, we started looking for some other sort of RV. We had thought Airstreams were really cool-looking, and when we saw up close how tightly they were built, we knew that would be the trailer for us! No stinkbug can get between those pieces of aluminum riveted together! Now we are much happier, and nearly stinkbug-free! (Occasionally one or two will come in around the door, but that's all.) For those of you who live farther south, beware - these obnoxious pests are migrating a little farther southward each year. Ugh!
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we call em tourons. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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