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Old 03-08-2010, 09:43 AM   #43
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It seems to me it comes down to a lifestyle.

When I bought our old 68' we had two kids 2 and 4 now they are 4 and 7 (at the end of the month) We wanted to get out camping with them, not in tents.. We started with a pop up and wanted a hard sided trailer. Our friends had an AS.

I didn't know what I wanted but figured if the AS didn't work out I could get out of it what i would put in it.

Now, would I buy a new one with the addition on my twins. 4 kids now. NOPE I WOULDN'T They are to small and not built for families.

Plus the inside of the new AS is NO BETTER than the quality of a $20,000 dollar cheaper SOB.. So what would you be paying for. aluminum???

That said I love my 68' and will never get rid of it. But in a few years it will be to small for our family to spend extended nights in. So I will have to get and SOB with a slide. So when some kids leave for college I can just get rid of it and go back to the AS. NOPE not getting rid of AS.

IT's a lifestyle not a camping trailer.

If all you are going to do is spend a few weekends each summer camping in a trailer you are crazy to spend the money on an AS....!!!!!!!

We all know why we got them. THEY LOOK COOL>>>>> and tow nice. and last forever. and they are a home away from home. Not just something to spend a couple of weekends in in the mountains..

Thats my 2 cents...


May you have at least one sunny day, and a soft chair to sit in..

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No regrets, remorse, or grief. Quite the opposite -- we've loved our dreamstream since we first saw her and nothing will upend this. We shopped thoroughly amongst other brands before choosing A/S. And had no idea about "the lifestyle" or friends we'd meet down the road.

We could be disappointed -- it's so easy. Heck, I could hate the weather, and the sorry beer I drink sometimes. But what's the point? We bought the best we could afford, and it's still the best -- defects and all.

Granted we haven't had any persistent leaks or mold or anything else major. There's a fix for the major stuff, too. If we we were so unhappy with our A/S as many others say they are, we'd get rid of it. Life's too short to spend more than a minute complaining.

We think it helps we manage our expectations -- life is more exciting when we let it surprise us sometimes.

Wow look, another sunrise!!!


Chasing 75 Degrees,

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Yep...a lot of us were really surprised.
“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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We purchased a new 2005 Classic 30 in 2005 and had very few problems with it. We traded up to a new 2008 classic 34 last year. We have had a few problems; but I make a list and get them repaired under warranty. The two year warranty really helps.

In reading many other RV forums I have come to the conclusion that no matter what RV you buy including a Prevost you are going to have issues that will need to be fixed under warranty. This is a fact of life. Should it be like this? NO. But that doesn't change the fact that it will be no matter what you buy.

Remorse - YES - I have remorse that I can't use it more but again that is a fact of life until I retire. I recently attended the RV show in the Chicago area; I didn't see any RV that I would trade mine for.

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Originally Posted by DreamStreamr View Post

Wow look, another sunrise!!!


Hi Jim
I am guessing that, if the sun was rising when you posted this, you are either in extreme eastern Australia or somewhere in eastern Siberia. Which is it?

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I love my A/S. I actually spend more nights in the aluminum tube than in my home. (Seems lonely in the house). The bird prefers the A/S also. We have a great life and the A/S makes a significant contribution. It's perfect for one person. I think that I get a good deal more use out of the A/S than many people who only use it for ocassional outings. No regrets or remorse.
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Originally Posted by 2airishuman View Post
i too agree with SRs post...

and would ADD that another BIG negative in the hokey town hall thread was...

AFTER soliciting INPUT, 200+ posts went UP, that were MOSTLY polite reports of ISSUES on new streams...


THOSE POSTS were DELETED (go back and look at the time gap between #1 and #3 or so...

doing THAT (having 200 posts DELETED like they never happened) work very MUCH against any good will that MIGHT have come from that thread...

and only provoked angrier or more NEGATIVE posts after the axing of the nicer complaints...

and sorry fc' but we've traveled this road b4...

being P!ZZED about poor fit/finish, broked parts, cracked shells and LEAKS on new streams OR totally INcompetent dealer support,

isn't really remorse...

my view of remorse is a noob' who buys on IMPULSE, gets it home...

and upon finding a few metal shavings or a fuse that's cooked...

cries LEMON LAW (typically AFTER checking the bank account) ....

so like a nice game of thermonuclear warfare...

the ONLY way not 2 looz (or be remorseful) is 2 NOT play the game.

MOST Of US are here BECAUSE we're IN the game, like streamin' and EXPECT the company to DO BETTER.

2Air, I've never read a post of yours that wasn't spot on, but if that's in fact what happened on the "town hall" thread, I would expect to see a lot more "yes" votes...

I see your point on what is "remorse/regret" (feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done), but I did my homework before making a hefty investment, and purchased with eyes wide open, so to speak...
So having only minor warranty issues over the first 2 years/10,000 miles was a pleasant surprise <grin>

I don't see dealer incompetence as an Airstream Co. issue... for example: how is A/S going to 'police' dealerships, when you've got somebody like Colonial, who's one of their biggest movers- showing off a fancy NEW 2009 Slide OUT, with no stabilizers down?

No argument with A/S Co. doing better... (that can be said for everything)
especially, if consistency is a problem for them...
A family of eight, blogging all things camping from our Airstream
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Originally Posted by finalcutjoe View Post
2Air, I've never read a post of yours that wasn't spot on, but if that's in fact what happened on the "town hall" thread, I would expect to see a lot more "yes" votes......
Originally Posted by Andy R
All the questions were passed onto Airstream and the thread was closed per their request....

Robert Cross
I wasn't aware that the post's disappear when the thread is closed.

I thought it was a good representation of our concerns, by a substantial number of owners. All grouped in one place for anyone to research.

Oh, I see......never mind.

POI...the thread is again locked, but the subsequent posts remain, that's an improvement....I guess


I think regret, yes or no doesn't give us "muckrakers" a viable option.

I have no regrets at all in owning an Airstream...

But do have more than a few in purchasing the current one, if that makes any sense. What has contributed to that has been very well documented.

I guess I'm just one of the.... "Few, the Proud, the Obsurd" SORRY USMC
“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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I waited a while to see some results and I think they're about what I expected. Posting this poll on airforums is kind of like taking an exit poll at church asking if you believe in God.

Everywhere we go, people come up to us and want to talk about our Airstream. Most just say they love the style, they traveled in one as a kid, or the aunt/uncle/grand mother had one, etc...

A few have said they owned one "a few years back" and wanted to know how mine is holding up. When I ask why they switched, they were gracious to not bash my brand, but made it clear they had issues that took away from the travel itself and moved on. Not remorse or regret, but not a repeat customer either.
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wally LIVES
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Problems, yes....., remorese, NO! Disappointed, expected more from the "Airstream Name Brand", but have met (gratefully/thankfully) lot's of very helpful AS'ers, and know it's a fact of life to have problems!
I know you think you understand what you though I said, but I'm not sure that what you heard is what I actually meant!

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." Lewis Carroll

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Originally Posted by finalcutjoe View Post
...that's in fact what happened on the "town hall" thread, I would expect to see a lot more "yes" votes...

I don't see dealer incompetence as an Airstream Co. issue...
fc' as bob highlighted this is exactly what happened.

reasonable explanations were offered for WHY 100s of posts were deleted...

but the point is DOING THAT often results in MORE negative stuff than was removed.

for many members simply suggested they'd like 2 see a/s ADDRESS the corrosion issue.

and once corrosion was noted a few times, directives came to STOP posting the same problem...

censoring reasonable feedback from owners doesn't EQUAL or RESULT in remorse about the purchase...

it's an example of trying to 'control' the airwaves/thoughts/awareness WE provide to each other...

i doubt we'll see a thread handled LIKE that one again...

j/c-corp, DOES have some influence over dealerships and CAN improve what/how the dealers perform.

i don't view the "no jacks down" on the slide as BIG issue (and i pointed out that pic) and suspect colonial WOULD have given good INservice to the buyer...

but here's an example that IS directly a result of SH!DDY dealer training/support ...

the AC unit on my trailer died 3-4 months into ownership and a/s arranged for a dealer in iowa to REPLACE it, since i was traveling...

the dealer received the new a/c and installed it and declared me GOOD 2 GO ...

upon entering the unit i smelled vinegar (acetic acid) and immediately KNEW the source was household silicone...

i asked "what sealant did you use to install the ac ?"

the answer was...

"we used DAP clear silicone, a couple of tubes..."

the service boss went on to say...

"there was some thick GRAY really sticky stuff up there but we scraped all of THAT stuff off, whatever it was..."

"with the DAP clear silicone that baby is really well sealed and will be MUCH better now..."

i then replied

"that GRAY stuff was sikaflex 221, and that stuff OR vulkem are the correct sealants...

the silicone GOO you used up there is gonna LEAK immediately and never seal well and will be a BITCH to get off"

the SERVICE MANAGER (who was also a OWNER of the dealership) replied...

"we just spent 3 whole days in jackson center LEARNING about repairs/service

and NO ONE mentioned sikaflex, vulkem, parbond OR acryl-r"

"so i have NO IDEA what these things are that you speak of..."

i contacted the dealer 2 weeks later while it was raining

to let them know the a/c was leaking water into the cabin and CEILING FOAM....

his reply was...

"well it could be because we CRACKED the drain pan during the install and didn't replace it

OR it could be the sealants...we've spoken with jackson center and u were correct about the sealant STUFF"


the point being THAT dealer had not been properly trained and NO ONE from the factory was even aware of the issues...

they were MORE THAN WILLING TO LEARN but simply hadn't been exposed to the BASICS of a/s repair...

and THAT was/is the fault of the the VP in charge of dealers/support and the TOP DOG crew in j/c...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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can't finish anyth
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I bought an 2006 Bambi CCD in February of 2007, Lived in it for four months and traveled extensively with Bambi for 3 years thereafter. I don't have the experience of some others on here, but I will say this about my newer unit: I voted with my wallet and bought a 2010 28 CCD. Hopefully, it will be in my driveway by mid April.
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Originally Posted by SilverRanger View Post
Great thread, Joe. Thank you for the opportunity to express my views on the issues (your list), based on my experience with Airstreams. Currently, we have two Airstreams, a vintage 1968 Trade Wind, and a 2005, which we bought new. I had a fascination with Airstreams since I was a kid, when I saw a small caravan go down the main street of my home town. Years later, when the opportunity to get one finally happened, I jumped at it, which resulted in the purchase of the Trade Wind. Little did I know, that my wife had also loved Airstreams since childhood. A friend of her parents had one that she and her brother spent many hours playing in it.

At the time, the problem was that we were both very busy with our careers. We got to camp occasionally, but not much as we would have liked, partially because the Trade Wind was in need of some restoration, which we didn't have the time to tackle. So we decided to get a new AS. That way, we could just hook up and go at short notice. So, for six years we scrimped, saved, and sacrificed to fulfill our Airstream dream. We found the right trailer (for us), at a reasonable price (comparatively), and bought it before retirement, while we could still afford it, and before we were too old to tow it. So... regarding "price point", I feel I got a competitive price for the advertised product, and have no complaints.

Regarding "quality control and build issues', I believe AS fell seriously short in this area. The issues ranged from very minor (fit and finish), which I repaired myself, to major flaws, such as plumbing leaks, corrosion, and structural issues that were beyond my ability to fix. First, any trailer with such problems should have never left Jackson Center. Second, AS should honor their warranty.

I wish I had known about these forums before we committed to the purchase. The pro and con information here is priceless. I simply assumed that the quality would be the same as in my 68 Trade Wind. I was very wrong., and it was a mistake I will never commit again. Lesson learned.

I have written nothing on this forum that I have not already expressed to Airstream, in words, by letter, by e-mail, and in person. In addition to criticizing their lack of quality control, and integrity (my opinion), to no satisfaction, when appropriate, I have lauded the good deeds of their service department and management as well. To be clear, all of the serious problems I've had have been "build" issues. Many of which, AS would not correct. Most of the various non-Airstream components, Dometic, Sharp, Fantastic Fan, Marathon tires, Aqua Jet water pump, etc.) have performed beyond expectations (well, except for the Jensen type vent that disintegrated in under 14 months, and most of the optional A/V package).

Regarding customer service from the dealer, mostly it was fantastic. If I were ever to buy another new Airstream (never happen), I would buy from them. Problem is... after decades of selling Airstreams, they suddenly dropped the Airstream line.

Regarding the "RV (Airstream) lifestyle", I have no regrets. Since we bought the AS we had met some of our very best friends. I can't say for sure, but I don't think this would have happened like it did without us having bought the AS. I love the look and the style, new or old, and always will.

Bottom line: We invested a large sum of money on a premium product and, in terms of build, quality control, and warranty service, we got screwed. All the rest is cool.

Frankly, I was letting all this pass until the "Town Meeting" thread. I thought it was a great concept, but poorly executed. In my humble opinion, the Airstream CEO, when confronted by criticism of the product, came across as ineffectual, arrogant and condescending, then he ran away. One of the unintended results was that they solidified the resolve many of their unsatisfied customers. They did threw a small bone to some vintage owners, though. Some hailed it as akin to a second coming. I viewed it as a failed marketing experiment. My opinion, not fact.

Sorry it was so long winded, but you asked me to contribute. Again, thanks for starting the thread, and the opportunity to comment. If there's anything else I can contribute, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed...
I haven't been through the 'town hall' thread, yet... heading there now

Tx again,

A family of eight, blogging all things camping from our Airstream
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