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Wet Bath - How to sell it.

I have both a 22ft CCD and a 25ft Safari FB SE. People who hate wet baths just don't understand their benefits or charms. Try "selling" them thusly:
  • Soooo much easier to clean - spray everything with scrubbing bubbles, hose down, wipe toilet seat, remove hair from drain, smile and exit - pristine!
  • More knee room when seated on the toilet. You can also close the door without banging your kneecaps or feeling claustrophobic.
  • Showering is really nice with a sink in the shower - especially when boondocking. A single sink full of hot water will allow you to wash thoroughly and keep warm! Then a quick rinse with the hand held shower wand will get all the nooks and crannies rinsed with minimum use of water.
  • Only one ceiling fan. One less hole in the roof.
  • Ever fear falling in the shower? The sink edge is a great handicap bar to hang onto and prevent a minor slip from turning into a fall.
  • How much time do you spend in the bathroom? A lick of common sense says the 22 CCD has great counter space and closet space - a big benefit of a compact bath.
  • (The hanger for the shower head/faucet assembly is in the wrong place. I moved mine and modified the angle with a wedge of modeling plastic.)
What have I modified on the 25 FB SE?
  • Slider doors on the bathroom under counter storage closet. The handles on my sliding doors were almost 2 inches from the edge of the doors, meaning that the doors wouldn't slide open wide enough to slide a roll of toilet paper in or out of the closet. I finally found some recessed marine latches that I replaced the knobs with. I nearly just drilled some "CCD" overhead cabinet holes through the door panels so they would slide the whole way. Now the cabinet is much more accessable.
  • Why oh why does the back wall of the bathroom closet not come all the way to the top? I lost a brush behind there. I assume it's to keep the plumbing from freezing in cold weather, but how about using a screen or just drilling some small holes in the backer board so that toiletries won't go missing.
  • Rear folding door had a strap that went all the way around it. This didn't hold the door to the bulkhead and often when opening the bedroom drawers they would scrape against the fabric of the folding door. I shortened the strap and put in a new snap at the leading edge of the bathroom/bedroom wall that holds the door snugly against the bulkhead and away from the drawer edges.
  • All of the bedroom drawers flew open when traveling. I noticed that the drawers were metal and magnetic, so I put a magnetic catch on both sides of the frames to augment the hook on the back of the drawer. Problem solved.
  • the drawer under the dinette table also flies open when traveling. If I could have found the same kind of catch used on the pantry I would have added it. Instead, I added magnetic catches there too, but may eliminate this drawer completely. There is a lot of waste space under the door side dinette bench. I may decide to put a couple of rolling boxes under that bench to keep my sewing machine and serger in.
  • I really LOVE the dinette in the 25 compared to the 22. First the cushions are more comfortable than the CCD style ones, and being a rear dinette, it's bigger and there's no wheel well to contend with. Also I think it's an even better use of space than is offered with the Classic. With two layers of back cushion rather than a cabinet for the classic's chairs, I can pull out the front cushion and really sprawl when watching TV.
  • I found adjustable height RV table legs at Myers RV (online). I put four of them on my table top and can now adjust it lower for sewing and using my laptop. It's also freestanding now, so I put it down into bed mode when traveling. I've seen SOB's with freestanding tables, and I really liked that feature so I added it to my Airstream.
  • Hooks and towel racks - added half a dozen. Wish the shower had a bar or clothsline to hang wet swimsuits, ponchos, etc.
  • I wish that the edges of the tables, doors, etc were not so sharp. I've scratched myself more than once on the too square edges and rough corners.
  • I did have some loose laminate on the edges of the counters and in the bathroom medicine cabinet, but since I knew it was heat applied, I got out my iron and presto, fixed.
  • The biggest unpleasant surprise I had was that the hinges on the bathroom medicine cabinet are held together with a cheap light weight rivit. I walked into my bathroom to find my mirror dangling by one hinge. I made an emergency repair with some velcro I had on hand, then repaired the hinge when I got home. I left the velcro in place and when I travel I push the mirror firmly onto it to take the weight off the hinges.
  • Drafts.... brrrr! Quite a few chilly spots in the 25 FB SE. I put some styrofoam behind the outside access door, but there are a few other places I'm getting real drafts that I haven't located yet. I think one may be near the outside shower, but only time and a candle will tell.
  • I live in my Airstream and don't like the fact that the mattresses can't be turned on most of them. Sleeping in one spot wears out a mattress. I'm going to build a curved box with a lid at the head of my sideways queen and use it as a hamper (similar to what's in my 22). I'll have a "short queen" custom made by a local outfit that will be turnable because it's a regular rectangle.
  • Tiny closets in the 25 FB. The plumbing access to the shower controls inside the closet is covered with 3/4" particle board. Why not use 1/8th inch white board? One more outfit in the closet.... The closet isn't full length. The top shelf could easily be two inches higher, and should be cut back 2 inches from the door so brooms, etc could be hung on the inside of the door. The bottom of the closet should be on hinges so it could be raised easily to access the plumbing and water pump. Instead there is a bottom door under the closet that has no knob of top fingerhold. I have to open the main door and use a knife or scraper to pry open the bottom door.
  • The gaucho bed is weak. It needs additional bracing or fold down legs to support it when pulled out.
  • Why no 12 volt outlets outside. I check my tire inflation frequently and it's a pain in the ass to have to move the tow vehicle to use my 12 volt tire pump. Sometimes there isn't enough room to get the tow vehicle to both sides of the Airstream.
  • Found out about the ZipDee helper handles a year after I had my first Airstream. Jeepers it's so much easier to deploy the awning alone with them.
I just love the layout of the 25 and the privacy compared to the 22. The 22 is now my guesthouse, but I still use it for quick trips here and there. It's easier to park across two standard parking spaces. The 25 is easier to back though.

Paula Ford

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Airstream Dealers

Sales people should be well informed and honest about the capabilities of tow vehicles for new trailer customers...and not try to sell a trailer that is beyond the purchaser's tow vehichle......the first salesman I spoke with was very conservative (and rightly so) about what we could safely tow.....2 different sales people later tried to sell us units we have since learned would have been too heavy for our tow vehicle......we eventually bought a "Vintage" trailer as they are lighter than new trailers of the same length. I feel we were misled by two salespeople.

Also, we found there were different models by shopping around to different dealers. The Airstream website was of no help on what models are currently being manufactured......we found a 27' FB model that was still missing from their website the last time I others have said....go to the Colonial website or Toscano RV......all dealers are not equal.....and we tend to have long memories......pj

Paula & Ed
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Hire people with some experience in the RV field. When I purchased my MH, I could not believe the lack of knowledge in their techs. Thank god, Jackson Center was only 3hrs away.
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Hi Gene....
I hope I have all the manuals for my Safari SE/LS. I have been going through them and trying to figure things out. I hope the previous own got all the bugs worked out of the unit. I am getting excited about picking up the unit in two weeks. We have a ton of traveling planned for May and a couple of weekend for April. So, check everything twice and shine her up. We will be leaving Fresno on the 3rd. of March headed your way.

Jim D... from Fresno, CA
Safari Jim
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Hey gang,

Thanks for all the input...Paula, great ideas and solutions to some of the short comings...

PJ, we use the 2007 Guide to towing at our really helps our customers see in print what their vehicle is capable of towing. We also encourage to stay with a trailer about 2,000 lbs under your towing capacity to allow for cargo and passengers...some people do not take the passenger's into count for weight but it all adds up.

Jim, we are looking forward to seeing you again and getting you out on the road in your new Silver palace!!!

Keep it coming guys and gals!

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Great points...escpecially the one about the door open the other way on the 22' CCD...that would be nice....I too like the curbside dinette for the exact same reasons.

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Hi I have a 1993 34' Airstream Classic limited trailer.
It suprises me to found it so difficult to get certain parts for my trailer. It's not really that old. Not like a vintage trailer ,I had previously.
I found it was easier to get parts for it than my newer trailer.
For instance airstream doesn't make the original 15" slotted aluminum rims any more.
They don't supply the covers for the horizontal propane tanks (their obsolete)
This isn't an old trailer. I expect to be able to order most parts ,and be able to get them. Not the answer they don't make them anymore.
My trailer wouldn't look good going to a camp site, without a propane tank cover!!! Pretty bad I had to make one out of aluminum myself !!!
Once again we expect more because we pay more for these trailers!!!!
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Point well made...Point well taken...I know their parts space is limited at the factory but there still should be someplace to get a cover...I will make a phone call or two.

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Switchover box

Airstream motorhomes have or had a black box that automatically powers eiither the electric water heater or the microwave, but not both simultaneously to prevent blowing breakers when the AC/Heat Pump is running on 30a service. The box provides enough current to the microwave to keep the panel active and then temporarily switches off the water heater when the microwave is running.

This feature is not provided in trailers.Airstream should offer this feature in at least the Classic line or at least offer it as an option.

I just bought one from my local Airstream dealer installed it in my Classic 28 (see 2005 Classic 28 thread). The box retails for about $70 and is about the size of a thick paperback book.
John W. Irwin
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I think the 22' CCD will stay...they have jsut come out with a new interior...the Signature series for the is great...I think everyone will love...well maybe not everyone!
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Great Idea John...we have done that a couple of times ourselves...

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Does anyone think they should offer a Safari longer than a 28'...give me some ideas.

Airstream of Arkansas


Keeping the Airstream Dream Alive!

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hi g

are you taking notes?

many focus on the fit&finish issues to define quality...

f&f matter it is true, but do not define a/s quality.

a point of pride shared by owners and the makers....

is just how many old a/s are still in use.

THAT is airstream quality.

so it seems to me that the basic warranty SHOULD reflect and support that notion.

i understand appliances fail and things break.

but the basic a/s structure is different...

this may be the main reason we are willing to pay a premium over other brands...

that have more space and pop outs and doo-dads...

so i strongly believe the frame/shell/skin/interior&exterior surfaces and windows and running gear...

should be backed with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

buyers of new units should not be dealing with failures of the clearcoat or vinyl ceilings...

not at this price point.

pass this on to those that can make it happen.

do they have as much faith in their product as we do?


and who else believes the BASIC A/S WARRANTY should be LONGER?
all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Thumbs up A.S.Warranty

Originally Posted by 2airishuman

so i strongly believe the frame/shell/skin/interior&exterior surfaces and windows and running gear...

should be backed with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

buyers of new units should not be dealing with failures of the clearcoat or vinyl ceilings...


and who else believes the BASIC A/S WARRANTY should be LONGER?
I do!

Dennis & Ellen

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64, 19' Globetrotter

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