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Flying got a little easier after we got Nexus Pass, TSA Pre Check, and Global Entry (all at once), but it's still a pain because the other issues still apply. Tiny seats, no legroom, irritating fees for everything, etc.

That said, I'll pick a gem from Ray's post above, and expand a little on the topic to help crack that geode. For less crowding, avoid private RV parks as much as possible. Focus on city, county, state and national forest / park camping, as they are almost always more spacious. Oh and don't forget COE campgrounds, which are often awesome. Further, if you choose to camp in campgrounds without hookups, you will often find things to be even less crowded. Lastly, per Ray's original point, if you truly boondock on state or federal lands (BLM equivalents) and can successfully navigate the dirt tracks in and out of those locations (maybe add a 3 or 4" lift to your trailer), you can camp with the owls, coyotes and such-like, most likely with nobody for miles, or at least a few hundred yards, depending where you go.

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The COE parks around here are awesome, but stay booked because the state parks are pretty ghetto here in Mississippi. Even the best of the state parks have pads that are too short and too close together.
We still like J. P. Coleman State Park and Buccaneer State Park even with the short unlevel pads.
We just like COE parks like The North Abutment Campground at Grenada Lake and Persimmon Hill at Enid Lake better.
We also love Choctaw Lake, a US Forest Service park in Ackerman, MS.
The COE and forest service parks have better federal funding.

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My 2 cents!

After reading all of the reply's there is not much that we can add, but maybe a short story will help. We live in Portland OR and my wife's sister lives lives in central Florida. About 4 years ago we were going to spend about four months and visit, play golf and stay warm. Then reality started to set in, rent a place in Florida, put everything in the SUV, including the two 6lb dogs, dog food etc. Drive down I5 find a hotel that allows dogs and is clean. Unload what we need for the night and repeat every day until we get to FL. Keep the rental in good shape (dogs) then drive back home and repeat. So we went out and bought a motor home, packed everything once and off we went. On our second trip across country, enjoying LA traffic and having slide problems etc. etc. we came back and said we need something smaller and easier to navigate around. So we picked an AS and we can say we enjoy it much more than the MH. Things still go wrong but so far not to the extent of the MH. Packing, we have a list and lots of duplicates we load up before out 1st trip of the year and leave on all year. We can load in about 3 to 4 hours with out killing ourselves and usually unload in a about an hour.
BTW our dogs love it, and once you get over the initial cost of the AS it is still a reasonable way to travel. Of course if you add in the AS and TV that probably adds $1000.00 per night so far, but its going down the more we travel.
Oh and just to make the story, the first thing we looked at was an AS but went for the MH. Lost my proverbial shirt on that trade, but live and learn.

Just my 2 cents.
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Well, if it is frustrating, don't do it. We're only 6 years into Streamin', and we don't do it even half time, though we posted about 12,000 miles last year and we'll approach that again this year. There is monotony in the tasks from initial departure to final arrival, and yep, when something doesn't work it throws a kink in the process. BUT, you won't find any desirable Airbnb's for $14 - $45 per night (or free for that matter), nor resorts, nor have the personal interactions with other Streamers or RVers. It's a lifestyle and investment, and we have a little guilt if we DON'T use it. Some day after we've seen all of the country and our ages parallel the golf scores we'd like to have, we'll go back to simply driving, presuming we still have good eyesight!
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We certainly take trips that don't include our A/S. Just rented an Airbnb in Cincy for a baseball park trip. We could've taken the trailer, but wanted to drive as quickly as possible, as it was just a 3 day trip.

Splitting up your trips sounds like a more viable option than selling everything. Keep your totally cool airstream as an option when you want to get out in nature.
Airstreamin' dreamin'.

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Hi, Where were you camping on the beach? We are in North Carolina and would like to know of any good spots right on the water.
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Originally Posted by jholder View Post
Hey guys! Well, to set it up, we just came off a 10 day bust of a trip that just didn't go as planned. We did this same trip last year to the beach and it was just like out of a movie....right on the beach, warm everyday, etc. Well, much like the majority of the country this last week, it was ice cold, stormed the entire time, massive winds, etc. So....we were inside 90% of the time which I know has skewed our sights.

But...we do go through this a lot....the ole Love/Hate relationship. We are very involved with the AS community and all of our friends know that's the main enjoyment we have as a family. But, as those of you who are the packers know, it's always a massive preparation time for my wife before we go, packing for days, un-packing for days, etc. Then just the additional trip planning, etc.

In this situation, we spent $1300 on the spot on the beach, $400-500 in fuel (since we were in a 3/4 ton truck).

We are also skewed a bit because this year has been one of out of the ordinary maintenance....all piddly stuff, but annoying. Faucets, minor leaks, some electrical goofy stuff, some awning rot. Plus, we are due for new flooring, as the vinyl is starting to curl in some of the corners. 2009 27FB, so I know we are due for some normal maintenance.

I know this has been a ramble, but I guess I'm just asking if you guys go thorough the similar. Part of us LOVES it and thinks there's NOTHING like it. Then, part of us thinks sell it, put all that cash in a travel fund and just keep it simple.

Thanks for letting me vent/ talk/ ask. Has anyone ever dumped theirs, regretted and came back? Or dumped and glad you're now resorting (which you probably wouldnt be on this forum anymore). Ha!

My wife and I recently returned from a 15 day Mediterranean cruise and a 10 day driving trip in Germany and Hungary. Total cost for cruise, car rentals, hotel and meals $ 14,000.00.
All I wanted was to visit my relatives in Hungary that my wife decided to turn into an epic trip including a bunch of Christmas Markets in Germany.
The only enjoyable part of the trip for me was the round the clock awesome food on the ship. The hassle and total debasement suffered at the various airports turned me off for the rest of my life to ever travel by air. Driving from hotel to hotel living out of a suitcase no thanks never again. The regimented activities on the cruise were a total turn of.
Never again !
When we finally made it back home I turned on the heat in the AS and set in it for six hours doing absolutely nothing. After I drove my F-250 with the big honking diesel around town aimlessly for an hour.
We have our AS packed at all times. The only thing we load is food and our back packs with computers.
In the beginning years I used to worry myself sick about making reservations until one year we just decided to hit the road and wing it. That was 3 years ago. We found that there is always something available regardless where we decided to go. No expectations no disappointments. However one thing is constant. Our AS is tagging along no matter where, with the comfy bed and our favorite foods in the fridge. And our dogs are with us everywhere we go.
The initial reason for getting into trailering was because we were tired of the airport hassle, hotels and wanted our dogs with us and that keeps us enjoying it now.
At the end of the day everything we do takes effort. Some days the whole world is conspiring against you and others the sun shines and the whole world is smiling at you.
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Originally Posted by jdalrymple View Post
Ha, not that often.

Every time for me.

I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would consider any form of public air travel a vacation, under the current conditions.

The ONLY time I consider air travel any more is for:

1) Emergency travel to care for a family member, on very short notice.
2) Traveling to Hawaii** for a real vacation where I can't take the Airstream

**only on Hawaiian Air Lines...
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"Hey guys! Well, to set it up, we just came off a 10 day bust of a trip that just didn't go as planned. We did this same trip last year to the beach and it was just like out of a movie....right on the beach, warm everyday, etc. Well, much like the majority of the country this last week, it was ice cold, stormed the entire time, massive winds, etc. So....we were inside 90% of the time which I know has skewed our sights."

Pardon me for playing devil's advocate, but when I read what you had said, my immediate thought was "And you expected the weather at the beach in December to be warm, and quiet, and not a cloud in the sky?" Just where might that be? Cancun? Rio? But you're in TN, and while admittedly, I don't know the east coast well, just where is a beach within a reasonable distance of TN that you can count on to be warm, placid, and cloud-free in December??? For ten days straight??? My sweetie, during her prior marriage, took a trip in the winter to Key West, where it snowed on and off the entire time they were there.

On the west coast, warm & pleasant in December are maybe in San Diego/La Jolla, but I've been there in December when it's been in the 30s & 40s, raining, and close to snowing. Yes, the southern CA coast does get snow occasionally. Mostly moderately warm to cool in the winters, but you sure can't count on it, and for ten days straight?

Have you considered maybe a Caribbean cruise for next December, where you should be able to be warm & comfy and "leave the driving to us?"

All that having been said, my condolences for your lousy, disappointing Christmas vacation. I hope your next trip goes much better for you.
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Are we burned out? Airstream versus resorts? Too much prep?

Originally Posted by Sophiehaus View Post
That is great if you donít have pets. We have two wonderful fur balls that we like to take with us. Also we like to cook in the Airstream to control our diet.

Thatís a massive consideration Ad well! Also to control our diet and tonnage, we try not to eat out every meal, which is what he ends up happening when we stay in the hotels or resorts. Plus, our little Shih Tzu Ruby goes with us.
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Originally Posted by jholder View Post
I also think what weíve got to get in our minds is that it doesnít have to be all or nothing. I think we have built a pressure that, since we have the airstream, that needs to be 100% of our trips. I think mixing it up some may help us appreciate it even more, plus break it up some.
Yes. We love our Airstream (and just spent 2 weeks on the road for Christmas), but we do not feel obligated to take it on every trip, and I think that really really helps us to enjoy it more.

Also, there are some trips where we could take it or leave it. For example, my in-laws live 11 hours away. Sometimes we make that a trailer trip, sometimes not. Itís just what we feel like doing that week.

Another thing we do that really helps is after every trip, we wash it, clean the inside, make sure itís fully stocked with everything BUT our clothes and food. That makes getting on the road super easy.

I think if you look at your Airstream as a *choice* and not a requirement, then it will be more fun. This trip, we chose a resort, that trip we chose the Airstream, etc.
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We keep some clothing & jackets as well as all needed appliances & cookware in the camper. We each have 1-2 bins to pack our clothes in ahead of time; just leave clothes in them & stack them in the wardrobe .
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Try Different Things


Just because you have an Airstream doesn't mean you can only take vacations in the AS. My wife and I toured southern Canada this summer on a Harley and and stayed in a tent along with the bare essentials. It was great. That doesn't mean we would be happy doing a trip like that every time. Sometimes we take a plane and stay in hotels, while other times we take the TV and AS. Any type of travel has its challenges, but as already mentioned, that is part of the fun. I heard once: Life is 10% of Things Happening and 90% of How We Handle Those Things!

Mix it up a little and you will enjoy things a lot more!


PS: A few pics of the Canada Trip!
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Originally Posted by franklyfrank View Post
snip>> I used to worry myself sick about making reservations until one year we just decided to hit the road and wing it. That was 3 years ago. We found that there is always something available regardless where we decided to go. No expectations no disappointments. <<snip
That's exactly our experience too.
Two years ago we traveled 6,000 miles cross country, in June and July, only looking one day ahead, and no real schedule.
Never spent a night at Walmart, yet ;-)

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