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Well I have Airstreams,a Spartanette,and a 13' U-haul,so I`m pretty well rounded.The U-haul is a pretty nice little trailer for a weekend,as long as they have shower rooms.
The U-haul is nice in that we can tow it with my wife`s Volvo. Dave

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Wally Bee and other fun trailers

Originally Posted by PA BAMBI II View Post
Hi Lisa-

I know the Bolers well. My parents-in-law almost got one before they found their Scotty...which leaked, so I think the Boler would have been better for them! The guy who had it for sale locally towed it with and also was selling his VW Westy Vanagon.

The Compact Jr. has been handed over to my brother-in-law and his wife.

What is the Wally Bee you mention?

I have been on your Boler website. VERY NICE! Here is the link to mine with all of my old mobile toys: Ben's Bus +

Enjoy! Happy travels!

Hi Ben,

I really have enjoyed your website (and still have more to get through!). Great pictures and stories. I've learned a lot. I'm showing it to my dad and other trailer fans. Love your screen door on your Scotty. My dad will really appreciate it. He made one for his Trillium (like a Boler) and a slider for my Boler by taking apart a "Phantom" screen door.

Here is a pic of the last surviving Wally Bee Scroll down to #175 I think it was 1959 when Wally Byam starting to try out fiberglass. I think he was a man before his time -- always an innovator. (It wasn't until 9 years later when the first Boler rolled off the assembly line.) Anyway, I think only a couple of Wally Bees were made. This one was rescued (donated) from the backyard of an elderly woman who used to own a dealership many many years ago. (Someone please chime in if you know the whole story.) I read an article about it once, but I may get all the facts wrong. I have a pic saved on my other computer of when it was shiny and new. I'll try to find it and upload it. I'm sure I got it from the forums somewhere. Thanks for the link of all your fun RV toys!


Lisa and Paul

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I'm very familiar with the Scamp trailers. I've camped and maintained one.

The Airstream is more stylish and I think the smaller Airstream trailers are wider and roomier. The Scamp/Casita trailers are very sturdy units and have good reputation.

If one were deciding between the two, I have a couple brief thoughts.

1. If the trailer was used seaside or very corrosive environment, points to the Casita/Scamp.

2. The fiberglass takes much more elbow grease to keep shiny than the new clear coated Airstreams. It takes me as long each month to shine the 13' Scamp as it does to shine my 25' Airstream.
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Two Different Things

Yours is an interesting question, but it is like saying, "Why do some folks want a Harley-Davidson while others want a 'crotch rocket' Kawasaki Ninja?"

Two different things. Two different reasons for wanting each.

We have looked at a lot of Airstreams and thought about buying them, but we keep coming back to the same four problems:

1. We would have to get a massive tow vehicle to tow one. We've been down the road before, towing more trailer than our vehicle could handle. We'd need an F250 to tow a reasonable sized Airstream, safely (unless you are from Montreal, in which case a Dodge minivan is apparently acceptable, at least from what we see on I-95).

2. We would have to find a place to store it. We keep our Casita in a storage locker (no kidding, it fits right in, and I can push it by hand). The 'stream would have to sit outside, which means, over time, leaks. You know the drill. Floor rot, peeling clearcoat, etc.

3. It would not fit into as many places as we like to go. Backing even 27 feet of fragile aluminum is a PITA, and that first dent is a heart-breaker. How's that banana panel looking? Fiberglas is pretty dent-resistant, let me tell you.

4. Cost: A used Airstream IN GOOD CONDITION costs a lot of money. It is a lot of trailer, to be sure. But spending $20,000 or more recreational vehicle seems, to me, to be a lot of dough. I am looking forward to retirement, not endless debt. We paid $8000 for our 1996 Casita (used) and it is pretty much in like-new condition (even the carpet on the walls). Of course, storing it in the storage locker helps. If I had to sell it today, I would likely get the purchase price back.

Is it small? Youbetcha! But after living on a boat in the Keys, it seems pretty large to us (two guys and a greyhound dog). You get used to small spaces, living on a boat. And actually the bathroom on the Casita 17SD is larger than on some Airstreams. No, really. At least from the toilet perspective.

Last year, we spend two months in it, traveling to the Gaspesie peninsula (Quebec) Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. We are leaving shortly for New York, Vermont, and Montreal - again for two months.

Yes, it is a bit of a challenge sometimes, but then again, we can take it anywhere and not worry about it, and also fit it in to tight spaces. It is camping, not RVing, I guess. Albeit camping with your own bathroom and kitchen.

We've had four RVs, including a 27' fifth wheel, an 18' tow behind, and a 21' Class-C (which we drove to Acapulco, don't ask). We've had this one the longest and loved it the most of all.

It is built like a brick outhouse. You can't kill these things. In fact, it is a lot more durable than an Airstream, I hate to say, having looked at maybe 50 used Airstreams over the years (we keep dreaming, but those same four factors keep us from buying).

Would we get an Airstream? Well, we keep looking at them, and we keep buying lottery tickets. But I suspect that our interest in RVing will die off before we end up buying an Airstream. Having a tow vehicle in the driveway and an Airstream in a storage yard somewhere (in the hot Georgia sun) just does not appeal to me.

We did buy one - for my Brother-in-Law. A nice 22-footer from the mid-1980's. But he has had the usual problems with it - leaking in the back, floor rot, etc. And it seems he is never happy with it. Always tinkering, and now his wife wants a Class-B.

For a lot less than a class-B, you can buy a Casita, which has more room in it. Maybe THAT is the better comparison for a Casita, the Class-B Motorhome, not an Airstream.

Maybe smaller is better - you learn to live with what you have, rather than what you want.

We tow the Casita with a 2002 BMW X5. No, really. It is rated for 6500 lbs towing capacity (with a 5-speed manual, thank you) and the 3500lb Casita is hardly noticeable back there.

It makes for a very happy lash-up. About 17 mpg average, and no sway, no hassles, and easy driving.

Small has its advantages!

But still, I keep buying those lottery tickets. Maybe someday. Maybe not.

Here is my take on the Casita versus a Class-B:

From a budget perspective, tow-behinds beat motorhomes, hands down, IMHO:
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We considered a new Casita when we were shopping for a used Airstream, but as I recall the Casita had a porta potty, which I didn't care for. The thing that really turned me off was all of the proselytizing that came along with the Texas built Casita. I just wanted info about their trailers, not about their religion. For that reason, I turned my attentions to the Minnesota built Scamp, but ultimately decided on the Airstream, which we really like.
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Maybe the really small Casitas (13 footers) have a porta-potty. The 16 and 17 foot models have a "real" toilet.

They do have a "wet bath" though - you shower in the bathroom. It is no big deal, as it is all fiberglass inside and washes down easily.

Yes, no carpet in the bathroom!

I would love to have an Airstream - particularly the rear dinette model with the wrap-around glass.

But, at age 52, living on retirement island, $50,000 more in my 401(k) seems like a sweeter deal at the present time....

I went to look at an older 'stream last week. A mid-70's model with peeling clearcoat and hazed overhead windows. New flooring throughout.

But underneath, the frame was rusted..... through.... in two places.

I guess I'll keep looking. I suspect the Casita will be my last RV. We are finding that renting vacation homes is pretty cheap - and more enjoyable - as we get older.

Not sure about the Jesus thing. We bought ours used - about a decade old. They really don't wear out or look "old" with time. No clearcoat to peel. Put a little 3M fiberglass compound on it, with the Dewalt 90 degree power buffer, and she shines right back.
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We looked at both the Casita and the Scamp and ended up with our 22' because it had more room for our two dogs and a great toilet/shower. Our Ridgeline tows it without any problems and with over 20k and 5 years later we wouldn't do anything different.
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Im my opinion, comparing a 17' Casita to any Airstream other than the smallest ones, is not a fair comparison. It should only be compared to an Airstream of comparable size, and then when you do that, it's basically between aluminum and fiberglass.

Just like you really shouldn't compare a minivan to a 3/4 ton truck.....different beasts.
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The Casita appears to me to be a very nice small travel trailer. It has two problems as I see it. It is small, no larger than 17 ft, and can not accomodate more than two people; and it is fiberglass. It is obviously very economical to own and works for you. You are more concerned with your 401k down the road and that is fine.

Airstreams are not for everybody. You just don't appear to want an Airstream badly enough to put up with the disadvatages you see in them. Plastic just does not do it for me.

It is kind of like comparing a BMW or Porsche to an economy car. Apples to oranges.

I see that you are still looking though. What are you going to do when you find the right one? You may get aluminitas yet!

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We saw lots of Casitas and Scamps on our recent trip through WA, ID, MT and WY. They were nice. I noticed most people doing the dishes outside though. I think these would function nicely as sleeping quarters like a fibreglass tent, but I couldn't take the small space for an extended camping trip. The windows seemed small as well.
Hope is not a plan.
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There is another alternative to the casita. The Bigfoot. We owned a 17 ft for 10 years before we bought our Airstream. It is also fiberglass, but taller than the casita. It has an advantage over most of the small airstreams in that it had a full size fridge with a light.
I , like many others " always wanted an Airstream", but they are not perfect either.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back, but I wish A/S could put a bigger fridge in the under 25 ft group
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We owned a 2010 17' Casita for 2 years. Nice trailer but it was too small for us. We bought a used 2009 19' International Ocean Breeze last August. 2' longer and 1.5' wider. About 1500# heavier. TV is Toyota Tundra with small V-8. The Airstream actually tows easier then Casita and I can't explain why. We lost only 1 mpg with Airstream. Good news on Casita was how quickly ours sold and the resale value. Larry
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Differnt strokes for different folks...that's why there are so many options in the RV world ~

I for one would never trade in my Airstream "twinkie" (or Serro Scotty "canned ham") for a Casita/Scamp "egg" though. I'm not that fond of eggs...they're not all they're cracked up to be IMO.

One come you hear of so many people who trade in their Casita/Scamp for an Airstream, but don't hear of as many people that trade in their Airstream for a Casita/Scamp?

Just sayin'...

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Originally Posted by InsideOut View Post
Differnt strokes for different folks...that's why there are so many options in the RV world ~

I for one would never trade in my Airstream "twinkie" (or Serro Scotty "canned ham") for a Casita/Scamp "egg" though. I'm not that fond of eggs...they're not all they're cracked up to be IMO.

One come you hear of so many people who trade in their Casita/Scamp for an Airstream, but don't hear of as many people that trade in their Airstream for a Casita/Scamp?

Just sayin'...

A neutral answer to the last question is pretty easy, I think. It's my impression that lots of people start out small and decide they need a little more room. If they started out with a 16' or 17' Casita, the only way to go bigger in a rounded, lower-wind-resistance new trailer is Airstream (or was until very recently.)

It seems lots of Airstream owners do the same thing... start out with a Bambi, move up to a 23- or 25-foot trailer after a few years for a little more elbow room.


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