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BTW Just over the hill in Bend is a custom trailer restorer. If you went with an older unit and had it remodeled to you liking this may be an alternative but it takes time, lots of time and money.

On the other hand if your handy this could be a great project for 3 to 5 years for a complete rebuild. Providing the starting unit has no major floor problems, but expect some floor damage.

I just spent the last 2 years rebuilding our 25' 1969 Airstream Tradewind from the axles up to the a/c. I replaced all the systems and replaced the last 4' of the floor and installed underlayment and Marmolium flooring added a Casita wet bathroom, refinished most of the original cabinets and used the partitions as templets for new partitions . Added a second 30 amp inlet and circuit for the washer and dryer, added a/c, remote powered vents, digital antenna and all new appliances.

In any case enjoy the journey.

Glen & Jane 1969 all electric Airstream 25' TradeWind
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My Build Thread
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You're hooked the minute you walk in

I think you either LOVE the Airstream or you don't. The first time I stepped foot in one I got a big smile on my face. It just felt so right 😀.
After checking out other brand options I knew I'd be an Airstream owner forever. The other trailers seem cheap and gaudy compared with the Airstreams clean and modern feel.

Any issues we've encountered have not changed our thinking. Airstreams are for us 😀.

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I think I'd rather have the Newmar - if I could halfway justify the expense! I keep thinking about a class A motorhome to finish up our RV career, but as we only travel maybe 7 - 8 weeks a year it just does not seem to make sense even though we could certainly buy one without breaking the bank.

Meanwhile we do like our Airstream. Never found a problem with heating / cooling, but then we tend not to use it in extremes - we bought it mainly to head south in winter.

Expensive for what they are? yes. I don't think there is a linear relationship between
dollars and quality!

The nature of the beast is appealing though, and we could not find another trailer that appealed to us as much.

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Originally Posted by StreamNTyme View Post
Airsteam is an American Icon.. even a "cult" like Corvette or Harley owners.
If it is for you, you don't have to ask, it is for those that appreciate it, no matter what breaks, leaks or needs maintenance or repairs ... we love Airstreams.

To this day we get asked questions about where ever we go..No white box ever did. My cousin has a newer white box looks old compared to ours, people think it is new.

We have had 4, loved them all. Made many changes to all our Airstreams. We would have no other brand as no other brand is comparable.
Buy what you will be happy with.

X2! Icon it is & like that Corvette mentioned ownership in itself is worth the price!
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The perceived value of an AS is over rated. I've owned a number of RV's and boats over the past 50 years and when it comes to the perceived value of an AS on a a scale of 1 to 10 I would put it at 6 or 7. If you have the time and money, have an AS restored/built to your specs.
If you don't go first class, your heirs will!
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After owning our 10 yr old Airstream for two years and spending 3 months in it, I'd say it's better than most, but not nearly as good as the legend might lead you to believe (much like Maytag or Jeep).
We just bought a 30 yr old Avion. It's better built and my initial impression is that it is much more robust and will outlast an AS of any era. It feels better. The layout and function is better. The components are as good or better. The cabinets are better than those in most houses. The overall build quality is better. They aren't perfect, but what is? Unfortunately, Fleetwood killed the brand.
Buy an AS if it will do for you what you want it to do. They do tow nice. We are keeping our AS, it's got its purpose.
If you have the time, do as others have suggested, buy an old one that's in decent shape and have it restored to what you like. That'll be a future project for us.
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Went down the road most folks here have, when we had our MH, had to maintain both mechanicals in the towed vehicle and the MH plus the RV components. Do like the slide-outs, until they start being problematic, not so much a money thing but more of the hassle involved. We bought a used AS and are upgrading it to suit our needs and believe even after putting in an additional $15k or so, we will have "our" AS for 1/3rd the cost of new and spend the $ saved on more travel. ASs are timeless and have a character that you won't find in other brands. Good luck in your search...
James and Rebecca
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Only reason to buy is because you want one! There is no logical reason (financial or other) to buy one, just like buying your MH.

Buy something you will enjoy.

Joe D
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Tom, in an Airstream, you have a trailer with metal exterior, metal interior, minimal insulation, and metal bracing between the inner and outer metal. Metal is a great conductor of heat and cold. It will not ever be thermally efficient. If that is one of your main criteria for selection, you need to keep looking for a different brand of travel trailer, because you will never be happy with an Airstream.
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I met a husband and wife last March who did what you are talking about. They were parked across from me in a vintage Airstream. They had an Airstream then got rid of it and moved to an Airstream motorhome. They had lots of trouble with it and traded it of a Fleetwood motorhome. The man talked about how much more costs were and when fuel prices went up it was only worse. Their kids were in Vermont and California so big trips were the norm. He chose vintage to get the lighter weight and a more economical tow vehicle. They customized it. I saw how they had torn everything out of the front section and made an entertainment center along the from wall with two chairs in the middle. The front window was not used at all covered up by a tv. He was towing with an SUV.

Ian going to speak my mind on this. I have spent a bit of time looking at RVs. I have created four classes of Rvs based on their interior and overall build- budget camper, camping, inappropriate, luxury. It may make no sense to anyone but me however, I put most Airstreams into the camping category with most trailers in budget camper to camping category. Luxury trailers are just NOT. The Winnebago exec told me this when he shared his advice that I buy a trailer with either an all fiberglass roof or a metal roof as being the best. I scoured the market only to find Airstream and Galileo (no longer building). BTW inappropriate category is all carpeted inexpensive, not really designed for camping; a subset of budget or camping. In my opinion, the nicest interiors are in class A or residential 5th wheels. There are a few outliers to this like the Coleman opposed slide model, the Element and that all gray trailer that was to compete with Airstream.
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We have some good friends who are in their second SOB trailer and are semi-retired and can travel a lot.

It is quite interesting as he is offering friendly suggestions on items we may want or need, and so many of them just don't apply to our situation.

Some are due to the physical differences-his rig sits up much higher off the ground due to the slide outs, so getting level and stable for him seems to involve a lot more use of supplemental supports, blocks, etc. We just tire up on a lego on one side if needed, drop the 4 stabilizers (yes with a manual crank-oh the horror!) and are done quickly with very little fuss.

The other major difference I see between us is he uses all manner of electric plug in appliances like toasters and coffee pots, and I use a percolator and pretty much cook outside on a Coleman stove. He says that they most typically stay in commercial campgrounds with electric/water/sewer and because those types of places are so packed in tight, that they will spend most of their time inside their trailer.

We OTOH stay most of the times at state parks or COE parks and bought our AS so we could travel and go West to National Parks for vacation. We tend to spend more time outside.

Our 22 probably cost 25% more than his 28. He thinks we're nuts for spending that much for an AS.

I would not want his longer, higher, vinyl lined unit. And if in 10 years I start to travel as much as he does and do go into more commercial type campgrounds, I think I would want to get a larger AS to have more indoor space, and not a rig like his.

Piggy Bank
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I followed the simple is best philosophy in my trailer build. Aside from the forty year old air conditioner and my water pump there is very little RV left in my systems.

I used residential plumbing fixtures exclusively, residential stove, refrigerator, and water heater.

Two years in and all has been dependable.

I covered my interior walls with birch plywood and I think that this has helped with thermal transfer quite a bit as my old 11,500 btu AC has kept the interior comfortable in 100 plus degree weather while parked in direct sun. (With silver bubble wrap in the windows)

Brevi tempore!
The fact that I am opinionated does not presuppose that I am wrong......

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Thank you, we are in that exact spot . We're quality buyers, just trying to make the right decision. Tom
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Keep in mind that in forums like this negatives become magnified.

People don't really post "everything worked great today".... And if they did no one would read them.

Human nature dwells on negatives....

Brevi tempore!

The fact that I am opinionated does not presuppose that I am wrong......

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