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All I know is that when we return home to the Pacific Northwest, we practically kiss the ground, every time. As for camping in our AS, we could spend the rest of our lives camping here without ever seeing it all. It seems that we have every geological possibility from the desert to the sea. We are grateful that the weather is mild, year around.

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Like others as I approach retirement the wife and I have lots of conversations on where we would like to retire to. The one thing that we know it is not where we live currently. Natural disasters drive some of our thinking, read somewhere that Milwaukee WI was the safest place to live from that perspective. Just too cold for this Texan.
We do love the Pacific North West, Hood River Oregon in particular. Now if I could just stop worrying about a possible volcanic eruption, LOL....

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Fortunately both our adult children live within 10 miles of us her in Western PA, so at this time moving is not an option we are looking at. However, if things change my choice is Moab UT. Close to great National Parks, beautiful drives and a virtually limitless array of off road trails for Jeeps or side by sides. Great climate for me as well.

Safe Travels

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Mod hat on. Let's keep politics out of this conversation. Discussing politics in the threads are against the community rules and will be deleted. Mod hat off. Arizona is looking good to us for retirement (a long ways away) due to its location. Warm winters and easy to get away from the heat in the summer. It's close to mountains and a short drive to be near the ocean. Someday we will not have to deal with these cold winters!
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circling the drain

as we traveled….looking for a place to live after a lifetime of tejas….and the unending sameness of hot and dry and hot and dry and floods and tornadoes and blue northers that drop the temp 50 or 60 degrees and then the next day it is 100 degrees….

a magnet has, it seems drawn us to the PNW……and the the san juan islands come into view…..

so we are here…on Orcas island…..hunkered down in a cottage on cascade bay…rosario washington….to see if the climate suits us and is there a suitable house to buy and live in here in paradise….

it is daunting and the conditions here are much different… than back there on that distant shore…that is the mainland….with it's hustle and bustle and freeways and big boxes and houses and people and cars and trains and planes…roaring and clanging and screaming and crying…..

here on the island…well it takes some adjustment…and we may not live here…just for the reason that the housing situation here is quite different than on the mainland…

but it won't be because i don't want to…I do…finding the right house and not paying the nosebleed, unrealistic prices that people think thy need here…the real estate bust fallout is wrestling thru the market here….

supply and demand skews the prices here….and people without exception build houses here and will put a $900,000 house next to a dumpy property that looks like hell…just because you can see canada, or this or that…..a view to die for controls the property prices on this island…..

and the views are to die for….people, once here will do whatever to stay….

so like the boil weevil….i'm looking for a home….if not on orcas…then somewhere in washington or oregon……..
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and the Four P's(Paula, Phoenix and Peabody II and Pearl)…Peabody is here…..
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Having seen the OP lives presumably near the Woodlands where I have friends, I had to jump in. I love Wisconsin, South Dakota, especially home town of Sioux Falls, and in Colorado I have a few acres where I can park my AS, and see sunrises where the horizon is about 35 miles away. I suppose I prefer not to travel in the northeast corridor due primarily to my preference for wide open spaces and less traffic.

The beauty of an RV is that I can take my mountain home, beach house, camping tent anywhere I want, and almost on a moment to moment basis.

IMO, of no more value than any other for sure, is we can go anywhere and enjoy life if we interact with the "natives" to learn the local interests and develop an appreciation for what is offered from both a scenic and cultural perspective. Of course weather may be important, but the super advantage of the AS, and I specifically believe this is limited to towing an Airstream, is even severely tough towing situations are handled with relative ease. Thus, more freedom and choice as to where and when.

For a home base, Sioux Falls, South Dakota or surrounding area may be good due to tax issues, low crime rate, and centralized location. Winter...... The Woodlands......LOL.

Oh well...

Ms Tommie Lauer
Greensboro, NC
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Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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Unless I come across somewhere better I plan on ending up in the north Georgia/western NC area. I found no place better in North America.

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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As a kid, I traveled with my parents all over the lower 48, the British Isles, and Europe.

There are fantastic sights to see everywhere. I asked my dad why, with all the really great places we could live, did we have to live in Iowa.

He told me that the best thing about living in Iowa was you could escape in any of 4 directions. Then he added later, but you have to come back sooner or later because Iowa is where your roots are and it is where your family lives.

When I was 18, I left home. I lived and worked all over this great land. It would be hard to pick my very favorite place, but Texas ranks right up there.

In 1984 my dad was in bad shape, and I had to come back to Iowa.

My parents and grand parents are long gone, as are most of the elders of the family, but my kids, and their kids are here. My cousins, and their kids are here.
Family is here; my roots are here, like it or not. So, I will have to be content with "escaping" whenever I can, knowing that I must always return. There are people here who count on me, and there is nothing more valuable than that.
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We are pulled to northwest Florida in much the same way. Our four sons and other family are in Jacksonville, Tampa, Atlanta, and New Orleans. All of these are within a one day drive from Santa Rosa Beach. That makes us close, but not too close.

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I'd have to stay someplace in the southwest: NM, AZ, southern CO, southern UT, southern NV, southeast CA. Mountains and deserts.

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Great way to make us think!
I just retired this year and had to do allot of soul searching about just this. I do love Southern California, just not the taxes. I have a great little cabin in Idyllwild, CA but it does snow here and we like to chase 70 degrees. We can be at the beach in a couple of hours and in Arizona in just a few.
I lived on a boat for almost 20 years so don't want to do that again or even go Full-Time. I would like to see more of the US so we bought a Motorhome (Newell not AS). Our 1958 AS Traveler is a great little camper for a few days so we look forward to some Vintage Rallies.
Best part of an RV is that it is mobile...if you don't like where you are just move.
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Where would you live?

I learned something from my parents' selection of a home base. They chose Phoenix for its largely pleasant winters, which worked very well for them as long as they were healthy and could get away in their RV during the summers, even if it was only to Verde Valley or Flagstaff.

Unfortunately, when health issues came to the forefront, they found themselves "trapped" in Phoenix during the summer. It's God-awful in Phoenix during the summer, as you probably know. Just awful. Temps so high in summer that it's just nuts. Haboobs come blasting through later just to remind you that you live in the desert, with huge dust clouds that blot out the sky, sun and anything more than 100 feet away. Once when I was there, it even "rained mud" because the dust storm got hit with a brief but intense shower. Just awful.

So, we can't stand the Phoenix area except in the dead of winter.

Once we retire we will look for a home base that is at least tolerable all year, if not ideal. Hopefully, at least one season would be amazing. We don't know where that's gonna be yet, though places like Flagstaff and Santa Fe come to mind as possibilities. For us, anywhere in the PNW, even with it's ridiculously short days and non-stop rain in winter months, along with the exciting potential of an outrageous natural disaster, would be better than Phoenix.

As to natural disasters, PNW is blessed with potential. Between our multiple volcanoes and eventual arrival of "the big one" earthquake some day / some century (experts say it may be Richter 9.0+ when it finally hits), we've got plenty to think about between winter's rains and power-killing windstorms. Oh, and if you're on the coast within Tsunami range, don't forget about the possibility of a free car/trailer wash that neglects to return you and your vehicles to shore in one piece when it's over.

Maybe when we camp here we should camp at elevation in an open field and leave our stabilizer jacks up because in that earthquake a bouncy trailer would probably be our best friend.

That said, we do escape the snow, mostly, and temps are rarely outside an envelope of 40-90 degrees F year-round, which is a helpful bonus. And yes, it's beautiful and very green indeed, even in winter. Also, as others have noted, we're always within an hour or few of someplace amazing to go camping.
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Originally Posted by blmitch5 View Post
Mod hat on. Let's keep politics out of this conversation. Discussing politics in the threads are against the community rules and will be deleted. Mod hat off. Arizona is looking good to us for retirement (a long ways away) due to its location. Warm winters and easy to get away from the heat in the summer. It's close to mountains and a short drive to be near the ocean. Someday we will not have to deal with these cold winters!
I always get a kick out of the "mod hat on and off". Part of the thing about agreeing to be a moderator is that you always are. As long as you have a moderator tag under your user name you will always be regarded as one. You will have the same effect posting in a thread, as a police officer entering a biker bar in uniform, and saying "Hey guys, whazzup?"

To answer the question posted:

Since the OP said "you", I'm going to answer as me. We are presently preparing to move back to the pacific northwest. One of the main reasons is that I am tired of being a three day trailer drive from all those places I enjoy the most. I would also consider California. In fact, I would prefer it in some ways. However, in retirement, we have to give some thought to the cost of living. In my case I am willing to endure the often cool cloudy weather to be close enough to mountains and salt water beaches to enjoy either one in just a day if I wish. Since I am, and my wife will shortly be, retired, longer journeys in the Airstream can satisfy our yearnings to explore new places.

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We have always considered the house we live in as our "home". Home anchors us, gives us a place to hold on to and to come back to. While we love traveling in our Airstream, we would never think of not having a home.

Ah, where to live, that is a question without an unqualified answer. Rolland posted, ..."I don't like to shovel rain, nor do I like to be trapped inside by cold weather"....

How about being trapped inside by the hot weather, or rainy weather, or stormy weather? I live in Eastern Washington where we have 4 seasons, all relatively moderate. The winter does cause some issues for us but that is when we choose to travel to warmer places. We have yet to pull our trailer out during January but might give that a try. There are about a half a million people living in our area yet we can be completely out of town within in a half an hour. There is little traffic, plenty of water, no hurricanes, tornadoes or floods to deal with. As long as the volcanoes remain at peace, all is good. We have lakes, rivers and mountains in all directions within an easy 3 hour drive. The PNW has a lot to offer.

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