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I have to say that we would like to have been aware of Airforums when we first bought ours and began traveling seriously. Where we would be without the help of total strangers, I can't even wonder.

A chance stop at Airstream of Arkansas last month (great folks, there) sent us to the Forums, which we now try to peruse every day. There is an incredible wealth of information here, and we are grateful to have access to it.

🏡 🚐 Cherish and appreciate those you love. This moment could be your last.🌹🐚❤️
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It's true with the Airfourms like anything in life, that you get at least as much as you are willing to give... and I'd venture a guess that a lot of people get lots of information and for whatever reason chose not to post often or answer questions... getting more information than they give. That's fine. When we first joined I was (and still am) very excited about the forums. At first I could offer little more than welcoming newer members to the Forums and enthusiasm for the Forums...and as I grew and became more knowledgeable, I found that I was, indeed, able to offer help and suggestions here and there. That made me feel great, but I also realize that not everybody is wired that way. Again, this is fine. And of course, as in any open discussion there is some negativity...that is human behavior "shining" through (cynical smile here). But there is a whole lot more positive energy here than negative and what I have learned is that I can overlook the negative and/or not bother to read it. And people do move on. That's fine, too. We have been lucky to have met some fine people here and we know that will continue to as far a we are concerned...the good times continue to roll.

TB & Greg and Abbey Schnauzer
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As a newbie, I am very grateful to the old hands that stick around and answer today a questioni they've answered 55 times in the last 4 years. I belong to a few forums, and on each, you get out of it what you want. You put into it what you want. You read or don't read what interests or doesn't interest you.

There are 4 posters I've learned to trust and respect, and whose help has been invaluable. I don't know what this forum would do if Andy didn't post regularly, answering our questions.

As I get my AS the way I want it, and start using it, my forum needs will change. That's life. But the information exchange here is very important, and for that I am grateful. I've learned about BLM and Wal-Mart camp sites! lolol and now I plan to use both! I imagine I'll enjoy BLM more though.

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Believe it or not some folks move on to SOB and loose interest.

I moved on to a SOB MH and only check in here once a week as opposed to 3 times a day.

However; the Airstream is still in the family I would never have the heart to see it go and our son is now on the forum.

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I find it somewhat amusing this "good old days" thread was started by someone who's apparently only been here a year and a half. No offense or insult intended, of course. I see several from the early days still posting and I miss some who disappeared years ago. I also see many, many new names I'm not familiar with, and that's a great thing.

People come and go on Internet forums for various reasons. In some cases, it IS because they have no tolerance for what other members feel is important to discuss, occasionally labeling it as "negativity." But by and large, it's because lives and interests change. In both cases, perhaps it's best they did move on.
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This is a great forum. Pleasing all people is not easy. As for the mother organization we joined ,however I feel the main office does little or nothing for its members. Local chapters are fabulous and the Beret with a 3 page article on the Pres. of Airstream trying to unload his airstream for 60,000 got free press and vola it was sold.
I apprecaite all posts and newbies are going to post more and have more ? , the nature of the beast.
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Just my thoughts on this. When I got my first Argosy I NEEDED lots of help and had so many questions. I made some lasting friends that I email almost daily. I've met some of the people on this Forum in person. Now that I'm working on my second Airstream I don't need as much help, nor do I have as many questions. I look at the Forum daily; however, I don't participate as often as I once did mainly because (as previously stated) the questions and/or topics don't change all that much. Frankly I think this is a great place for Airstream information and interaction with folks who have the same passion for these trailers that I do. I don't concern myself with WBCCI or moderators. I just cruise the topics and learn about people's pets or their new trailer finds, or Michelle's wrecks (sorry Michelle just had to insert that). I just take what I need from what I consider a good informational site, and my life goes on while I dream of retirement and actually using one of my Airstreams. The folks here are just good, helping Americans and I enjoy them.
Judy At Home in Oklahoma
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I personally think the forum is great and I enjoy reading about different opinions (That is life I think). Each post and/or reply contributes not only information but the feelings of the individual. Again, just like the real world.
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Good times roll in and out like waves. There will always be another wave to catch, or to miss... or to make, around here. That's the great part of AirForums and it's members. Perhaps it's time to reinvent ourselves...

Here's my part to make you smile Frank.


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The site is a business which the owner happened to stubbled into because he purchased a trailer. I am not sure is that trailer is any further along than it was when he purchased it. It you are new a look at the bottom of the portal page you will see in very small print 15 other sites which are run by the same owner. The site is free and the owner is participating in the American Free Enterprise System which is a win win situation.

The site is made up by the users who come and go, I participate sometimes and I sometimes get bored and do not check in as much. I am fortunate and have many interest so I move form site to site. The format of this site is very well done and many long term users are present. The moderation is more than fair and polite. The information provided is excellent. It is not a club and should not be thought of as one if that is what one needs several exist and are more than willing to add a member or start your own club. In every group people come and go lives change and interest change many people move on to other activities. For those interested in a different format it is not difficult to start your own site and build up a user base, that is said not as a smart answer but just as a fact, If I remember correctly that is how this site evolved. Good times are what you make them.
Jim N5TJZ Air# 174
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Maybe the Forum isn't a traditional club, but aren't a lot of traditional clubs losing members? Hasn't the internet changed the game? Perhaps a forum is the new club.

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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
Maybe the Forum isn't a traditional club, but aren't a lot of traditional clubs losing members? Hasn't the internet changed the game? Perhaps a forum is the new club.

Gene I think you are correct, individuals have different taste in what they what in a club some want the structure that a established club offers and some want the less formal approach of a forum, it is ironic that if you start adding structure to the form you are defeating it's purpose I guess it is the circle of life.

Many RV clubs exist Manufacture Specific, Model Specific, Region Specific, Age Specific, they go on forever, pick one and enjoy.
Jim N5TJZ Air# 174
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There are certainly things to improve on this site, as with all sites, clubs, not clubs etc. I'm not sure loss of people is anything you can stop. A good example for us, is that one hobbie has led to another. We for several years were active almost daily in a vintage jeep board much like this one while I finished a restoration started when I was in high school over a decade before. Now that the vehicle is done and these silver things are taking all my free time (well its expensive time, not free) I noticed the other day that it had been a year and a half since I had logged on and people were wondering where we had been. I think people's lives are changing. It always seems there are upgrades etc going on here. Searching is difficult, especially as more data is collected. An option to exclude certain forum categories from "today's posts" or something might help some, or just do what we do and decide to avoid going into certain threads. I think the positives far outweigh the negatives but it doesnt hurt to point out what can be improved upon.
Scott & Megan
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Originally Posted by jimmini View Post
Are some threads started that are not Airstream related and become/are to political? Yes Sir. The moderators should stop them at the start.
Are threads some times hijacked or get off subject? I guess. But the moderators should be able to keep them on track.
Tricky stuff, this.....

Moderating is a careful dance and almost always someones toes get stepped on. It's tough to stop folks from wandering into political discussions and one persons idea of politics is not anothers. Stopping conversations about politics while sometimes done, usually results in cries of jack-booted censorship.

One of the things to remember here is that for many, the forums isn't just about airstreams, it has become a gathering of friends who's interests and conversations wander widely. To limit that roaming diminishes their enjoyment. To keep discussions more tightly on track would mean post removals and PM's to folks who are just here to relax. So... we do the dance; trying to strike a balance between free flowing, naturally evolving conversations and the need maintain some semblance of order.

Members can help by reporting posts that are problems, using the ignore function to avoid having to interact with posters who annoy them and avoiding sections of the forum that are likely to have discussions that they either don't want to read or shouldn't read for lack of self-restraint.

It's important to keep all this in perspective - AIR is a unique community to be sure and many of us know each other out of the ether. We camp together, help each other do repairs, fix tow vehicles and a myriad of other things. But... this is the internet and at the end of the day you can step away from your keyboard. When you return, we will be happy to see you and there will be new discussions to read and participate in.

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