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The worst drivers are>

I think the worst drivers in the world are the ones that are around me. There the ones in front driving to slow. Or the ones in back following to close. Or the ones in the left lane or the right lane that won't move out of my way. I am a Airstream owner, there fore "I OWN THE ROAD'. Isn't that the way things are supposed to work

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Originally Posted by herrgirdner
Northern Virginia and the DC beltway gets my vote.
1. Rush hour can be any time of the day.
2. Red traffic signals are interpreted as allowing just one more car through after it turns.
3. Most left hand turns are made from the right hand lane across traffic.
I agree! When we lived in the DC area, seemed like there was much more road rage than in MA (where we moved from), more drunk drivers on the roads, no such thing as a speed limit on the highways, and watch out for those "Diplomat" plates!

Doug & Jamie, AIR #650
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Originally Posted by Mike Lewis
My top 5 citys with worst drivers
{1} farmington, nm
{2}farmington, nm
{3} farmington, nm
{4} farmingtom, nm
{5} farmington, nm pieman
Oh, I don't know about that. Here in Angel Fire during tourist season, the Tejanos tear down the 45-mph highway like it's an interstate. Never mind that the highway is covered in ice, and that there are elk trying to get across; they just honk their horns and keep the pedal to the metal. Twice now, folks have skidded off the highway in front of the park. One of them took out one of our stop signs; the other came within about a foot of our wellhead. (We've since moved a huge boulder in front of the wellhead. We also discovered that they make stop signs out of hardened metal.)

WBCCI 21043
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For years,years,years and years N.Y.was the worst place. Nice to see i came off the list. So come on up and drive around some.
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Is it always bad drivers or is it good people with bad habits or driving under stress?

We recently had the 50th anniversary of our nation’s Interstate Highway System. It is great program, which vastly improved the nation’s infrastructure. It delivers benefits in commerce & economic growth, plus safety, speed and ease of inexpensive travel for the average citizen. But you already know that.

Like all good things that are over used, it has reaching saturation levels, bottlenecks and unintended consequences. In many places, there are just too many vehicles on the road. Capacity can be expanded with more roads and better designs- -but at a cost that cannot entirely be measure in dollars. But you know that too.

What can be done to ameliorate our situation?
What are the alternatives?
Build more roads and expand the highways & railroad systems?
Build more public transportation systems?
Impose more taxes as negative incentives?
I don’t know the answer. But you also know that if we can’t improve the situation, then factors beyond our control will determine how we get from point A to point B.
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The answer can't be found in only one solution. I would say that the day of us driving these things will be at an end by the time I'm too old to drive. The technology already exists, it's installing it and implementing it that is the issue.

Once you take the "human" element out of the equation, traffic jams and such are a thing of the past...... so are DUI offenses.....

Until this day arrives, the only thing that is going to help is road expansion, road, expansion, road expansion.

Americans LOVE their vehicles. Public transporation is great, but in the end, you can have more trains, more busses, etc.....folks will always love their cars.....
Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form. -NY Times 11/91
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In The US I don't know.
But I have driven in Sri Lanka
They are suposed to drive on the wrong side of the road ( Left)
But is seems that they prefer to drive where the tree's give's the most shade.
They loudest horn has right of way.
one time I hired a motor bike with a non working horn .
I returned it to the shop .
you can give me a bike with no brakes that's fine but with no horn its dangerous.
Even did some night driving there cars with no lights , dogs and cows on the main roads.
The best drivers I think you will find on the autobahn in germany.
They know that mirrors are not only for cheking up at your make up.
they expect that the guy in the left lane is @ 150 mph+
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I agree with the German Autobahn drivers are very good. Just stay out of the fast lane if you are not passing. The Gemans invented drafting.

I think the worst drivers are in Phoenix in the winter time. The northern states ship their worst drivers here every winter. We call them snowbirds.


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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It truly is a matter of degree. Bad drivers are EVERYWHERE. Most of my experience is East coast but have been Midwest, South, and West. Nobody has a "lock" on having the exclusive "franchise" of bad or terrible drivers.
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City life seems to breed nasty drivers. But I have learned to deal with it.
I have this theory that the car you drive affects how other people treat you on the road. If a car is big, ugly and mean looking, people stay out of your way. I drove a cute little sports car to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago ...people were running me off the road, passing me were you can't pass safely, and cutting me off left and right. But on the other hand, if I drive a big ugly old station wagon, nobody gets in my way! Buy a car that looks like it will win a demolition derby, and people do not intentionally put their vehicle in front of you. That makes your drive much more relaxing. Unfortunately, a car towing an Airstream is perceived as being something you have to pass or get out in front of, so trailering is just bad these days. More stupid things have happened to me while I was towing due to other drivers being impatient. I have learned to pull off every few miles to let all the impatient people go by. Even though the highway seems to be filled with jerks, I have decided to remain a friendly and courteous driver. I go the speed limit, and stick to the rules (or try to!) There's so sense adding to the rage and insanity on the highway. I try to avoid Interstate highways and enjoy the back roads when I can. Driving can be a real pleasure and I hope to keep it that way.

Merry Christmas!
Punxsutawney, PA
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Okay... I thought that someone else would post this one.... Los Angeles is the worst place in the universe to drive. The LA driving experience is a training ground for offensive driving. Combat navigation using GPS and two or three radio stations is the only way to deal with permanent rush hour. I'm sure that someone will opine that if you live there you actually enjoy the LA driving experience. I lived there... 80mph with one car lenght gaps is exciting but generally unpleasant. Nicest place to drive... Tucson. When you turn your signal on to turn... people actually open a gap. Turning left at a difficult intersection? They will do a courtesy stop and let you turn. I thought it was a trick...

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Thumbs down Really?

Originally Posted by ROBERTSUNRUS
Women on cell phones, mostly young girls. Multitasking

I totally agree, cell phones - or any other multi-tasking while driving is hugely dangerous, but please look around. I assert there are as many men and boys talking on cell phones as women. You've got to look for the Bluetooth mic hooked on the ear, or the hands free cell more often with men. (Robin Williams once observed that it's a lot harder now to tell whether a person is on a cell or is merely psychotic.) There have been several studies that indicate that hands free cells are just as distracting... though I think having one less hand on the steering wheel is a legitimate concern.

A truck driver friend of mine with 14 years of safe driving says that he was originally taught that playing music on the radio was distracting and should only be done in very light traffic and clear visibility.

And then there are those who eat while driving. I confess I've gotten the steering wheel slicked up by eating french fries occasionally... and it isn't pretty if you get into a bad situation.


The really terrible drivers are those who think they've been appointed by some divine hand to enforce the rules on everyone else. I used to work with a man who deliberately went to the left lane and drove 55 because "that IS the limit and I shouldn't have to speed up... or permit others to exceed the speed limit". I asked him if he thought he could prevent someone from passing on the right and endangering others. His reply was that it wasn't his problem. I can't comprehend this... I'd feel terrible if I caused or contributed to an accident even if I wasn't involved.

I'll make an early resolution to be as courteous and alert and law abiding as possible and try to make that attitude catching. Maybe I should get "PASS" and "DON'T PASS" bumper stickers for the back of "big dawg" like the ones that Mongo had on his bull in "Blazing Saddles".

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I moved to Jacksonville, FL in Feb '04 FRom Springfield, Virginia.

AFTER I took the AARP Safe Driving course and got my 10% premium reduction FRom USAA, my auto insurance was $20.00/month more expensive than Northern Virginia, which has to be one of the most congested driving regions in the US.

Turns out that the World Champion speeders, lane-changers (w/out signals!) tailgaters and red-light runners are Jacksonville drivers! And, many (if not most) ofem are rude to boot!

It is so bad that I put my big Reese trailer hitch back on my Cadillac, just to keep these $%@!&*# people off my a$$! You hit that puppy with the FRont bumper of your hot rod rice rocket or SUV, and it is gonna cost you Big Bux!

So, I kinda darem to hit it. So far no one has, and I get a lot more respect with the Reese on than when it is in my garage!
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Originally Posted by Taxman
...It is so bad that I put my big Reese trailer hitch back on my Cadillac, just to keep these $%@!&*# people off my a$$! You hit that puppy with the FRont bumper of your hot rod rice rocket or SUV, and it is gonna cost you Big Bux!

So, I kinda darem to hit it. So far no one has, and I get a lot more respect with the Reese on than when it is in my garage!
Doing what I used to do until a post on this forum pointed out that the hitch receiver is attached to the vehicle FRAME - so while you'll tear a hole in a tailgater's radiator, you could end up with a bent frame. Better to let them whack a sacrificial bumper IMHO.

Paula Ford

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