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A good friend that traveled coast to coast on a regular basis said: "Drivers in Mass are mean, drivers in Cal are stupid but drivers in Colorado are Mean and Stupid!" I think he was correct. It has a lot do so with the influx of folks from different parts of the country with different driving styles. My only real complaint is that they let drivers from Cal drive here in the winter. If you don't know how to drive on ice, park it until spring!!! There, I feel better.

I forgot, the left lane lovers bother me also. The left lane if for exceeding the speed limit. <G>

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Most of the worst drivers are already dead or off the road.
Geographically- -mostly in large metro areas.
Internationally- -some third world countries.
Time of Day- -Rush hours, & holiday party periods.
Gender- -can’t say one or the other.
Age- -young & inexperienced and some old & slow folks.

Many other factors, but these are just my unscientific observation.
Would be nice to read statistics from insurance company databases.

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Originally Posted by Royce

I forgot, the left lane lovers bother me also. The left lane if for exceeding the speed limit. <G>
Exceeding? I'd be happy if they'd just drive the speed limit. I spent 20 minutes today trying to get out from behind a blue-haired beauty driving 53 mph in the fast lane (speed limit 70), with no other traffic in front of her. Unless, of course, you count the hundreds of people passing her (and me) on the right, and darting in front of her...
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I proppose that it is not the drivers.

Drivers, and this is from my own experience, driving around the country, are about the same everywhere. They behave in very similar patterns.

My Proppossed statement.....
It IS the poor/terrible design of the road system.

There are way to many places on the roads in greater seattle that make me think, "what idiot dreamed up this interchange/merge lane/exit/sign/signal?"

Some of the stupidest road designs in the world, are in western washington.
When you force people to do things that CAN'T be done, it gets messy.
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It really depends on what your idea of bad driving is. I am from Missouri, but many of my coworkers are not. They always claim that Missouri has the, "Worst," drivers. I really can't tell that people drive that poorly around me, but then again I am used to Missouri drivers. Perhaps I am part of the problem
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Any driver from the next town, city or state from where you live or what you're used to. Yesterday we were in heavy (Friday afternoon before Christmas) traffic just south of Phoenix/Chandler on I-10. Some guy in a van with Louisiana plates rolled down his window and started yelling and shaking his fist at me because I didn't read his mind and let him in ahead of me (wasn't using his directional indicators). I waved and let him in and then took his place in the lane that was actually moving. Peace to you all and happy Christmas.
-K & L
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Hi, all these horror stories make me feel a lot better. I honestly thought 90% of all the bad drivers were right here in Southern California. I was born here and have seen it all of my life. OK if I group these people/drivers? In no peticular order.

Women on cell phones, mostly young girls. Multitasking
Slow drivers from south of the border. I call it driveing at minimum wage.
Slow drivers, old VW's any model, old Mercedes Diesels, all smoke and 25 Mph.
Johnny Rocket, on his motorcycle or in his hopped up Honda Civic zipping from lane to lane.
Joe Harley, with no mufflers blasting in between cars parked on the freeway.
Small Richard Hummer, trying to intimmidate big poeple in Miata's.
Looky Lew, doesn't know where they are going, but going to hold you up while they figuer it out.
Drivers of junk cars with temp stickers on thier back windows because they can't get them smogged and obviously have no insurance. And possibly no license, well maybe a fake license.
And I feel bad for the big rig drivers, just trying to do their job, haveing to put up with all of the above listed while burning up time $$$$$$$ and fuel $$$$$$$$$, on any freeway, stop and go, and all the way up to 35 MPH.

OK I got it out of my system, And I feel a whole lot better now.

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Originally Posted by silverback
Any driver from the next town, city or state from where you live or what you're used to. Yesterday we were in heavy (Friday afternoon before Christmas) traffic just south of Phoenix/Chandler on I-10. Some guy in a van with Louisiana plates rolled down his window and started yelling and shaking his fist at me because I didn't read his mind and let him in ahead of me (wasn't using his directional indicators). I waved and let him in and then took his place in the lane that was actually moving. Peace to you all and happy Christmas.
-K & L
That reminds me of a few of the drivers on the Northway - midweek and off season. NY DOT had three lanes closed down to one lane and the name of the game was whoever could get to the hole the first wins. A couple of guys in a pick-um-up were trying to win and had the audacity to cuss and use sign language to others who were holding their own. I wonder what the prize was - high blood pressure?

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Gawd, another reason I love Montana!

Relatively open highways with not many drivers, and those who are on the road go FAST.

When I was still working for a living, I did lots of business travel all over the US and around the
world. For a time, I was commuting weekly from my home in PA to downtown Manhattan. I swore at the time that the worst drivers in the world must come from NJ.

Then one day I flew to Orlando, FL, rented a car and got on the interstate. There, the slowest drivers on the road took permanent positions in the left-most lanes, while the middle lanes were
occupied by persons who must have believed the adage "never pass on the right". I was convinced right then and there that the worst drivers in the world were in FL. Then I looked at the licence plates. Yep, most were from NJ!

I saw the same thing whenever I went to Miami. Could never seem to escape those Joisey drivers.

In a couple weeks, my wife and I will be making our annual winter pilgrimage from PA to FL, a nightmarish drive! My wife and copilot says to just keep it on 95. I say "I try to set the cruise control at that speed, but there's those NJ drivers again, extending all the way down the east coast." "Don't drive at 95" she says, "keep on interstate 95!" "Oh."

At least when I went to Brazil, I understood why they had the highest accident fatality rate in the world. They drove fast, and many of the country's drivers drove at night with their lights turned off. For some reason, they believed they would extend the life of their car batteries that way.

But now that I'm older, I've slowed down a bit, and grown a bit more tolerant of those NJ drivers. I might even give them a few local shortcuts when they come as tourists to my home county in southeast PA to see the Amish, and where the traffic still moves at the speed of a horse and buggy.

Come to think of it, maybe all those NJ drivers in the left lane aren't ALL that bad.

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Wherever a driver has a cellphone glued to their ear.
Jan and Al
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Worst Driver In US is in my Driveway

The worst driver in the US was in my driveway yesterday. The wife and I walk out to hop in the cars. She has to go to work I have to take our son to school. She is parked behind me, we have a double driveway so I know not why. She hops in her Explorer I jump in my truck. I crank the truck look back and back right into her Explorer. Do you know what a big weight distribution hitch head can do to the front of an Explorer? In this case not even scratch, flexible bumpers are great. I have new glasses and a new tool box on the truck, combined with my stupidity and her not moving very quickly caused the accident, no damage just a funny story thank goodness.

BTW I live in New Orleans the worst drivers in the US are here. Katrina knocked out all signals and signs, many are back now but people became accustomed to blowing through intersections and no traffic cops around. Combine the lack of traffic controls with out of state contractors, illegal aliens, pissed off people, and everyone in hurry, and it is a real circus on the roads. I keep the huge hitch head in my receiver to keep tailgaters at a distance, but so far all I have done is hit my own vehicle.

Jim N5TJZ Air# 174
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Worst Drivers

Here in Norfolk VA we get to sample the driving habits from all over the country/world (lots of Navy, Marine, Army, Coast Guard, some Air Force and NATO active duty personnel).
Far and above the most feared licence plate is the Florida tag. The car with the Florida tag is like a childs spinning top as it slows down, likely to go in any direction without any warning.
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Originally Posted by thecatsandi
Anywhere near a large city.
I have to agree with this one. Since the Army has shuffled us all over the US and Europe, we've seen a lot of different driving, but it seems to me that people who are driving have a lot in common with locusts in regard to population density. My two most recent duty assignments for example: Atlanta – take no prisoners, show no mercy, Boise – polite and courteous.

My 2 cents, Sean
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I'd have to say the worst place to drive is not by geographic location, but by cell phone use.

I've seen some outright insane driving, all because folks try to text msgg and talk on the phone. I saw one just the other night and she looked like she was drunk....stopped next to her at the light and she's actually trying to text msgg someone, and she's got a kid in the back seat in a child saftey seat. I'm not sure that child seat is gonna do that kid much help when she gets into a wreck. The one mile I was near her, she almost went in oncoming traffic 2x and then nearly tried to climb a 1" curb once, all at the speed of about 40mph.

She's not the exception lately, but more the rule.

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