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Restorations done right
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Originally Posted by jkcru
The grass is always greener on the other side. There will always be one just a little better,cheaper and brighter than the one you just bought.
like my 26' 1962 Overlander...

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I love my 24ft 1978 Argosy; however, I have to agree that floor plan is more important than length in most cases. I just bought a 31ft, 1976 Sovereign with the center bath and rear bedroom. It doesn't appear to have the sag of the rear bath models and you can actually get out of bed without crawling over your husband. We would never have given a thought to buying a bigger Airstream if the bed situation had been different. Neither the front or mid bed was really big enough for two people to sleep comfortably unless you took up the entire hall and then getting out of bed in the middle of the night with nowhere to stand and no way to get to the bathroom was.....well you get the point. The Argosys seem to me as the perfect towable light trailer. And I can say with confidence that the end caps don't dent easily under any circumstances. My Sovereign has two dents in it following our ice storm, the Argosy is both dent and scratch free.

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Any Airstream is beautiful. You make the final decision. How many people?
Towing? Where will you travel? How often will you travel? And the questions go on and on.

We are just a couple. When we first started to search we thought a 16 ft Bambi would be fine. Searched and searched. Did not want to travel too far to view. We located a 20 ft Globetrotter a short distance from us. We purchased....and now we know the 16 ft would be too small and the 20 ft is perfect for us. Good luck.
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Looking is one thing. Thinking is another....BUYING is still something else! Putting your money on the table means you'd better be pretty sure of what you are doing. We started looking at 19' thinking that's all we need - a place to sleep at night. What about three rainy days in a row??? Well, better get something a little larger we thought and decided a 23' would be perfect. And, boy did we like the International CCDs. We looked at all the variations and liked the Paprika best. That's the one we wanted. Went out to look and make our selection - now, all we need to do is sit down and write the deal. My wife suggested one more look at the 25' Ocean Breeze. That did it....we returned the next day and wrote our check for the International SS OB. That little extra room was the major selling feature. Living space is so important TO US. And that's what you've got to determine - what's important to you - not to anyone else. Go to rally's, go to RV shows, go to Airstream Dealers - sit in them, look at them, lie down on their beds, ask questions of owners at the rally's. I've yet to meat an AS owner that didn't like to talk about Airstreams. What a great adventure you're starting out on.....good luck with your search. Remeber, you only need to satisfy YOU!!! See you 'streamin down the road some day!
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You could always be like my husband and myself... about to pick up your 5th AS in a row in a little over a year....
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The '56 22' Safari was certainly a fine unit with the thirteen panel thing. And likewise the '62 26' Overlander was an excellent specimen.

But on "average" the '59 24' Tradewind hit the target perfectly.
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I have to say the 25' Classic is about the perfect compromise between too small and too large. It gives you a bedroom (twins) that you can stand in and get dressed, a center bath, good storage, both inside and out, an adequate kitchen with hardwood cabinets (Hickory) and a living area that actually feels roomy.I know Airstream has made the same floor plan for the 25 Classic at least from the 80's, but in 2008 they dropped it for the front bedroom with dinette. Although a nice floor plan and very popular right now, it seems a little claustrophobic to me. You have to sit sideways to view the TV and if your sitting on the couch your facing the kitchen sink., The bedroom is in the front where it would seem any traffic through a park at night might wake you and in most parks there's another row of trailers that your backed up to, so during the day sitting at the dinette your facing that. I know the front bedrooms in all models are selling like hot cakes but they feel backward to me.That's my 2 cents on the subject. If you fulltime,for maximum comfort the 34' is the only way to go.
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It has been said over and over and over again. If there is a rallie in your area go. This is the best way to find out the information your looking for. You can see all different layouts and custom designs. My choice 21" 13 panel Flying Cloud
Custom driver license Pet ID's.
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Most desireable Airstream

Decide first how you plan to use it, the amount of time you will spend in it and how many people who will join you regularly.
Then find one that best fits those criteria that you can afford.
When we bought our first As two years ago, I began asking questions from people here on the forum and I went to rallies and met some experienced Airstreamers as well who gave me very good advice.
We opted for an 87 34' because we liked the extra space and we upgraded, ie flooring, upholstery, curtains, fantastic fans, satellite, flat screen TV etc.
In spite of many caveats about the extra length from some here, it tows great, (just like a 27', the extra 7' just follows the first 27')
We love it! We spend long weekends regularly in the mountains, beach, points of interest etc, and as I am still working, I am able to coordinate business via the internet while away.
I'm not as interested in vintage or rallies so I painted my "palet" to suit myself!
2000 34' Limited with Sofa Slide
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This question also appears to be one of slipping around buyers remorse by choosing a model that will re-sell quickly. If so, then plan on 6-mos during most of the calendar year (better in some locations in the country as well as season). Great, professionally-lit and -shot photos along with detailed description as well as any work done (documented) available to a prospective buyer should help to shorten that.

That said, finding a unit that has been kept under cover and in regular use that also has the floorplan you want is the key. There is always maintenance and there are repairs. Then there are (in Airstreams) REPAIRS!
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Perfect AS

I love my 27 ft. Excella 82 model tag say's it was built in DEC. 81. I like the curved glass in the front not many have it. But as with most of the guy's and gal's on the forum we have made many changes to make it fit the way we camp (with lots of grandkid's). I think any year model or lenght can be made into the perfect streamer for the owner the main thing is to get off the fence and into the Airstream lifestyle--- you meet so many great people!
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Everyone's answer so far is wrong....!!!!!

The correct asnwer is.....

wait for it.....

wait for... it.....

Wait... for... it...

the '92 34' Classic Limited!!!

That is the GUARENTEED best AS on the market!!!! The very one that is in my driveway.... and totally paid for... mine, all mine.... I'm sitting on a GOLDMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. ok. All kidding aside....

Seriously, if you are going into the AS search for the "Perfect ONE". you will likely be disappointed.

This is similar to art, or car speculation.... there is no "PERFECT" "ONE"....

there is ONLY the "perfect" "one" of the MOMENT!!! When that 'MOMENT' is gone. so is the perfect 'one'....

Others have given you 'the nugget' that will pay the dividend you seek.... Find the correct unit that will meet your needs, buy it, and go camping!!!!

These are not like Ferrari's that you put in a museum.... they are Travel Trailers that are built for a specific purpose - use them for that and they are golden!

They hold their value (if not APPRECIATE!!!) plus there is the 'intangible' of the memories they bring to you and your family!

So very little of all of the above translates into $ and cents, but yet there is TERRIFIC VALUE there. At the worst with an AS, you'll lose money. On average, you'll break even ( and have the use and memories), and at best you'll come out ahead (on the $'s) and still have all the memories!!!!

Can't fault the mercinary thinking that sometimes brings people to the table, but there is really SO MUCH MORE that you can gain from and AirStream.... amd therein lies the genius of the AS founder, Wally Byam.

AirStreams are terrific machines, they do what they were built for so VERy well. Everyony LOVES the shape, the 'look', the 'lifestyle' and all that.... EVEN the 1M$ MH's! but they DON'T have IT!!!!

I DO.... My '92 34' Classic Limited. Plus ALL the memories!!!!

me and my 5 y/o in Cottonwood AZ on Presidents day, Tombstone AZ with the family, the SR of the Grand Canyon w/2 kids, Lake Powell w/ the family, the 4 Corners with the family, Carlsbad Cavern at New Years with the family, Lake Michigan in July, Tulsa in 100+ heat, Silver City on New Years, Chicago in Sept.....

Eeeerrrkk.... soap box away.... Hopefully I've made my point to the 'un-innitiated'.... preaching to the choir with the rest of you good people...

I think, I'm done. for now.

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Argosy, Argosy, Argosy.

Limited edition, tambour, etc. etc.

I rest my case.
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Thumbs up The bestest

Ha - Ha The 1990 Classic 250 moho is the machine

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