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fix it

Emmm, it's more than 30 years old what did you expect?

Have a drink, figure out what can be re-used and start working out a plan to fix it and use it along the way.

No one ever said Airstreaming was cheap. Even the new ones need repairs.

If you paid too much, in your opinion, chalk it up to a life lesson and be more thorough on your next airstream purchase. But, don't peddle it on ebay as something it is not.

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Just did...

By most people's definition I just bought one!

But just give me some time...


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although i did not drastically overpay, i did not get what i thought i was getting. but, that was my problem for not knowing how to fully inspect it before closing the deal. i'm now in the process of doing what's right- fixing it up myself. why would you even consider passing it on to someone else without disclosure since you know there are things wrong? selling something "as is/where is" when you can fill in the blanks will certainly come around. guess that's why they say buying your first a/s is just necessary prep for your acquiring your second one. "what would wally do?"
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My definition of a "fair deal":
If both the buyer and seller thought they got taken, it was a fair deal...
If it's the tri-axle you just bought, has the trailer left the States yet? Is it in Europe? That would also make a difference as to what I would do with it. Depending on what was wrong with it, if it was still here, I may try to sell it here, and save the transportation charges getting a questionable trailer sent to Europe. If it's already there, I would give more effort to repairing it, because you will probably never get the extra transportation expense back out of the trailer.
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you scare me... What is wrong with your new Trailer?? It looked so good on the pics... Give us a list of what is wrong and if you keep it and need a helping hand from a fellow Airstreamer let me know! It is just a 5 hours drive!!

BTW: We had some visitors from the Netherlands on the Airfield in Stendal yesterday and they will hold the 2007 Nationals in Gliderflying there in May! 60 Planes and about 70 to 80 Pilots! That will be a great and cool event!!

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Originally Posted by remcolent
OK you bought a AS but did not look good enough.
You paid the price for what should be a decent trailor.
But when you got it home it turned out to be a real nightmare.
Erverything that can be wrong with it is wrong.
So they realy got you.
What would you do.
Be honest and take your lose and sell for a mutch lower price than what you paid for it.
Or forget to mention the bad parts and try to get your money back.
If the 2nd option is what you do would you list it here of go for something like Ebay?.
Rem = I can only say that many of the folks I've seen who have joined this forum and bought an Airstream that turned out to be misrepresented have been extremely disappointed in themselves - and the seller for not being straight up with them and it has caused a lot of heartache, distrust, and for some caused them to move on to some other brand when they finally get out from under what could have been a long and happy relationship with their Airstream. I could not sell something that was less than what I indicated it was. I may take a hit on what I paid versus what it turns out it's truly worth but that's my issue, not the people buying it from me who are trusting me to be straight up with them. My approach when I've purchased a car or truck that turns out to be less than I was told is to properly assess what it is I have, what will it take to fix it, can I do it or afford to have it done if I cannot, and then make a keep or sell decision. I've not necessarily had to take a loss when reselling, but I've also been very straight up with the buyers and they appreciate that a lot. If you bought it right to start with you should be able to either break even or get close. Good luck and sorry to hear that this one turned out to be a disappointment.

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Ok here is the story.
I found this trailor on Ebay with a starting bid of 10000 usd.
It looked good on the pics that where on Ebay and it was in budget.
It was not sold on Ebay so I contacted the seller for more info and more pics.
I got a large set of great looking pics, inside and outside.
Plus the story that the seller took good care of the trailor , he had not used it in 3 years but during this time he maintained the trailer verry well.
I requested the seller to empthy the propane tanks and to take the valves of ( this becouse it is not alowed to ship with full propane tanks )
He emailed that he had done that and that there was a brand new and fuly charged battery in there also.
Wel he didn't the propane tanks ware full ( so I was lukky they did not cheked this otherwhise they would not have shiped the trailor )
No new battery just two verry dead batery's .
On the pics there was no damage to see , seller was verry handy in taking a zilion pics without the bad parts.
So what i found up till now.
Batery's dead
univolt dead
microwave dead
AC compressor ok fan dead
celing fans all but one dead.
floor rot in the area of the outside hatches.
Leaking from antenna crank.
Awnings mildow ( black spots ) all around.
guide rails of step at door rusted away.
rear bumper compartment rusted ( holes )
Frame and outriger rust ( have to clean more to see how bad it is )
Interior light fitings either the cover broken , some slide switches stuck, or no 12 volt at all.
Watersystem a few leaks
interior wood needs sanding and new paint.
All these things I can repair or replace .
But its a bit frustrating if you buy a trailor in great condition and it turned out to be a LOT of work.
But I keep it anyway the exterior is not that bad exept for some damage next to the door and bad clear coat .
Will strip the remaining clear coat and see what a good polish wil do.
At least I know where I can spend my time the next few months or so
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"Ebay" was enough to tell the story...
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Remco - clearly a misrepresented trailer. It's sad how so many unethical people have found a way to suck hard earned money out of people via eBay when there's so much good that happens as well. I've not had a ton of success with eBay either and for the most part do not use it any longer to purchase anything worth more than a few hundred dollars. I appreciate that where you live eBay is a way to locate the things you want in North America. Good luck with your repairs. If you are ever looking at something in the Vancouver, Canada area and need someone to take a look I'd be willing to do so (mind you, I'll need to be able to drive again to do that ) Barry
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Well, let's take a look at a couple of things.

Even though he promised you a new battery, they are fairly cheap.
The Univolt should probably be replaced anyway with something more modern.
Same with the microwave.
How many fans does this thing have?
AC Fans can be replaced easily/cheaply
Same with the fabric of the awning.
Leaks are a known issue with these campers.

The frame and floor issues are more troublesome. That can be a real nightmare (I know this first hand). Have you had a chance to take off any of the belly pan and see what the potential damage may be? As you say, all of these things can be fixed. And many of us on this forum have repaired/are repairing them now. Post some pictures and let us help you. I know it’s not what you thought you were buying, but it is (normally) something that can be repaired.

I assume you bought this camper from somebody in the United States? If that’s the case, I’m sorry that what was delivered to Europe wasn’t what you were expecting. BUT, we can try and help you get it on the road and in good working order. You can do it, we can help. (That’s from a television advertisement in the States, but true none-the-less).

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i take it you're not in the US? all the electrical would have to be upgraded to whatever your voltage ratings are there. like jim said, everything else is relatively cheap. these old airstreams are always projects. be happy you have a solid frame and no major skin damage. that gets expensive!


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Rem; My 86 32' Excella needs interior wood refinished, I had to put in new batteries,all the exterior vents holes etc will be resealed for peace of mind, and I need axles. I knew this when I purchased it. I got to look at it in person. Man I'm sick you were not able to find anyone from the forum to check this baby out. My trailer appears to be yours twin. I really like everyting about my AS. The 3rd TT I have owned and by far the best. Even with all the stuff to do. Gell, tilt back a cold one and put out a contract, break some kneecaps, not really- you will enjoy getting to know your AS, inside and out. Best of luck- Tim

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Got gandkids?
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JP, Rem is in the Netherlands. From what I have read here, The EU has an entirely different set of standards for electrical, brakes and so on. Rem has already done this with one camper (a '70's Overlander, I think). It's a shame he got ripped off like that. Maybe we can send him a care package or two, a little advice and a lot of Karma!


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THANKS for all the suport and advice.
When I started this post I was sick and tired of it.
But now I'm just looking at one problem at the time and that way it's not that bad.
And the most important Q would I have bought it if I had known about the problems.
I think I still would have bought it.

We have a 240 volt system here (380 volt 3 phase). 50 hz
with a 240 - 120 transformer most things will work.

Thanks again

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