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It was great. I wish I could have saved it.


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When my mom passed the family got together and out came a couple of recordings we'd done as kids - we are talking the mid fifties here - and we sounded like the chipmunks. Man we laughed till we were rolling on the floor as we'd pick each other out and point and snigger and then on to the next.

I even made one memorable moment for many people - we were in white costumes and were about to go on and I had to go to the bathroom really really bad. Really bad. No one believed me and it was only a 2 song set. They'd given us each a bottle of Coke because we'd been rehearsing some new songs for a while in back and were all looking pretty thirsty. Boy, did I ever have to go.

Somewhere about mid first song suddenly there was a dark streak down the front of my pants. It's a good thing I had a guitar in front of me or who knows what may have shown. The camera guys were laughing and trying not to be heard, my sisters and brother were wondering what it was they were doing that was making everyone laugh and trying not to get the giggles too. I had a somewhat embarrassed look on my face, but we finished our set. After that whenever I said I had to go I was quickly escorted to the bathroom no questions asked.

That remains the case even today. When the family gets together and I say I've gotta go everyone gets out of the way .

Ah, the things we remember.

I also remember when we got to the Grand Ol Opry they wouldn't let us play our guitars. I do not remember why, but I do remember feeling pretty naked out there without my guitar to hide behind and we sang the songs differently than the band was used to so they had to come in early and practice and weren't too pleased about that. They wanted us to change the way we did our songs but my mom and grandmother were all over them. That was the only place on the entire tour where this was an issue for some reason.


Barry & Donna
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I was helping a friend of mine get ready for a flight at an airshow a couple years ago and a couple seconds of me walking his wing snuck onto a documentary. I saw it on the History channel before it became the "Bigfoot in a UFO" channel.
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My TV debut was on the WJLA TV news in Washington DC,right after Bill Clinton's indescretion with Ms.Lewinsky. I was at a function with the Clintons and I had a newscaster shove his microphone into my face and ask me what I thought of the situation with President Clinton. My response was an abrupt "why don't you guys (the media) just give it a rest? He made a mistake, he paid his dues now let him get on with his life."

I got a lot of comments from a lot of people the next day.
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Originally Posted by jcanavera
I made a few comments for the local PBS station when they did a special on Airstream's.

Here's the link to the site. Scroll down and click on Airstream trailers to view the program.

:: KETC Channel 9 :: Living St. Louis Video Archive

Totally cool clip!!!
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My claim to fame

Several years ago when America's funniest videos first began, the producers made a trip to my hometown of Evansville IN to find and film "funny folks" for their program. Turns out my best friend is very very funny. He could be a stand-up commedian but instead became an ordained minister. OH the irony.
Anyway my buddy and I decided to audition for the show because the winner was to receive $25,000.00. Our plan was to have my buddy wrestle a Chair!
I know it doesn't sound very funny but you have not seen my buddy, Ash, wrestle. He is 6'2" and weighs 135lbs soaking wet. He wore long underwear and baggy gym shorts and wrestled a metal folding chair. I was the referree.
We set up our wrestlin ring in the local mall and Ash wrestled that chair for 3 rounds. The chair finally pinned him halfway through the third round but he proved to be a formidable foe. It was actually a pretty close match!!
WE made it to the finals of the funniest videos contest but we were beat out by two other not-as-funny videos.
Our act did make the show but in my opinion, most of the best stuff was left on the editing floor. They also gave us 500.00 for our efforts. We split the winnings but the truth is Ol' Ash did all the work. His 250.00 didn't even cover the medical bills for his cracked rib!!
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level
of thinking that created them." -Albert Einstein
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Originally Posted by Lumatic
When I was 13 I snuck into Soupy Sales' studio in Manhattan during a live filming and almost got on TV. White Fang and Black Tooth live!!
Awesome! I was a huge Soupy Sales fan. Did you get to touch the Do Not Touch button?

Probably my only times on broadcast T.V. were the Loudon Country Hall Jamboree shows on WMUR. I wasn't impressed at the time, so I didn't bother getting a copy for myself. Still pretty sure I would not want to see those again for many reasons. The typical stuff. Suppose to go on at 1 PM... still waiting to go on at 6 PM... the other guitar player and I sitting on the bank behind the hall drinking beer for 5 hours waiting to go on... the other band members wondering if we should go on after drinking beer for 5 hours with 6-hour-old-make-up hanging off of our faces... playing in an unfamiliar hall for the first time... with an unfamiliar guitar for the first time... live editing and mixing done on the spot by an editor/producer who had no interest in having a playlist nor a cue sheet. Maybe I'm too picky, but if you are going to go through all of the trouble of doing a T.V. show...
Oh, well... the good stuff was probably better than I remember, but I'm sure the bad stuff was pretty bad!

For me, the best part was being on the bill with Sleepy LaBeef. I think I was the only one in the building who knew who he was! After he finished his set, we turned on the T.V. at the other end of the hall and watched his appearence on Austin City Limits which was being broadcast that same night!

"Reality Is The Leading Cause Of Stress"
"There are only five great men in the world and three of them are hamburgers."
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Wink too many Parades

Because I was a Comercial Parade Float Builder/ Designer, I have been interviewed at least 2 dozen times on TV and about the same on radio.
And as far as just appearing on TV........ too many to count as a float driver, character or guide, Director, etc. etc.
Of course it helps when one of my customers was Channel 13 FOX TV (for 5 years) & another was Channel 4 KOMO TV. Both located in the Seattle market.
As the 1991 President of the Daffodil Festival in Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner & Orting, washington- I believe 5 times that year one was a 10 minute segment on the news.

I think this is a fun thread so as to see the differences in our group.
Fun Stuff

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Originally Posted by wayne.yl
Our plan was to have my buddy wrestle a Chair!... I was the referree.
SORRY! That does sound funny. I'm laughing just thinking about it!

"Reality Is The Leading Cause Of Stress"
"There are only five great men in the world and three of them are hamburgers."
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Originally Posted by Foiled Again
Get your wife to post the answer to this one.... Is Richard Geere as cute in person?

Paula, my Wife is not a big Richard Geere fan, but it was cool to be part of the whole process. I guess you would say he looks "distingished" (aka: grey) now? We were more excited to meet the 3 dogs (Akitas) that are in the movie. My Son got to meet one of the "Underdogs" (beagles) that was also filmed in RI. "Underdog" was adopted by one of the production associates after that filing was complete.The production company was at our house for three weeks.
Acccess, of course was restricted, but it was not unusual to have ~100 middle aged women with cameras loitering about outside of the "zone". They left our area last week but will return in the Spring for a couple more days of filming...
We had many "friends" (see middle aged women above) call on us and ask to "visit" during filiming!

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A little like winning the Lotto - all the "friends" come out of the woodwork.
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I was on the NBC news protesting the first Gulf War and was interviewed by Jody Baskerville.
We were recently on the news (NBC ?) interviewed by Ted Chen. We were staying at a hotel on the beach in Oxnard, CA where a woman was lying on the beach and a police cruiser ran her over and killed her.
Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.

-John Muir
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My first TV appearance was in 1950 at the ripe old age of three where I sang on a local show in San Francisco. When the host of the show asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied "I want to be a s--t metal worker like my grandpa". In those days everything was live, and those words went out on the airwaves. I also appeared on King Norman's Kingdom of Toys and Auntie Lou's Birthday Party in the early 50's. I then tried out for the Mouseketeers, but didn't make it; however I got a spot on the show on "Talent Roundup Day". I also got to me Guy Maddison and Andy Devine from the "Wild Bill Hickock" show and Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo from the "Cisco Kid" show.
Later in life, as a public official, I've been asked to be on local talk shows and comment for TV news spots.
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Hey, hey Bob, I saw you a few nights ago at some city official-type meeting! Looking good in that suit!


"If you want something done right, do it yourself!"
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