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That looks awesome ^^^^^^

Loved the 6-4-2 bit earlier

Thanks for all the comments and images.

Picture is worth 1,000 words!!! More please.

We are buying twins, that much we know. I'm 6'6" 320 lbs.

As for recliners, would be great 20 years from now. But my kids are 8 months and 2.5 years old so the L sofa/bench will be required for sleeping space if we went with a 28-30' Airstream, which we have strongly considered.

The 30' bunk has a unique layout and I emailed AS about ordering one with twins, no word after two weeks. Guess that's out. It would be our dream stream otherwise.

Now that we have decided on ordering a 2016 Dodge 2500 mega cab with 6.4 Hemi, I feel like we can buy any size AS we want. Previously we were wanting a new suburban and payload was a limiting issue, making the 791 lb hitch of the 27' FB twin very attractive.

In the case of the 27' FB twin that we are eyeballing hardest, we are planning on breaking dinette down to a couch for family times and evening, TV, etc. Thought I might get some 1-1.5" memory foam cut to cover the cushioned areas and add a bunch of big throw pillows for backrest. Foam will be covered by durable fabric at local shop. Will store rolled up foam and pillows in wardrobe.

That's the only way I can see a fairly comfortable TV/relaxing family area in the 27 footer. At my size, I sure as heck won't be sitting at the dinette. Maybe add a bean bag for one of the kids, storing under dinette. Not sure. But having a hard time finding a living room type atmosphere for evenings, movie night, etc.

Any ideas welcome of course.


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We bought a 23D initially, only to sell that one after two yrs and get the 27FB-you will love it. I completely recommend getting a small 16"W stool/ottoman as a footrest-the lounge side isn't uncomfortable if you can raise your feet up. Some people would think floor space is tight but we don't think it's a problem-plus it stores under the dinette. If the weather is nice, we will often leave the dinette converted to the sofa the entire trip, using a foldable table tray as a small table for drinks or snacks, with main meals outside. The kids like lounging on the sofa, too

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Thanks Wishing!

That's what I've been thinking, more or less. If I can add a small ottoman, bean bag for one of the kids, leaving dinette into sofa at times, it should work. We do plan on eating many meals outside, if not most. And we would be converting dinette in the 27' FB twin each night anyway.

Any other ideas appreciated.

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No regrets here at all, though we were glad to live relatively close to our dealer for all the warranty work that had to be done. We love our 27FB.

You might want to test the john to see how well each person fits in there. In case it matters, I've heard there is less knee room in the head for the 27FB vs. the 28. Both trailers are actually the same length, just different layouts, and that room is apparently a little...roomier in the 28.
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What do you regret about your first Airstream purchase?

Regrets.....probably would have purchased the new Classic....but there was not even a hint of this when I ordered my Serenity. Now, the 26U is the one I think I would get, the dinette treatment and bath are IMO real winners. I can see this U dinette in a front bed configuration, with no pano windows at front, but more storage closets.

As to TV, it would have been nice to have an upgrade from the SLT package in my Dodge RAM 2500 Cummins, but at least I have the diesel, which , again IMO, is the best diesel one can purchase in a truck. If one purchases a used diesel, it helps to take it to a diesel specialist for "tuning" as fuel mileage goes up, towing ability is improved and overall the engine runs smoother.

Well, after posting, I see it is about my first AS purchase which was a 2007 Safari 25D purchased late in the year. This I traded in about six months for a 2009 Int Ocean Breeze 27 FB, as I found the bathroom and impossible to make bed too much hassle in the 25D. Not so much regrets as an expensive educational process to trade a new trailer within its first year

Ms Tommie Lauer
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Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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^^^ diesel tuner. Hmm. Have not heard about it. Thanks. Plan is for 6.4 Hemi, but I would be lying if I said I still didn't have some diesel thoughts lingering. Mostly worried my stop and go short daily commutes would work against its long term reliability. Plan to keep truck 10-15 years minimum.

Originally Posted by Rocinante View Post
No regrets here at all, though we were glad to live relatively close to our dealer for all the warranty work that had to be done. We love our 27FB.

Thanks. Certainly something to check given my size.

What type of warranty work might be considered typical?

We live just over an hour from Out Of Doorsmart, our NC Airstream dealer. They seem like great folks and my parents bought a new 34' Classic from them about 15 years ago, kept oceanfront at Apache CG in N Myrtle Beach for 3 years, then sold it back to OODM. Although I would like to think after buying a $85-95k camper my only future correspondence with them would be receiving their Christmas cards each year. Hah.

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Originally Posted by happycamper2 View Post
As for campgrounds in the Smokies, we prefer Tremont Outdoor Resort in Townsend TN,. Its considered the peaceful side of the Smokies and they have nice riverfront sites.


Just checked out website. That's just like what we are looking for. Trying to find as many options in Smokies of NC,Tenn, and Va as we can. That's where we want to be. Been all over the Smokies tent camping, taking our whitewater raft to Johnson City and Bristol Tenn fly fishing, Bryson City, Mtn biking Tsali, etc. but we always avoided the very campgrounds we now seek. Ha ha.

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Our purchase experience was summarized on Post #18, but your post #29 got me thinking about our practical night time experience with our Grands aboard.

Our nearly 5 yo grandson has spent I bet 45 nights with us in Pete (a guess without checking the log book). What we have always done is put a portable bed safety rail under the edge of the pullout couch next to the fridge and remove the large back cushion and put it on the floor along and under that rail. That leaves a small cushion along the wall, and makes a "mini-twin" for him and he sleeps great there. That same pullout couch when fully extended makes like a double bed I think when the other cushions are added. Your 2.5 yo would be fine there for a long while.

We haven't had baby sister aboard overnight yet but will on Sept trip and we hope a lot more after that. We're thinking initially a pallet on the floor between our twins for her, or maybe make the previously mentioned couch double size and she'll sleep with my wife for a few trips with 2yo on the wall side, and grandson and I in the twins. We have had adult guests as well and we make up the dinette bed for them. It's a bit of a hassle, but makes a fine bed when done.

Seeing as your 6'6", I would only see you comfortable in a twin layout. The queens are all RV size, meaning like 78" long not 80. You can even cheat a bit on the 27fb and make the 80" twin a bit longer because of the 12+" of space between foot of bed and wall on both sides-a great feature for several purposes in that model.

We do exactly as Wishing with a padded footstool I pull out and use to make the curbside dinette bench a lounger to face the tv, and my bride likes to lay down and watch tv anyhow so she takes the street side. We also use the twins sometimes for TV and pre-bedtime lounging, that works too. Being as your close to OODM, go spend an afternoon "camping" in several rigs on their lot. The more time you can spend in a floor-plan simulating living, the better.

Hope that helps!
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When we started looking at preowned AS we started with the FC 20. We hoped we could save money buy not having to buy a new tow vehicle, 2005 4Runner 4.7L. We didn't like the bed arrangement since it was similar to our Casita. Then we looked at a 23d. The corner bed/bath didn't work for us. Then looked at a 23fb. The side dinette didn't look workable for us and now we were going to have to get a new tow vehicle. After reading a lot of posts we decided to look for a 25. Anything larger we weren't comfortable towing or paying for. We found our 2008 Classic 25fb the same week we were looking at an older, well used 25A.

Our Classic is our first and likely our last. We say that not because we are dissatisfied but because when we stray away and look at SOBs we don't find anything we like and we can't afford a larger or a new Airstream and really don't want a larger since we like to frequent National Parks and other federal campgrounds which often have smaller sites.

After using ours for 2 years we've decided to get the queen bed front bedroom converted to twin. Trying to line up the work now. A lot of places I think could do the job are too busy right now.

Yes, I'm not crazy about the rear dinette/side couch for living room comfort but we live with it since all RVs are a compromise of one sort or another.

2008 Classic 25fb "Silver Mistress"
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Thanks Shinypete and Kelvin.

Appreciate the thoughts. Especially about accommodating little folk.

Making the TV/family room comfortable is a priority. Looks like we four will be fine sleeping in 27 FB twin. Or larger 30' of course, which we still consider.

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Originally Posted by kb0zke View Post
Dan, no matter how much research you do before you buy, it is likely that you will choose the wrong coach first. Depending on how badly you misjudged, you will be trading in anywhere from a month to a year. Your second coach will be closer to what you need, and you will keep it for a year or two. Your third coach will be the keeper, as by then you know exactly what you need. could just be a hoarder like me so on any given day you can choose what to use for whichever adventure, I searched for years my first Airstream for my family of 5 and finally found a 72' 22 foot Argosy, I love, love, love it the interior and the panoramic windows are awesome...but the exterior isn't silver, Sooo... after many years and much lurking I found a nice silver 23' '69 Safari with almost the identical interior layout, well in those years of searching those darn kids of ours had grown and I could no longer get the three to share a bed and we were relegated to sending one or two of them outside to sleep in a tent so we searched for one with an additional bunk area and now we have the 24' '63 tradewind :-)

In theory I'm supposed to sell at least one but I figure hey, if the big earthquake ever hits and takes out my house I'm set. One for the adults, one for the teenagers and one for the farting dog :-)
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I regret not asking for a lower price. The floor made me nervous, but I knew this was the Airstream I was going to buy. If I had just spent a few more minutes poking the floor under the dinette, I could of called BS and talked him down some more.
Family of 5 exploring the USA with a Ram Power Wagon & Airstream in tow.
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That I didn't get a diesel truck before we purchased our AS.
Smitten as all get-out with the AS. She's perfect for us.
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I would be curious how many of you folks have a diesel truck for towing your Airstream. Of particular interest, how many of you use said diesel truck as a daily driver. That's the main reason I recently turned away from the idea.

If I bought one I would be doing a lot of 5-10 mile trips to town, kids to school. That sort of stuff. I had been led to believe that kind of usage wouldn't be good for a diesel regarding trouble free operation and engine life. Buying a new truck with plans to keep 10-15 years or longer.

Heard too many varying views on Diesel engines, especially the newer 2013ish EPA add ons. DEF. EGR. Regen. $2-3k repairs. Etc. Many folks are doing costly deletes trying to get around these issues, but it's illegal and won't pass inspection. And I'm told voids warranty and dealers won't work on trucks with the EPA parts missing.

Just a hot mess. Read all week about it. I just gave up and decided on a gasser. But we will be towing a 27-30' AS through the Smoky Mtns exclusively. I'm sure the diesel would be a great performer. If I can keep it out of the shop.

PM me if you have firm opinion so thread isn't derailed

Thanks again,


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