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We'll never forget. Our oldest son lost a very good childhood friend, he was on the 92nd floor of tower 1. He was fresh out of college and it was his dream job. God Bless you Josh.


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I was sleeping in -- my day off. My aunt called me to tell me about it. We chatted for awhile and watched the towers fall together.

I ran some errands later that day. While I was out, I got a call to pack my stuff and be ready to leave immediately. Turns out I got to continue with my normal life for 2 more years. Small price to pay for those who didn't make it through the morning of 9/11.

I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 7 weeks later in DC. The course allowed us to run twice by the Pentagon. Got a good long look at the hole in the building during the run.

Definitely will not forget.


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On the Morning of September 11th, 2001, I was at the U.S. Customs Service Office at JFK Airport in New York City. I was part of an office inspection team that was assigned to review the operation of our offices that were part of the Office of the Special Agent in Charge, New York. I clearly recall arriving at the office parking lot at JFK with two other agents. I could see the skyline of Manhattan from there, and there was nothing amiss at that point. It was around 8:30. We went into the office building and rode the elevator to the 5th floor. When we entered the conference room in the office, I recall looking out the windows and saw that the one of the World Trade Center Buildings was burning. There was a television in the conference room that had been turned on by one of the office secretaries. Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America was reporting that an aircraft had struck the World Trade Center. At that point it was still unknown if it was an accident or otherwise.

The U.S. Customs Office at JFK went into chaos as our main Special Agent in Charge Office in Manhattan was located in the World Trade Center. At that point, I noticed out the window that another aircraft seemed to be flying very close to the burning Trade Center. Then, right before my eyes, this aircraft flew into the other tower. It was then clear that this was no accident, and my heart sank. All land lines and cell towers were immediately overwhelmed, and it was very difficult to get a call out. All of the U.S. Customs employees in the Trade Center office managed to get out of the building. Our office was on the 7th floor of one of the Trade Center buildings.

The afternoon before, I was at a meeting at our main office in the Trade Center. The inspection assignments were made at that meeting. There were three offices to be inspected, the main office in the Trade center, The Resident Agent Office in Newark, and The Resident Agent Office at JFK Airport. Assignment preferences were given by seniority. I was the senior agent on the inspection team, and chose JFK. If I had chosen the main office, I would have been in the building on that fateful morning.

I remember that day like it was yesterday, and probably always will.

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I had been given a leave-of-absence for a year to complete my Masters degree in Oceanography. So, I was at home getting ready for classes which ment I could leave later than I normally would for "work". I was brushing my teeth, and as always the TV was on to a news channel - in this case it was Katie Curic and Matt Lauer on the Today Show. The first plane crashed and I thought about the people on that plane and the investigation to follow, then as I was brushing my teeth, the 2nd plane went in as I watched. I remember the room going dark and grey and having to sit down, I called my wife at work and asked her to take greater care with her safety that day - no real reason but just great concern for a loved ones safety - we are in South Mississippi, and very far away from the threat.

I'm on the road (air travel) alot for my job, I never forget that day - I am very cautious with my travel plans. I look at the increase in security in the airports as a hassle but a natural evolution of current world events and never the fault of the person on the front lines doing their jobs at the airports.

Having been to the Persian Gulf region more than 12 times since 9/11 and going back again in less than a month, I have a sence of the magnitute of what this nation is up against. It's not a matter of if, but when something like this will happen again.

Remember our troops, a simple thank you as you pass them in uniform, a smile, hello, good day goes a very long way.

Never forget.
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Proud To Be An American

I was sitting in our conference room at work rebuilding a desktop PC and spent the entire day glued to the TV.

We live out in the country and I remember the strange feeling going outside at night and looking up into the night sky and not seeing the red, green, and white blinking lights of high flying airplanes.

My mom was in Germany visiting a friend and we talked a long time on the phone that night.

When I came home from work yesterday a crane company along the highway had one of its largest cranes fully extended with the biggest american flag I have ever seen hanging from the boom. It was a windy day and the entire flag was billowing over the road. I always get a lump in my throat and goose bumps when I see Old Glory, and yesterday was no exception.
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I will never forget.
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tksbaskets got me thinking that there are quite a few man-made tragedies in America we tend to forget. Here's a list of a few I could put together:

Saturday, April 15th, 1865 – President Lincoln’s Assassination

Saturday, July 2nd, 1881 – President Garfield fatally wounded (Died Monday, September 19th, 1881)

Friday, September 6th, 1901 – President McKinley fatally wounded (Died Saturday, September 14th, 1901)

Sunday, December 7th, 1941 – Pearl Harbor Attack

Friday, November 22nd, 1963 – President Kennedy’s Assassination

Monday, August 1st, 1966 – University of Texas Shootings

Friday, January 27th, 1967 – Apollo I Capsule Fire

Thursday, April 4th, 1968 – Martin Luther King Assassination

Wednesday, June 5th, 1968 – Senator Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

Wednesday, November 8th, 1978 – Jonestown Massacre

Tuesday, January 28th, 1986 – Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Friday, February 26th, 1993 – World Trade Center Bombing

Monday, April 19th, 1993 – Waco Branch Davidian Tragedy

Monday, April 17th, 1995 – Oklahoma City Federal Bldg. Bombing

Tuesday, April 20th, 1999 – Columbine High School Shootings

Thursday, October 12th, 2000 – USS Cole bombing

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 – World Trade Center Attack

Wednesday, February 5th, 2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Monday, April 16th, 2007 – Virginia Tech Shootings

If anyone can think of more, please feel free to add.
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I will never forget.
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We will NEVER forget in our household.

My wife is a 25 year veteran Flight Attendant, she was on Medical leave on 9/11. We lost several personal friends that were crew members on 9/11.

I also live near a major US military installation where the Sounds of Freedom are heard daily. It was eerie to hear the silence and I hope I never hear it again.

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Remember our troops, a simple thank you as you pass them in uniform, a smile, hello, good day goes a very long way.

Never forget.[/QUOTE]

I can remember well the reaction the wife and I received many years ago in a local store from a Sailor,in uniform, when we thanked him while passing in the isle. The appreciation he returned was so great that we make a point of extending our thanks whenever the opportunity permits always with similar results. It does go a very long way!

On 9-11 wife and I were watching morning news, at home in NV, when this tragedy happened and I'm sure we were in front of the tv more that day then ever, before or since.

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I was just coming off duty from the firehouse in New Jersey when I received a call from a family member who told me what had just happened. I was sent back to duty and then sent to Giants Stadium for 16 hours awaiting deployment. The NJ Turnpike was completely shutdown except for emergency vehicles it was very strange to see. You could see the smoke for miles and miles. They cycled many firefighters through to assist in medical care that awful day. I was released around 2 a.m. due to my scheduled shift 9-12-01. Many from my department served the next few weeks until manpower was reduced by the City.
I will never forget any second of that cowardess attack, unfortunately I feel many have.
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I had left the house (west coast time zone) very early on my way to Bend, OR to conduct a grounding survey of the Bend Main Central Office-although I had a cell phone with me, my road travel took me through what are now known as "dead zones"-my wife finally got me just before 11am PDST. I arrived in Bend to find a guard posted at the door of the office. I just couldn't leave without talking to those inside-grimest group of people I had even been in the presence of...No One in Telecommunications will ever forget those on their day of dying.
ol' humbled, bill
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My wife and I were in Iceland and all airlines were grounded for 4 more days before flying back to the states - Being a Vietnam veteran, I had very bad feelings, especially when I was not in the good USA. What have we learned????????????
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I was in London heading to the airport got in a cab. We were in traffic for a very long time. Finally Police told us to turn around. No flights - airport closed. Cabbie drove me around to hotels for a long time . . . he finally said "Lady, you don't know me, you are my first fare today . . . I will be working for the next 12 hours. I'm taking you to my apartment. You stay there until we can find you a hotel. You can rest on my sofa." He gave me a key to his home. He tried to get me a hotel room during the rest of the day. I ended staying at his house until the airport reopened. The schock of what had happened in New York, being away from home (out of the US) and staying in a strangers home was all extremely upsetting for me. I have not left this country since. Watching the replays of the Twin Towers was & is the most horific eaxperience for me.
I thank God everyday that I live in the US of A. I have since moved from Chicago to a small town in Florida and plan to stay in small town USA.

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