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This group of Aluminuts

Don't know where this will go...but I'll take a risk...

In a recent thread involving holy vs. secular hitches - or something like that - some suggestions were made about a member's style of writing. It got me thinking - we're all from different places and people's styles either resonate or don't - and that shouldn't affect the quality of the content they share, but it can...

Historically - one of my favorite authors here was 2AirIsHuman - brilliant contributions, seemed like the kind of person I'd really want to hang around with - just resonated on every level with things he wrote. He hasn't posted here in years but what's here from his writing days is a gold mine.

Protagonist - the place got panicked when he wasn't posting for a while - I mean, here's a VERY smart guy, an engineer's engineer, who actually once acted as a moderator on himself and banned his own participation for a week or two after disliking something he himself wrote! Gotta love that - and the thoughtful, helpful advice.

FoiledAgain is another favorite fountain of wisdom from my perspective with a very approachable style. I find myself not only agreeing with her insights and advice nearly universally, but I'm always smacking my forehead saying - why didn't I think of that?

Slowmover - here's the guy who first inspired me to get to the scales and after I did, he and Ron Gratz just educated the stuffing out of me - so over the top helpful with every detail - and I couldn't be more grateful. Now sure - sometimes Slow was a tad gruff with me - especially when I was talking about 50% FALR - and his posts sometimes feel terse, but they remind me of a true veteran professor (John Houseman in Paper Chase comes to mind) who's been there and done it - forgotten more than I'll ever know, and refuses to coddle the new student . Style may or may not resonate, but I find his content amazing and his style has grown on me. I particularly appreciate our offline conversations - I feel like I get extra Professor hours in those notes!

And to that point, I frankly owe Ray Eklund a public apology - long overdue. I admittedly don't resonate with his style of writing and yet he clearly loves what he does and wants to encourage everyone to stretch themselves to their fullest and experience Airstreaming to its fullest and I let my lack of resonance with his style prevent me from seeing that. Instead I whined about his style - likely offending him in the process and robbing me of enjoying another point of view. I'm sorry about that, Ray - you deserve respect and admiration for your passionate sharing of your unique experience without rookies like me quibbling over style points.

And I could go on and on - but I think that's why I wanted to start this Off Topic thread. Wondering your thoughts on those who've inspired you, those who you resonate with, or not and learned something anyway, and why....

It's a pretty amazing, eclectic, varied group of people here and perhaps there's something to learn from everyone, whether or not styles align...

What do you think?

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I think you are right on! And there are a few others I could add to the list.

I love, love, love all the variety of ideas and the input. And I don't mind others being "gruff" or "to the point", sometimes that's just what is needed. A little humor from time to time helps as well. Plus I view everything as a learning experience.

As long as there is respect for the person and their opinions I'm a happy AS camper!

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Well said, thanks for taking the time to say it!!!

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Those are fine things to have written, SteveSueMac.

I'm too often a horse's ass. Too opinionated. (Not to worry, the moderators have had me up on their chalkboard before). But you've put me in fine company. And I double-agree with what you wrote about the others. The characterizations are impressively accurate.

So, even if those worthies wouldn't allow me at the dinner table, I, too, acknowledge debt to plenty of others, those mentioned and others who haven't posted in ages. Authors of books and magazine articles (I miss old Art Rouse & his crew). And those who have passed away.

I'll add that we've been enriched by our two contributing tire engineers, CapriRacer and Tireman9; and for his depth of experience, vitality and systematic tow vehicle analysis, Airstream dealer Andrew Thomson. And the old codgers old codger, Inland Andy.

And I know my value: Ya'll just consider how I'd write a thread response, and do it another way, ha!

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Personally, I welcome any opposing viewpoint on anything that I write. As long as said opposing viewpoint is supported by facts or even reasoned opinion that they're willing to share. It's important to challenge one's assumptions. If you're proven wrong, then you've learned something, and learning is always good. If you're proven right, then you've helped someone else learn something, and that's always good, too.

To me the second worst thing on the Forums is when someone says, "You're wrong" to anybody (not just to me) without bothering to explain why that person is wrong. Because then they've turned a potential learning experience into a mere argument.

The first worst thing is when someone says "You're stupid" or similar insults when they really mean "You're wrong." Attacking the person because of the opinion is a lot worse than attacking the opinion itself.

I spent much of my adult life writing technical specifications for a living, and reviewing technical specifications written by others. It takes a certain amount of ego to review someone else's work and tell them how to make it better. But it also takes a certain amount of humility — or at least self-deprecation— to have someone else tell you how to do your job better, and to actually take their advice. In both cases, it's always easier if you can explain the why of your position as well as the what of it. And that's what I try to do here on the Forums as well. Though I'm not always successful, that is the goal I aim for.
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Nice thread.

We really value the diverse group of people on this forum and their different angles on the same subject.

We have learned SO much from all the postings here. We also know we can get expert help 24 / 7 if we are on the road or in a pinch.

We only know, personally, a few posters thru WBCCI or the Vintage Academy.

I try not to tease, sarcas or dry wit here (too much) as teasing doesn't tranlate well without voice intonation or facial expressions.

I don't like the insult, argue, put down threads nor the (seemingly intentional) pot stirrers who then say "what, who me".

I laugh at the usually new posters who take that short aggressive approach to their post. You can picture them with their fists up ready for a debate. Then they realize this isn't like most forums and they chill and enjoy.

I also sometimes wonder if new folks read and search before posting but maybe they didn't have time. Maybe their new to forums or not tech comfortable. I don't like when we scare them away by chiding them for not searching but it's great when we welcome them and post a bunch of links for similar posts.

There are so many regulars that I enjoy. Some I don't remember until you go back and reread. I miss Andy, Panama Red and the lady from England with the bird.

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Originally Posted by Hittenstiehl View Post
I don't like when we scare them away by chiding them for not searching but it's great when we welcome them and post a bunch of links for similar posts.
Once, I scratched the itch of curiosity and looked up the list of all Forums users, arranged by number of posts. It's been a while since then, and I don't remember exactly, but this sounds about right:

Over half of the people who sign up for accounts NEVER post. They read, they lurk, but nothing more.

Over half of the people who post only ever post ONCE.

Over half of the people who post more than once post fewer than FIVE times.

My personal hero here on the Forums is Pharmgeek. He was already a "rivet master" before he ever took delivery of his first Airstream! That's a man truly dedicated to learning everything he can and passing on what he learned. While I haven't read everything Pharmgeek posted, I do not recall even a single post that contained more than a hint of snark or sarcasm (a much better record than me!) or a single post of his that hijacked a thread or took it off at a tangent.
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What I most like about Air Forums is that whatever problem I have, someone solved that problem before me. What a fabulous resource of shared experience and expertise.

All of the folks mentioned as great contributors in this thread's previous posts have helped me gain insight into things Airstream. I would add Lewster to this illustrious pantheon.

Thank you, one and all, for being the Airstream Hive Mind.
Best, Burnside

"To err is human, to air is devine."
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Aluminumitis--you will be assimilated.....
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Just saw something from Bob Cross - hasn't seen him for a while - he gave me a great tip for a quick mod to my Viair compressor to run it from the 7-pin connector. Simple but life changing

Always great practical advice!
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This is an excellent forum with lots of great participants. I enjoy reading through many of the threads. I've received a lot of great information, but probably haven't helped nearly as many people, as have helped me. I even go through some of the 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton diesel vs gas, hitch, and tire threads. Generally a pretty good group of polite, considerate folks here.
SteveSueMac, thanks for starting this thread. My daughter is a journalist, every thing she writes, just seems to flow off the page. She did not get that talent from me.
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There are so many people on this forum who have helped me, I can't remember them all. THANK YOU to them all.
All of the moderators have helped me when I had issues with navigating the forum.
Lewster has helped me many times with advice - repairing a leaking AC and selecting a new rooftop unit that would required new controls.
Terry (Overlander 63) has advised me many times on multiple issues. He's a wealth of knowledge about anything Airstream.
2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 5.3L maximum trailering package (yes, I'm towing the 34')
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Originally Posted by A W Warn View Post
Terry (Overlander63) has advised me many times on multiple issues. He's a wealth of knowledge about anything Airstream.
Overlander63 is also the single most prolific member of the forums, with over 20,000 posts— 7000 more than CanoeStream and Lily&Me who are #2 and #3 respectively. The top 15 posters (only 5 of whom are moderators) all have over 10k posts each, and between them they've posted over 181,000 times.

I contend that the AirForums wouldn't even BE the AirForums without these fifteen people who give so much of their time and knowledge to help the rest of us.

Compared to them I'm holding the #16 position with fewer than 10k posts. But unlike the top 15 posters mentioned above, I suspect that just means I've got way too much free time on my hands that I waste in front of my laptop…
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I can't say that I have any favorite posters here, but that this is a terrific, knowledgeable and very supportive which I very much appreciate, and wish we had been aware of when we first bought our Interstate, rather than almost two years later.


🏡 🚐 Cherish and appreciate those you love. This moment could be your last.🌹🐚
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