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Originally Posted by flyfisher
What's with Airstream's PDI process anyway? Coming from the auto/ag/construction industry, it seems to me like they are eons behind the times in terms of enforcing their dealers to do proper PDI's on their trailers. They need to put more teeth into their PDI/dealer service processes - i.e. MONEY - Provide more financial incentives to dealers to do it right; penalize dealers (financially) who do not perform.

I know the PDI guy from my local dealer flew up to JC to do a seminar to Airstream regarding the common issues he finds when prepping the units. I think my dealer initiated the visit.


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lemons can be fixed

Hi Diesel,

sorry to hear about your problems.

Unfortunately you are not alone. We come from your same background, tent campers who upgraded to an AS with no previous experience.

We bought our 25'ccd 3 years ago and suffered many..too many griefs, with our new unit. It had to be repaired 3 times within the first few weeks and still needed much fixing. Every time we drove it something else went wrong. All of this after having paid $450.00!! to the dealer for an inspection and setup!! (By the way they never refunded us that amount).

After much debate and discussion with both our dealer and Airstream, we came to the conclusion that they talked much but did not deliver. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work!

These incredible forums were, and still are, the most valuable source of information and advise.

We are very proud to say that our Airstream is not only beautiful but it also travels smoothly and has proved to be a magnificent trailer even under bad weather conditions and rocky roads, mile after mile.

In our experience the only way to get the trailer working as it should is to look after it yourself.

So if your dreams are silver, plan a few hard working weekends into your schedule. They are worth the effort.

All the best

- we had the same problems with our sensor and it still does not work right. Once you learn how the tanks work you don't really need it.
- we looked into the lemon law in our state, NJ. Consumer affairs told us that since it does not have an engine, the law does not apply.

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If the dealer does not resolve your problems take it up with the factory.
They will.
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Originally Posted by Safari-Rick
Sorry that you've started out with such a bad experience of the Airstream.

Quick question, does Colorado have a "limon law" as does California? If so, you just have to report it to the state consumer affairs, and the dealer has to make it right with a refund or a new vehicle/trailer.
I know that i've kinda over simplified it but hopefully my point was made.

I found the following by doing an internet search: (some of these state laws are evolving so I don't know whether this is the present law)

Colorado's Lemon Law, C.R.S. 42-12-101, covers only new, self-propelled vehicles, including pickups and vans, but excluding motor homes and motorcycles. This law may require a manufacturer to replace or repurchase that vehicle if a defect or condition, which substantially impairs the use or market value of the vehicle, can not be corrected. If you buy a new vehicle that has a defect within one year following the purchase, and the same defect is not repaired after four or more attempts to repair, a court may order the manufacturer to replace the vehicle or refund the purchase price minus a reasonable allowance for your use of the vehicle. This also applies when the vehicle is out of service for repairs for a cumulative total of 30 or more business days during the warranty term or one year after original delivery, whichever comes first.
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So sorry about your problems, like the rest. We had a convertor/invertor problem and then fire this year. Been replaced by A/S and our new dealership here in Chicago and all is well. Some of your other problems are common--superglue was our solution for the countertop problems.

So many people have already written with more information than I have.

But I have dealt with Windish (in person, three times, when shopping for a trailer) and my impression was that they were jerks.

I'd call Airstream directly... bypass Windish and see what A/S wants you to do. I think you SHOULD suggest a new trailer. But to them, not to Windish. Windish will probably never volunteer that as it makes them look like idiots to Airstream.

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Welcome to the New Airstream Quality

Diesel Boy,

I hate to say it, but it is happening and if my experience is a guide will get much worse. The best advice I can give you is take the trailer to the deal and get out of the deal or commit yourself to rebuilding it or not using it.

I had many of the things you did, plus many more happen with my 2004 16 CCD. I would have had to live at the dealer (150miles away) in order to fix them all and since the defective parts were the problem what good is replacing one crummy part with another?

Here's some things to look forward to: The cabinet doors won't stay closed while you tow. Our cabinet fell off the wall because they are held up by 3/8" screws in lightweight wood. After a year virtually ALL the screws had pulled out. There is a seam on top of the bumper box under the molding piece. This is probably unchaulked on our trailer, the bumper box collected water and the chipboard sucked in through that unchaulked seam (you probably can't see it without taking the molding off -- chaulking between the bottom of the molding and bumper box would be the next best thing). All this saturated the insulation under the floor, caused the cheap vinyl floor to mold, until I've had to strip it down to bare bones to remediate the mold. Airstream will do nothing for me, not even send me a piece of aluminum to replace the one that corroded out because of all this water.

Also, the big area under above your spare tire is supposed to be insulated. It is 3 " spun fiberglass insulation compressed by the floor into a space of 1/4". The insulative value? Close to zero. But it did a grand job of keeping the moisture (that came with the chipboard floor) locked in so that it too molds. Also check under your step. No insulation there at all. Just aluminum covering chipboard.

Also check your wheelwells very carefully. Mine had a 1" hold communicating with the closet! The other side had about a 2x3" gap communicating with the insulated underside. This of course is a mold fest waiting to happen. It will also allow all kinds of dust, debris into the rig. There are also about 5 large holes communicating between the underspace and the living space. Then your furnace will blow all this into the living space. All very well "sealed" indeed. One whole wall of the blackwater cover had no insulation at all.

The bathdoor is probably too narrow for the hardware. The 1/32" of wood on either side will fail and the door will need replacing. Our strips around the counter and table never did stay on. There are not designed to be counters but shelf material.

Again, the bottom line, in my opinion: Save yourself while you still can. Get out of that contract and buy an older Airstream. I had seven pages of things I've fixed since June 04. Airstream will do nada. The time I did take to the dealer they didn't fix half (Eugene, OR), fixed the other half poorly and incompletely, added a dent to the underside, and took a week and $100 in gas to do so! RUN while there's still time! RUN!
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My 2 cents

Man you folks that can go out and buy a new Airstream have more problems then some of us folks that have the hand me downs. Wish I could afford a new one but after reading this I'm proud of my 31 year old one.
I know some states have what they call a lemon law you may want to check into that. But if it was me and I know if it was my husband I would have taken it back the first time something happened and for sure would ask to speak to Larry, Curly or Mo and tell them to fix it right now no if ands or butts. And if I had to stay over they would be paying for my motel, gas and what ever else.
As far as the extended warranty I would be getting a lawyer on that.

This is a expensive item we are talking about and new things like this are not suppose to happen.
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I'm not so sure it's "New Airstream Quality"...

Although a lot has to do with the way Airstream sends it out the door, I'd pin the majority of it on the dealer and here's why I say that. Last week we took delivery of a new 05 25' CCD. Last night was our 6th night in the new trailer and we've yet to find anything wrong and after restoring two vintage trailers, and currently in the process of doing a shell off renovation on a 54 Cruiser, I've gone over it with a fine tooth comb. But were it not for the hard work of the dealer we bought it from, there would have been gripes.

We bought from Roger Williams Airstream in Weatherford, Texas, one of only five "Airstream only" dealers in the country. They essentially have two people, David Tidmore the manager (and sometimes mechanic) and Denver the full time mechanic. They take a full week to make a trailer ready. During that week the trailer was polished, thoroughly cleaned, and every system checked and operated. They even tested the rain sensors and recalibrated the holding tank monitors. During the make ready they found that the fridge didn't light on propane, the water heater wouldn't light properly, some light bulbs were out, something was wrong that required removal of the grey water tank. When I picked the trailer up it was spotless, inside and out. They spent an hour setting up and adjusting the Hensley hitch to my truck. Then David personally took the hooked up rig on a 45 minute rigorous test drive to seat and adjust the brakes and to check for proper adjustment of the Hensley hitch. Typically he'll spend close to a day showing the customer everything there is to know about the trailer, but as I was now a fourth time Airstreamer, I asked to just go over anything specific that would be unique to that trailer. When I got home, Annie and I loaded all of the boxed stuff from the Caravel (still in the boxes) into the new trailer and headed out for several days in Jacksboro,TX at Fort Richardson State Park, then headed south to San Antonio for a few days. Thanks to the attention to detail by the dealer, it was 100% trouble free.

The best part - We bought the trailer for only a couple of thousand more than a used 04 model that we looked at and there was no charge for the dealer prep.
Paul Mayeux
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Lucky you to have a dealer who can afford to do that!

I must respectfully disagree with you putting the blame on the dealer, however, and would put 99.9% of the blame for poor quality right on the guys' laps at Jackson Center.

Most dealers couldn't, and shouldn't have to, afford to spend as much time as your dealer did in prepping a trailer prior to its sale and delivery. Further, no one (your dealer included) can build good quality into a poorly built trailer. A lot of these trailers should never leave the factory. Your dealer might catch and correct a lot of the obvious problems, but he'll probably never detect what lies beneath the surface, waiting to come up under your bed or bath 2 or more years down the road.

I recently took the 5th factory tour at Jackson Center that I've taken during the past several years. Although there have been some obvious improvements in manufacturing there during that time, I was appalled at some of the things I saw along the assembly line. It's a miracle that you, or anyone, could ever end up with a good quality trailer built there.

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I agree, the dealer shouldn't have to clean up after Jackson Center. I wasn't clear on the point I was trying to make. There is no excuse for the quality problems that come out of the factory. However, the dealers are in business to make money by selling Airstreams. The dealers are full aware of the quality problems. The dealers are getting paid to make the trailers ready, sometimes paid extra if they charge the prep fee. They also get paid by Airstream to correct any warranty claims, which would be anything they find wrong during make ready. Therefore, if the dealer is going to make money off the product, they need to stand behind the product and make it right as if they were Jackson Center itself because the dealer is who I, the customer, is going to come to if there are problems. If that means going the extra mile to see that things are right then that is just a cost of doing business. Meanwhile, they, the dealers, need to be putting pressure on Jackson Center to clean up their act. Truthfully, I suspect the quality issue will never change. I've owned other brands and they were just as bad if not worse and I've been through my vintage units. The things I saw behind the interior skins and under the floor showed that quality wasn't a priority in the 50s or the 60s.
Paul Mayeux
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Originally Posted by letsgo
If you think thats bad try the dealer in Ontario Canada.

drive safe
which dealer is that?
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Here is how I see it. Airstream and the dealer are making a "good" amount of money off me buying their trailer. As far as I'm concerned, they are both 100% responsible to make sure that trailer is PERFECT. Of course, Airstream designs and manufactures the shell and cabinetry, but for the most part that is tried and proving formula.
It is quite obvious being in manufacturing for my business that there are quality control issues along the line.
Heck, my refrigerator on my brand new trailer didn't work in 110ac. After exploring with some guidance here I found that the heating element was never installed correctly and would of never worked correctly.
Now how come AS or my dealer didn't catch that? Bad quality control.

The good news is that it wouldn't take much to correct this on the backend. Just a few time employees at AS commited to a thourough in process and final inspection.
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Update status from Dealership

After being assured last friday that we would be priority #1, I still had heard nothing as of today so decided to call and see if I could pick up the trailer tomorrow as promised. Much to my dissapointment they still had not even looked at it.

I escalated to the owner of the shop and they assured me this would be top priority again. They have promised it to be ready sometime mid week next week. Ill keep you all posted.

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I also recommend this site if you think you have a lemon or you are having a ton of problems with your trailer

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