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If you think thats bad try the dealer in Ontario Canada.

drive safe

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Your fridge should work fine on gas... make sure the gas is turned on, purge the lines of air by starting the stove for a minute, then switch the fridge to gas and it should start. It may take a few tries to get air out of the line.

Your air conditioner will not work without the trailer being plugged into at least a 20 amp 110 volt outlet, using a short, heavy duty, cord.

Your water heater fire sounds BAD. Has the water heater been fixed?

The trim problems and monitor problems are minor and typical.

The Fantastic Fan problem... I have never actually tested mine to see if it will close automatically if it rains. Sometimes mine sticks closed after being left in the closed position for months.

The Bambi line and Safari line are made by the same people, using mostly the same parts. You should not see a quality difference. I am surprised that a 19' Bambi would be so much more expensive than a 25' Safari... I much prefer the larger Safari.

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Yea!! for vintage Airstreams. You never really know what trouble you're buying and you really don't care. The joy is in the fixing, changing, polishing, loving--and then going! (where's the "wind in your hair" emoticon when you need it?) They're always a "great deal" when you buy them, then piles of unexpected dollars later they are still good deals.
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Much Attention at Dealership

So we were recieved by the owner / manager of Windish today and was assured that all would be corrected, tested, retested and then another PDI before they deliver it back to us. The idea of replacement was discarded by management as they felt they could easily get this trailer to the right condition for us. I will say this...

They tried to charge us 480.00 big ones for the window that shattered. I refused to pay as I see it as a design flaw that opening the window using the engineered mechanics could cause it to break? Sorry.. aint gonna happen here.

The trailer refrigerator cools just fine when on LP but the "auto" button is then a bit misleading. If you have it set to auto, would it not use electric if available and revert to gas when electric is not?

The fridge exhause fan switch for us is just to the left inside the door and has no effect. Ill keep you all updated with how this plays out...
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Your Limon

Sorry that you've started out with such a bad experience of the Airstream.

Quick question, does Colorado have a "limon law" as does California? If so, you just have to report it to the state consumer affairs, and the dealer has to make it right with a refund or a new vehicle/trailer.
I know that i've kinda over simplified it but hopefully my point was made.

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Originally Posted by dieselboy
The trailer refrigerator cools just fine when on LP but the "auto" button is then a bit misleading. If you have it set to auto, would it not use electric if available and revert to gas when electric is not?

The fridge exhaust fan switch for us is just to the left inside the door and has no effect. Ill keep you all updated with how this plays out...
I think (not 100% sure) the "auto" setting uses 120 volts, then reverts to LP when no shore power is available. The fridge fan is to help cool your fridge coils, and keep the overall temp a bit lower inside it, but I would say it only makes a few degree difference.
Also, a hint if you are a light sleeper like me: turn the fan off at night, as that little bitty fan can sound like a jet engine at 3 AM...
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.
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Originally Posted by overlander63
I think (not 100% sure) the "auto" setting uses 120 volts, then reverts to LP when no shore power is available. The fridge fan is to help cool your fridge coils, and keep the overall temp a bit lower inside it, but I would say it only makes a few degree difference.
Also, a hint if you are a light sleeper like me: turn the fan off at night, as that little bitty fan can sound like a jet engine at 3 AM...
That's how mine works. So far, it's never failed. Last fall, while on the trip to Florida, I was attending a conference during the day when the AC power cut out. When I returned late that night, the reefer had switched over to gas, and the Fantastic Fan was moving air, just like they were supposed to do. Typically, during warm weather the reefer stays approx. 3 degrees cooler when the fan is running.

Regarding the fan being loud... that's the absolute truth. I have heard of people replacing them with quieter 12 volt computer fans.
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Diesel boyHey it could be worse! If you don’t believe me check some posts from a couple of years ago. But that is what the big price tag is for. You get more for your hard earned cash than a just pleasant experience pulling right out of the lot and on your way. You get to know your dealer and you get to know your Airstream, your tolerance level and eventually you will learn how to fix your Airsteram yourself because you most likely will not find another dealer that wants to help you because you did not purchase it from them, oh one may help. Good luck. As you have read “we all feel your pain” because most of us came from where you are now. Enjoy…..Welcome to the forum.
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We have a new 06 Classic Limited 34' - with slide. Purchased from a very well known dealer in Florida. We had many issues with our unit - but took delivery and chose another dealer for repairs. The repairs were made at little or no cost to us. We actually drive 5 hours to our "chosen" repair dealer.

There is no excuse for non-working appliances - or any other non-working item. Keep taking it back - you have purchased the finest travel trailer made - even with the problems it may have. You could have bought something else - with bigger problems.

I believe some dealers sell Airstreams just to "sell Airstreams". We are on our 3rd Airstream and still WOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE.

Good luck, and hope to see you on the road............
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My 2 cents are as follows:
We purchased the same trailer as yours almost 2 years ago so it is a 2004 19' Bambi CCD, but it has many of the same features, minus the solar panel.
My problems encountered were few, and I discovered many of the percieved problems were my own lack of knowledge on the how-to's of operating. For instance, it took me the longest time to figure out how to switch the fridge from AC to LP, and if anything, mine gets too cold and freezes the lettuce! The trim around the sink did peel away, but I zapped it with Krazy Glue and it's fine. The first time I used it the electric jack jammed and I had to get a local guy from an SOB dealer near my campground to replace it. I kept the broken one and returned it to my dealer in NJ on my way home, and I received a full refund from Airstream (eventually) I once accidentally overcharged my battery by leaving the unit plugged in in my driveway for too long without using it- the local guy said it over charged the battery so I did have to replace it. My aunt pulled too hard on the privacy curtain and broke the little plastic hanging gizmo, but since it was under warranty, they replaced everything, including the curtain (except they put in the wrong color curtain...I have to talk to them about that) My biggest issue is the MOEN kitchen sink faucet which leaks, and the dealer said I have to contact MOEN directly about that for the replacement (which I don't agree with) but I have yet to do that. It's on the list.
I would like to comment on dealers who do repairs even if you haven't purchased from them........I was traveling down the East coast in Feb. and discovered that my hot water heater didn't fire up. I happened to spot a dealer located right off I-95 in South Carolina so I exited immediately and stopped in. They couldn't have been nicer and more accomodating- they took a look right away even though I didn't have an appointment. Turned out spider webs and debris were in the heating channel, so they cleaned it all out and got it going again. He also checked my tire pressure, tweeked a lighting issue, and checked a few other safety questions I had. They only charged about $20 which I thought was pretty reasonable for their time without an appointment, so I would gladly stop there again. For a woman traveling alone this is invaluable.
This is my experience so far. But I'll tell you, the small insignificant thing that annoys the heck out of me is the rust all over the light over the liscense plate. I give up on that- I'm just going to spray paint it.
I hope you get your problems resolved because it truly is a fantastic trailer!
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Smile New trailer issues

On our 2005 31' Classic we had to go to the dealer to have the sensors calibrated for the tanks. Also had some outside trim coming loose & had to duct tape it to get home.

Our fridge will keep ice cream just fine.

Our dealer (Council Bluffs IA) never once mentioned an extended warranty, but does a nice job of helping us out.

I would say we had very few problems and a good delivery experience.

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Originally Posted by lewster
Hi Diesel and welcome, I feel your pain.....really! I had a bunch of issues with my 19CCD on delivery and I was so pissed at the dealaer that I took it like it was and did the repairs myself! And after calling the owner of the dealership, he said to send him a bill which he promptly paid! Being one's own RV service center does have it's advantages!

That said, you should get your dealer to address ALL of these as they are considered warranty issues. Start a file with a written and photo record of every defect and complaint. If they can not or will not resolve them, call the factory and inform them of what is happening and have them recommend another dealer. Search in these forums for comments and experiences with various dealers. You could always take it back to the factory, but that solution is often the most expensive for your time and gas and not always practical.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Lew: I noticed you live in Naples... I own a 1995 34" Limited and I am in a desperate need to find a reputable shop in Florida to due repairs caused by Hurricane Wilma. (I just returned from Iraq). They are not major... I need to replace a couple of hatches, fix or replace the A/C unit and repair or replace a corner piece in the outside... The rain caused extensive damage to the liner. I think I found the shop to get it done. I contacted couple of shops in Tampa and North of MIami but it appears not to be interested in taking the job... Appreciate your assistance.

Hugo Sanhueza
cel. 786-302-9013
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Dieselboy -

I feel your pain! At least it sounds like your dealer asked you to postpone your purchase until the PDI was completed.

Our dealer didn't complete the PDI at all, and didn't even tell us that until we arrived at the dealership on a Saturday morning expecting to take delivery of it (and he also told us then about a number of the other uncorrected problems with our trailer).

In our case, we had sold our used trailer to a couple from Indianapolis, who met us at the Airstream dealership in PA to take delivery of our used trailer, and my wife and I were planning to use our new Airstream shortly afterwards for the entire summer. If we didn't take delivery of the Airstream, we would have had to cancel our plans for the summer since we wouldn't have had anything to stay in.

What's with Airstream's PDI process anyway? Coming from the auto/ag/construction industry, it seems to me like they are eons behind the times in terms of enforcing their dealers to do proper PDI's on their trailers. They need to put more teeth into their PDI/dealer service processes - i.e. MONEY - Provide more financial incentives to dealers to do it right; penalize dealers (financially) who do not perform.

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Originally Posted by overlander63
Your fridge will not cool when not plugged into shore power, unless you switch it over to LP, you can try this when you get the pilot igniter hooked back up, there are many threads on running the fridge while towing. Also, RV frdiges are not known for be spectacular at cooling , and there are many threads here about that, as well.
Our 2006 unit has the two way fridge and it automatically switches from ac to gas and back when there is an interuption in the ac and back when it is restored. As long as there is power in the batteries that is. It sounds like there may be an electrical issue somewhere in the coach. It could be that intermittant reading lamp or it could be in the fridge. If your dealer is convenient to your home, ask for a replacement lamp before you ask for a replacement Airstream, you are more likely to get it. If that is not the culpret have the fridge checked out. Then move to the solar charging system. One of these items could be the key to nearly half or your other problems. As for the hotwater heater fire. That one is scary but you should be grateful that the whole thing didn't go up in flames and that no one was hurt. Most of the other issues are frustrating but many are cosmetic. Not what you expect when you shell out $40K, but then again, when do you get your money's worth anymore?

I really am sorry for your problems and hope they get resolved soon and to your satisfaction. But remember, even with lemon laws, a dealer has to have tried multiple times to repair each item with no luck and it has to be documented and your state has to have a lemon law that applies to RV's and TT's. Otherwise you will have very little to stand on legally.

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