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Talking Take this job and shove.....

Ok....Am I the only one that somedays wish I could take my few bucks and "run away and join the circus", but don't know where to take my Airstream and go to to live the free and cheap dream?

So, I can't do it........... I can dream can't I?

Anyfultimers or other dreamers who have a plan to share?

The Silver Buffalo
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Well, hmm, let me think.

You live in Florida near Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Bros headquarters. You have an Airstream you could live in. Are they not hiring?


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Top of Georgia has a few folks that have done just that.

For 150 a month, all utilities and cable, you can be living the dream. Of course you have to be a member of the WBCCI.

I think I will drag up, move to TOG and sell recycled tent stakes to innocent tourists in Helen and Unicoi park.

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Silver Buffalo,

I have just the place for you. I'm located in Tampa, and just a few miles south of the city is a town called Gibsonton. It is known as a "Carney Town" and that is where pretty much everyone from the Carnival and Circus industry reside. Talk about vintage trailers... of all kinds! Pretty scary place in my opinion.

A few years ago I caught a documentary on National Geographic about Gibsonton and it's rich carnival history. The tallest man in the world lived there, who was married to the smallest woman in the world. Some years back, there was a murder committed there, by I believe the son of Lobster Boy! Talk about bizarre.

No, you aren't crazy. I dream everyday (8 hours per day) about putting all my wordly trash that is of any value to my children in to storage, renting my house out for income, and hitting the road. 2 years and my son is off to college.

As for the circus, nah! Corporate America is a big enough circus for me. In the last 10 years I have been downsized more times than I care to mention.

"I want to spend more time working at living, than living at work."

I said that, you can quote me! Follow your dream... to Gibsonton perhaps.
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Patty and I have talked about this and have figured out the following scenerio.

We move to Branson Mo. where we both are immediately hired and placed into jobs reflective of our talents. Patty becomes one of the crafters who folks gather around to watch her skills.

I grow a white long beard and wear bib overalls. With my telecommunications skills I am immediately given the job of sweeping the cigarette butts off the pathways.

Jack Canavera
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Thumbs up The opportunities are endless!!!

If you're debt free, an excellent manager of our funds and can live within your needs; the opportunities are endless!!!

Working seasonally for a State Park, National Park or for the Forest Service, which usually includes a free site.

Or being a camphost at one of the above, which does include a free site and enough spare/free time to make some extra cash.

Or being a caretaker at a home or an estate during the "off-season".

Or working at a RV Resort during "peak-season".

Or just finding an area in which you want to explore and find a part-time job to supplement your lot rent, food & gas.

There are many areas to camp free too. BLM, National Forest and some small town rv parks

And you will still have plenty of time for traveling and exploring in between this new experiences.

You'll find these opportunities throughout the U.S., Canada & Alaska.
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U Guys OK...???

Well I read some thing on this Forum...but this one ranks one of the funniest so far...I daydream ALL day, and on a sunday I get up, half an hour b4 I go to bed, so I can get MORE time in bed to dream LONGER...
Sneakinup, I must be DREAMING... I thought U wrote U putting Yr CHILDREN into STORAGE...Hey jus think how much EXTRA $$$ U'll have, by not having to tend to I love my kids too...but U kn, our house IS like a CIRCUS most DAYS...and I'm the biggest clown...I cook, taxi them ALL over, mend things, stand in SKIRTS 4'em whilst they take up the hems, ( DON'T even think abt it )...LOL...One won't EAT round things, one won't eat green things one only likes SAUSAGES, and HATES's too cold, the other too darn hot, not enough, too much... more fries than I...too many peas, I don't eat peas on Tuesdays, and only eat fries on saturdays, NOW U kn why we come over to Florida...jus to EAT at the ruddy ALL U CAN EAT DINERS...and I would'nt have it any other way...thank God, dreams r FREE, and God have mercy upon the Guy who thinks of a way to TAX 'em.....All dream-on...enjoy...Chris.....
It's NICE 2B Important...but it's more Important 2B NICE...Chris.....
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Chris know the feelin' 2!

The thing for me is that I have put 4 children, yes still my children though they think all grown up, through grad school so they are off having all the fun and that bickering, McDonald, no Wendys, etc. stuff is gone and missed. Youngest is 24.

I on the other hand can't get past the dream stage to go out and do something new and fun. I'm from the time when work was work and not supposed to be fun. This from a guy who has worked for himself almost all his life on straight commission and started four businesses?

I was just trying to figure out how to do what I want for a change at 54 and don't know very well how to do anything except work and raise children which I have been doing since I was 20.

Keep those dreams comin'...maybe one will be "just right"..jem
The Silver Buffalo
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Had a GOOD dream last Ya all the way on that one, I'm at that odd age too, so my D/W tells me, what's odd at being 50...
On TV last night, there was a docu: abt GRUMPY old men, my D/W asks why was'nt I on was good to say the least, an U kn...the funny thing abt it was, it WAS just like ME...although I admit I have PLENTY to GRUMP abt...stupid little things, I swear one of these days, I are gonna drive right on by my work place, and go to the SEASIDE...sit on the beach eating FISH 'n CHIPS...laugh with the laughing policeman...kicking seagulls up the *rse...simply because they r there..( SORRY only kiddin on that one ), but that's how some days r made to feel, as my MOM says..U made Yr bed...U lay on it...
There is NO harm in if U wanna make 'em come true U gotta believe in 'em, and make them work...I work very hard, I quit smoking, going out 2the pub 2x a week...I feel better, and now we ALL benefit by having some of our dreams come true, U kn, the first time I said..." Who want's 2go 2 Florida " they all said I DO...and 4a while it was left at that...they thought I was having a joke...then I started planing the trip, an gettin 'em involved, they realised I was NOT dreaming after all.
My D/W took over from then on...I jus pay...( sigh )...
so that's how it is/was...even now my D/D is in BOSTON...we fone her every night...we E-Mail...jus 'cos she over the pond, it aint a million miles picture her cute we ALL going to Boston this coming Jan, '04...not quite she talk of c-ing VEGAS...I hope this IS a DREAM...I hate working overtime...LOL.
Have a great weekend...Chris.....
It's NICE 2B Important...but it's more Important 2B NICE...Chris.....
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I had one of those days...


Friday I felt I hit the wall on the day I was pitching an idea to the president of my company. Though I got what I wanted I was mentally drained because it dawned on me that what I am about to do may not bring fruition until well after my time at the company. And, there is so much to do (outside of work) and not enough time to do it. After 40+ years in the work place you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel of retirement and a closing door from starting and developing something new within an organization. Time to move on? So I called MarkDoane and said I was taking the afternoon off to partake in comradrie with him and Ultradog as they welded MarkDoane's Airstream frame. Good wind down.

No circus for me. My ideal is to park that Airstream on about 40 acres of desert property, sit in an aluminum and plastic web lawn chair, drink can beer and plink the empties with my air rifle--while sitting of course. I guess it wouldn't be politically correct to say park next to a prairie dog town, but it is be a fun thought.


Docu on Grumpy Old Men as in the flik wit Jack Lem and Walt Mat? If U come 2 the states the bar they used in that flik was the "Hometown Rec" in St. Paul, MN. On Jan 4 U can experience sum brrring COLD.

Before we take our Airstream on its maiden trip I think we will first visit (my prelim itinerary) London, Albury, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Dogellau, Snowdonia National Park and whatever else hopefully in May.

2015 Sprinter Class B Camper Van
(Former 1971 vintage Airstream Owner)
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