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Drove the GMC today. Needed to haul a ladder to church to clean out gutters. That truck has been driven exactly once a week since international to keep it in working order. 12mpg around town or pulling, no difference.

The Camry is getting all of the miles. Don't check it around town but, took it to Ohio to see the kids and got 34.4mpg with the a/c. Coming back on a cool day without a/c, it got 36.6mpg(best I have every gotten). I run 62-63mph whenever possible.

My observations are though that behavior has not changed very much up to $2.10-2.20 a gallon. Jack rabbit starts, 75mph where ever possible, pickups are still selling good, aggressive tailgating, pleasure riding, etc. Let's face it folks, we are more addicted to gasoline than we are to cigarettes. I think it is chocolate, gasoline, and cigarettes in that order. Totally inflexible demand curves.

My oil stocks have done quite well the last 2 years.

Now the japanese car stocks are getting ready for a run up, already started.

I pulled into Walmart this pm and regular is 2.48 per gal. Passed on gas at 2.32 yesterday. I drove out, couldn't bring myself to pay that much, at least until the tank is on empty.

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Fuel in the SW today....

Hello all -

Got a fill on the 'Burb today - only half empty but cheaper than tomorrow!??

Paid 2.589/gal at CostCo. Cheapest on average over time that I have found.

Wow! Thinking of the BIG trip I just took with the AS and the kids, my fuel was THE major cost along the way.... would be even higher today. Sigh

Would that stop me - NO WAY. Drive the 'Burb because I haul 3 kids everywhere I go. Could get by with a Honda or Camry but there IS the safety and "the don't m*ss with me" attitude that someone else referenced. Yup, its true. Plus my truck gets lots of looks because it just looks GREAT.

2001 2500 4x4 6L, Kelly Green with push bar - and THE look!

Bought this car/truck before we left for Europe. The thought was that we WOULD be safe regardless of what was around us or what might hit us/ we might hit. We would walk away - period!

Gas, as discussed, is VERY expensive there. NOT a consideration! Didn't even have an AS in mind in those days. Just lucky I guess!

Seriously, gas costs what it costs. There are a host of issues about all that, but there isn't anything I can do about them as I stand at the pump, therefor I pump it full and it cost what it costs. Am I happy about it? No. Am I changing my driving habits? No. Am I chaging my vehicle any time soon? No.

I know LOTS of people that have traded trucks ( at a LOSS!) due to costs of fuel plus the payment. New vs. old + the incentives! Can't say I blame them but I ain't going there!

Sic the greenies and tree huggers on me! I don't care!

"Just gotta do 'fer me and mine!"

My .02 cents


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Opps - forget this nugget!

Hello again all!

The referenced price is for 93 Octane Premium.

Thanks all.

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Originally Posted by overlander63
I know we can't, but it would be nice if we went back to the middle of the 20th century, as far as wages and prices. Prices were mostly fair, people made a decent living without both spouses having to work full-time, and most businesses did well, too. Our buying power was greater, and no one had to chisel the last dime of profit out of a deal to be able to afford it.
I would work for $1.95/hour, as long as gas was 19 cents a gallon, and a loaf of bread was a dime. Oh, yes, and my house payment was $52/ month.
I agree with you in principle but society today won't live that way they want it all, they want it now, and they want it a bargin basement prices....just a minor example....I have a "kitchen" table that belonged to my great grandfather, he was skilled laborer (machinist) and made a very good living at what he did, that table cost him 1/2 a month's wages...It is a beautiful drop leaf solid walnut table, but I don't see too many people today paying that kind of money for a single piece of furniture. People back then did not have houses crammed full of cheap plastic chinese made junk....we as a society need to face the fact we have a "stuff" problem....

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Well, it's now hit much closer to home.....

The fuel prices for 93 octane yesterday, as I left for work were 2.79 and 2.89 at the two gas stations near the house, in town. Last night, on my way home one is 2.99 and the other was still 2.89, but clearly, it will also be 2.99 as it is about 12 hours difference from the other.

As a side note, both these stations were at 2.59 (for 93 octane) about 7-10 days ago. The last week or so, it's gone up .30/gal.

At this point, it's starting to seriously look like driving is going to be severely limited. All I own are gas hogs.
Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form. -NY Times 11/91
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BTW, FWIW, I just sent two emails to our reps off the link above.
Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form. -NY Times 11/91
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Those in the power business on the West Coast know what happened when power was at $300 per megawatt hour. Companies like ENRON manipulated the power markets to maximize profits. Some companies also shut down power plants "for maintenance" which also drove the price of power through the roof.

Now to fuel, it seems that a large amount of refineries have closed or reduced capacity "for maintenance". Umm!
The excuse that summer storms in the Southeast is also causeing troubles driving up the price of a barrel, if this is true why has this not happened in the past. Also, why should it effect the price in the Pacific NorthWest.
Instability of supplies out of the "islamic states", no actually you can find shipping rates out of the those areas have increased to the US.

So why has the cost of a barrel of oil increased?
Profit big profits. Looks like a repeat of the power markets of the 2000.

Need I say more?
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Gee .. looking at that chart, I feel sorta sorry for Conoco-Phillips. Still stuck in the double digits ... What a bunch of wimps.
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Funny how oil companies can sell people on how environmentally friendly, unobtrusive, and undisturbing they can be when they want to drill for and transport oil on public land and/or pristine wilderness,
and yet...,

when it comes to building refineries, they can't seem to overcome that hurdle, they just throw up their hands in frustration, and say people don't want the unfriendly, obtrusive, and disturbing things in their neighborhoods, so we aren't building them.

Um, right.

Btw, I have yet to see a refinery in anyone's 'backyard'.
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i need to find a racket like the oil companies have....they cant build a refinery because of niby....then run at 95% capacity, and when the unit breaks down, the price goes up....
got any ideas porky?.....i promise you wont need a .05 shrink....
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Anybody seen any stations posting "OUT OF GAS" ? I remember such sign's in the seventies, and odd even days to be able to purchase fuel, based on your lic. plate number. There seems to be a shortage, based on who's opinion?
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$5.00/galon gas

Anyone want to buy a RV?
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When gas finally costs more a gallon than beer, i'm WALKING to the bar! (GOOD beer, now... not that milwaukee crap!)

there's always room for one more!
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In AMERICA, from DAY ONE, regardless of shifting this or changing that...the one concept of capitalism that has ALWAYS remained unfettered...SINK OR SWIM.
The key word in your post is "LET" which puts you on the losing end of the program right out of the chute.
Like it or not this is a fast changing world right now and if you dont adapt and change with it you'll sink like a rock. There is an old mode of operation that no longer works and if you keep doing things the old way...well, the results are inevitable. Thats why vacant plants and facilities line the highways and huge companies are going bankrupt everyday...they're still trying to operate like 1960...Im just sorry the phone company hasnt one of the losers yet.
I can hardly contain myself or believe my ears when I hear people complain about jobs or the economy or money...There are MORE opportunities now than there EVER HAVE BEEN. All you have to do is use your imagination.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. -Anonymous-

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