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I wear my hair high and tight now (from the top down), but I知 still a long hair tattooed hippy freak at heart. So when Sirius canceled The Village last week, I got mad as hell. I知 cancelling Sirius and using the savings to load up the iPod. Where else could you listen to Seeger, Baez, Sainte-Marie, Ochs, Guthrie, Weavers and Wolf except The Village? It was a wonderful channel, made so by music director Mary Sue Twohy. I値l miss it but I won稚 miss Sirius.

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I'm super surprised at these complaints...I bought a life time subscription for my Stiletto many years ago (that sure paid off!) and couldn't live without it camping...ALWAYS have reception no matter where we camp. Never had an issue with the company (other than they're cheating Howard Stern)...our radio is on the MUST HAVE list. Pandora (which I also pay for) streams through my iPhone when we camp where there is cell reception.

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Originally Posted by TouringDan View Post
If you are just listening to music, I have found that Pandora works pretty well and it is free- not much advertising to listen to. If you want you can pay $36/yr and no adds.

How does one use Pandora in the TV? Do you have to add another receiver?
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XM wouldn't let me quit

I had XM for years, but when the rates went up and they wouldn't give me a decent discount any longer I tried over and over to cancel. Keep getting put on hold for a cancellation agent who never responded. Usually I was cut off while waiting. I finally told the human I last talked to that I would send a notice of cancellation, but she wouldn't give me an address, saying I had to go thru their agent.

Of course that is their rule and doesn't prohibit me from cancelling the agreement in any reasonable way, especially in writing, which is the best way, legally. So I sent a notice to the corporate address. Never got a response to that, of course. Fortunately my credit card had been stolen...and the card company spotted some illegal charges and gave me a new card. XM kept trying to get me to send them a new card number. That is the only way I was able to quit.

When I bought my new Jeep in late 2008 it came with a 3 month trial of Sirius. I refused to give them a credit card number, so that when it ran out I didn't have to quit. I have ignored all their notices begging me to renew.

These outrageous practices, I believe, have contributed to the problems XM/Sirius has had staying in business. I am surprised that no one has filed a class action (which are expensive and only benefit the lawyers monetarily) regarding these practices. It is clear that they were just trying to make it impossible to go through the cancellation process. From what I am reading here, they have not changed much in the last few years. I will never subscribe to them again, and caution all my friends re my experiences.
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AG's Office

When dealing with issues like this, I believe it is important to contact the BBB and the AG in your area. I had a problem with JC Penneys and could not get any satisfaction. I complained to the BBB and wrote the AG. The AG sent off a letter and I heard from JC Penney almost immediately.

Any large business like XM/Sirius will respond when pushed. It is in their best interest. Listening to you via India is something that is easily ignored.

Good luck.
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My experience was that they will not even respond to emails let along a telephone call. You just might have to cancel your cc to stop billing
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There are too many companies that do business this way hoping you will give up, roll over and take it. Sometimes they are just incompetent. Either way they have contempt for their customers.

I had an awful time switching my NY Times subscription from print to digital. The contractors the Times hires for customer service are bottom of the barrel. They are in Iowa and NJ and speak English. The problem is not language, but bad companies. Fortunately the billing has been ok, but the aggravation of hours of phone calls, being lied to, and shear incompetance leaves a bad taste and then I post my experience on the internet. But these companies are completely blind to how their reputations are injured with modern communications.

We have talked about getting satellite radio, but when I e-mailed Sirius a couple of years ago with several separate questions, they answered one, ignored the rest and I never followed up. It just wasn't that important and I didn't want to spend a lot of time just to find out what I wanted to know. It would mainly have been for news and I can get that plenty of other ways. We have plenty of CD's, so music is always available. NPR is easy to find for news while driving and we always have plenty to talk about. Sirius is unnecessary for us. We were going to Alaska and I wondered if they were available in Canada and Alaska—the answer was no, though I understand you can get them to about 100 miles north of the border.

So, Anthony you've gotten some good suggestions. I will add suing them in small claims court. Either they have to send a lawyer (and then transfer the case to county or city court in many states) or a corporate officer. This is difficult and expensive for them and they will either default or settle quickly. Work with the court clerk to help you actually collect. Establishing jurisdiction is the most difficult part because you have to show they do business in the court's area of jurisdiction. Look to see where there are stores that sell their service. Again, the court clerk may be able to help you with this.

Some cities and county's have lawyers in the county or city attorney's (some places it is called the corporation counsel) office that will help, or the district (state's) attorney may be of help. The AG usually has a consumer affairs division.

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Call your credit card issuer to discuss the matter. Tell them your problem and that you will dispute any further charges paid to Sirius. In fact, tell them you are disputing past charges as well because Sirius has failed to honor your cancellation orders. They will tell you how to dispute charges from Sirius and how far back you can go. You control your credit card account and should be able to stop further charges from that angle. Worst come to worst, ask the card issuer to cancel you current card and reissue under a new account number. Hopefully, you can avoid that.
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We had a hell of a time cancelling our sirius BS radio. They will do anything possible to keep you on board.They will continue to bill you. We ended up being on the phone with them for over an hour to finally get it cancelled. ******* vultures.

Now we get emails every few months begging us to sign up again. Not a chance.
I would just cancel you cc and avoid the lengthy phone call.

I honestly feel sorry for anyone why has there so called service and wanting to cancel out.
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I have had Sirius radio for the past 5 years. Every year when I get my renewal notice I give them a call. I tell them I cannot afford it anymore and they drop the price to half. Recently I traded my jeep for a Nissan Xterra without Sirius installed. I called to cancel, told them why and they sent me an adaptor unit to add to the current radio for free. They included free installation up to $80. Before getting the new unit I decided to buy a new radio that was Sirius ready along with a Sirius adaptor unit. Gave Sirius a call to let them know what I was doing. They said no problem, return the adaptor from them, keep the free installation card and fax them a copy of what I paid for the unit from Crutchfield and they would credit the cost back to my credit card. I did that and the credit showed up in 3 days. I have found them very easy to deal with and it seems that they will do almost anything to not lose a current customer.
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It is amazing how they can respond when they are afraid of losing you, but become deaf and dumb when you want to quit them.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I certainly would not buy this service now if I thought I'd ever want to cancel it because the aggravation isn't worth it. That really means, I'll never buy it.

Now how to I get Dish to reduce my absurd costs for satellite TV? Are they caving in like Sirius? Last time I tried, when we switched to HD, I got all the installation fees eliminated, but the monthly costs keep going up for channels we never watch.

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We had Sirius when we got our new truck. The subscription was free for the first year and we liked it ok but couldn't justify the expense. We let the subscription expire and the phone calls began to get us to resubscibe. I don't know how many times I said no and please don't call us back, but it was too many. Even talking to the supervisor had no effect. Anyway, we just started hanging up on them and they finally went away. If we ever decide to go with satellite, I guarantee it won't be Sirius.
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Originally Posted by Woosch View Post
We had Sirius when we got our new truck. The subscription was free for the first year and we liked it ok but couldn't justify the expense. We let the subscription expire and the phone calls began to get us to resubscibe. I don't know how many times I said no and please don't call us back, but it was too many. Even talking to the supervisor had no effect. Anyway, we just started hanging up on them and they finally went away. If we ever decide to go with satellite, I guarantee it won't be Sirius.
Sirius is the Only satellite service to date. They merged with xm a couple years ago.....same company.

I just renewed......

My wife's radio and mine...also added travel link with full services including live traffic, live weather radar map,five day forecast,ski reports,movie listings."etc.mine only.

For a grand total of about 97.00 till the middle of July.


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We have XM in both the truck and the house, We transfer the house one to the trailer when traveling... I feel it is well worth the cost as it not only provides music etc, but the biggy for me is it also provides the audio from most major news and financial channels.. No need to see those people sitting there talking anyway. It also avoids searching constantly for new stations while on the road.
As a non religious and also non sports fan traveling in the south on a weekend was horrible pre satellite radio.
On the other hand we will usually put our satellite TV on "vacation" when we travel and no longer bother to carry a dish. When we get home usually the Dish network does not even get turned on. After 6 months it comes up automatically. I could easily give up the TV but would really miss the XM.
May be a good thing since they may not let me quit anyway

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