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Well, Well, Well, ...

Well, I guess I acheived one of my goals in starting this string . . . We got some more lively discussion than normally comes out of one of my "how do you fix . . . " posts.

I have to agree that it's better that these trailers be enjoyed in Europe than become "target practice" here. But when the new owner over there tires of it will it become target practive over there? Even if not, I doubt it'd ever make it's way back to these shores if it were to find it's way into a junk yard there. At least here we have a chance of running across it again sometime if it's over here. I guess what really caused me to post the original note was that these Airstreams were rare early models. I wonder if I'll ever see a Whirlwind in person? If they were 60's or 70's models, I suppose I wouldn't care because those are in plentiful supply here.

I agree that you can't pick your buyers and if American's aren't buying and Europeans are, then that's where the merchandise will go. However, I am still bothered that the ad was directed solely to Europeans. There was no price given in $US (or $Canadian).

And I have nothing against Europeans, it's just that Airstreams were "born" here in the USA so I think that is where their natural "home" is so perhaps we should have "first dibs" on them. But maybe that's just me. Wally (Byam) would probably just be happy that they were going to someone that would enjoy them, no matter where.

I'm sure we all have our excuses why we won't buy them. For me it's more time and space than money. If I were retired or even close to retirement I might enjoy getting one as a hobby/project. But right now, I have all I can deal with to just get the '66 back in ship shape in my limited spare time. Maybe if I buy a lotto ticket . . .

Finally, time will tell if my second goal of writing the message comes to pass and someone in the U.S. takes notice and buys these Airstreams. Of course, since anyone can look at these forums, perhaps my posting the message actually spread the word farther around the globe. Oh no, what have I done???

Oh well, I just hope that they go to a good home.


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airstreams going?

yes i can see what you are saying,but a lot of them will go to good homes i hope,I am not a big fan of the people who just buy them to sell over to make money,i try my best to keep the feeling you have in the USA with airstreams,i think wally would like what i am up too.but also you know all the uk sports cars that went to the usa many years ago,people are buying them back a lot now,so there is a bit of hope.we won't start talking about all the english and french antiques in the USA, not to mention the bridge from London you have over there. One world.
Bye for now

First European Airstream park
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hi from france
it's very expensive to have a airstream or a us car in Europe (transport, state tax, shipping importation, price of gasoline. etc...).
we restore them carefully and with "love".
i does not think that we steal the inheritance custom but which we take part has his preservation with same passion.
sorry for my english.

hi perry
we will pass on August 13 to the evening.
Fred and francine
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If you had a child...

Who needed love, and the only love for that child was far away...

I can tell you from my travels in Europe, that they absolutely love Aistreams, and even moreso, Silver Streaks.

Better they go there, get a needed restoration, which surely going to happen, and have an old world style craftsman from Germany or Switzerland or Holland, revive it with care and quality in mind, then to get used as a Hollywood stunt trailer, or a get trashed out by some Home Depot restorer...

And its not like there are thousands going there- it happens whenever the dollar falls- and it will continue to fall in the near future...
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Now when you go to Europe you may be able to rent an AS and travel around. Did you know that the whole thing is connected all the way to Hong Kong. Not that's a caravan.
Sign me up. London to Hong Kong. Kitty fee ???
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Originally Posted by Over59
Now when you go to Europe you may be able to rent an AS and travel around. Did you know that the whole thing is connected all the way to Hong Kong. Now that's a caravan.
Sign me up. London to Hong Kong. Kitty fee ???
Woo hoo, I'll top that! The Discovery channel aired a show about the possibility of building a bridge across the Bering Strait.

Imagine that...

Pre-register now for Cape Horn to Cape Town, 2009:

This Airstream caravan - on the 50th anniversary of Wally Byam's African Caravan - will be one the road for one continuous year, picking up and dropping off groups of people at predetermined locations including Mexico City, Seattle, Moscow, Paris, Jerusalem and Cairo. But we invite you to make the commitment and join us for the entire trip!

Itinerary: We begin at the southern tip of Argentina. Winding our way up through South and Central America, then up the west coast of the U.S., into Canada, and through Alaska. Then we'll cross the largest structure ever built by mankind: The new 54 mile, $100 billion Bering Bridge.

Then we travel through Siberia in summertime, through Europe, down through the Middle East, and finally into Africa. The last stretch of the trip finishes up in Cape Town, South Africa, where the greatest Airstream caravan of all time began in 1959. And the greatest part? You'll be waking up to the whole world from the comfort of your very own Airstream trailer, your home away from home.
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We love Airstreams like you do!

Hi all!

I think there is only one reason why we europeans try to buy airstreams in the US - because we love them!!

It would be way easier for us to buy an old european vintagetrailer over here and restore it, then buying an old airstream in the US and ship it to Europe. Its not only the costs of shipping, but for the german road the hitch-system and the axles have to be changed as electric brakes are forbidden. So before you get your new Airstream on an european/german road you have to spend at least 8000 US$ plus the money for the airstream.
I think no one would spend that money if he wouldn´t really love airstreams and is desperate to own one and I can assure you that not a single airstream sits in an european backyard and is used as a shotgun target...

BTW most people don´t even own a gun as it is very very hard to get a license for them.
I personally hope that one fine day I will find someone in the US to sell me an airstream, that I can bring over to Germany and use with my family for travelling Europe and the rest of the world. And maybe in a hopefully not to far future we will have Airstream Ralleys allover Europe, where people from all cultures meet who have the same ideal - living with an Airstream as a family member.

Best wishes from the other side of the big lake!!

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greetings and felicitations!
welcome to the your post you mentioned changeover of brake that required of visitors rigs or just residents of your country?
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no different than all the Triumphs, MG, Jags, old Porsches, Ferraris, etc that came here from Europe. Especially when the Euro car thing was happening in the late 70's early 80's.
I had a great 81 Porsche euro that came direct from Germany to my garage. Glad to see American iron ( and aluminum) overseas.
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hi all

I is nothing change on the van b250 the lights and flickering all red.
in europe it's orange.

the caravan also all is of origine.After(tuv) administration control all given has the origin (electric brake , hitch-system) all us origine.
we live in france and we respect the law...hahaha
old europe ...old trailer
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Hi Norbert,

to be honest - I have to check with the Car registration office over here. I have friends living in Colorado and my idea was to buy an Airstream with tow vehicel in the US and the ship them to Germany with an US License Plate. That would help because I could drive the Trailer to the port in the USA and from the German or probably Dutch Port to my hometown. Otherwise all the transportation (at least in Europe) has to be done by truck.
I will check how the rules are for people visiting europe with their own trailer and tow vehicle.

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<snip> see that a 1949 Whirlwind and a 1950 Cruiser were being actively advertised to Europeans
I agree that a seller has the right to sell to whoever is willing to pay the asking price - american or ???. However, my hope is these 'rare oldies' (28' & 25') are being restored for their intended! And that these new owners have the right intentions for their new 'pride & joys' and not some big-buck corporation whose intent is to gut them and turn them into a curio shop, coffee stand, hamburger joint or some other stagnant form of one of our most treasured american icons.

in my opinion, would be a shame whether it be here or abroad.

On the other hand, what makes 'Americans' who we are is our freedom & capitalism...

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Why we have a hitchweight problem over here...

Hi all,

I had a look at the VAC ads and I saw the email adress of that guy, who is advertising the whirlwind and the cruiser, in other ads before. What I think is, that he is selling these older models to europeans because he knows that we have a hitchweight problem over here. The average european cars for hauling a trailer (like a VW Passat, an Audi A6 or the Mercedes E Class) have an max hitchweight of 165 lbs. The max Hitchweight I have on my car (the VW Eurovan) is 231 lbs and on the Defender from Range Rover it is 330 lbs. SUV or heavier cars are not very common over here as the gas prices are way higher then in the US (about 5.59 US$ per Gallon!! ) and taxes as well.
BUT I am 100% on your side when it comes to restricting sales to europeans or who ever only!! That is unfair and not in the interest of a free market.
What people over here already did to lower the hitchweight is, that they rearange the new axles more in the middle of the Trailerframe, so that more weight is on the rear of the trailer! I saw that on a 31' Sovereign here in Germany.

Just my 2c and maybe something from interest for you.

And sell your Airstream to a person you trust in and were you have the best feeling that your "darling" is going into good hands. Despite of the nationality.

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When I was loking for a A/S the first two sellers did not want to sel to a european
the third raised the price with 50 % over the original asking price
the fourth a nice member of this list was a real nice guy and was very helpfull with aranging for the transport to the harbour and got me also thinks like the brake controler and other smal parts
last week I ( better to say my wife ) refused a offer of 17000 euro on our 1974 27 Ft
overlander good looking but not perfect
and how would you feel if I had a nice vintage BMW BENZ or VOLVO and say No I dont
sell to americans
Regards Remco
the Netherlands

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