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With the exception of the kimonos, your house sounds like mine. And my spouse of some forty plus years is very tolerant!
So, for those of us that are real 'junkies' what is your ebay seller name? So we can look it up and bid on your stuff?

Elizabeth in Iowa
(I ALMOST cleaned house once..... but the feeling passed!)

The carpeting is gone! The carpeting is gone! Long live the cork floor!
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Originally Posted by summerkid

so now my antique fireman's jacket has a price on its head for the Kane County flea market tomorrow is headed for ebay but it WAS a gift for a marriage that didn't take,
some friends....they at least could have given you a crockpot.....


Illegitimous noncarborundum(dont let the bastards wear you down)

The only true nobility is found through giving good food to your friends- Anton Careme

beauty is in the eye of the beerholder-cosmo fishhawk

if something is too good to be true, its usually gone before i get there-mister boffo
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hehehehe I feel the pain and not yet 40!

I'm in the clear it out stage again. I keep finding things I want. Most trucks and cars and trailers. I Keep finding Toyota FJ40 for the right price that would make good projects. I keep having to talk myself out of them for lack of time and place and a BUNCH of projects not finished.

Here is a picture of my Garage. The guts of our 59 is piled on top of another project. A 1970 LeMans Sport convertible. I have a engine for this car but the garage is so packed in that I cant get the engine in the car little lone in the garage. The engine is sitting in my Cargo trailer.

So I went to one project at a time will full force. The Airstream is in the way of all else so its top priority. Then the car and some home improvement stuff once I can get my garage back.

This was just before I cleaned it last go around. You can actually walk around the car now. Its on the other side of the garage now as well.
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if you're serious, trying dealing with one group of items at a time. it's not so overwhelming. go with the kimonos. which can you not LIVE w/o? find good homes for the rest.

which gardening tools are your going to actually use in the next year?

which fabric are you really going sew? (ARRRGHHHH. i have to give up most of mine! not the Malden Mills collection of fleece, however. of course, each one makes a huge bundle.. but i need to do machine embroidery on them! maybe i can sell along the road : )

you get the idea.

you might think about the palm tree. how *perfect* with a pink flamingo!

btw, sounds like #1 would be to dispose of all sharp instruments. especially the deadly olfa wheels, etc. get blunt nose sewing scissors.

e ( who is having the same problem!)
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Cool garage. I purchased two 8 ft. X 40 ft. metal shipping containers, just over a year ago. Yep, they are both just about full. Hey, I live out in the woods, with no garage.

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. "

AA Milne
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Though this thread keeps going on and on like an energizer battery...this is good.

Dh and I had 16 months warning of a layoff/downsizing. We did our first garage sale 4 months in. Unloaded lots of stuff but it was hard to go through everything. 4 months later we had another sale. It was alot easier that time to go through everything.

During the next 9 months I gave away everything we could and sold a bunch of the rest. (Do you know how hard it was to get rid of my 500+ canning jars?)

Final D-day was Memorial day 2004. We had the final estate sale, unloaded everything we could and called someone to come and haul away every last thing that was left.

We then moved into a 32 ft 5th wheel. 300 sq feet of freedom. This July 3 we sold the 5th wheel and downsized to a 31ft Excella. We lost ALL of our outside storage and do not have a truck topper yet. (But boy, do I love this Airstream...and boy, did I hate that 5th

We have a few things at my moms, books and music. And we still have to have one more garage sale over there...mostly for her stuff but some of ours.

We have found that not having stuff is so freeing. It is a joy to sit here in the rig today with all the windows open, the rain lightly beating on the roof and awning and knowing that I have no stuff to bring in out of the rain.

If you start by just putting all the stuff together by kind, that is a big start. Then you can look and ask your self if you really need 500 yards of that material or all 30 pr of scissors.

It is hard getting rid of collections, especially if they are good stuff and not just 400 different santas you have been given over the last 20 years (my mom). Work on selling the valuable stuff and donating the rest.

Good Luck.
1983 Excella 31 - Sold
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Working on that though.
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And now this thread is going to live a little longer.
My ebay moniker, for Cedars' edification, is summerkid62 & I have managed to unload about $1,200 worth of stuff in the last month. More important, however, is that 18 items are no longer sitting in my house.

A drop in the bucket, however.

The biggest problem is that I can barely bring myself to list anything that is less than flawless, even though nobody ELSE on ebay seems to have that problem, judging from the vague sense of disappointment I usually get when opening any new boxes. When I put something up for sale, it seems like that already is an admission that it's not quite good enough.

I have a trailer in the driveway that I'd like to sell. But nothing seems quite up to snuff--what am I supposed to do, try to sell someone a trailer with crappy blinds? So out come the blinds. Must polish. Must repaint inside. And then I decide to clean under the bed frame, so out comes the bed frame. And guess what that reveals? The "solid floor" has rot way in the back. Someone said to just get some Rot Doctor (?) and do a quick fix but that would haunt me the rest of my life. So ... on it goes.

But I feel like sharing this sweet message that came my way via ebay today after I listed a small Amish quilt: "No question, just a comment. I love the quilt but even more so, adored reading what you have to say about it! You are the most amazing writer and had me captivated merely by your description of a quilt! If you aren't already a successful, published writer I am certain you have a career awaiting you if you so desire!"

That makes up a great deal for That Man I Used to Date yelling, "Stop trying to turn every ebay listing into a painfully honest work of art! It's not cost effective!" Yeah, well, neither is he. Neither is life.
Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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Originally Posted by summerkid

But I feel like sharing this sweet message that came my way via ebay today after I listed a small Amish quilt: "No question, just a comment. I love the quilt but even more so, adored reading what you have to say about it! You are the most amazing writer and had me captivated merely by your description of a quilt! If you aren't already a successful, published writer I am certain you have a career awaiting you if you so desire!"

Curiosity got the better of me, so I had to look at your Amish Quilt auction. I wonder if this came from the same Lancaster County in PA that I live in?

Anyway, there's no way I'm going to tell my wife about your quilt on Ebay because I'm not sure she can find our own Amish quilts buried somewhere in our own piles of "stuff".
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If it's not flawless I do a full confession. No surprises, nothing to quarrel about. It's full disclosure. Maybe that will help you get rid of flawed items.
I do the same thing. It works out quite well. I have had no neg feedback. My current score on ebay is 244 with 100% positive. Good detailed pics and a good description works wonders.

Chris AIR # 7276, WBCCI # 7276, TAC OR - 8
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Not all change is better, and to get better you must change

I would say that you are getting two or three things out of the ebay sales. You are cleaning house and some clutter. You get the chance to write. And you may be able to get some feelings out that you haven't done for awhile.

I think this is different for you. And to be different you are moving forward in your life versus being stuck and feeling helpless and overwhelmed. So congrats! And keep on moving.

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Originally Posted by summerkid
The biggest problem is that I can barely bring myself to list anything that is less than flawless, even though nobody ELSE on ebay seems to have that problem, judging from the vague sense of disappointment I usually get when opening any new boxes. When I put something up for sale, it seems like that already is an admission that it's not quite good enough.
Theresa, anything you want to sell on Ebay, that is not flawless, just let the bidders know in your description it is used, and has some scuffing, or wear, or whatever it is that makes it not flawless.
If it has a coffee stain on a corner of a blanket, tell them it has a couple of spots on it. If it has a bad stain, tell them it does, and start the bidding lower. Believe it or not, some people will pay MORE for an item that looks "lived in". Just look at all the people that buy artificially distressed furniture, they are paying a premium for a chair that someone has deliberately smacked with a hammer, or dragged a key across.
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.
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Originally Posted by Pahaska
Count your blessings that you probably have a lot more interests and variety in your life than the average bloke.
Well said. This is why "we" have accumulated so much stuff....too many things on our plate of interests. I do sell on Ebay with great success but find it much more rewarding giving stuff away to people who truely appreciate "my treasures".
This has been a fun string to read that I can't believe I missed....right up my I think I'll go sell something on Ebay!!
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Erma Bombeck had the rule that: "stuff accumulates to fill space available", hard to avoid in a trailer.

In the house I try to make it work, that, if I open a closet or drawer it is not crowded. That calls for action . . . which I may someday get around to.

What has worked is to NOT make clean-up/organization a job EXCEPT on the things that, to me, have practical, demonstrable value. Tools may pile up in an area but I'll eventually get around to new shelves, boxes, etc. And I do use them, not just occasionally.

Books, reading material is different. It piles up quickly and it is harder to let go of. A file is of help, and the used bookstore or dumpster even better.

We've moved often enough to have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. And, as we love renovating houses, I hope we can keep to the rules of what is important and what is clutter:

Clutter: has no practical use; hasn't been used in 6-mos/1-year. Most importantly -- about clutter -- would I buy it at retail? If I wouldn't, then it IS clutter, and needs to go.

(After all, how dumb is it to let a $30,000 car sit outside, rapidly oxidizing, in favor of a clutter-filled garage that might bring $5,000 if I was lucky.

A place for every thing, every thing in its place.

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