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Rog, just because you're a moderator now don't get all wise & mighty on me. If it were that simple, I not only would be Martha Stewart, I'd be president, bringing peace to the world AND redecorating the West Wing. Also, putting a sturdy sod roof on the place.

Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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Smile You have a glorious freedom

You are free in your head to do as you like within reason. No one wants to admit they are controlled by someone's idea of how things should be.

I think an organizer is a good idea since you have the Kimono's and stuff. Make sure that she can't dispose of anything just fix it so you can find things. You might have to rent a storage place. You could put things there that weren't critical, or you could go climate/controlled and put other things there.

I think organization is a lot like other "talents" like playing the piano and singing. You either have them or you don't. If you don't, you struggle with it.

I struggle, too, with this disorganization. I end up buying more scissors because I can't find scissors. Or more socks for the kids because I don't have matches for the ones I have. (REally throwing them out and getting only one kind of sock for both kids works best). I really sort of know where things are, but not totally. If someone comes in and cleans and moves things around...............totally terrible. I'll never find it, so there must be some organization at least in my head.

I've taken clothes, and shoes, and toys to the Salvation Army more times than I can count, but there is still stuff here I don't need. I need to go again. I gave up collecting anything breakable with the kids and dogs, so all of that is packed up.

I really need an office for the paper that comes in the door from the mail. Now that would be a job to file it all. Right now it's in A/Z boxes.

Good luck!

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does anybody have pix to post of their perfectly organized workshops/garages/kitchen cabinets????

good answer, bdogz. i did the sock thing 2 Christmases ago & asked for socks from everybody! but they had to be thorlos, in either white or black. it was perfect.

can't tell you how many times this summer i've replaced both my wirecutters & my good pruners because i leave the wirecutters somewhere that Eddie the amanuensis can't find them, which usually means they'll get rained on eventually, and then he uses my good pruners to cut chicken wire.

you make a good point. if organization is a memory chip i'm missing, then my only other solution is to bite the bullet as others have done & just clear, clear, clear.

Maybe keep ONE of the rolltop desks. And two of the trailers. Right now I'm leaning toward the '59 Traveler & buying a smaller Westcraft, breaking up with the Bambi & selling the other 3.
Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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I thought you were off to NOLA; rather than obsessing about the small stuff. Wha happened?
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Leaving Wednesday. Then continuing on to the Ft. de Soto rally, though that feels kind of decadent ... "Here, you little refugees, brought you some Snickers & Aquafresh but gotta run, they're expecting me down on one of the NICER beaches ...."
Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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Summer, I had a lot of "stuff", like you, when we lived up in Ohio. A house with attached garage, 30X40 gambrel roof barn, (2 stories), and an additional 32X32 building with attached greenhouse, on a lot across the street from the house. I vowed I would never move, because it would be impossible. A great job opportunity in Florida appeared, the impossible task of moving had to be done. First a garage sale occured, then another. Things were sold, that shouldn't have been sold, or I didn't want sold. The rest made it to Florida in 5 trips back and forth to Ohio. We have a nicer, larger house. Just a carport with built in 10X20 garden shed, which is too small, but it holds a lot. A couple of smaller outbuildings than we had before.

BUT, I don't miss the stuff that got sold, heck now I can't even remember what half of it was. Best part of all you have less to worry about.
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If you come to Mississippi, bring a rolltop. I need to add to all my stuff. Katrina helped me clean out the stuff that was in my carport. My hubby helps me get rid od things. He's organized and I am attention deficit. Great combination. Seriously, if you come to MS, you can park here and stay.
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Originally Posted by summerkid
does anybody have pix to post of their perfectly organized workshops/garages/kitchen cabinets????
YEAH RIGHT! Don't look to me for that picture If not for my dear wife I could find my tools, she puts them up thinking I am done with them, then I go to look for them where I KNOW I left them. I am right up there with you and John (pahaska) with organizational skills. It may help to have someone come in and take one room at a time an put things in order, or have one large Estate Sale then TRY not to buy anything else. I got downsized by my exwife about 7 years ago, best thing that ever happened as as far as stuff accumulation...she kept the stuff and I got the fresh start...I try not to accumulate things but they keep following me home from the dumpWe are in the process of de accumlating stuff again, We each have a 40' storage container if it doesn't fit in there it is gone! I have been giving away clothes that I have never worn, tools to my guys that I have not used in years, recyling old magazines, books have been donated to various places and that was hard, but I can only take so many books with me on the road. Ditto the bicycles and parts collection....


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Downsizing - a work in process

I've downsized from a 3,150 sq ft, 5 bedroom, three bath PLUS attic and basement, to a 22 ft CCD, my office and a storage unit. And I'm selling stuff out of the storage unit.

I'm a natural collector and throwing away even useless stuff is hard for me, but when I cleaned out my house I threw away 22 pairs of shoes that were worn out and should have been tossed as they went bad. Did I find that painful? Actually, NO. Would I hate to be dead and have my sister and her kids have to go through all that crap? Oh Yes!

The thing that really propelled me to get busy downsizing was signing the contract on the house and realizing I had 45, 44, 43, 42.... days left before I had to move it or lose it.

I gave the local womans shelter 18 bags of really nice "banker suits" and dresses that I'll never wear again... and I threw away another 18 bags of badly worn stuff that wasn't worth giving to charity.

Groan! I threw away one beautiful piece of expensive velvet that I'd always planned to sew into something... but only because when I picked it up to pack it, it had dry rotted. I'd left it where the sun from the window got to it. I just hope you don't find an antique kimono in that shape.

Think Katrina... think about a fire. You'll WANT to save a photo album, your pets and your vital papers.. if you can find them in all your crap.

Here's what I did. Pick a room, get 4 large boxes of stuff you can keep and enjoy, get 4 more of stuff you can sell. Allow yourself ONE day to clear that room. Next day... repeat with another room. I had 13 rooms to do and left some stuff in the attic and basement!

Set limits on everything. If your house were on fire and only one of your collections could be saved, which one would you want? What would be your second, then third choices? Totally get rid of everything but the top three or four collections, and limit what you keep in the top four. Example: How many kimono can you display and enjoy? 5 to 12 at most. Sell the others. A a local museum or upscale boutique will display them where many can enjoy them. And what on earth will you do with tableware for 24? Keep what you can wash at one time.

(My office is still sh**.... I'm just hanging on to bad habits, but I tell you what... in support of your effort, I'll clean my credenza completely today before noon.

BTW - do I regret it? OH HELL NO! Gotta go... get breakfast and clean that credenza.

Tin Lizzie
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sage advice

blow up your tv,
throw away your papers,
go to the country,
build you a home,
plant a little garden,
eat a lot of peaches,
try and find jesus, on your own.

oh, btw, would you be interested in purchasing my copy of the richard harris love album?

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The only true nobility is found through giving good food to your friends- Anton Careme

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you could make enough on ebay to buy a new's really easy to get started. try it!
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I would list everything on paper by category.
Each category on a different page.
Then start tearing out the pages and sell or give away ( whatever works for you) everything on the page except for one, randomly selected item. Use darts if you can't be random enough. Get rid of one page of stuff at a time...
Then you will have a nice remembrance of the former obsessive collecting and you can get on with other things.
Ebay would be great ,but could be a lot of work, although there are Ebay stores that would sell your stuff for you and take a percentage for doing it.
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My tips for getting organized

SK -- I was just like you awhile back so I know what you are going through. Keep in mind that getting organized is a lifetime work in progress. I think it is the rare person indeed who can say they are 100% organized. And even if they were 100% organized, it takes a lot of diligence and work to maintain that state. So, first stop beating yourself up over this and second read my tips below and hopefully something in this thread will help you out. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
  1. Plan your day. Get out that pencil and paper, and begin developing a task matrix with a task name, how long it should take, and when it is due.
  2. Refine your list of tasks EVERY day. I actually update my task list at the end of each day. Then I'm prepared to hit the ground running the next morning. Even if I only complete one task that day, it is so satisfying to check that checkbox that the task is completed.
  3. Prioritize your list. Sometimes, you can't do everything in one day so assign A, B, C priorities to your tasks.
  4. Put technology to work for you. I use MS Outlook's task system to track my day-to-day tasks (personal and business) along with MS Project to track my larger projects. Using a software system facilitates moving tasks around, etc. And (my favorite part), you can always go back and see a history of what you have accomplished. This is so satisfying to me.
  5. Break a large task up into smaller components. Did you ever see that movie "What About Bob?"? One thing that has stuck with me from that movie is "baby steps". If you haven't seen the movie, it means to take small "baby steps" toward your goal. Each step will help build confidence and will move you closer to your goal.
  6. Learn to say "no". Taking too much on yourself can lead to exhaustion, poor performance, and burnout. Before you take on one more project, weigh whether or not you have the time and energy to take this on.
  7. Delegate your time with regards to the telephone and e-mail. Both the telephone and e-mail can be major distractions to the best laid plans in a day. If I'm in the middle of doing something (and am not expecting a call), I let the phone go to voicemail. With e-mail, turn off the automatic messaging that alerts you that you have received an email so you aren't distracted when a new e-mail arrives. Set aside certain times within a day to check your e-mail and voice mails.
  8. Plan your travel to save time. This is especially important now with the high gas prices. Keep of list of what errands you need to run so when you take your vehicle out, you can fit the errands into your route.
  9. Plan to work on the hardest tasks when your energy level is at its highest. Are you a morning person? If yes then tackle the most challenging tasks in the morning; vice versa for afternoon people.
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Hey Summerkid

Eye shore due in joy you're righting.

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