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Well Preserved
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Alan, I apologise for my whiny post, I was off my medication that day... As for Wally-World invading Great Britain, I guess they are getting even for that 1812 fracas all over again...

Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.
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Tom, the Uber Disney Fan
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Chris, I, too, enjoy reading your post. It's like getting your accent in the printed text. At least I think it is the accent. It may be something totally different from your acctual speach pattern, but I just imagine that it is and it adds to the international feel or your post for me.

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Max&Georgia & Minnies Mate....
Firstly ( 1stly )...LOL, I R quite fortunate in TALKIN, it's bn noted I can talk the Legs off a HIND DONKEY...what ever is meant by vat...LOL, I can soon pick up different dialects, as America talks different per State, so do when I R in London, I speak like a Southerner, & when up north, I speak like they do, & so ON, I R sorry IF I upset folks By My post abt Yr President, It kinda ran on a while, the point I was makin that I MISSED My fav tv programe, 2 wach YR elections & C who won...& vats basicaly abt it, I 2 like Argosy 20, DO not realy talk abt P/R/ & fins vat I KN nuffin abt...LOL, Once when We ALL visited a store in Orlando, there WAS A Father Christmas, He only had only spoken ONE word, YES one word & I kn He was was from BARNSLEY, He said EY-UP..., now that IS real Yorkshire, But on a Serious note, it matters NOT 4 Me where one comes from, it's wots INSIDE vat counts...wots in the Heart, I speak with lots of folk every day, it's part of My job, but I LUV 2 speak with U Guys, I once started askin total strangers in the Florida Mall where they came from, jus so I could kinda pinpoint their State , & NOT one minded at all...Now 2 sum of U, vat may appear 2B rude, but I was amazed that almost everyone was so polite...I expected...Whadda U wanna kn vat forrre...LOL. Yes it was a very pleasant shoppin day, despite My D/W & 3 D/D's & D/S puttin My Credit card in2 MELT-DOWN MODE...LOL
Well I guess I rambled on abt nuffin as usual, However I CAN assure U, I DO read as much as I can abt Yr A/S & problems & how U solve 'em, ect, & NOT jus use this forum as a chat box, I have My own lttl site 4 once agn, fanx 4 the Kind words, I realy DO enjoy readin U all, & I take Yr comments on board, & as I say, I'm jus Me, lttl 'ole LIMEY, nuffin special...jus Mr. average enjoyin an Accent of America...One of these days I'm gonna Ship out there 4 good...SIGH !!!...Chris.....
It's NICE 2B Important...but it's more Important 2B NICE...Chris.....
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I actually understood every word of that without the need of pills or pints...
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hey Terry- no apology is necessary, just don't want anyone to think we are unscrupulous censors!
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...Sooo, U recon I could get lost in TEXAS, & still enjoy Myself...but aint it FULL of OIL Pumpers, Cattle,also there's that green BUSHY stuff rollin all over the place & where Men-R-Men, who wear HUGE HATS, maybe 2 keep the SUN outta their EYES, or use it as a parasol 2 keep their BEER COOL...LOL...
One of these day, I realy MUST come find out 4 Myself...SIGH...Still keep Yr spirits up...Chris.....
It's NICE 2B Important...but it's more Important 2B NICE...Chris.....
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This thread, (and others like it), are completely unnecessary on here. I only read it because I was wondering what it was.
I cannot believe that we have taken politics to the level of forcing our views upon each other.
To let you know, I would have no problem hanging out with any of you around a campfire. That is, until one of you brings up politics! I have the view that as long as you do not mention your political inclinations we can still be friends. Once you broach that subject and we disagree then look out.
Let's use this thread as a warning. We should all police ourselves when it comes to knowing what is hobby-related and what is not hobby-related.
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But this is the off topic section of the forum Lou........there is no requirement that it be hobby related here.
Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form. -NY Times 11/91
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I take a different view

This thread clearly brings out the view I hold. It is being held on the premise of a two party system.To put my view in a few words, we lost OUR country at the close of the Civil War. If I'm not mistaken our forefathers created a Union, or central goverment if you will, only after agreeing to a Union which held strong States rights and a weak central goverment. Without getting into a deep discussion, the Civil War, however tragic, was started over the right of individual states to leave the Union. Having lost that argument, the beginning of a strong central goverment was created. Fast forward to today & we no longer have a goverment with a three system of checks & balances as designed, but judges at all levels and the central goverment, making govermental and social policy according to the party currently in power. Why are we a polarized nation? Simply put, I believe it is because we have but a two party system where the power of money and greed have assembled. It is clear to me that our " free" democracy and our Republic could not and will not continue without a base of individual and strong State responsibility. That I believe has been long lost, due to the two parties fighting for a base of votes, based not on what is good for the country, but which will propel them into the power seat. I believe like all former great empires we will eventually digress to a lower standard of living and in world power. Good or bad? I do not pretend to know , but history will tell.
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Send a message via Yahoo to silver suz
i've been off line for quite a while ( and living in my 2004 26' airstream!). What is the original thread that everyone was talking about?
Also ,living in TX, I see nothing special in it. At A&M (where my son is) I'd be a .02 er. I figure a bunch of "americans" stole tejas from Mexico, 150 years ago, and now the Mexicans are somewhat peacefully (no real war) taking it back- just an observation and no plus/minus opinion on my part- that's a different story! I would be interested in reading the original thread about Bush though. silver suz
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Originally Posted by Silver Suz
I figure a bunch of "americans" stole tejas from Mexico, 150 years ago, and now the Mexicans are somewhat peacefully (no real war) taking it back- just an observation and no plus/minus opinion on my part-
Hello Silver Suz,
I recall reading you and famlily were rebuilding a larger trailer. What became of that project? and that trailer?

How is your 2004 Airstream treating you? Did you take out all the "toxic" components?

Some of us think the most toxic substance in Texas slips in illegally.
I am going to ignore the innane subject of whom Texas belonged to first or who it belongs to now. Who did your husband belong to first. Did you "steal" him from them? Do you feel you should give him back?

Now why did you capitalize "Mexican" and lower case "american"?

Don't be such a stranger, but DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS either.

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Cheers mate!
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Send a message via Yahoo to silver suz
HUH? What a bunch of non sequiturs. Apples and oranges. Pardon my typo.
I asked for the name of the first thread.- what does " don't mess with Texas" ( from throwing away garbage) have to do with it? I recycle.
"Did I steal him from them"? THEM ??? Who are "them"? Never mind, I don't want to know. Are you paranoic? That would explain your lapses in logic. But I do recognise the hostility sent.

What was the name of the first thread, please. silver suz
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Silver Suz,

Don't bother, the original thread was deleted.

I think the reason was too much hostility.

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