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Wink They seemed to have fun

A time ago, maybe five - six years, I was camped way out on BLM land near Quartz site. Campfire - Dog - beans - wine. It was good.

About noon one day, Rumble Rumble, in came six of these upscale condos on wheels. About 2 hours later, Rumble Rumble, six more. They parked in a huge circle like in "Circle the wagons, post the lookouts".

Then. to my amazement, Rumble, in came a catering service. Set up a band stand - a kitchen - two bars - and a carpet with tables and chairs - Big construction type generator and lights. Must have been a staff of 20 or 30.

Music and party all night. I was not invited so the dog and I sat by the camp fire - drank a little wine - occasionally the dog would whimper. I think she wanted a diamond collar.

I wonder if all that gold tends to turn your skin green after while. What happens to these tech monsters after a few years when they start to deteriorate. I can tell you this - When they dump gray water on the ground it still smells like ----

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Just an old timer...
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WHAT a hilarious thread! You guys DO know that campers in stickies and SOBs say EXACTLY the same things about Airstreamers, don't you? "bunch of snobs"... "never come out of their silver palaces"... "who'd spend $60k on a CAMPER?"...


AIR 2053 Current: 2006 Born Free 32 RQ Kodiak Chassis, & 1995 Coachmen B-van
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These rolling condos do not deteriorate unless not maintained. The Detroit series 60 engine is good for 800k to 1million miles before a rebuild is needed that coupled to the Allison six speed is bullet proof. The Prevost chasis will last longer than us. Had ours for 10 years and as AZFLYCASTER said earlier he could not beleieve it was a 95'. You do not lose space in the driver compartment it's 45' with more storage than some homes. Quartzsite we do almost every year and we do dry camp on BLM or stay along the Colorado river. No problem 206 in gas 147 fresh water 115 blk 115 gray stay for weeks and I don't recall anyone dumping their gray tanks on the desert floor from our group. It's still camping though some disagree. Our common ground is that we ALL like to camp with our RV's be it Prevost or Airstream.
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someone has said the definition of an Rver is a person with a million dollar motor home looking for a free place to park.---pieman
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You just put a smile on my face. Its not that we can't stay in a park but have you seen the RV parks in Quartzsite, if you have then you know why we dry camp. In the matter of a day we have our own RV park thats better than whats available in town.
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We stoped for gas in Quarzite on the way back from 29 Palms ($.50 cheaper then California) and it looks like the RV Parks are full. Several looked like storage yards with about 4 feet between units. The desert had units parked for about 5 miles around the city.


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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We solved the "big rig to big" problem. We tow a 1997 Airstream B 190 behind our Marathon. We leave the coach and use the "B" as the dinghy RV for remote exploration.
As for Wal Marts, and "free" overnight stays, we travel well into the evening. Trying to pull into an unknown small campground at night (with unseen obstacles) with the bus/towed or with our '67 Globetrotter can be very difficult. So, we opt for a lighted parking lot in both cases. We stay to the side of the parking lot, pick up trash if we see it lying around, ferry shopping carts to their corral, and leave first thing in the morning.
Both RV's serve their purpose for us. We have wonderful RV friends of all kinds and sizes. The bonding agent is RVing.
Oh, BTW, we don't dress for dinner, either.
Have you heard about the POG?? Its a hands on group of bus owners that have the same demeanor as the VAC.
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Yes I have been aware of the Prevost Owners Group for some time and have attend rallies in Vegas and missed the one in Wine Country RV by two days. It doesn't matter if Airstream or Prevost there are nice people in both groups. While in use most of the time the coach was out of state and in use for business. Only during the last two years has it been home. Like you said when its late at night we use Costco for the evening then shop in the morning. Mine is an old relic compared to the newer ones but still a better value than SOB brand new. Do you use Prevost in Mira Loma for maintenace?
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Yes we do go to Mira Loma. However general service, I do locally like oil changes. We also use Prevost Grand Priarie Tx.
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This is funny thread

This is very amusing thread. I can remember arriving at Green River lakes WY trail head one fall. That evening I prepared for a 6 day backpacking trip into the beautiful Wind River range back country. It was a wonderful, almost magical evening, with hardly any other campers around (after all, its an 18 mile dirt road to the trail head). Wind blowing through the pines was music to my ears, and lord knows how I like to sleep in a tent listening to a soft breeze or drizzle.

A little later that evening, a small MH pulled into camp, and parked not too far from my site. The engine stopped, and moments later a gray haired man stepped down, looked around, scratched his head and went back inside. Never saw him again the rest of the night. I thought to myself, what’s the freaking point. Why come into a environment like this, and surround yourself with metal and wood, and insulation, and fans, and generators and on and on ………

That was 25 years ago, and now I am the gray haired old man (that goes to bed at 9:30 lol) looking to buy an AS.

The point is, it really doesn’t matter if you sleep on the bear ground in the fetal position in a drunken stupor by the camp fire, or sleep in a 2 million dollar MH in a king size bed. The thing that matters is that you are doing what makes you happy and what you want to do, and if others can’t comprehend that, then that’s their problem.

Just my 2 cents
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Sleeping, yes, but then this is camping!?

Dale -

I take your point about the sleeping arangements. But then this is camping, right? Your point about the 'under the stars' perspective is attractive. I have done it many a time myself.... but then, I am getting older... kids... the wife... an AS (even at 20K) was a seemingly OK solution.

I have seen the comments by more than a few, that there are plently of $100 tent people who don't get the $20K AS solution. I concede the point.

The reason I went with the AS TT was the classic shape, the mystique, the lore.... I was sold.

I HATE to look like I am showing off (even when I am - blush!) AND I hate to see myself coming and going (cars, TV, house, camper...etc...). I can't tell one SOB from another, can you?

Back to the choice of AS, over the 100's of other campers I/the family looked at. NONE of the others 'spoke' to me. The AS did. For 20K I got a very loved used AS; I could have had a swinging 'NEW' unit that did zero for me, looked like every other camper, and had ZERO personality.

Heck, EVEN my dad - a died in the wool NON outdoorsy, camper type - said "GREAT CAMPER!" No faint praise that!!!!

Then again, here I am preaching to the choir.

I just don't get the $800K, or MORE - WAY MORE!!! for a unit that sleeps MAX 2 people and tows and AMG Merc. on a chrome triple axle trailer, in the WalMart lot. Call me goofy....

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Originally Posted by SilverToy
Not sure where you all live, and what property values are where you live... but,

for $838,460

I can BUY about 40 acres, with a 3200sq.ft all brick house, with a barn and a shop with RV bay inside, with a 20 minute commute to Albuquerque....

AND a brand new Burb to do it in.


Actually saw 3 Class A's today, Mandalay had a Caddy toad, Newmar had a Hummer toad, BlueBird had a AMG Benz on a triple axle chromed trailer. ALL were in the WalMart lot sleeping off ? How can someone that has nearly a million (or more!!! BB/Benz) in rolling stock have the least desire to park it in a WalMart lot????!!!!

Seriously, what are they thinking? I don't have a clue.

They are thinking they are flat broke and can't afford to stay in a campground!

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Paula, Alex

Let me try just one more time. First we all share a bond of camping, Rving, traveling and driving 8 to 10 hour days is very comfortable in a 800k coach. however when its dark and needing a place to spend the night there are choices. One you are in a town that you are familar with and have no problem bringing the coach with toad at 68' in total lenght no problem however your in a town or just need to sleep then on the road again. Here is the problem when your that long most Parks do not have pull thrus that lenght. Two its normally dark and your not used to their layout there are too many risk involved that can cause $10000 in repair, like the cones setup to prevent you from cutting corners or some pull thru spots that you can pull into but unable to pull out, your 45' w/o toad. My 1987 32'w crw cab dually total length 54' hinged makes it much easier that 45' unhinged, want to talk swing. Thats why we pull into Wal Mart & Costco is for the ease not cost. We all leave with the area cleaner than when arriving. Plus we normaly spend $$$ before leaving. Why be so negative we all share the common bond. Maybe you should start a thread in SOB brand website about why Airstreamers never leave those shinny things and pay 65k for a trailer?

Please tell me that you understand this, we stay at Costco when taking the Airstream am I in the same group as the 800k MH?
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Originally Posted by SilverToy
What the ?????

There was NOT ONE that whispered to me, much less spoke to me like SilverToy does.


What are they thinking?? I don't get it.

Thanks for the space to vent.... Back to the normal AS stuff.



As my father-in-law has said, "That's why they make chocolate and vanilla."

86' 31' Sovereign
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