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"I had always hoped it was set up and run by an Airstream Fanatic and not by some Web Site Administrator in it just for the $$$$$. At least someone that owned, and was involved with, an Airstream".[/quote]

I'm with Rhett Butler on this one! Being a supporting member here is both a bargain and a privelidge as I see it. It is immaterial to me who owns it or what they do after the shades go down at night. What I care about is a well maintained, user friendly, populous site where I can trade information and have a little fun and this be it. I'm happy to supply whatever fanaticism is needed, also.

"Not all who are laundering are washed" say Bill & Heidi

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I read that comment, it did not sway me. Sort of sounded like sour grapes to me. When you have a model that works, there is nothing wrong with expanding the concept to other niches, whether for fun or funds. That makes sense to me. You go Andy, Make money, retire early, travel the world, you deserve the success that you have worked hard for. I am with you all the way.
Silverhawk, Bob

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... and this is probably more than I should say:

Name:   someoneiswrong.jpg
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Note: this is not directed at our mods or the owners of the site, thanks guys!
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I too have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Andy face-to-face. He is a wonderfully generous, enthusiastic Airstream owner who happens to have the know-how to put together a teriffic playground for us to all participate in. Good for him he has figured out a way to make a living on the road doing what he loves to do...I'm jealous!

Let me ask this...would you rather have a stick-in-the-mud eccentric millionaire running this site or someone who is living the dream of "SEE MORE DO MORE LIVE MORE". contest in my book!

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Never met him, probably won't. But I am glad for his work and the members on the forum. Thanks AndyR.
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I think Andy has a great site and one of the best forums I've been on. Certainly one of the most active with the "captive" audience - AIRSTREAMERS!

Very much appreciate the work, effort and time keeping the forum running smoothly and essentially, problem fee. Thanks Andy (hope any income from it pays the bills and at least gives you some good trips on the road)!
Bill & Kim
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franky i don't care if andy is making one million dollars a year from this website. more kudos to him for being an entreprenuer and figuring out how to make life work for him and provide a valuable service to us.

my point is the information i have gotten from this forum has been beyond invaluable. i would probably have had to buy over 1000 books from amazon to get the information i recieved here and still not found out half of what i needed. it's the shared experience of other members that really makes this site so valuable to me. that's also why i have no problem becoming a supporting member or contributing member (whatever they're calling it these days). where else are you going to get this kind of support

*by asking the above question,
i verify that i have already used
the search feature to the best of my ability...
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Hey Melody Ranch

I also read an interesting piece on a fellow's site who does a lot of selling on the TCT website. That individual has pretty strong opinions to which he's entitled. They may not be accurate since he's basing his statements on his best guess. That said, he was at one point a poster on this site and IMHO only I felt he added minimal if any value to the majority of threads he posted to. It was my impression that if you didn't agree with him you were an idiot.

I was actually kind of PO'd when I read that other fellows site because he could potentially influence people who would otherwise receive and add good knowledge to this forum and instead may stay clear of it. If you didn't know any better and hadn't already spent time on this forum to realize the huge value it provides it's members you might just believe the story.

Yeah, AndyR makes some money off this site and he should. Hopefully as, or if, he acquires additional websites he'll be able to generate enough to live comfortably while focusing on migrating each of them up to the caliber of this site which I'd say is one of the premier sites of this type on the web. Heck, maybe he'll even add a few more Airstreams to his stable, placed around the country, so he can attend some of the Airforums rallies and we can thank him personally for providing us with a great way to share our passion for aluminum.

Barry & Donna
Life is short - so is the door on a '51 Flying Cloud (ouch)
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Originally Posted by Jim Clark
I remember at least 2 other Airsteam sites before Andy made this one the premier site. Does Hunter still have her Yahoo Group? Hard work and knowledge is rewarded in our country. I belong to an MGA site which lets you use it for free but to post pictures or other things takes an upgraded membership, Airforums is a great deal and well run.

Hunter's Yahoo list still exists as does the Vintaga Airstream List hosted by Tom Patterson. I find both of value, in addition they were my first source for Airstream information on the Internet.

Bill Kerfoot, WBCCI/VAC/CAC/El Camino Real Unit #5223
Just my personal opinion
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The individual who posted that information is a for profit trailer restorer and reseller questioning the profit motive of others. Interesting.

The rant on his website has been up for more than a year. It's unfortunate that one bitter individual can cause so much strife in the Airstream community.
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Thanks for al the kind words everyone. I'll write the story here so people who don't know me or the story on how AIR started can read for themselves and understand how things evolved to where they are today.

I started this stie 6 years ago because I had the genuine need to exchange information with other Airstream owners after I bought my 1961 Bambi. I was living in the least populated county (per square mile) in Colorado and trips to the city took almost 2 hours round trip for supplies, etc. I used the internet to research supplies I needed when I went to the city.

I had a small hosting company and did freelance web design work so I had what was needed to put a forum online. The only interactive resources beyond Hunter's Yahoo Group and the list serve was Airstream Central but the software sucked and the owner did not have technical skills or financial means to upgrade it. I contacted Airstream, Inc, WBCCI, VAC and a few other sites telling them I would help build a forum for FREE for them. No one respnded so I bought the domain and software and got to building.

Unfortunately 10 weeks after starting my restoration (everything was pulled out and I was repairing the floor to go back in) I was offered a job in Dallas on a Monday and asked to move back and start by the following Monday. Amazingly I packed up my stuff in a uHaul, put my Jeep on the back and made it to Dallas in time to start work in less then a week. Man was I tired.

I had to leave my Bambi at my Dad's cabin (where I was living at in Colorado). In Dallas I moved into a high rise in a hip urban area of town. A little over a year later my Dad sold his cabin and once again I found myself in a rush to get back and pickup my Bambi. I left work on a Friday and drove to Colorado and back with my Bambi in tow behind me. I put as many of the innards inside her but I left most of them in Colorado with the idea that I would build a custom interior myself. This is one of the things I regret most about the restoration process for this trailer. I should have figured out a way to keep the cabinets. Now I am going to have to fabricate the inside from scratch. It will be custom and unconventional but will cost way more.

So in Dallas, I parked the Bambi at my highrise so I could get out there and remove paint and prep the inside for more Zolatone. It took about a month before the police slapped some pretty red NOTICE stickers telling me she was not allowed to be parked there full time. I had to find storage. With my Day job, life (early 30s with an active soclal life) and taking care of the forums I had little time (or even a place) to work on my Bambi. I took her to North Dallas RV a couple times for some odds and ends but for the most part she sat in Storage.

The other forums came through some random twists of fate. My Mom is from Sweden and I was driving home one day and say a car with one of those oval Euro stickers with an S in it (similar to our AIR stickers). S stands for Sweden, so I wondered if my Mom knew the person (expats are usually pretty tight). I knew about a site called British Expats because I was spending a lot of time on forums for forum owners. I decided to spend a weekend putting together a site for her called Swedes In America!. It was built on phpBB so it ended up getting spammed to death so it's closed right now. When I was looking for some images to use for avatars for that site I Googled "princess of sweden" and came across a forum called There happened to be an announcement stating "I am closing this site on X day in August unless someone wants to make an offer to buy it". I made him an offer and that site is our sister site which is now on So the first addition was pretty much an adoption or the forum was going to be abandond. I switched it from Invisionboard to vBulletin and started to work with the team so the passionate members could manage it themselves.

The same ower of also owned another forum called A few weeks later, he was wanting to buy a boat and we made a deal for him to sell me that site as well. That let put him in a situation where he had some cash and more importantly time to enjoy that boat. Forums take an aweful lot of time to foster. Our team here is amazing and their management of the community is evident in the amazing place we have here. Thanks guys!

At that point I had 3 forums and now I really found myself on and spending most of my evenings at home working on forums. I happened to break my collar bone that fall ('04) and that also helped keep me home working on forums instead of out being social and enjoying my early 30s at the pubs. Things moved forward and I started to get less and less job satisfaction from my day job. In spring of 2005 I ran across and ended up buying that little site (it's grown a ton). At that point I had 4 forums and decided I wanted to spend full time working on forums. I could not afford to do this in Dallas because the cost of living in the States was too high for the income that was being created. Forced to look for a solution I started to research the places with the lowest cost of living in the world. I found Buenos Aires, Argentina and packed up my apartment into storage got on a flight and moved across the world with two suitcases. With a cable modem and no distractions I had all my time free to work on forums, the idea was working and I was able to live on the limited income that was generated.

One ironic thing that happened along the way was an agreement with Airstream. They did not want to sign an agreement with an individual so I had to incorporate. That is actually when Social Knowledge, LLC was born.

I went on a backpacking trip to Sao Paulo / Rio De Janiero in Brazil and on that trip visited what is called the Costa Verde, an area along the coast between Ilha Bella and Rio. I was on an island called Ilha Grande (one of my favorite spots in the world) and really wanted to go sailing but could not afford to. Being crafty, I thought I would see if I could post on a forum about some type of crew positions or other ways to get onboard without having to pay charter prices. After a discussion with a friend I came across which was really stagnant and contacted the owner. He did not have time to keep the site going and I acquired it from him.

The story continues over the next couple years. More living abroad (mostly Buenos Aires and Brazil) but also a 1 month trip to Australia to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, a month in SE Asia (Thailand and Singapore) and 2 months in Europe (Brittany, France, Spain and Scandinavia). Right now I am writing this mesage from Cape Town where I have been for the last month. Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are leaving for a road trip up the eastern Cape all the way to Kruger Park and hopefully a quick visit to Mozambique. I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I am really learning a lot, it's very rewarding. Yesterday we were taken to a local shanty town where we got to meet the people living there, see their 2 bed room apartment where 4 families (16 people live), to go to their pub (isnide a shanty shack) and drink their version of beer, play with the kids, see how they cook and it was really an amazing experience. You definately get a tear in your eye when there thinking about how fortunate we are having so much in our lives. The people seem very happy, there were lots of smiles and they don't know any other type of life. I'll never forget my day yesterday and that is why I have choosen the lifestyle I have.

So back to my Bambi. She is currently at North Dallas RV having some sheet metal work done and the floor replaced. Then she is going to get silver zolatone on the interior and I will have my empty space where I will design it's use around my needs. I am hoping to do some CAD modeling to study the space and how I can make it fit what I want to do. Imagine a lazy boy with a flat panel TV positioned where I have a great view out the windows. (It's not going to be that, but my idea is comfort to kick back and work from a big plush couch/chair). I bought her to be a mobile office and weekend get-a-way trailer. I will probably not have a shower or toilet in her (just small white and grey tanks for the tiny kitchen). The plan is that I can shower or use the restroom at the campground if out for the weekend. I have indeed been looking at buying another Airstream to pull my Bambi, a classic motorhome. I review every new ad listing and keep my eyes on eBay. Nothing perfect has come up for sale but when it does, I will likely jump on the deal. Seeing as I don't even have a home in the States, storage is an issue, so I might not pull the trigger on that until I get back.

My job in Dallas was leading the IT team for a fee only financial advisory firm. When I left, I started looking for forums on that topic because I was very familiar with it. That's when I contacted the owner of They are an amazing group of people from whom I have learned so much. Many of them believe in many of the same principle of living as I do. Live below your means, plan, and save. I made the first step towards saving when a motivated buyer contact me about buying this past fall. The deal took about 3 months to close but ultimately the site was sold to them. They are very passionate about making the site better and I was able to diversify my assets a little which were 100% in forums.

There are various entreprenuers in the Airstream market including the people who own dealerships (for profit), publications such as Airstream Life (for profit), and stores like Vintage Trailer Supply and Inland RV (for profit).
Originally Posted by Melody Ranch
Then I get a notice about the upcoming push for "sustaining membership..." (read dollars) here.....but after the previous mentioned info I feel like I am being screwed. I love this Forum and the info provided but now I wonder about the 'Social Knowledge" tie in.

I had always hoped it was set up and run by an Airstream Fanatic and not by some Web Site Administrator in it just for the $$$$$. At least someone that owned, and was involved with, an Airstream.
If you want an AIR sticker and virtually unlimited server resources (space for uploads, PMs, etc) then you can opt to upgrade. Upgrading your account is optional, everyone get's free access to the resources of our community.

If possible would you mind going into more details about why you feel you are getting screwed?
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Ah, well, running several larger and smaller websites myself, I can say that it does cost money. Surely we wouldn't expect Andy just to foot the bills for nothing!

WBCCI 21043
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Andy, I envy you for your talents and ability to do what you love while traveling around the world. In fact, I would like to be like you when I grow up. The sad part is that I am older than you are! Ha!

Hang in there. Along with life comes criticism. We can't please everyone all the time.
Kathy, Tommy, & Crew, Chattanooga, TN
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Originally Posted by wkerfoot

Hunter's Yahoo list still exists as does the Vintaga Airstream List hosted by Tom Patterson. I find both of value, in addition they were my first source for Airstream information on the Internet.

Thanks Bill. Good to know both are still up and running. As yourself both helped me in my Airstream Journy.

Jim N5TJZ Air# 174
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