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Good luck!

Sounds like your heart is in the right place. Life's not all about glamour. The students wil be blessed by your coming.

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While you are exploring the bison nature preserve there, make sure you take the short jog north/northwestward to a little hole-in-the-wall (well, many holes in the walls) diner called "Meers." Don't let the decor fool you... they have some very tasty bison burgers (Seismic Burger was my fav) to offer.
I couldn't tell you the cross-roads, but ask around and you're sure to find someone who knows the dive... I mean diner. =)

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You will be close to everything

Try this for a break. Bring a camera too. We are just a few hours from your new home.

TPWD: Ray Roberts Lake State Park
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...I lived in Altus next door for thirteen years...Lawton was sur-real at night because the base (fort Sill) was setting off explosives near the mountains. Those are the wichita mts. and "Thars gold hidden up thar in them hills Bro"...ask about the "Iron Door" that no-one has found yet. However if you want to see a beautiful park go to the quartz mountains state park north of Altus. you may chance upon some indian casinos too over there.Have fun
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As a former Oklahoman, I have one observation. It's pretty dry, and I don't mean water. I wouldn't expect to see beer or wine in the grocery stores. They do have liquor stores, but think it is county option.
Good luck.
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Originally Posted by herrgirdner
As a former Oklahoman, I have one observation. It's pretty dry, and I don't mean water. I wouldn't expect to see beer or wine in the grocery stores. They do have liquor stores, but think it is county option.
Good luck.
Making friends with someone who has access to a "package store" would be handy . They'll have at least a "7 Day Store" if not a package store on base.
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Im from Lawton

I just moved to Texas from Lawton area about 2 yrs ago or so... Ft. Sill is cool, the Wichita mountains have good cam sites and the small towns around are nice (Sterling, Elgin, Fletcher) but Lawton was not a good place to live in my opinion. The cost of Living is very high (compared to where im at now) and the pay for jobs is awful... it's all due to it being a base.
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As a Dallasite the area near to Lawton, as mentioned above, is a great break from the city. Dallas and Fort Worth aren't so far away for a relief from the sameness (unless you think four million cars, six million people and a metro area over 100 miles wide straddling three geograhicla regions makes for sameness), home to fine arts organizations, societies (concerts), theater, etc. But going west of Ft. Worth one passes onto the southern plains at which Ft. Sill is nearly center, once home to the greatest herd of animals on the planet; I recommend to you Walter Prescott Webb's, The Great Plains; as well, J.Evett's Haley's book on frontiersman and pioneer rancher, Charles Goodnight.

Larry McMurtry lives just south of you in Archer City, Texas, and he has moved his book scout operation there. Must have a million books in three or four stores in that town. Read his, Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen; and note his son, James, is a fine singer/songwriter. (Of course you'll recall his books made into movies, three or four or more now., Hud, Terms of Endearment, Lonesome Dove, etc)

You'll need a few albums of Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys (western swing, which the group Asleep at the Wheel keeps alive today); some time at places like Albany, TX or other towns where the rodeos have the nearest thing to cowboys today. Country & Western was once a decent genre, the "westerness" is pretty much gone. Merle Haggard really ought to have been born there, and you'll find that transplanted Okies made the California Bakersfield sound that still pops up.

Gore Vidal did some growing up in Oklahoma as his grandfather was one of the first US Senators of that state; the history of that area as a state has all the ingredients for first rate reading (corruption, crime, and Kerr-McGee). There are a couple of giant ranches left in that area, so the plains wildlife you can see has some great ranges.

Of course, the thunderstorms are unmatched. Yanks don't understand and don't expect 'em to. You'll learn to read the skies like the rest of us, and you'll be prepared to move on or take shelter.

The rivers have a life of their own, the Red is as much a border in some ways as the Rio Grande; a sub-culture all along it.

Eastern Oklahoma is gorgeous. Lake Tenkiller, for one. Arrowhead. Will Rogers was born near Oolagah in the Nation (Cherokee) and taught by a freed slave some of his basics, still good today. Look for a book or two on the 101 Ranch (a Bill Cody-style traveling extravaganza and the Hollywood connection).

You might also enjoy books on the oil industry; the biography of J. L. DeGolyer; The Prize, etc. Oil and gas production is still big in the area south of you. H.K. Bissingers, Friday Night Lights is mandatory.

Of course, Angie Debo. Live there awhile and western painting, literature, etc. ain't so removed. Try Joaquin Jackson's recent memoir on being a Texas Ranger, too.

Richard Avedon's photo book, The American West [correct title?] and others can begin to give you a feel. It ain't about TV land and being (in the recent words of cyber-idiot Wm. Gibson) "connected" electronically.

Much is sudden. Little is hidden.

I'll bet that more than one AM station still precedes the 6:00 a.m. "Farm & Ranch Report" with Eddie Arnolds, Cattle Call.
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Life is what you make of it.

We moved to a lot of different places when I was newly married and some of them were not the most exciting places in the world but I found that each place was what we made of it. We made it our choice to "get into" whatever was happening in each place....I learned about "Hoosier Hysteria" (Fort Wayne), about blizzards and snow (Syracuse--also Steuben nearby), and about Tanglewood (Pittsfield) . But I learned so much about our great country and am so grateful we had the opportunity to experience so much. We just made up our minds to like wherever we lived......sometimes it was easier than others!! Good luck and hope to see you down the road. pj
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I lived in Ponca City, OK for a couple of years and in that time, did a lot of camping in a pop-up all around the state (could get pretty much anywhere in less than a day...). Really liked it there. This coming from a native Texas where we call Oklahoma "North Texas"... course, they call Texas "Baja Oklahoma". Shoot, what do they know...

Found out early on that it really isn't where you live but who you're with and who you get to know, that counts.

Pretty state with a really varied topography, fabulous campgrounds and people. Had a helluva time at the Pow Wows! Yup, Oklahoma is OK with me!
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I live in Altus, about fifty miles away from may die from boredom! Get you a good metal detector so that no matter where you are at you can find places to seek out treasure, A facinating pastime, especially on beaches and playgrounds...Lawton has these eirie bombs that go off from the army base and you can hear and see them lighting up the night sky sometimes. There is a casino nearby too Cammanche Nation Have fun!
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Has to be one of the worst places on earth !! Army dragged me there kicking and screaming (drafted) for AIT (artillery surveyor) before heading to Viet Nam. The only thing i remember that i liked were the women.
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Well Oklahoma doesn't have all the glamour of some states; however, you will never find better people than the folks here. I was born here and have lived in several states because of my work. I keep coming back to Oklahoma and it's not because of the women. Lawton certainly isn't a garden spot, but there is a lot of history there. Geronimo is buried at the old fort. There are mountains (Ok, Oklahoma hills) and animals. Just remember I can park as many trailers in my yard as I can stuff in, I got the tag agent to come out and get the VIN number off all three of the trailers I've taged here so I wouldn't have to drag them to her office, the guy that changes my oil in my Tundra came out to fix a hole in my driveway because Bob was out of town and when I was in Florida the city police called me on my cell phone to tell me something had set off my smoke alarm and they had gone to the Health Department where I work to see if anyone had a key so they could check the house to see that things were all right. It turned out to be just high humidity and they closed up the house and turned on the AC so it wouldn't happen again. One of the sons of a woman where I work even goes over to check on my invalid sister in the town where he is in college...for nothing. It's 35 miles away and makes less stress for both my sister and myself. We can play football in this state too!!
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My memories of the Lawton-Ft. Sill Area....

I remember being at Sill as a temp assignment. coming from the 82d Airborne they (whomever "they" is?) decided I would be a tack NCO at a BCT company (Basic Training) The drill Sgt.'s often let me run the recruits for morning PT. I rmember an armadillo running through the formation and causing a bit of a disturbance. One gal thought it was a giant rat! One day the troopies were feeling their wheaties and the drills decided that me and another temporary duty NCO should run the trainies at our training speed (about 6.5-7 miles/minute), for a quick four miler. The CO was very unhappy about athe 25% finish rate. We did not get to run the troops after that. The run to Geronimo's tomb is a nice road. The old Ft. Sill that was built by the buffaloe soldiers (black cavalry) is still standing. Several famous indian prisoners were kept there.

Lawton was an Army town. A strip of seedy bars always comes with that type of town. Outside of the strip Lawton seemed like a normal town to me. As to it be a boring great plains town I do not totaly agree. Though I understand that sentiment.

No matter where you go, the location is what you make of it. While I am not intimate with the things to do in Oaklahoma, I was not bored at all.

When on recruiting duty I once talked to a young man that wanted to join the Army. He had his brother (verteran) come down to the office with him. The young fellow wanted anything except Germany. When I asked why he looked at his brother, the brother said it was boring! Finding that hard to believe, I asked what he did over there....he responded that he stayed in his room and listened to his sterio. I think I know what the problem was. You only have to start exploring to have something to do! Lawton or anywhere else.

I did find ultimately find one place that was so bad it was like Montana without sheep! That spot is classified, I have a feeling that at least one other AS type knows where that is. Outside of the secret spot...start exploring, that alone can keep one busy for a long time.

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