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Originally Posted by sempi2 View Post
...I am now wondering what you are trying to tell me????Really???
no hidden message, the post as written is the only message, really.

all the best whatever u decide.

lots of hensley helpers here so post the question and get the FULL bounty of advice.


all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Post Dear sempi2...

We feel for ya!
My brother Mel's wife Linda had her knees replaced and is like new! She's out there playing golf and tennis, as we speak!

Knowing and having a good doctor is of utmost importance!
The Best to you, and get back here and let us know how you are doing!
With Love


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Knee Replacement

Originally Posted by 2airishuman View Post
total (or partial) knee replacement surgery is ELECTIVE surgery.

while it might at times seem like it's life saving,

the fact is it is life enhancing, when the outcomes are positive.

that means YOU have to elect to have this done and should approach it with due diligence.

but this shouldn't be confused with...

potentially life SAVING surgery (cancer/trauma) where few other options exist and TIME is critical.

-get a 2nd option from a different ortho group/doc,

-in fact get a 3rd opinion, possibly from a rheumatologist or physical medicine doc.

-learn what the alternatives are to knee replacement (there are at least 6)

-get CLEAR on the risks ALL of them, the recovery time and so on.

-find a few folks LOCALLY who have had this surgery...

not everyone has the SAME issues/outcomes but a sampling of patients is useful

(folks your same age/health/weight are best for comparison)

-talk with the physical therapists...

that YOU will eventually see after surgery, REALLY get their views on this.

-ask if you can VISIT the clinic when someone who has JUST had surgery is IN for therapy.

-many folks DO have both done at once and there are good reasons to take this approach.

but some/others DO have 1 done then sort out doing the 2nd.

this is complicated and important stuff.

it's really beyond the scope of an rv forum

and with ALL the same risksnconfusion as asking about tires or hitches...

except there's blood, knives/needles, pain and your body involved.

so ok it's JUST like tires or hitches.

the local arthritis foundation should have support and education resources...

so should the hospital and docs office and PT office, so get busy finding LOCAL info.


2air, I am curious, what expertise would a "rheumatologist" have to offer based on the specific question that was asked to be answered? The question was "Anyone had both knees done at the same time?
Looking for your thoughts - help!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In addition, you are suggesting seeking a third opinion as a consult by health care professionals who I do not believe are credentialed to conduct orthopedic surgery. These other professionals you reference are very instrumental and often assist with the decision process leading up to determining if a replacement is necessary, however, the botton line is that only the orthopedic surgeon and the patient knows what is best for the patient. All patients are and should be encouraged to seek as much information as they can in preparation for any procedure or therapy. Once they find a surgeon they like and trust, THIS IS who they need to rely on for what is best for their well being instead of having multiple experts hanging on the sideline with everyone offering a different opinion. Don't send him on a wild goose chase. Let his surgeon take the lead in getting the necessary information. Thats one of many reasons his surgeon went to medical school!

Regarding your comments about elective surgery, you have obviously been hanging around a dermatology office too long! There are a significant amount of life saving joint replacement procedure taking place everyday. Just take a walk through your local hospital's oncology unit.

What sempi2 simply needs to do is to associate with an orthopedic surgeon who he feels comfortable with and who he trusts. Once he finds this, they will work together to obtain all the necessary information so the decision to do one or both joints at once is informed. His surgeon will put sempi2 in contact with the exact staff who will be involved in the rehab and follow-up care such as PT's, Physical Rehab, Physical Medicine, etc.
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the prior post was EDITED after most of this reply was typed,

that happens but can be confusing.

i will leave my reply intact and ADD a bit.

actually my post doesn't suggest 4th, 5th or 6th opinions...

and to suggest it does suggests u r reading from some other place or time or dimension.

and the op does include "looking for your thoughts"

which IS the nature of the reply i posted.

Originally Posted by MrAgent007 View Post
...These other professionals you reference are very instrumental and often assist with the decision process leading up to determining if a replacement is necessary...
it would appear u have already answered your own questions above, good job!

nothing suggested IN my early post is out of line

nothing suggested is OUT side of standard practices.

there is PLENTY of evidence that patients who get ENGAGED in the process...

do better than those that just rely on the doc for help/info guidance.

if u have issues with some1 SEEKING careful/selective advice on an important procedure...

please get medical help...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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As one who has been through the process, I can tell you that several people are involved with the decision making process. I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and my Rhuematoligist was Very helpful along the way. Although the docs will tell you to wait as long as you can to have it ultimately it IS your decision. That being said Sempi2, when you do have the surgery and go to rehab, do your rehab diligently. Do your home exercises diligently. The effort you put in for 3-6 weeks of rehab will have consequences for many years. Want good results-fight through the pain of rehab and enjoy life. Get bad results-half a$$ the rehab effort and pay for it with still chronic pain but to a lesser degree. Some days it hurt so bad when I was done I would sit in the truck and cry, but it was worth it.
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I have had 4 hip replacements and 2 knee replacements. None at the same time.

Listen to your doctors. DO THE REHAB. Knees hurt to rehab, but push yourself to do it or you won't get a good result regardless of if you do them one at a time or together. One of my knees is excellent. The other one hurts but not nearly as bad as prior to surgery. I am still so happy I did it even though I still have a little pain. It is better than the alternative. My range of motion and strength are good because I did the rehab fully. I can't stress enough how important the rehab is. And it hurts to do it. But you have bad knee pain now, what's a little more, short term pain for a tremendous gain?

I was not a candidate for doing them both at the same time, so I can not speak to that. But I got my life back because of the surgeries. I love to hike. I don't do long, strenous hikes anymore, but I can do pretty much what I want, pain free. Well, except for the pesky back pain, but that's another story.

Much luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

All the best,
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All doctors are not created equal so do your research and try to talk to others who have experience with your surgeon.

No matter how bad you think the PT is (and it is rough) for long term it is extremely important.

Not everyone is a candidate for "both at once" and that is going to be between you your knees and the DR.

To answer your question "I don't know" having one knee was bad but both at once? Good news if all goes well you have it behind you in one shot and have less chance of hospital induced infection. Down side if one knee does not respond as well your over all recovery time will probably be longer than one at a time.

What ever you decide best of luck.
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I had my first total replacement in early March. All went much better than expected. I am now having knee 2 replaced October 13th. My surgeon refuses to replace both as the same time unless the cause is something like an auto accident. Sometimes, having one done will relieve the need for knee #2. But all of life's needs - getting out of bed, potty / shower issues & general mobility are affected and I personally am glad my surgeon wouldn't do both as the same time. The therepy required can be painful & you have to push yourself thru that to the achieve lasting results.

I understand the logic about having both replaced at the same time. Having been there - I wouldn't suggest it.
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A friend had both knees done about 3 months ago, and is ecstatic with the results. But- she was VERY athletic and motivated prior to, and after, the surgeries. She said it's pretty tough the first 2-3 weeks, but then she was driving her stick-shift car. She also did a lot of elective therapy during rehab, like rolfing, massage, accupuncture, etc. The point being, I guess, that it may work for you to have both done at once IF you take an aggressive, active approach to the rehab. Definitely not for the timid, I would guess. Best of luck from a fellow replacement candidate- tim
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Weather YOU decide to replace one or both at the same time one very important thing to consider is the fact that replacements are CONSTANTLY IMPROVING.

As mentioned above, go as long as you possibly can before replacing as even a one year longer wait greatly improves chances of having a 'better' one available and I've been advised this is something you don't want to do more than once.
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Originally Posted by sempi2 View Post
dkb satx, thanks, did she have both knees replaced at the same time? But it is very encouraging that she is dancing.
I am looking forward to walking without pain, but know that rehab will be long.
Yes, she had both knees replaced on the same day. The downside of that is that BOTH knees are killing you during rehab, but the upside is that you only go under general anesthesia once. That's hard on the body, and as we age its effects get worse. Another thing the professionals say is that if you do one, go through the rehab for it and then think about going through it all again in a few months or a year, there's a strong temptation to chicken out about the second one.
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And, you know, regarding the rehab thing, in my opinion if you have 1, 1/12 or 2 bad knees, it is best to rehab (strengthen) them both to help in your overall stability.

It's what I did, and I am still independently doing strengthening exercises on both knees. It's a good thing.

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Physical Therapist

Hi Sempi2 - I am a physical therapist who has been working with post op total joint replacements for many years. I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Younger patients who did not do well with one replacement and an 85 year old that was up and walking with a walker a few days after bilateral knee replacements. From my experience the most important things include - pre op education and strengthening exercise with a physical therapist, initiation of post op exercise and ambulation asap after surgery (we start many the first day after surgery), good post op pain control so that you can tolerate the exercise program and regain your range of motion as quickly as possible. I would also recommend a CPM. This is a constant passive motion machine that is oftentimes positioned and started while you are in the recovery room. It is crucial to regain your knee flexion (bending) as soon as possible after surgery. This and early weight bearing, I believe, are the best indicators of good long term prognosis. The pain you will have after surgery is very much different (I am told) than the pain from the damaged joint. The pain prior to surgery is from a lack of cartilage and bone on bone contact. The post op pain is due to the surgical procedure and that will resolve. I know I am biased but your physical therapist will be your best post op friend, even though they will ask you to do things that you think are impossible. I hope you can find a caring professional who you connect with to make your recovery a joyful experience. I wish you the very best.
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For the DIY crowd:

Ran into a local man today whose late orthopaedist father was progenitor of the knee replacement (Jackson Upshaw Elsevier)

The story was that the Doc arrived home one evening ca. 1972 and went to work on a block of balsa wood with a folding knife out on the back porch . . one of those "beautifully simple solutions" emerged, and he had a friend (machinist/metalworker) bring it to scale for presentation to manufacturers. Time has certainly moved on:

Conceptualization to Completion

(A good intro to 3D printing if one is not yet familiar with the phrase).

My 82-year old widowed mother recently had knee replacement. Quality of life is an apt beginning description as she is no longer "confined" in time & distance in re activities involving other people. There is alone, and there is alone.


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