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Hi Asta2 . Sorry for your troubles. Nothing makes me more angry than this type of behaviour from auto dealers. Many, many years ago whin I was in Navy JAGC, we had a system of dealing with businesses that cheated military personnel. You man want to check with your JAGC office.
Good luck. joe

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Purchasing a new car or truck should be a happy time not a stress filled anger surrounded occasion. I am really sorry this happened to you.

Chaplain Kent
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CSI (customer satisfaction numbers) are the hot button with dealership owners. Without excellent CSI he can't buy new product dealerships as most are trying to do.
One thing not touched upon by other posters is who you bank with. If you let your banker know what happened with the purchase order and they do any kind of volume with the dealership in qestion this may come back to bite the dealer on future deals.
The "puppy dog" close is used to help prospective customers take "mental ownership" of the vehicle. The rest is up to the skill and cunning of the dealership staff.
For those who, like me, distain the process...remember profit is not a dirty word in the USA. It goes without saying that some experience quite different buying scenerios.
Internet buying is becoming a much more viable alternative to the live and in person experience.
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It's an old con and it works on not a few prospects (marks). Walk away from it and find another dealer. Rest assured that they, like the proverbial suicide blond, will die by their own hand sooner or later, and, sooner or later, will crop up again somewhere. In a civilized society you could horsewhip them.
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After being a sales manager and F&I guy in dealerships for 12 years.. I have some experience to quote from. Make an appintment with the highest up person at that dealership, general manager, owner, whomever you can see. Show them the signed order and see what they do. If is done for you, I would use auto bytel or another car site to try and match that deal. They will not screw with you.
I would also contact the Chevrolet District Rep and file a very strong complaint. A signed buyers order from management is a contract, however if there was no deposit ( earnest money ) they can choose to baatck out.
If you chose to back out it would have been another story.
This is one reason why I am no longer on that business, too much nasty treatment of customers, and emplyees!!
The market here is so strong every dealer rapes you for a 300-700 "documentation" fee after the deal is done. I refuse to pay that, backing it out of the bottom line. If they want to deal without it or reduce the price I will do biz. with them. If not, I walk. It not only is a rape of the cusotmer, the dealer does not pay any commission to the sales guys either on that money so its pure profit to them. In addition to hold back, and the 2% or so they get per vehicle at years end, AND the prep money they get from the factory, AND the money the make on your trade, AND the finance money.
Just realized you too are here in ATLANTA....GM has offices here and can be contacted easily if this is not resolved. Was it Bill Heard?? They bought out my old dealership.....
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ASTA> I agree with the advice many have given a couple other points.. First you must tell the forum and all of your Army buddies the NAME of the dealership it's only fair that others are warned properly so they may avoid future business with this dealership . Second.. If you end up starting over in your search my recommendation is to do all of your homework online and call the Internet Manager of the dealerships that have the exact model you want in stock. My last 4 vehicles and my Airstream were all negotiated and purchased with several phone conversations with the internet managers they tend to cut to the chase on pricing saving you valuable time and trouble of driving all over Atlanta and beyond. You'll also avoid the tag team close game...(oh let me go talk to my manager...sound familiar?.. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Customer I'd like to introduce you to my manager....idle chit chat..ya da ya da...we can get close Mr. Customer but this deal is real thin for our dealership....BS...) Salesmen are paid many different ways but typically it is on margin, volume and some spiff for old inventory turns. Internet pricing is less because the salesmen are usually paid different. So it is a better place to START the negotiations. And third...a sincere thank you for your service to our country. Good Luck with your new Tow Vehicle.
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."- Mark Twain

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I just had a ruff deal with our local chevy dealer over a 06 1/2 ton pickup been back and forth to the dealer for the past three month cancelled deal refininced fired salesman you name it they have said it to top that I was pulled over by the police in jackson ms. on my way to purchase my a/s in mo. and they said the tag was not reg. to this vehicle that the dealer handeled all the paper work on some 4 months ago. I am kinda stuck with the truck and I like it but i will seek service somewhere else than my local dealer..
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Go to the Top...

After a totally screwed up service visit at the dealership, the best reply the service writer could come up with, was " sorry about that ". It was the last thing I wanted to hear. I went home and filled out a customer survey card that came from the manufacturer, recounting the problem and mailed it off to Chrysler/Dodge. Eight days later the service manager called about the negative responses to Dodge. Extremely apologetic, he told me whenever I was ready,to call by 9:00 pm closing time to re-schedule for the following day and that he would have a new loaner car free of charge untill my truck was fixed right . He told me later that the last thing they want, is to hear from the Factory about negative customer service.

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OK guys, just got home - seems like I spent the whole day there.

Bottomline: We came home with the truck.

We wrote a check for $424 to make it happen, but it did get the bed Line-X sprayed somewhere in that, and I don't have to do this again for a very long time...

I went in assuming the deal was dead and asking for documentation that they had killed it. Sales manager insisted that he would not give me anything in writing. I pointed out to him the many ways I felt they had wronged me including the fact that he had lied to me the previous night about his losses - he said $2K, but I showed him math that proved only $400. He then went on a tangent about the how his people had offered me too much for my trade-in, but offered to sell it to me if I made up the loss.

Did I point out that by the time we got there he had already heard from Chevy Corp and the Automotive Group that owns his dealership about my complaint and was trying to explain his actions to both?

I have to leave town for a while next week and didn't want to spend the weekend looking for another, so I compromised -- wife took some convincing, as she was hot.

In the end, I paid more than what was quoted for the bedliner ($424 v $360), but far less than what the Sales Manager wanted to renegotiate for. I'm not exactly sure *what* happened between agreeing to buy the truck a second time and signing the final papers. I suspect it was a phone call to the Sales Manager from the owner of his Automotive Group.

But hey, it's my birthday, so maybe it was just Karma.
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Well Done!

Congrats on getting the truck and hanging tough... If it came down to an extra $64 that is an annoyance, but less than you'd likely spend unwinding that one and starting over...

Could well be that original deal over-valued trade-in, as night deals sometimes use blue-book rates which don't hold up when used car buyer/auction reps actually see your vehicle in light of day.. That is one reason to trade car with issues in on new one, rather than try to sell yourself.

John McG

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Is It Really Worth the Aggravation?

I guess having owned my own business for the last twelve years, I can't see doing much else other than walking away and maybe filing a complaint with the manufacturer. I would certainly write a letter to the owner of the dealership, as he/she ought to be aware of the transaction and why the deal fell through.

While I'm sure there are a lot of bait and switch games going on with dealers, they're selling mostly to buyers who don't have the money to begin with (it's at the bank) which to me seems to neutralize most of the perceived bargaining power of the buyer to negotiate a great deal anyway. Every consumer must feel like they "stole it" or they end up feeling cheated and go down the steet to the competition.

The older I become, the more I look to quality and service over price. While sometimes I may pay a little more than I should, I also find that it is worse to pay too little and be stuck with an inferior product and/or service. As a business owner, I have less and less patience with those who would prefer I operate at little or no profit, as long as they get "theirs". I have built my business on superior quality and service with loyal, repeat customers who'd like to see me in business next week, not the "buy one, get one free" crowd.

Would you really want to go back for service with this dealer? Or buy your next vehicle from them?

It is possible (and probable in my view) that the salesman screwed up and you're rightfully disappointed. A decent business person would find a way to make it right with you. If not, walk on.

As a consumer in a free country, you have the power to walk away.

As a veteran myself, I don't think most dealers target veterans, other than those next to the tattoo parlors and strip clubs frequented by the E-1 to E-4 variety.

***I guess the news of the deal came through as I was composing this note. Congrats on your deal!***
Ron Kaes
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Bad Dealer

I would go elsewhere regardless. You already negotiated; it's time to walk. There must be 20 Chevrolet dealers in the Atlanta area. You can view all of the dealers' Duramax stock from the from the Chevrolet Website and call them a final price. Tell them it's a single offer deal. They WILL offer their best price.
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PS; give us the name of the dealership.
SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
WBCCI #3628 -- AIR #14872 -- TAC #FL-7
2015 FC 25' FB (Lucy) with HAHA
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While looking to replace the '92 1500 4X4 that my son rolled (was to be his graduation present), I decided to check out the local Ford dealership. I'm a Chevy man but testdrove a used '00 F250 PSD and a new '01 F250 with V-10. Performance of both left much to be desired. While talking with a saleswoman in her office I heard yelling in the office next to me. A couple had signed a deal and the salesman was now backing out on it. They had their say, the owner came into the office asking how he could make it right and the couple said they wouldn't buy a vehicle from a dealership with that type of underhanded tactics. They left. I don't know if the owner ever called them back to give them the original deal again or what. Needless to say, I left and wouldn't buy a vehicle from that dealer.


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