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Originally Posted by mistral blue View Post
Just over two years smoke free for me and now mrs mistral blue is on the verge of quitting.

Hey Brother, pass a word on to the Mrs.... please tell her that if I could so can she. I look forward to seeing all three of you very soon. Miss you all a ton.

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Next month will be thirteen years for me and the wife celebrated fourteen years on Halloween. It's hard to imagine either of us smoking at this point and neither of us can be in a smoke-filled room for any length of time. Come on you guys who are giving this consideration, you can do this.


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Originally Posted by mistral blue View Post
Just over two years smoke free for me and now mrs mistral blue is on the verge of quitting.
There are smokers and non-smokers. We all start life as a non smoker unless mom had that habit. Many of us become smokers. Nearly all try to quit. Quiting is very hard. It's a smoker trying to not smoke which most resent because they want to smoke, just not have the effects. People with resentments tend to be hell bent on punishing everyone. The body sensations are labeled as craving by the smoker's mind. When you decide that you are a non-smoker then you realize the sensations are the body starting to recover from what you did to it. And even one dramatically slows this down.
I did the cutting down thing over a period of 3 years, up and down. It was easy somedays and would start to increase others. Many people don't stop until they have an emergency room visit, heart attach, breathing, ect. Some don't stop even then. At the hospital they line up outside with the Oxygen tank and to have a smoke.

Chant for non smokers, yoga position is optional.

I really like being a non-smoker. Cann't for the live of me understand why I ever did that and in fact it's like I never did.

Personally I don't go to or stay places where there is smoking because it stinks and bothers my breathing. My lungs refuse to cooperate in even passive smoking. It's a toxin and they know it.

The secret is to never stop being a non-smoker once you are again. Keep getting back on the program over and over and over again.

Good Luck, the little ones are watching and learning. If they like you they want to grow up and do what you do to be like you.
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No mas

Nice chant. I bet Amanda could really get into yoga too.

I've quit many times before. Always cold-turkey. Somehow I always managed to justify starting up again because I knew I could quit: mind-over-matter, refuse-to-lose mentality.

But I don't think I'm strong enough to go through it again. This last time was too hard.

I'm done.
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Thank you for sharing/ Clancy boy, airstreams & Nuwa members

Somewhere around April/May 2007 I was looking for an escape, I found this nuwa & airstreams forum. My father a retired master chief was nearing the end of his battle with what had started as lung cancer and spread to bone and finely brain. He was AGCM Herbert C. Horton. He finely succumbed September 14, 2008. From the brief description of a few of your fathers attributes reminded me of my own fathers, perhaps those are somewhat normal traits of master chiefs of that era of which I speak from experience, I also am retired military and was raised with his values and disciplyn. (But not his knowledge of spelling). I am not very computer literate, wish I could show you a picture of him. He has john Wayne's features, especially the nose, and yes he passed all those greek Adonis type features along to me. (A little prideful humor). Back then master chiefs were referred to as the right hand of god, but his wife (my mother) referred to him as chiefy weefy. This is being a difficult time, my wife's father, (retired Airforce), had succumbed to his battle with diabetes / renal failure appx. 3 months prior to my father and in between the days of their passing my dog (bruno) died and not having bruno around to hang onto was crushing and if that ain't enough you can throw that PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in the mix. One of my father's most common phrases (right up to the day he passed) was "DAM DEMOCRATS". Ive heard that that is a common phrase within all the E9 ranks. At least the good ones. Anyways I found the airstream & nuwa forums and spent countless hours of sleepless nights reading and escaping into your insights, knowledge, and travel logs/pictures. I found the area about pets & pets that had passed away and found in your sharing that I was not alone but couldn't stay there long & still can't, it is still too crushing. My father, in his last several months pleaded and requested that I promise that I would quit smoking. And during one of those long nights while reading thru the forums I bumped into the "I QUIT SMOKING" thread/topic and read clancy boy's reply where in he spoke of his father which made me feel NOT ALONE. The coincidence of master chiefs, smoking, cancer, the brief narrative about his father which rings nearly the same to mine and experiences he describes I personally shared in, in at least some forms with my father. That thread was a LIFELINE for me. And I have wondered if my finding these forums and that particular thread was just a coincidence. As I have stated I am not computer literate and really hate these things, but you will find me hammering away on this old laptop when I need an escape. I don't drink, can't dance, and am to fat to fly. Like you (cb) I am NOT doing this for sympathy. I had wanted for a long time to say THANK-YOU, (in itself a rare commodity for me im told). I am somewhat a loner and have always done for myself as I was taught. I not only wanted to thank you but all the members of airstreams & nuwa for what they did and are doing which provides me with brief escapes from troubling times. As of late I am again spending a lot of time visiting and seeing all your travels as you see fit primarily due to the daughter (32 YR OLD BUT WILL ALWAYS BE A KID TO ME) A SMOKER, is currently in hospital, critical condition, blood clots leg and both lungs (smoking) but is expected to pull thru. No worries mate. so am back around quite a lot. If I have bruised anyones delicate sensibilities or stepped out of line somehow accept my apologies. THANK-YOU.

Your at the center of my heart
embraced in the arms of my soul
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Currently Looking...
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Sorry, my bad, was 2008 vice 2007
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Wecolme aboard Sailor! Athough I myself am prior Air Force, but no matter, we all serve according to our preferences. My father pased away in 2005 but I still carry on his love for the outdoors and camping. Although as I often say, this isn't really camping, it's Airstreaming. Our daughter really enjoys the rallys and all that we go to and that is something important that I can pass on to her.

I wish you well with your desire to quite smoking, may you be successful in your endeavor!
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To those who are about to Stream-I salute you!
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Working on 4 months now. I smoked on and off since the mid 80s. This is my third time quitting and I believe it is going to stick this time. I tried Zyban and it worked for me this time around.
Louis & Sergio

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It is amazing to see this thread on the forum but I am so happy to read it. I am at 12 weeks and 3 days. Surely hope it holds--the cravings are still there but have not succumbed yet and don't plan to. Told my wife that the only way to know that I will never smoke again is when I am dead--she can be sure then. What a nasty, filthy, expensive addiction that I still wish I could do 20 times a day. Just tired of being a slave to nicotine and the government (think it takes about 18 cents worth of stuff to make a pack of cigarettes but the government gets the rest so they love it--they tell us out of one side of their mouth to quit and then spend our tax money generated from it out of the other). I quit with the assistance of Chantix. I would strongly recommend anyone considering using Chantix to read up and research well. This stuff is horrible to tolerate for some. I had all the bad side effects of the drug: insomnia, weird dreams, lack of mental focus, temporary personality change, and it made my teeth hurt like hell. I had planned to take it for six months to really insure that I would never go back to the smokes, but I just quit taking it at the 3 month mark because it was absolutely intolerable. It did what it is supposed to do but the baggage it brings along for the ride is rough. If you are considering using it to help you quit, just know what is possible on this drug--it is very powerful. They just increased the warning that it may cause some people to be more inclined to commit suicide while taking it than they had previously believed. Serious business. To all the others who have quit, thank you for sharing your stories--it is always better to know that someone else has endured tha same pain and gotten to the other side, especially a fellow Airstreamer. Breathe on.Bill
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I quit 5 years ago and I was someone who loved to smoke.
You will be amazed at how quickly your lung capacity increases.
The first day I quit, my 5 year old dog peed on the floor, for the first time ever, after being outdoors for 2 hours. I wanted to kill him.
Don't replace your cravings with junkfood.
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Currently Looking...
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Have you ever seen the recordings of the tobacco ceo's speaking to congress swearing that THEY BELIEVE tobacco is not addictive. Then the company's memo's/letters discovered about nicotine addiction and their research and ways to increase the level and potency. LYING #!%&%*, and they don't go to prison for lying to congress. And I understand that they are making money on stop smoking aids patches, gum, etc.
Gettin ya coming and going.
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I quit a little over two years ago by using Chantix. The only side effect I experienced was very vivid dreams (not nightmares). They seemed so real and if I woke in the middle of the night I would start back where I left off. It was kind of fun actually. After the second week I didn't want a cigarette even when my husband was smoking nearby. I know everyone reacts differently but I was so glad to find something that really worked for me without simply replacing one form of nicotine for another.

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I'm coming up on 5 years in a couple of days. How's everyone elso doing?
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I can't remember when I ever felt better..

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