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I am going to be RICH I tell you!

I just received this urgent plae for help, and it will make me a sizable sum! If I can't do it due to time does anyone else want to?

Good Day ,

l am Dr. Pius Okonkwo., Civil Servant in the Ministry
of Health. l know this proposal will come to you as
asurprise because we have not met before either
physically or through correspondence.
I got your contact from our chamber of commerce here
in Nigeria and have no doubt in your ability to handle
this proposal involving huge sum of money.
My father Chief Isama Okonkwo (Now Late) was the Royal
Head of my community, ELEME (an oil rich town) in
Nigeria. My community produces 5.8% of the total crude
oil production in Nigeria and 0.5% of the Dollar value
of each barrel is paid to my father as royalty by the
Federal Government. My father was also the Chairman of
ISAMA Special Oil Trust Fund. In his position as the
Royal head and Chairman of the Oil Trust Fund, he made
some money which he left for me as the only heir to
The money is Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand
US Dollars(US$18.5). This Money originated from the
accumulated royalties between 1976-1998 . Due to poor
banking system in Nigeria and political instability as
a result of past Military rules (1985-1999) , he
deposited this Money in a Strong Room/"VAULTS" with an
open beneficiary in a security company pending when he
would finish arrangement to transfer it abroad . He
was planning this when he died late last year of Heart
Just before my father died he called my attention to
the money and charged me to look for a foreigner who
would assist me in the transfer/investment of the
funds abroad. So l would be very grateful if you could
accept to help me achieve this great objective.
I promise to give you 15% of the total funds
transferred to your vital bank account as compensation
for your assistance. Five percent (5%)has been set
aside to take care of all expenses we may incure
during the transaction. To indicate your interest,
contact me urgently and confidentially for more
information and the roles you will play in this
All the legal Documents concerning this Money will be
sent to you as soon as we agreed together. Please I will
appreciate that you send your telephone/fax numbers to
enable me contact you immediately for discussions.
May the almighty God bless you.
Yours faithfully,

Dr.Pius Okonkwo

Brett G
WBCCI #5501 AIR # 49
1978 Argosy 28 foot Motorhome

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. -- Plato

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You gotta be kidding me!


Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form. -NY Times 11/91
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I am going to be even Richer

And yes, I am doing the con-baiting with two different ones right now. It is fun to e-mail them back like I am very interested and greedy. There are web sites out their on baiting the cons. I have them sending me documents, photos etcetra. I figure after they spend a few months I will just keep increasing my request for information and providing false junk back. I usual give my address on Ucon Street, Dumhass, USA and they still write back over and over.

For Your Kind Attention
I am DR.Frank Awori,and I am the personal assistant
to Mr Mohammed Abacha,the first son of the former military head of state of Nigeria Gen sanni Abacha.Currently my boss Mohammed Abacha is in detention due to the large sum of money siphoned by his family,it is known that about 4 billion United states dol
lars has been amassed by the Abacha family.
Before my boss Mohammed Abacha was detained,he kept in my possesion a box which contained the sum of 35 million United states dollars(35,000,000USD)and he instructed me to deposit it in a security company which I did and after which I should look for
a reliable foreign partner who would help me transfer the money abroad.This is why I am seeking and contacting you.
If you succeed in helping me transfer this money out 15%of the money would be given to you,10% would be used for unforseen expenses,while the remaining 75% would be for the family and the money would be invested in ! any good business in your country.
I want to assure you that there is no risk involved in this business as all necessary arrangement and documents has been put in place for a hitch free transfer.Please try and get back to me if you feel that this proposal meets with your business ethics.
Direct e-mail
yours faithfully
Dr Dr Frank Awori.
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An email address! Maybe you can send them a computer virus from hell!

Dr. this!!, you sorry excuses for humans!

Stuff like this gives all Nigerians a bad name

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Here is a funny spoof on this type of letter:

> 202.456.1414 /
> 202.456.1111 FAX: 202.456.2461
> Dear Sir / Madam,
> I am GEORGE WALKER BUSH, son of the former president of the
> United States of America George Herbert Walker Bush, and
> currently serving as President of the United States of America.
> This letter might surprise you because we have not met neither in
> person nor by correspondence. I came to know of you in my search
> for a reliable and reputable person to handle a very confidential
> business transaction, which involves the transfer of a huge sum
> of money to an account requiring maximum confidence.
> I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your
> assistance in acquiring oil funds that are presently trapped in
> the republic of Iraq. My partners and I solicit your assistance
> in completing a transaction begun by my father, who has long been
> actively engaged in the extraction of petroleum in the United
> States of America, and bravely served his country as director of
> the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
> In the decade of the nineteen-eighties, my father, then
> vice-president of the United States of America, sought to work
> with the good offices of the President of the Republic of Iraq to
> regain lost oil revenue sources in the neighboring Islamic
> republic of Iran. This unsuccessful venture was soon followed by
> a falling-out with his Iraqi partner, who sought to acquire
> additional oil revenue sources in the neighboring emirate of
> Kuwait, a wholly-owned U.S.-British subsidiary.
> My father re-secured the petroleum assets of Kuwait in 1991 at a
> cost of sixty-one billion U.S. dollars ($61,000,000,000). Out of
> that cost, thirty-six billion dollars ($36,000,000,000) were
> supplied by King Hussein, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other
> Persian Gulf monarchies, and sixteen billion dollars
> ($16,000,000,000) by German and Japanese partners. But my
> father's former Iraqi business partner remained in control of the
> republic of Iraq and its petroleum reserves.
> My family is calling for your urgent assistance in funding the
> removal of the President of the Republic of Iraq and acquiring
> the petroleum assets of his country, as compensation for the
> costs of removing him from power. Unfortunately, our partners
> from 1991 are not willing to shoulder the burden of this new
> venture, which in its upcoming phase may cost the sum of 100
> billion to 200 billion dollars ($100,000,000,000 -
> $200,000,000,000), both in the initial acquisition and in
> long-term management.
> Without the funds from our 1991 partners, we would not be able to
> acquire the oil revenue trapped within Iraq. That is why my
> family and our colleagues are urgently seeking your gracious
> assistance. Our distinguished colleagues in this business
> transaction include the sitting vice-president of the United
> States of America, Richard Cheney, who is an original partner in
> the Iraq venture and former head of the Halliburton oil company,
> and Condoleeza Rice, whose professional dedication to the venture
> was demonstrated in the naming of a Chevron oil tanker after her.
> I would beseech you to transfer a sum equaling ten to twenty-five
> percent(10-25 %) of your yearly income to our account to aid in
> this important venture. The Internal Revenue Service of the
> United States of America will function as our trusted
> intermediary. I propose that you make this transfer before the
> fifteenth (15th) of the month of April.
> I know that a transaction of this magnitude would make anyone
> apprehensive and worried. But I am assuring you that all will be
> well at the end of the day. A bold step taken shall not be
> regretted, I assure you. Please do be informed that this business
> transaction is 100% legal. If you do not wish to co-operate in
> this transaction, please contact our intermediary representatives
> to further discuss the matter.
> I pray that you understand our plight. My family and our
> colleagues will be forever grateful. Please reply in strict
> confidence to the contact numbers below.
> Sincerely with warm regards,
> George Walker Bush
> Switchboard:
> 202.456.1414
> Comments: 202.456.1111
> Fax: 202.456.2461
> e-mail:
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Now that is funny, in a sad way

God Bless America!!

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Wonderful Reply

When I am done baiting these fools, I will be copying and sending your suggested reply - how priceless.
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Originally posted by Chas
Now that is funny, in a sad way

God Bless America!!


I also noticed a hint of truth to this spoof.
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Saw this on today, under "What would the world be like if everyone bought spammers' products?"
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	cnn.jpg
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Sooooooooo.. does this mean that I should not have supplied my bank account numbers, SSN and credit card numbers to help out these unfortunate souls?

Wherever you go... there you are!
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Dang it, Pick!

You beat me to it! I was gonna post that same picture!

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hey dude.....

i've got some ocean front property in iowa that i'd sell you real cheap.....
Illegitimous noncarborundum(dont let the bastards wear you down)

The only true nobility is found through giving good food to your friends- Anton Careme

beauty is in the eye of the beerholder-cosmo fishhawk

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I received the same letter via Postal Mail at my shop

and the postman told me to turn it in to the Postmaster general as potential frud. They took the case. This was maybe a year ago and I have not heard anything more about it.

RC Holmberg
Rockford, IL
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Re: hey dude.....

Originally posted by norbert
i've got some ocean front property in iowa that i'd sell you real cheap.....
Hey, Norby...

If it's close to the East Coast of Iowa, I might be interested...


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