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Embarrassed to own Airstream

Just wondering if this is a recent thing or has this been an ongoing thing since Airstream first appeared on the market.

It's almost embarrassing when talking to people and then telling them I own a 2007 Airstream. Do people really think we're snobs or well to do or something?

Don't get me wrong, LOVE the trailer and the lifestyle. Just hate talking about it to non Airstream owners.

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Mmmm - I've had several folks stop by and ask me about my AS. They are curious, interested and always inquisitive but I've not noticed any snobbish type of comments. I would guess they are out there as the AS does cost a little more than whatever they have. I also have a 2007 and we looked long and hard before we purchased ours. I've found that the extra cost can certainly be justified when comparing the AS to anything else we looked at. Longevity alone makes it worth a large percentage of the extra $$.
Enjoy your '07 and don't worry about others. There are those that will always wish they had something better than they have - you don't have to think about that - you've got the best! Enjoy it!!
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Charlie & Carolyn
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Embarrassed to own Airstream

Funny thing. Seems people like to ridicule what they don't understand. Met a guy who was fulltiming in a Winnebego MH, and when we mentioned we were renovating a '71 Safari he said"just don't turn into an Airstream". The myths that all owners are millionaires and Airstreams don't leak still prevail. Dealing with the American Pubic for 20+ yrs. has shown me that prolly 98% of tAmericans are "dumber than stumps". Forgive me for venting. Alas, I'm humand also. Doh! I hear some silly comments on our folk art ,but have learned to ignore it to some degree.
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but has this always been the case? As far as I know Airstreams have always cost more, being the Cadillac of travel trailers and all.

Don't get me wrong, love it and I certainly don't look down on SOB's, to each their own and at least they're out there enjoying life.

To me the biggest feature about the Airstream brand is it's construction. Other than that all the bit's and pieces are the same as SOB's. Fridges, stoves, furnaces etc.
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I have noticed that for the most part, folks are pretty decent. However, that said, there is an undercurrent that is not easily seen on the surface where I have sensed some level of resentment or thoughts that all Airstream owners are somewhat snobbish.

I think it mostly comes from the fact that Airstream folks seem like a very tight knit group of folks. You don't get that from many other RVs out there. In that case some may feel that Airstream owners are somewhat elitist, which we all know is not true, but from the outside looking in, I can clearly see how that could be a perception, even though that is NOT what I have found from nearly every Airstreamer I've encountered, but then again, I too am in the circle, so my view is somewhat tainted.

Airstreams have from what I understand always been more expensive than the other brands out there in similar marketplaces. I've gone to many an RV show where Airstream was there, and of course, I camp out there for about an hour to see the new wares and people watch to see reactions.

What I find at these shows is what starts the perception. Folks love the trailers, and find them way cool, and they are right. As folks make their way through the units and I hear:

"I love this trailer!"

"It seems so much more solid than some of the others"

"The interior is much better than most of the others I've seen"

"This is one cool trailer!"

And it continues to be all good, until they get to the sticker price, then I hear things like:

"Are they crazy?"
"Who spends this kind of money on a trailer?"
"This is 4x more than some of the others I've see!"

So now, you run into these folks at campgrounds who also love the trailer, yet in most cases can't afford one. Most handle it well, but some you may find take jabs here or there, which is similar to what you find with folks that own very expensive cars vs those who don't own nice cars.

IMHO, it's no one's fault you have an Airstream, just like it's no one's fault you live where you live. To give you an example, I live in the "North Shore" of the Chicago suburbs. A lot of the surrounding communites to the west and southwest tend to think we too are all snobs. Why? Because it costs nearly 2x more to live here than it does to live there and although I don't live in a lakefront town (which is even more expensive than where I live) I don't find those folks to be snobbish. I have an 1100 sq ft house, and most in the area I live are 3000sqft plus and some of the lakefront houses in towns just east of me are in some cases in excess of 10,000sq ft. I guess it's sort like a class type thing, like owning an Airstream, mostly is very civil, but there are times when you do come across some folks who really just say what they mean and it can be somewhat uncomfortable in those rare situations.

None of which I feel bad for owning my Airstream, or living where I do. Life is all about choices.
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Airstream Pride and the Rules of the Road

When it is all said and done everyone puts their shoes on the same. One at a time.

Airstreamers are a close knit family, but they aren't snobs.

The evolution of the travel trailer has elevated Airstream to the top spot.

When trailers, even the shoter models, were being used as residences; Airstream was out on the road. Airstreamers were traveling. This alone conjures up a seperate class of people that have time to travel.

Also not withstanding Airstreams were more expensive. Ford/Lincoln Chevrolet/Cadillac

Airstream always had the publicity. Caravans to exotic lands. The first product only Club, the WBCCI. Exclucitivy always sets a group apart.

However, in a campground, on the road, one on one, we all know that this is not true. The rules of the road, make us all equal.

However, there is pride in owning Airstream. There is pride in belonging to the WBCCI.

When you consider everything, RV owners, Airstream or others, we all put our shoes on one at a time.
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I am never embarassed and am quite proud to show off mine. People are always dropping by or knocking on the door to see the inside. I always tell people that I work very hard on all the restoration projects and that it's not just a "palace" sitting there to be enjoyed.
Steve "Centennial Man"
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I've never owned a travel trailer of any kind. After looking at pretty much all of the brands available in my area, the only one I ever want to own is an Airstream.

Can you be an Airstream snob without even owning one? Perhaps so...

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Poor Relations

dang... no one ever accuses us of being an elitist. Sometimes we kind of get a weak smile like they feel sorry that we can't afford to buy a new trailer. Still - a 30 year old trailer that doesn't leak and everything works and only weighs 4000lbs.... oh well - different strokes for different folks
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Airstream Classism

I am a cynical middle aged ex hippy who now works for the establishment with a middle class income kind of, working in social service. Every now and then like yesterday I find someone who complains they ONLY make 100K a year, in rural New Mexico. "Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all have Porsches and I must make amends" JJ.

I have a 71 I found in a field, which was a mouse condo, and bought for $500, which I am slowly restoring. I sure can't afford a new Airstream, but like looking at them. This March I was in Moab in my Tradewind surrounded by mega bus boxes, some of which I guess went for about a mil. They make a new airstream look like a pop up but I wouldn't be caught dead owning one. Still like to look at them.

Once a few years ago we were in some National Park talking to a ranger next to my old Airstream talking about the high price of gas in the park at the time. I remember his comment "what do you care, you have an Airstream?"
Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time has come to shine.
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We recently sold our 2005 International CCD- to someone from several states away- and our trailer was not for sale locally because we didn't want to tell anyone how much we were asking for it. We own an insurance agency and get enough slack as is- and we didn't want to add any fuel to the fire if the locals found out we were asking 35K for a travel trailer! That being said we now have less money tied up in 6 vintage units than we did in 1 newer unit (until all the restoration begins- but thats another thread). Airstreamers are not snobs- go to any rally and you will have confirmation of that! We just own something that is unique and special- like owning a Porsche or BMW (you can pick up vintage ones unrestored quite cheap- but people will always assume it was expensive because of the name). It is what it is- be proud you own an AIrstream and don't feel guilty if someone is jealous - if their not jealous of you it will be someone else.
April & Andy Hershberger
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Originally Posted by flitzwhopper
Sometimes we kind of get a weak smile like they feel sorry that we can't afford to buy a new trailer.
We get exactly this treatment from my sister-in-law, who has even referred to us as "junk collectors". Just makes it all the more fun when we're camping together and a stranger walks past her Jayco and asks us for a tour of the Airstream. (And since we're not embarrassed by our Airstream, and we're not snobs, we'll happily chat with whoever comes our way!)
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Always Airstreaming!
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We love our Airstreams, the style of life they afford us, the quality and the look. We have never run across anyone who snubs us as snobs because of the Airstream when camping. Quite the opposite; always a friendly wave or hello and WOW I love your trailer! We are always happy to show them to folks and talk about them. When we are rallying with our WBCCI New England Unit, we always have a large group camping together and we always have other campers come over and admire our Airstreams and ask questions etc. At our first New England Unit for 2008 rally we had over 32 Airstreams all parked together. Lots of folks stopped by. Maybe folks are just a bit friendlier in our neck of the woods.
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Actually, I think it's the owners of the deluxe MOHO's and gigantic 5th wheels that can be snooty towatds TT's in general.


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