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We are new owners of a 2007 safari 25. We have only camped two nights so far. I have to say I was surprised at all the attention we received. We arrived late at dark the first night and left early the second morning so this was really a one day trip. Six people came up to talk to us. This campground is really small too, just the famcamp on the air force base. I was shocked. We have camped in a rockwood box camper the last few years and yes people were nice but never this much attention. Most were curious about the trailer, we even gave a tour,others just started conversations but all said "nice trailer". I dont think that many people would be so friendly if they thought we were snobs. Yes we probably do sound like we are bragging when we talk about our AS. I cant help it if I cant stop grinning. We are so excited to have it. That probably makes us more strange than snobby.

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It's been fun reviewing a thread that I responded to way back at the beginning. We are new at this ASing thing - this being our first year of it. As the season is drawing to a close here in Ohio, we've spent 27 nights in camps and have one more long weekend planned (three nights). We've traveled about 1700 miles pulling our new AS and have had an absolute ball doing it. In all those travels, since the first couple of shorts weekends out, we've had ZERO folks come by wishing to see or talk about our '07 AS International. Recently we returned from a trip to Virginia - we saw three AS on the road - two of them didn't respond to my flashing of headlights and the third passed us on an expressway - they did wave. I've been surprised at the lack of attention our AS has generated. Having read about the time consummed by questioning folks above, I'm just as glad that we haven't had much response. Just a note to let you know that it doesn't always happen as some have stated.

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I really like this thread. I am fascinated by those who care what others think of your trailer. I don't invite criticism with any attitude and am ready to tell anyone what a bargain I got on my vintage unit. It is certainly less than most other SOB and has all of the features that AS owners appreciate. It pulls great and looks great. It is comfortable and works like advertised because I refurbished the unit and all of the systems. Lots of work and lots of price went into my dream machine for around $10,000 total.

This is my second unit. The first was a 1971 26 ft land yacht that I restored, used to go cross country twice and many other local trips in Florida. I then sold it to an older couple who had just retired for about what I had invested. It made me very happy to know that they would spend many good times in that unit. It is not about being a snob or having attitue for me. I just am happy to tell everyone that they can own one for very little invested. I personally like the vintage units better than the newer ones. I am planning to put solar panels on my present unit so I can boondock for days without hookups.

Most folks don't want to put in the time on the older models but they are really nice if done right.

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As a kid growing up we camped a great deal in an SOB. I don't ever remember seeing more than one or two Airstream trailers at any given time, but I do remember them very well because they were always a sensation for me, and whatever other kids were with us. I remember standing and staring at them in awe as they would pull into the campground. I also remember my parents telling us that they were the best, but very expensive.

Silver Streak trailers got the exact same reaction as I recall.

I seriously looked at Airstream trailers for a couple of years before I bought mine, our first. I didn't seriously consider any other brand, but did look at both new and vintage Airstreams, and am lucky enough that I could have gone either route.

Something about the vintage models spoke to me.

Interestingly, not the so popular 50's or 60's models, rather the early to mid 70's models. Likely the exact same ones admired in childhood.

I've owned it for almost a year now, and have been fortunate to use it a great deal. I've found that it always gets a good reception at campgrounds, every stay generating at least one curious onlooker. Folks seem surprised about it's light weight, and very surprised about it's age. Hopefully we never come off as snobs, perhaps our flamingo collection allows them to perceive us as nuts instead.
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We have stuffed animals, two Mountie bears and a beaver, that we put out on the propane tanks. It is hilarious the response from people. These of course all represent Canada where we live and it is just a fun thing to do. I think you are right though, our critters out front do tend to let people know that we are off beat and in Donna's and my case more than just a little.

We also were told as kids that Airstreams were the epitome of trailers and that only very wealthy people owned them. That probably set the marker in our heads that if you buy an Airstream you will have something with long term value. We looked at a lot of 'streams before buying our '51 but it came down to wanting one that "worked" with the '57 wagon TV we use so a fifties made sense. Wanted a '57 Safari to match the wagon but alas none were available when we were in the buying mode.

The only thing I wish is that my parents were around to see our rig. They both loved the older Airstreams, wanted one in the worst way but always had SOB's because of the price variance, and they'd of loved what we have. They really appreciated the wagon and they were aware we were on the lookout for the Airstream but they both passed before we got one. Oh well....

Barry & Donna
Life is short - so is the door on a '51 Flying Cloud (ouch)
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We had a fun thing happen a couple of months ago while we were camping at Deception Pass State Park. It was Sunday morning, a little drizzly, and we were leaving the park after an enjoyable, relaxing weekend. To exit the park from our site, we had to drive through a gigantic loop. As we neared the end of the loop, we drove by a site with a tent, a dad cooking breakfast, and three young boys running around. Two of the boys ignored us, but one, about 5 or 6 years old, stopped in his tracks, and his jaw dropped. He stood still for a moment, then ran out to the road and ran after us. We watched in the rearview mirror until we turned around the corner - he was still standing in the middle of the road, staring, mouth open. We think we spotted a future Airstream owner that morning.
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I was at a University of Texas football game last weekend, doing one of my usual "walk-abouts" where I leave my own tailgate party, and wander around the various parking lots to see others tailgating.

Our lot is dominated by large, tent-oriented tailgate parties. But there is a nearby lot that has always been primarily RVs (no hookups, everyone runs their gennys for power, just like the tent tailgate parties). Anyway, I've usually seen dozens of SOB TTs, and a handful of large bus-style RVs in that lot. But this past weekend, there were also two different late model Bambis in the lot. I was SO excited, I wanted to meet the owners, but alas they were not to be found. It was pretty early, and I guess they must have left their trailers there overnight, but apparently they did not sleep in them.

Someday, when we tone down our tailgate party from the charity fund-raising monster that it currently is, into something more family-oriented, I'll take my Airstream down and tailgate with it as well. But right now, I have no desire to have 150-200 random strangers wandering around my trailer, asking to use the facilities!
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I have made it a habit to stop and visit with folks with A/S if they are parked at the local Walmart (if you can find them) and gas stations. I believe they apperciate it. I believe that when a person buys a unit from a dealer they need to be shown that it is common practice to acknowledge another A/S whey they meet them on the highway. Granted, on an interstate itis kind of hard to see them flashing their lights at you but many times on a 2 lane highway we flash our lights and most people just go on by and ususally don't even wave.

I have had many people stop by at a camp site and visit about the unit and how it pulls and it's weight, etc. We are on our 2nd A/S and we feel that even if they are a bit pricey they are well worth the money.

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We have had people tell us that airstreamers are snobs and can't believe we are nice to them ....I'm not sure where they got that idea .I think almost everyone with an RV is nice and always happy to see another RVer no matter which kind or brand they own.
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I sold a new 2006 pop-up tent trailer, a very nice one, off road, self contained with a toy hauler on the front. my neighbor was glad to see it go. Then the next week i drag home this new to me 63 TW. While working on the inside he came home, i peeked out the window just in time to see him shacking his head back and forth. I smiled no i laughed!! We haven't talked much. So who is the SNOB ?
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Maybe there's a parallel here with Harley bikes. In some countries, Harley riders are regarded as unfriendly and not part of mainstream motorcycle culture. Same with Vespa scooter riders outside Europe, too. Porsche used to have the same problem.

I think some people are unfortunately suspicious of those who appreciate design as much as functionality, and are willing to pay a premium for it if necessary. One of the less attractive aspects of human nature.

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We are closing in on one year Airstreaming (Oct. 31 is the day I think). I've never had the impression anyone thought us snobs, but that doesn't mean I can read minds. Quite a few people say "what a beautiful trailer" and a few have asked for tours. I think some may want a tour, but are afraid to ask, but it seems when I meet someone like that, Barb is talking shower or getting dressed and probably would not like to meet someone at that moment.

No one (with one exception) has offered us a tour of their Moho's, white boxes, popups, or whatever. The exception was a look alike (Streamline, or something similar, though not a Silverstreak, maybe) that I was admiring, so they invited us in.

I suppose I am a Toyota, MacIntosh, Airstream, log house snob. We buy things because we like them and then get even more passionate. For both of us, we prefer quality because in the long run, it costs less. But being a snob doesn't mean being a mean spirited snob. As Pop Rivet pointed out in Post #47, people like to differentiate themselves fromothers to prove their imaginary superiority (to themselves mainly). At its worst, you get the Nazis, but we see some of it in presidential politics lately. In campgrounds, we are often next to giant MoHo's or 5th wheels and feel and look pretty small when outside. I wonder if those people think they are superior to us? In our short experience, everyone we've talked to has been friendly. There are lots of people who look down on everything and everyone different—I think everyone has felt that way at some time, so it seems to be part of being human—so I suppose funny shaped, shiny tubes owned by "millionaires" are an easy target. I do wonder how much money one has to have to own a $350,000 MoHo?

A long time ago I stopped caring about what people thought. If they think I'm a snob or crazy that's their problem. It most often means they are the snob or crazy and they are projecting it on others. Sometimes it's jealousy. So long as they don't shoot at me, it's ok.

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Originally Posted by Mel View Post
he was still standing in the middle of the road, staring, mouth open. We think we spotted a future Airstream owner that morning.
If that was fifty years ago, it would have been me!
"A settled wisdom, plus the itch to be elsewhere"
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Originally Posted by Squob View Post
Porsche used to have the same problem.
Used to? I think Porsche owners have gotten much worse. These days, they are even snobs to each other.

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