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Originally Posted by worldinchaos View Post
I'll have to look for the Real Ale Coffee from Blanco. Never heard of it.

I am a very big fan of Porters. One I highly recommend, but is difficult to find, is Sinebrychoff Porter. Made in Finland. Go figure. Anyway, tried it a beer bar in Seattle, had 2 more, and then didn't find it again until 2 years later at a store in Chicago, where I obviously bought out their stock.
Real Ale Coffee Porter may be seasonal, and now is the season. We had a keg at the recent non rally/rally in Blanco TX. Surprisingly good!!

Chuck & Skye
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Beer city USA 3 years running

It is hard to say which one beer is the best.Unless you are brewing your own beer, you can never be sure what goes into your favorite brew. It is great to live in Beer City USA. Not only do we have great locally brewed beer, we have some of the most active home brew associations. They are very helpful and always willing to share some secrets to a great brew. For the winter brewed up two batches. One is an Irish Red the other is a Belgian Triple. I tend to like Ales. the triple had 6lbs of ferment-able sugars including 1 lbs of Belgian rock candy. It brewed out at about 11% so great for a dark winter evening.

If you happen to find yourself in this area do a little research before you arrive. We have plenty of great adventures including the Asheville Brews cruse. Asheville Brews Cruise

I am willing to make recommendations as long as you invite me.

In case you were wondering how the cities ranked this past year. check out the votes below.
beer city usa 2011 | Ask Asheville Blog

The Top Ten BeerCity USA 2011
  1. Asheville, NC 7,002 46.68%
  2. San Diego, CA 2,374 15.83%
  3. Portland, OR 1,495 9.97%
  4. Bend, OR 821 5.47%
  5. St. Louis, MO 549 3.66%
  6. Milwaukee, WI 391 2.61%
  7. Philadelphia, PA 366 2.44%
  8. Seattle, WA 336 2.24%
  9. San Francisco/Oakland - Bay Area, CA 320 2.13%
  10. Chicago, IL 287 1.91%
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I still laugh at you Guys who use lime on their Coronas. Having been raised and lived on the South all who have, we know that lime was always used with cheap Mexican kills the crappy taste.
On a layover in Canada one time I met and had a few beers with an interesting fellow. He was the Canadian inspector of Hops and Grains that were to be used in the brewing of Canadian beers. He had one explicit NOT drink the dark beers. After his description of the contents and production....NEVER AGAIN. By the way....even as a Canadian he said that Coors had the best quality control.
I still love beers and ales...and drink 'em all.
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Beer - Comfort Food

Ah! Beer. What a lovely subject.

Once upon a time my pals and I would load the baggage pod of a jet to haul cases of Coors from the West Coast to anywhere east of the Rockies. Pals in the East would kill for Coors. Those days are long gone both for availability and for quality.

On cruise in the Far East what could beat Sapporo, Asahi or Kirin? Where else in the world could you find a beer machine on a street corner? Put in a few coins and ka-chunk! Here's your beer. Sweet!

Tsing Tao in Hong Kong? Hong Kong has been one of the great international cities for too long but why not have a Tsing Tao? Then cruise over to any pub and have any beer from anywhere in the world.

Thailand has its Singha and others. When the humidity is at one hundred per cent there is nothing better than a Singha.

Singapore has its Tiger Beer and the hottest curry I've eaten outside of London. Once upon a time the best dim sum in the world was at the Cold Storage Car Park. Push carts were rolled into a night market in the parking lot ("car park") of the cold storage building. Somehow Tiger Beer was the best beer in the world at that moment. Satay was served in a park called, oddly enough, the Satay Club. Push cart vendors had been rounded-up and forced to work in little stands in the park where lovely satay was served. (Cleanliness, dontcha know. Ain't a police state great?) Heinekin was available but why have a Dutch beer in Singapore?

OK - because it's a great beer, too. Heinekin in Singapore. Heinekin in the Philippines. Heinekin just about anywhere where "it only costs a little more to go First Class".

I've had curry in Delhi but for some reason Singapore's seemed hotter. The glass of Tiger Beer was the difference between life and death. I have no idea what beer we had in India but I was really grateful for that glass of suds.

While in the Far East why not stop in for a Fosters in Perth? The stories were true! A little old lady tottered up to me on the bus - I was in uniform as we had been advised - and thanked me for the Battle of the Coral Sea. Nowhere on earth will the Fosters taste better.

I've drunk Stella in Italy in a fit of foolishness. Why would anybody drink beer in Italy but for a wave of homesickness? Italian beer - apologies to our dear friends in Italy - is a poor substitute for almost any wine in Italy, although at the bottom end of the wine spectrum it might be more pleasant to drink gasoline. I once saw a Cinque Cento pull up to a wine store with the back seat full of a huge plastic bottle. The driver leaped out and filled the bottle through the back window from what looked like a gas pump. Whew!

How 'bout a Guiness in the Gulf Hotel in Manama, Bahrain? The Guiness is great although it would be better in Ireland. It's the matter of sitting next to a fellow wearing a towel for a hat having a "religeously prohibited beverage" because it can't be had across the causeway in Saudi. Of course if you live in a dry county in Mississippi you learn your bootlegger is also your minister.

In Egypt I've also drunk Stella - why? The water is plentiful but it's better to follow the British model. Drink any booze over any water. It will work out better for you.

In Tel Aviv I recall a hotel where Happy Hour began at 4:30pm - and didn't end. The staff were aghast when we didn't leave - and why should we? Another place where the beer went unnoted. No surprise there.

Pakistan offers Murree Beer - not bad. The rules about water in Egypt apply but Murree Beer in any hill station can sooth the parched taste better than 'most anything.

Beer in England - heaven! As most already know, "room temperature" means a v-e-r-y cool room. "I'll have a pint o'bitter, please," begins a wonderful afternoon punctuated with pub food that may not be haute cuisine but can't be duplicated - anywhere. For my taste a plowman's comes second to a pasty, and the name on the beer is unimportant. How large is an Imperial pint? Two swallows more than the average American can drink comfortably.

Ireland and Guiness sit close to the right hand of God. A perfect "priest's collar" and a plate of the finest stew on the planet. Why go home? Why not stay and raise a family?

Home to the US where Sam Adams led the wave of "I'm not a Budweiser" before the brew pubs took off. Have you tried a Yeungling? How 'bout "Schmidts of Philadelphia - one beautiful beer". Pittsburgh and Iron City? My favorite would be just about anything from Flying Dog Brewery although if you bought the round I'll smile and drink a Bud.

So with a palate formed by jet fuel I'll never be anybody's gourmet. That said, the beer seems to match its surroundings. Perhaps beer MUST match its surroundings. It's a wonderful pastime to discuss the merits of various beers, much like it's a great pastime to review the "best" tow vehicles or camp sites. When it comes to the moment the best beer may just be the one you have now.

What is beer? Comfort food, indeed.
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Having spent 12 years in Europe, (nine in Germany) I would have to say that beers, their flavors and aromas, are some of the most interesting things in the world to me. My all time favorite beer is PAULANER Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrub.
What a lovely discussion! Happy New Year to you all!

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I too spent a lot of time in the late 60's on the south side of the border and remember a cold can of Tecate with a salted rim and a lime. But was also told that the slice of lime served with a bottle of beer was to keep the flies from crawling down to get a drink. And it works.

Now, living in Colorado, there are just too many microbrews and seasonal beers too keep up with them all. We have 6 micros in Durango alone and it's nice to be able to stop in and pick up a couple a growlers to go. Plus, the stores here stock micros from all over the country. I'm doing my best to to try and test them all and stay out of rehab.

If you are true beer aficionados, plan on a trip to Denver for the annual Beer Festival, it's one of the largest.
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Thumbs up

Goes well with AS repairs....

AS repairs=a lott'a goes well.

“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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Originally Posted by ROBERT CROSS View Post
Goes well with AS repairs....

AS repairs=a lott'a goes well.

Awww come on Bob...The least you could have done is sit that beer to something even vaguely representing a repair. Oh wait, Maybe it was the final finished product?

Good beer and shiny metal, what could be better?
Chuck & Skye
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Originally Posted by toastie View Post
One of my favourites, but very strong.
Steve; also known as Mr UK Toad

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Originally Posted by FC7039 View Post
In stead of dissing beers, as each is liked by someone, name the ones you do like so that maybe a list forms of ones to try.

Porter - Sierra Nevada Porter, Real Ale Coffee Ported (Blanco TX)
IPA - Red Hook IPA, Stone IPA
Pilsner - Pislsner Urqel, Victory Prima Pills
Stout - Stone Aragant Bastard (not really a stout)
Belgiem - Duvall, Orval, Trader Joe's Vintage Ale
Youngs Special - London
Fullers ESB - London
Guinness - Dublin
Schultheiss - Berlin

Amongst many others....
Steve; also known as Mr UK Toad

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I read NYTimes' regularly and their beer reviews there might as well come from another universe. By definition, microbrews are definitely regional/local-dependent. Microbrews rule, lagers don't. I was in heaven at the De Chutes brewpub in Bend at the end of August. Next thing to heaven is spending New Years weekend in beer-topia -- Madison, Wisconsin, right now. Find your zen and appreciate what you enjoy.

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In Europe, the Budweiser made by Budvar brewery (sold in US as Czechvar).
In America, Alamo beer made in Blanco Texas and Shiner 101.
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Hansen's Fruit Smoothies.

Hi, I never liked beer. Gave up on RC Cola, Coca- Cola, & Pepsi- Cola. switched to Hansen's Fruit Smoothies and never looked back. Actually stopped drinking any alcoholic drinks about four decades ago.
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Beers have been a long time favorite around here...

Current Fave has to be Anchor Steam Beer - made in good old San Francisco for many years... Anchor Brewing | Beers | Anchor Steam

Check here for more of the West's more notable beers: Breweriana For Sale & over 50 NW Brewery Histories

Back in the 60's during my Bachelor days, living and working in SF at the Kenworth Truck dealership, Lucky Lager Beer was one of our customers...Lucky's mechanic would let us buy cases of 'short fills/dents' sold after work on Fridays only, for $2 a case!!! Needless to say, Lucky Lager was a BIG Fave due to its price...

I had a Corvair Spyder Coupe at that time, and I could ice down several cases in the front 'truck' for some fun summer time beach times!

Coors has always been a favorite standby - I do believe the 'water' has a big influence in a beers lingering taste... The SF beers get their water from the SF public supply which is piped all the way from the Sierra Nevada Mts, just north of Yosemite - great quality water for making beer...

Here's some interesting history of Coors... Adolph Coors Company -- Company History

Earlier in working career, while in college, I worked at an electronic company that made high power vacuum tubes (among others) for the old Dew Line radar complexes designed for early detection of any Rusky attack from the North/west...a major component of these 'tubes' were cylinders of ceramic purchases from Coors Ceramic's plant in Colorado - right next to the brewery...We had a couple of former Coors employees that used to fondly remember going over to the brewery after work for their free 'cool ones' right from the Company tap...yummy! Advanced Ceramics Since 1910 | History of CoorsTek

Years ago, we vacationed in Mazatlan for several seasons, on Mexico's West coast...Mazatlan is home to Mexico's Pacifico Clara Cerveza...The brewery is not far from the port there, and we would run over there to get fresh Pacifico's by the case for CHEAP!...Pacifico also bottles in a large bottle (about a quart) called a 'Ballena' (Whale) that's popular with the beach crowd - seems to stay cooler, longer...Those were some great kicking-back days in the sun down there!... Pacifico Brewery

Hey, beer is mostly water - got to stay hydrated, right!

Ray & Pat; Morada, CA
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