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Computer glasses?

Hi, like some of you on this forum, I spend way too much time on my computer. Because of this, My eyes get dry and actually hurt at times. Well these yellow lens, computer glasses are supposed to help prevent eye fatigue. So I bought a pair, with corrective lenses [2.0] and I have been trying them out for a few days. I'm not sure at this point whether they work or not. They don't seem to be as clear as my regular glasses and they make things darker, like my key board. Does anyone else have or use these computer glasses and what are your opinions. I believe that my Optometrist said that they can make me glasses for computer use, but I'm sure at a great cost. I'm not sure that I want to spend about $500.00 for another pair of glasses for this purpose.


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The company I work for pays for computer glasses for people that spend the entire day working at a computer workstation. They are single vision glasses that have the prescription set for your normal viewing distance from the screen. The easiest way to determine the proper distance is to get comfortable in your computer chair, sitting the normal distance you usually do from the screen. Then, measure the distance from your nose to the front surface of the monitor.

The key is to relax, slouch, or do whatever you normally do to get comfortable at your PC, so that the distance accurately reflects where you normally sit from the screen. Then, give this measurement to the optometrist or opthomologist when you get your eye exam, and tell him/her that this is for single-vision computer glasses.

To save a little money, tell the optician that you need "safety glasses". Most optical stores have an unadvertised selection of "heavy duty" frames that cost considerably less than the other frames in their regular stock.

Since you are ordering single-vision safety glasses, the cost should be considerably less than if you order no-line bifocals in street frames.

The safety glasses aren't much heavier than regular frames, but the hinges, nose pieces and the portion of the frame that holds the lenses in place are thicker and stronger, which is a plus if you are tough on glasses. Also, the lenses will probably be stronger (impact resistant). Computer glasses should normally be clear with no tint, unless you have a special need. Also, for computer glasses, you can usually decline all of the lens options (scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings, etc.), which only drive up the final cost and do very little to improve your vision at the PC.

I would think that you should be able to get a pair at much, much less than $500. I think my last pair of metal frames with lenses cost about $165 (not including eye exam), but I paid extra for some frames that I wanted. I could have gotten other "standard" frames with lenses for about $50 less.

With mine, I can clearly see everything within reach on my desk, but things outside of my cube are blurry (I'm near sighted). Of course, your results would vary depending on your distance vision.

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Glasses yuck

Phoenix is right Robert. You may need to have some made. I wear bi-focals and wow, what a hassle at the pc, where I spend most of my day. Had to get some made just for that. Measured at the distance to the screen from my eyes, and bifocal- part is for the keyboard. Weird when I stand up to walk away and forget I have on my computer glasses.
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I just got a pair of bifocal computer glasses from my ophthalmologist too, and I really like them! My company recently got a new computer system, which requires all monitors be set to a micro sized font, which we aren't allowed to change. I should have shopped around; I could have gotten them for a much better price from Costco. However, I was getting terrible headaches from the computer at work, and wanted them as soon as possible. They cost me about $225 at one of those one hour places at the mall. It took 6 days to get them - so much for 1 hour service!

I had tried over the counter reading glasses, but the focal point of those was less than the 24 or so inches between the computer screen and my eyes. I carry my new glasses with me everywhere; they're great reading glasses too.

Good luck!

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I did exactly what Phoenix points out. a couple of years ago when i really didnt need a new pair of variable distance glasses, I asked my eye doctor for a pair that was a fixed distance to my monitor and have been using them ever since, i just couldnt stand the constant head tilting that was necessary for the variable distance glasses. probably at some point I will have to change as my eyes get worse but so far so good.
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After my yearly eye exam, I told my doctor that I needed a scrip for computer glasses with a certain distance as the focal point (I had measured if at home). He then took my regular scrip, made some adjustments based on his experience and professional knowledge and gave me a scrip for them. I took that to Costco, and picked out an inexpensive frame. As I recall the entire cost was less than $100. I have them on as I type this. They are great.
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Bob, I don't see how a tinted lens can help unless there's a window right behind the computer with bright light outside. Otherwise, you could just turn down the brightness on the screen to achieve the same result.

Maybe you need stronger reading glasses?

I buy cheap reading glasses at the supermarket or drug store and they work fine, but I notice soon I will have to graduate to 1.75 from the 1.50 I have used for the past 20 years. This forces me to admit I am older than I used to be. I would measure the distance as said above and make sure you have something to read at the supermarket that is the same distance as your screen. It is also possible the tinted glasses you got aren't really 2.0.

As for the dryness, maybe you need artificial tears. If you are spending a lot of time at the computer (and I know you are, just like me) you might not notice dry eyes would happen anyway.

If I give any more medical advice, I'll have to make a copy of your insurance card….

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Bob- I too cant wear my Optometrist ordered $400 glasses comfortably while on the computer. Haven't tried the yellow lens but I actually found a pair of 'readers' at the 99cent store that are the only thing I wear while on the computer. For computer work they're great no matter how long I sit.
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This online optician is about the cheapest I've seen for single vision. I have them bookmarked for spare pairs and trial runs where that is what I want.

I've also read of tint being an aid but never had it confirmed. I read between 5-7 books/week plus spend too much time online and have for many years had a comfortable distance for the bifocals now in use (distance from book or screen being similar) that works well. Measure after an hour or two, well-slouched (as above).

After nearly 50-years of wearing glasses, contacts, etc -- and a lifelong heavy reader -- I've tried quite a few things, and early-on settled into what worked for me:

I would suggest better ambient lighting first. I've always preferred over-the-left-hand shoulder for a window or lamp which works well for left-eye dominance. I recommend this approach before an eye exam/eyeglass purchase, that one know this distinction and works from strength. A 75 or 100W bulb is almost never enough. Placement for direct and indirect light is the thing to examine. A 150W is almost always enough if the lamp is at or above shoulder height.

Throwaway readers glasses are a bad idea. Optical quality is your friend. I also recommend glass lenses once a cheap trial pair has been used, as clarity is significantly better. Plus, they don't "yellow" after the first year (or whenever the warranty runs out). Bound to last many years for dedicated use.

Time spent holding ones head to make "readers" work is a strain, as is continual re-adjustment. A good pair kept in adjustment is what is needed.

It's worth an examination online of terms of how eyes are examined, and that PD (pupillary distance), AXIS and a few other items are well measured. Few discount houses are very good at this. I tend to tower over others, so am used to being on my knees for a few of these measurements; it can matter. Most opticians are pleased to try to do their best (and sometimes their tools are adequate).

Good luck

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Bob, I forgot—allowing your eyes to relax periodically by looking into the distance helps. A wall behind the screen is not distant; look out a window and better if it is the softer north light.

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I've struggled with what I called computer eye strain for a few years now - first getting tri-focals (middle lens for the computer), then computer glasses - the computer glasses work great when your eyes are fresh - but they do not solve the dry eye problem. A good eye lubricant helps (if you put the drops in before they are needed) - but in the end what seems to work best for me is to break up my time at the computer. I now work hard at limiting my computer time to roughly one hour chunks - in between I head out to the workshop or find some chore to do (my wife likes that part) - by far and away this method has worked the best - and I rarely have need to use an eye lubricant any more.

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I wear the varilux (line-less bifocals) and I have been getting headaches and neck pain for a couple of years. When I retired in April, I decided to treat myself to a pair of prescription computer glasses. They are single vision (set up for a viewing range of 20 to 30 inches although they work fine for many tasks beyond 30 inches. I reused a set of older frames that were in good serviceable condition, so that cut down on the cost. The lenses are coated with an anti-glare coating, but nothing that darkens what I'm seeing (i.e., they are still clear lenses).

I really like them and I don't have headaches or neck strain any more! The only bad thing is that I forget to take them off when I'm reading or doing other activities when my other glasses would do better and I have to go back to the computer and get my regular glasses.

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i have never thought of using a 20-30" focal length for the computer. I have always just contorted for the benefit of the bifocal.

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I took a pair of my old glasses to the optometrist and had them make single vision reading glasses. I didn't say "computer" because the last time I asked for computer vision glasses it was a waste of $250. Reading glasses are stronger (higher diopter) and work marvelous for computer screens. The readers I had put in old frames cost me $60. They work great.

But, as a back up, I have two more pairs of large $10 Dean Edell brand readers at +2.50. They also work beautifully for computer use, but maybe not as great as the $50 ones I had made.

Good luck!

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