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My grandparents camped in their Airstreams some prior to and a lot after their retirement. My brothers and I grew up camping with them and enjoyed every minute of time we had with them and also the love of the outdoors we developed through these experiences.
When our kids came along I had the desire to share the same experiences with them. We found a 1975 31' Land Yacht, restored it and used it for a couple of years before selling it and getting our 34 which we have had for about 3 years and plan to keep indefinitely.
We thoroughly enjoy the time we spend in our Airsteam although limited to a few weeks a year and the occasional weekend jaunt since we are still part of the working crowd but I am confident my girls will have the same fond memories and hopefully do the same with their own children some day.

Bill Cantrell
AIR 24338
Easily distracted by shiny objects.
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Tent when the kids were in diapers!

VW Westphalia camper when they were a bit bigger.

20' Sprite light weight trailer (Brit design, 3000# wt) when they were bigger still

Hiatus for a number of years when the kids didn;t want to camp anymore.

27' Award (Another Brit light weight design) when I retired.

AS Classic 30 when the Award got to be a money pit.

Next? I like the looks /features of the new "Earthbound" TT, but at ptresent they don't make a layout that really suits us plus I'd like to wait a bit and see if they survive.

For now, we've only had the AS for a year. No significant problems yet and really liking it.


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Before we camped in our Airstream..........

We vacationed on large boats! Carnival, Princess, and Royal Caribbean boats. Usually twice a year. But we haven't cruised since we purchased our trailer 11 months ago. We are just having too much fun!
The airstream is our first RV of any kind.
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Awesome thread !

Tent camped my entire life, I have my parents to thank for the camping bug! Oh what fun we had, the hardest part was the day we had to pack up and come home because it always meant school on monday : (

Met husband and introduced him to camping, found out he is a way better camper than I, we were tired of sleeping in tents on the ground, and grew out of hotels and motels and wanted our own bed to sleep in when traveling.

Bought the Tradewind just last Thanksgiving and cannot wait to go on our 1st trip with the wee ones this spring!
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I never camped until 1990 when my wife and I attended the EAA Oshkosh. One week beside our plane in our small Camel tent. We did have the comfort of an air matress, which had a leak, and had to be pumped a couple of times each night. Although it rained every night it was a wonderful experience. For the next 10 years we repeated this routin at Oshkosh.

Ten years ago we purchased a 1977 Argosy, then an Airstream and have never looked back.
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long, strange trip...

Grew up with a father that sold SOB's, had campsites. One couple had an airstream. Loved it. Over the years, rented, used moho's and tented, etc.
Last year, the wife and I took the plunge on our camper.
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I started out when i got my license at 20. A couple of Dodge Aspen station wagons with pillows & blankets. Then 2 S-10 pickups with a cap. Used a blowup matress with the pillows & blankets. At age 39, met the love of my life. At 43 we sold the 2 houses & 4 cars, then bought a '89 classic MH. Been fulltiming in it eversince.

"Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." Mark Twain

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Ok.. this is a cool thread.

Our first trailer (I was maybe 5 years old) was a 1956 Mercury canned ham.
Folks stepped up to a 74' Holidaire 23'
That trailer was passed onto me as I moved into it just after high school.
Then it gets crazy... Im an RV nut.

1965 Aristocrat lo-liner 16'
1968 Aristocrat land yacht 20'
1971 Nomad something.. 22'
Theres one in here that I cant remember..
1990 Terry resort 5th wheel 25'
1997 Mallard trailer 20'
1996 Weekender 11.5' cabover camper
2001 Arctic fox 11.5 cabover camper with slide out (heavy)
1996 Aljo travel trailer (remarried and starting over)
2004 Winnebago class c motorhome. (still have and currently rent out)

Finally the airstream. Thats what I really always wanted but could never convince the other half...

2001 Classic S/O

"Old fashioned service on your late model Airstream"
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0-1964 nutt'n

1963-68 government issue

1969...tents on the ground

1973...Chevy Vega hatchback with tent

1980...tents on the ground

1987...63 22' Safari


The next one will have wings.....hopefully.
“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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Great thread. It's neat to see some of the forum regulars and their older posts...

My parents did some camping, mainly as a place to stay while seeing areas. I don't think they ever stayed at a place for more than an overnight stop. Never for the 'fun' of camping.

As a kid, We had a sears popup and used it as a place to spend the night during cross country trips. A couple of long weekends were actually the only 'camping' we did.

We tented under my parents airplane wing at the EAA convention in the late '60's (a rented tent and we froze!)

When the family out grew the airplane, Dad built a super B-van for the annual trip to the EAA convention. A couple of years the trip was extended to include some side trips like the Smoky Mountians. Some buddies and I borrowed the van for annual trips to Road Atlanta and the SCCA Runoffs.

Fast forward to Married life...

The Misses had never camped and our first outing in a tent, it rained but she was hooked. Then came the Musty borrowed popup (one weekend was all it took to decide to sell our houseboat and buy a camper, not a popup)

A '88 Holiday Rambler 34' class A was perfect for us until Katrina ate it and gas prices went into orbit.

The advertisement for a restored Front Kitchen Spartan had me looking for Aluminum and we ran across the '77 29' 'Stream on EBay, just 150 miles away, we bought it on a 4 hour whim.

Now it's a 34' 'Stream in the back yard.
Hi Ho Silver RV! Vernon, Sarah, Mac the Border Collie -
A honkin' long 34' named AlumaTherapy
and a 26' '63 Overlander, Dolly
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A question, I have seen SOB used many times but I have not been able to determine what SOB means. The obvious is not correct I know. Thanks,
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Some other brand....
“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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My husband & I both grew up in Southeast Alaska - Sean in a floating logging camp that moved around the islands as needed for their jobs, and me in the 'city' - an island town of 11,000. As kids, we spent all day outdoors playing in the Alaskan wilderness. Sean had his own boat from age 11 and the main rule was to let the adults know which direction he was going every day in case they had to send out a search party. No one we knew had anything like a travel trailer. My family would go out once a year on our boat for a week, with several of my parent's friends, to catch our limit of salmon. Dad wouldn't let us use our fresh water for showers; we had to swim in the ocean to clean up!

Every year my junior high school would send the 7th graders out on a camping trip, and the 8th graders out on a survival trip, for 3 days. On the camping trip we learned things like how & where to build a latrine, set up a tent, build a fire, and clean up before you left. On the survival trip, each group was dropped off on an island. You could bring a sleeping bag, food supplies for the 1st and 3rd day, and a 5 lb coffee can filled with everything we'd been taught we'd need to survive a few days in the wilderness to use on the 2nd day. You wrapped a sheet of heavy plastic visqueen around the outside of the can (to be used to make a lean-to shelter), filled the inside with firestarters made from folded cardboard tied with string dipped in wax, waterproof matches, Lipton soup packets, first aid supplies, a small bottle of bleach to sanitize water, and anything else you could make fit. You filled all the empty space with dried rice. You could use the can for cooking over your fire if needed. We learned (and ate) just about all the edible things that can be found on an Alaskan beach & forest. This was not recreational camping!

When Sean & I lived in Arizona, we went tent camping once or twice, but didn't see what the big deal was all about. After we moved to Oregon and went tent camping with friends at Detroit Lake, we began to see the appeal of travel trailers. We bought our Argosy in 2007, and quickly found out what we'd been missing! We try to go camping at least twice a month in the summer, and are starting the season earlier & ending later each year. I think we're hooked!

Sharon & Sean
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I started tent camping, when I was a kid.

When Sherri and I dated, we took our tent to Big Sur every weekend to a park, but the name eludes me right now.

When we had kids, we traded our 1979 L-82 Corvette for a 1973 Fireball Class C, but quickly realized the limitations it had. We sold that and bought a 1968 29' Streamline Empress and had that for a few years. We sold that and bought a 1993 21' Sunline, a nice little trailer, but it was just that, little. In 2005, we sold the Sunline and bought our Sovereign, which I promptly took to the shop that did the outrageously expensive refurbish. Unfortunately, Sherri never saw the final result.

Brooke, the kids and I have used the Sovereign, most notably in 2006, when I went to Fort Huachuca in 2006 for the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) and again in 2007, when we moved to Texas; we lived in the Sovereign for four months, before we got our house. We used the Sovereign once a couple times in 2008 and once in job and the price of fuel put a real damper on our fun.

We took the Sovereign out yesterday to the car wash and got all the dirt off of her, in preparation for next weekend; Brooke is showing our horse and the arena has full hookups, so we're having some friends over for a nice BBQ and drinks.

Here are some pics of our rigs.
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Name:	Fireball.JPG
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Name:	1968 29' Empress Regency_006.jpg
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Name:	1993 T-2152_001.JPG
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Name:	HPIM0048.jpg
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1971 Sovereign International - SOLD

2004 F-350 King Ranch

AIR # 8239
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