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As the forum gets larger ...

... it's getting harder to know people. It doesn't seem so long ago that there were fewer than 5,000 people & it felt like I knew them all.

I notice that, when you look up a member's profile, it always says "Not a member of any public groups." Is there a way to create a subgroup of any sort? For instance, if you want to find fellow quilters or pilots?

This question comes from me because a newish member PM'd me the other day because my moniker had set off his gaydar (ha ha! and here's me, the resident hetero hottie of the group, at least since Marina & her sultry avatar disappeared) ... and wondered whether I knew of others who might be interested in knowing about each other. I know there's a section to note your hobbies, but being gay doesn't strike me as exactly a "hobby."

He wondered what the tone was of that thread that Pahaska accidentally deleted where some people argued that we're ONLY Airstreamers & shouldn't be "fill-in-the-blank Airstreamers," and then others who felt we should be able to ask around about whomever interested us.

I took a couple of wild guesses & offered some names, but I would like to have been of more help. Does anybody know of a better way than "summerkid's wild guesses" or could the forum eventually offer these "public groups"? In the meantime, anyone who wants his or her name forwarded to my new friend, especially if you live on the California coast, PM me!

My own Buddy List seems to have depopulated over the last year or so too, so I sure would love to be able to have ways of finding more like-minded Airstreamers (I know, I know, actually get my butt to a rally but I DO hang out on chat night & post regularly).

Of course I'm an elitist. Look around you.
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LOL here--couldn't quite figure out "gaydar" for a few minutes. Sheesh, it must be too durn early.

You have a great point and I'd love to see a solution. In the great Airstream Venn diagram, I'd hope we'd all fit in that big cirlce, "Airstreamers." Actually, it's a big elipse, with a "doesn't conform well" circle at one end and "conforms well" circle at the other. Man, think of the weird intersecting shapes in between!

There have been posts on impromtu rallies, photo rallies, and some that were downright anarchic. I don't think any have gotten off the ground, but I have high hopes that they are still fulminating out there. In my opinion, anarchy needs an organizing tool. You can't just say "I'll be in Green River on Tuesday" and expect much participation. Those of us in the "don't conform well" group need some kind of electronic consensus building tool, so one could say "anyone thinking of Green River in a couple of weeks" and as comments come in, a centroid date finally pops out.

As for affinity groups, it would be a help if I knew of Airstreamers who were also airplane builders, or photogs, or cabinet makers, or electricians, or software gurus--you could target you questions, maybe even have a critical mass for new kinds of rallies. Let's face it, if I knew there was a gay rally and a beret rally, you know which one I'd head for... ... it's always fun being the odd man out, no pun intended.

In the end, though, what I like is to see incredible redos and polish jobs, and funny stories to go with them. So all it takes for me is someone who loves their Airstream, and it's a party. Anything more would be gravy...

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I'm pretty new here.. but being involved in several other forums which have also grow in size, I have noticed this as well.

Once you get to the 3000+ membership level, you do definately feel lost in the crowd. Even a 2000 member site might only have 50 or so real active members so it feels small enough with a close knit group. Once a boarder gets larger and more popular you have to dedicate more time to them just to 'keep up'. And if the board is popular, it starts to grow like wildfire. I go on holidays for a few weeks and feel like I'be been left behind in the dust!
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Speaking of big forums I am member 44,979 on
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Member Participation

This brought to mind a statistic that was recently brought forth on another forum I subscribe to. A moderator was wondering "out loud" why only 3% of the members had posted more than a few times.
I read this Forum every day and would guess I recognize 50 or so names on a regular basis. As you can see I am not a prolific poster, but, I do value all the comments I read here.
Maybe one of our moderators could fill us in on the participation rate, if that is being tracked in the servers database.
I don't feel lost in a sea of members and am proud to be counted as one of them.
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The "Rock tossed into a still pond feeling..."

If I may add a few thoughts...?

For quite a while (whilst looking for SilverToy) I lurked a lot here. The forum was smaller then. I found it to be a great group, with a definate 'core' of people that seemed to be having a kind of cyber 'meet for coffee' event. Daily. Sometimes several times a day.

Along the way they shared stories, photos, and maintained that C'MFC'E thing, and also contuinued to welcome new people - myself included. I recieved lots of help from plenty of great people. I thank them all.

As the forum has kept on getting bigger, I have noticed that some of those C'MFC folks have seemingly dropped away, then again maybe they are still doing their thing, just somewhere else.

My theory on these larger groups of people - real, cyber or ? They follow the "rock into a still farm pond" theory. First very small rings, then ever bigger ones, they radiate out. Most people that have a connection keep their friends within one of the 'small circles', and then progressively get less and less interconnected as the circles get bigger.

On the forum, I notice that I will immediately gravitiate toward postings, threads and the like, when posted or added to, by 'certain' people. There are others that I would bother to read on a bet. That would be my 'rings' in action.

I think that adding additional groups to the forums might be just the ticket for a few people - but I would guess that they will get about as much utilization as before. People meet each other here because they have an affinity for AirStreams. If they want to overlay their interests in airplanes, in old cars, in ?, then let them add it in the hobbies/ interests section of the avitar. Then talk about those interests and how they relate to the AS lifestyle or their daily life in postings. That's how I have found others with interests I share....! Organically, not by posting "does anyone else like....?"

As far as the 'gaydar' stuff....? Perhaps there are other places on the web where that sort of questioning (trolling?) is OK. Take it over there in my opinion.

AirStream'ing is what this place is about.

All the best to all of you! See you in cyberspace!

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diverse group

I contacted Summerkid after I saw a reference to a post about gay airstreamers that had been deleted, and this was the beginning of this thread. I was curious to find out the tone of the deleted thread since what I saw looked grim. I don't care about being out, but no one wants to hear negative comments about their culture. I think there is a misconception on the part of a lot of people why gay people might be curious to find others in some way like minded ( not necessarily gay). Posts like "...As far as the 'gaydar' stuff....? Perhaps there are other places on the web where that sort of questioning (trolling?) is OK. Take it over there in my opinion..." makes us feel like we have to hide who we are if we're members of a group. It's really a bummer hearing negative comments about something so basic to who we are. Most of us just want to be accepted, and aren't here to flaunt anything.

I came back to this thead after some really ugly stuff(that I didn't participate in) was posted on two other forums I'm on- Honda Element and Honda s2000- not to pick up the gauntlet, but to check back into a group I had gotten a lot of great information from in the past.

Take it easy

Wherever you go, there you are
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I've met all types and "lifestyes" pulling my A/S and on these forums. They all had two things in common. A love of Airstreams and they were nice people. What more could you want?
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you got it

hey, thanks, that's it.

Wherever you go, there you are
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I notice that, when you look up a member's profile, it always says "Not a member of any public groups." Is there a way to create a subgroup of any sort? For instance, if you want to find fellow quilters or pilots?

Was this question ever answered? What are the public groups on the forum that I'm not a member of? (yet?)

Doug & Jamie, AIR #650
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Good answer Jamie. My personal take is that I'm on this forum because I wanted to learn all I could about my vintage Argosy, not really about the member's chosen lifestyle. The "public group" thing just told me if they were or were not into the WBCC thing in case you were looking for someone in your area to ask questions of. Every once and a while I will read that someone does the same things I like to do and it's interesting, but I'm not really anxious to know "that" much about their background or personal information. Ethnic background, religion, criminal background, drug use, sexual preference, etc.... don't really come in to play when you need an answer to where this darn thing leaks and how to fix it. When you're on your back under your trailer trying to measure the angle of your axel or get a picture to post of the wiring in that little closet with the Univolt, it never really seems important how much information you have on the person who will tell you what the heck you need to do. I've got to get off this soap box and go to work.
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Hear, hear, Goin' Campin'!

I am so weary of the bitterness all around. I do try to focus on finding positive attributes in the folks I meet, hoping that demonstrating tolerance and interest in others will be contagous.

As far as the forum goes, it is clear what the purpose is...a mutual interest in Airstreams. It seems to me that that is the focused social channel vis-a-vis rallys and such. There is a place on the profile for listing hobbies, so can't those quilters and hunters etc can look there?

Just my 2 cents.
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Originally Posted by summerkid
Is there a way to create a subgroup of any sort? For instance, if you want to find fellow quilters or pilots?
Rather than creating new subgroups, people who have a particular hobby or interest other than Airstreaming might simply add that info to their signature line so that like-minded individuals could add them to their buddy list.
Just a thought.
Summerkid, how come you don't have a pic in your profile? I'd like to see our "resident hetero hottie".

May you camp where wind wonít hit you, where snakes wonít bite and bears wonít git you.

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Originally Posted by dougjamie
Was this question ever answered? What are the public groups on the forum that I'm not a member of? (yet?)

As I understand it, the forum doesn't have any public groups. It's a feature of the software that isn't used. It would just be another sub forum for special interests, like if we were to set up a specific hunting forum, or a quilting forum, etc.


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