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Arrow UPS Shipping

My partner and I own Mail Depot in Va Beach as well as Answer Center. We've been shipping packages since 1980 and the blunt fact is your packages go in the back of tractor-trailers, down multiple conveyor belts, etc. while being shipped. "Fragile" or "Glass" means nothing when a driver has to hit the brakes to avoid an accident.

I know how frustrating it is to lose something nearly irreplaceable, but your best protection is to insist that the shipper have your item professionally packed. In the case of windows or windshields, I'd want a wooden crate and at least 4 inches of expandable foam cushioning on all sides of the glass.

In fact, UPS considers the sender to be the only party to be able to collect damages and we handle all of the claims for customers who ship through Mail Depot because WE are the sender of record. Normally UPS only throws away the package when there is no question that the damage was caused by them rather than by insufficient packaging. Check with the sender. He may have gotten the package back.

Tin Lizzie

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Over the last several months, we have been receiving items from UPS, that were to be delivered to our neighbors. Our neighbors are currently remodeling their house. I guess by chance, UPS must think that since our garage door is open most of the time, why not just toss the deliveries into it, and sometimes these delivered items are small, and quite frankly, I don't see them. Theres no agreement with my neighbor or with UPS, that their deliveries become my liability !

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We will have the classic motorhome, copilot slider windows, in stock in about 5 to 6 working days.

They are being shipped to us March 7th or 8th.

The drivers side has yet to be recreated.

Unfortunately, all the original glass molds were destroyed by Airstream.

We helped recreate one of them and we are working on the other.

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While we are trashing the shippers...I used the USPS to ship a valuable guitar synth. It went priority handling and all that. Wrapped very well, lots of padding and styrofoam. The USPS guy here complimented me on the packaging said it was well done. When it arrived on the West Coast it was broken into little tiny pieces!! They denied the insurance claim, said it was not packed well. I appealed, they never responded. Three hundred dollars down the tubes.
Oh well, I'm sure we all have these stories.
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Originally Posted by ALANSD
While we are trashing the shippers...
On the flip side, I had a UPS man knock on my door one day. Looking a bit grim, he advised me to check the package he was delivering for damage as he had noticed the sounds of broken glass while walking up the sidewalk with it.

Sure enough, the contents had been destroyed due to poor packaging by the shipper. I was impressed because the UPS man could have just left the box at the door since no signature was required. Instead, he took it back with him.

Although it is obvious that not everyone is fortunate enough to deal with such concientious workers, they do exist.

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Angry Oops...

While we are shipper-bashing, I also have an Oops horror story to share.
Most of you know I collect toy trains as a second hobby (the trailer is the first one). I ordered some long out-of-production trains, and they were shipped UPS. After about 3 weeks, I called the place I bought them from, and was told the tracking number showed them as having been delivered two weeks previously.
I called UPS, they checked their records, and said the package had been dropped off on the back porch. ???? I informed them I didn't HAVE a back porch.
A supervisor came out and verified this, and they cut a check to the shipper. Of course, the trains were as rare as the window parts, and I still haven't gotten them all...
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I'm the Fleet Manager for a local meat/seafood provisions company and also spend a good deal of time delivering for the same company. Over the years I've spent delivering goods to supermarkets, distributors, etc... I've seen things that would blow your mind. For the most part anyone that works in this field doesn't really give a rip about your package or goods, it's amazing. UPS does seem to be one of the worse I've ever seen. Do any of you remember the beginning to the Jim Carrey movie "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective" where he is dressed up as a IPS (UPS) delivery man and is totally thrashing a package. Well it's not too far from the real truth. If you've ever watched a UPS driver rooting through the contents of his truck to find the right package, or loading items on his dolly, it would disgust you. NO regard for anything. You could write Fragile on a package with bright orange spray paint and it wouldn't make a difference. They are only focused on one thing, getting the route done and getting home. Fex ex seems a little better about handling packages, and I've always had good luck using the good old USPS.

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Shipper trashing.

There are many types of experiences many of us have had, with a variety of shippers. Many good, some bad, or worse.

Part of the secret in dealing with theses companies, such as UPS, Fedex, Airborne (now DHL), and USPS, is how much money you spend with them each week.

UPS must now use Crawford and Company, to settle claims. Every single claim that is denied by them, states "improper packaging". What they don't know is that we had UPS check our packaging materials and methods and could not offer "ANY" improvement suggestions.

Therefore when we have a UPS shipment damaged, that Crawford denies, we simply contact our account rep, who comes out and approves the claim. Takes additional time to collect, but you will collect. Many years ago, we charged them $10.00 for every mistake they made, when they charged us for oversize boxes, when in fact, they were well below the 84 inch overall dimensions. They complained, and we said fine. We will go to court and resolve the issue!!!!! They in turn, gave us full credit for each of those $10.00 charges, "AND" paid all the claims "IN FULL".

Since that time, UPS has served us very well. "AND" in spite of Crawford, we have "NEVER" not been paid for a claim, in some 10 years.

Airborne, now DHL, on the otherhand, sometimes uses a contract center, which we in turn used.

The biggest problem with Airborne, was not delivering some air shipments on a timely basis. They (the contractor), always apologized and gave us credit for the difference, which we passed on to our customer.

The fun part started when DHL took over Airborne. Now all of a sudden, claims were denied, usually with the "improper packaging" comments. We had 3 claims, amounting to some $1500.00 dollars, with DHL that was at a stalemate.

We would not accept their offer of $100.00 for each of those three.

But, we did offer to sue them in small claims court. They said, "go ahead" as it will get you nothing more than we offered, because we have our DHL rules.

We then did indeed take them to small claims court. They had as their rep,
in court, one of their managers. I let my wife present our three cases and background on each of them. DHL objected because of their rules.

The judge, mopped the flloor with them, and stated when a shipper (us) packages an item or items, as well as Inland RV Center proved it has, and insures it for the full amount, per your (DHL) rules, you "WILL" pay the full amount of the claim. In three weeks, we had all of that money.

DHL's final comment was that there had to be some misunderstanding. Bull hockey, we were dealing with their claims manager. Needless to say, we no longer use DHL.

We have only had a couple of claims with USPS, over the years. They paid each of them accordingly.

Inland RV Center, strongly feels that packaging of course must be reasonably correct, with new boxes, usually double thickness, and certainly not used (which opens the door before you start). We also will not use "peanuts" but instead used "bubble wrap". That assures that the materials will not shift within the box.

All in all, over time, we cannot say it strong enough, to those that ship.

Use new materials, use excellent wrappings, document your position on every package, such as weight to the tenth of an ounce, use staples instead of tapes etc. Also we print the size of the package on every single label. That takes care of being charged oversize, when indeed the package is not.

Most importantly, document your position, and be firm and patient with your claims. It takes more time, but it has great rewards, namely, you get your money. When challenged, stand up and be heard. Deal with your account rep, or sue in small claims court.

The bottom line, I suppose, is we as a shipping company, must do our part as well or better than the actual shipper. With that philosophy, which we strive to follow, we have lost less than an average of $100.00 (one hundred) dollars, per year.

We think that's outstanding, when we ship better than one half million dollars worth of merchadise, per year.

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My case is weird as they have admitted to throwing the box away, but state that usually the item that is damaged is Green bagged and delivered and only in cases of absolute damage done on the part of UPS will they discard and item and do a report that states the damage and the packing materials sizes etc.. on a detailed report form.
In my case I have been told so far that they threw it away into a dumpster, and they have not report on the item other then the notation in the tracking that states Item damaged and thrown away.
I will be contacting them further on Monday to get answers, but have been given the run around so far and can be given no explanation so far as to WHY the package was thrown away as that I have been told is not the normal thing to do since if they would have bagged it and delivered it broken they they would have denied the claim stating improper packaging as the reason for damage.
By them throwing it out and NOT making a report it seems that they have no way to deny the claim, for which I should be thankfull, but I am really peeved by the fact that someone made a decision to toss my belongings without seeking my permission and this is OK?
I do not like anyone that I have not asked to do so making decisions for me, they were hired to deliver a package and should have done so even if they did break it on the way.
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I absolutely agree with you.

I would call them tomorrow and give them two choices.

1. Pay you within 7 working days.

2. If they disagree, then I would not waste any time in filing a small claims action.

Small claims courts are famous for being on the side of the consumer. However, make sure your homework, times, dates, places, is as complete as you can.

I think you would be very surprised, as to the positive outcome.

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Ask if any of those UPS employees owns an Airstream motorhome. Amongst us, that glass is highly recognizable, if not readily identifiable by the packing slip. It may have been obscunded by a dishonest person. No records of tracking means anyone could have taken it. But hopefully my paranoia is unwarranted and they returned it to sender. Those dumpsters get emptied very quickly to still be there if it ever was. Could it be on their back porch?
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Hi! I feel your Pain! If I had a Dime for everytime I have had a problem with UPS in the last 10 years, I could retire a wealthy man. I now try, if possible, to use Fed-X or thje USPS(these two aren't perfect but IMO much better then UPS). At times I have been on the Phone with the toll free Customer service No. up to 4 hours total in one day. Their service is absolutely atrocious. I could go on and on about them but my Blood Pressure Zooms just at the thought of them! What really bothers me is that they never can admit it when they make a mistake; its always the customers fault!
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FedX delivery woes

I've just been through hell on a FedEx overnight package of insulin. Driver did not drop the box off to our front office (our delivery address), but instead came to the back of the convention center, found a guy driving a fork lift who accepted and signed for the package. Problem was the guy didn't work for us, (we still don't know who he was) and never sent the package up to the front office. I called FexEx and their response was that they have no policy to verify that a person signing for a package is either authorized or is an employee of the business. They got a signature and that's all that is required. So my response to them was so you see a person on the sidewalk and you deliver to them??? Their answer was well sir we have a signature so we consider the package delivered.

Luckly my mail order pharmacy refilled the prescription, although it will take a month to get me my credit for my initial expense. FexEx continues to state that the package was delivered.

Jack Canavera
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By any Chance, was your Package labeled as Perishable Medicine? I'm surprised the Pharmacy shipped insulin un-refrigerated in the firt place as it could have been subjected(enroute) to heat rendering the Insulin in-effective.In all brochures/pharmacology books with/on this Medicine, they recommed it always be refrigerated.I see this daily in my work as a Nurse.

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