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Flight of the LadyBug - 1963

We have started a new thread to celebrate and share with you all our latest acquisition. 1963 Globe Trotter - LadyBug
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6864.jpg
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ID:	32718

To start off the thread - here are a few facts and information of how LadyBug was named.....

At first glance of pictures from e-bay I thought of Rusty Rivette - but then thought she will not be rusty for ever.

As we got closer to the desitnation - we passed through Shelby County Indiana and thought great I will call her "LoveBug" We crossed that County Line and thus out the window that name went too.

Distracted for a few hours in getting her ready for the 600 mile trip home and the fact we had bigger dilemas to fix like getting a current title and the lights to work on the trailer....the naming of the Globe Trotter was put on hold....After a fabulous evening of laughter with some of the "Rivettes" during our token "Rivette Rush" (do a forums search to find out more on that score) We said our Good Byes and gave one last tour to "Towdaddy" And that is when I discoveredClick image for larger version

Name:	100_6902.jpg
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ID:	32721

- There are nearly 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs worldwide and 400* which live in North America.*With one that now lives on our driveway.

- A female ladybug will lay more than 1000 eggs in her lifetime.of which 9999 hatched in LB's bulkhead cupboard.

- A ladybug beats its wings 85 times a second when it flies. The same amount of times the rivets get beaten with a dead axle.

- Aphids are a ladybug's favorite food.*Stephs (tinsista) Quiche is mine.

- Ladybugs chew from side to side and not up and down like people do. As does the LB when she is on the I65, I80, I90, I69.

- A gallon jar will hold from 72,000 to 80,000 ladybugs. As will a 19 ft 63 Globe Trotter with its Astrodome intact...

- Ladybugs make a chemical that smells and tastes terrible so that birds and other predators won't eat them. The same sort of smell and grit we found in LB...

- If you squeeze a ladybug it will bite you, but the bite won't hurt. If you Squeeze LB she will pop a dome with a bite worth $179.00.

- The spots on a ladybug fade as the ladybug gets older. As does LB's olympic rivets.

- During hibernation, ladybugs feed on their stored fat. As does LB's owner - moi

- Ladybugs won't fly if the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. We can relate!

- The ladybug is the official state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Tennessee.OHIO LB's BirthPlace

- The male ladybug is usually smaller than the female. The brain at least!

- If you find a ladybug in your house in the winter you will have good luck. As LB will have with us adventures to come....and you just might find us on your driveway too....

Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6865.jpg
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ID:	32719

More stories and pictures to come.....

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Lady bug, cute as a bug. I have just learned more ladybug trivia than I can ever use in my lifetime.

Based on the condition my Tradewind was found, sitting in a field for god only knows how long. I should name her "Mouse Motel". 1 year later and I'm still finding presents in the nooks and crannies. I will pass on passing on micellaneous facts about the small rodents. Somehow I don't think they would be as romantic as bug facts.

In either case though the critters could be a lot worse.

Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time has come to shine.
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That is too kool, Nice rig too
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Cute as a bug's ear!

Lady Bug is GREAT! Congrats on a wonderful find! We are waiting for pictures now.... lots of interior before so we can see the after when it happens!

Mrs. NorCal Bambi (traveling in S Tardis)
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It looks like your litte trailer found just the right new owners to appreciate the good luck it comes with. Gosh, it even looks like you undertook your adoption and retrieval with snow/slush on the roads. It will be fun to watch your pictures of the redo on your new baby.

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We can tow it!
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Smile Our driveway is always open

Great thread!! We are starting our Chinese new year right then cause we had a ladybug in our driveway so come on good luck!! Hope she flies back again soon for a visit!

Originally Posted by GT6921
<snip>- Aphids are a ladybug's favorite food.*Stephs (tinsista) Quiche is mine.<snip>
Oh Sharon you are too sweet!! That was Paula Deen's quiche with blackforest ham instead of bacon and jarlsberg swiss, and some nutmeg. Takes about 15-20 min longer than the recipe says I used an instant read thermometer to get it right--has to be 160F internally hard to tell from the outside cause the cheese browns up so nicely on top.

Love this thread, great photos Sharon, I can not wait to see the decorating plans!!
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Now you have the name lets see if I can give you the short version of how LadyBug came into our lives....

Chapter One

With a change in jobs and the loss of the winter Holidays and a terrible decision to sell MoonBeam we no longer had a little Globe Trotter. While the 61 Overlander is a great Airstream and will be our marvel retirement escape pod - it just does not have that "MoonBeam" or "LadyBug" cute factor.

On January 5th I gave my word to let MoonBeam Go. On January 14th I caught first site of "LadyBug" listed on E-bay - with a bid of $7.50, no reserve and within driving distance - this had definitely sparked my interest - until I saw the inside pictures - YUCK! The thrill of it got the better of me and I e-mailed for more pictures and was sent about 25 of them from the seller.

Hmm okay, not so bad....oh no that is scary, hey there are no big dents, no gouges, no huge scratches it is pretty good....oh YIKES what is that - as you can probably gather I was viewing the pictures from outside to inside, outside to inside and so on.....

The outside was as smooth as a LadyBugs shell and it was love all over again. The inside we just tried not to think about for two whole weeks until the auction was scheduled to finish. Still no bid from me - as I have my ways - while others were bidding and running up the price - giving everyone else time to bid higher - I was trying to value her and determine what my very top dollar would be.

With 45 seconds to go I popped my bid in - leaving no time for someone to change their minds and bid more - hoping that my top dollar would make it through all the "snipes" out there. She went 50 dollars over what I thought it was worth - but I had bid another wack of money to satisfy my "gut" feeling that she WILL BE MINE!

I was real nervous that I had not heard back from the seller - but he had gone away for the Super Bowl.
Then the whirl wind of preparations started....the infamous axle thread, shock mount mysteries, researching the best price on all the items we needed to get her home safely (keeping in mind I just sold everything with the MoonBeam - bad idea on that one).

Then the "Sistas" got wind I was blowing into town - so the Rivette Rush materialized - Peter and I had missed two Forum Rallies in MI and I was darned if I was going to miss a 3rd opportunity to at least get a little fix of the Michiganites - sorry it was not a week later we could have met even more...

Weather - a huge issue - they were forecasting the largest snowstorm to blow through our intended route this winter and the COLDEST "Clipper" as they called it to hit the Region in years.....and we were going to pick up a trailer in this...Us Canadians have some pretty big cahonas you know and a little snow was not holding us back.

As we get closer to the departure date - things start to go wrong...the dishwasher door breaks, the Yukon starts to leak engine coolant, the front end shudders and the brake fluid is dropping. Our intended drop off of MoonBeam also begins to dwindle, last minute repairs of the antenna, signal light not working then the brakes don't connect last minute decision - delivery cancelled and disappointed new owner! but one less worry for us. I was starting to get a real bad feeling...but the sistas gave me some good Karma..

Scheduled departure Thursday 16th am - Feb 14th - the largest snow storm hits the NorthEast! Hits us on the 15th. Parents are scheduled to baby sit the dogs and we have 4 inches of snow to clear (nothing compared to the New Yorkers wow!!) I get through 6 passes on the driveway and the belt goes on the SnowBlower!! now I am doing the rest by hand. And still no final decision that we are going or not. A sunny window appeared and we were a go.

Here are a few pics that appeared on e-bay and the ONE that caught my eye...

Chapter two to follow....
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	2c2d_1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	2e18_1.jpg
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ID:	32748   Click image for larger version

Name:	287b_1.jpg
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ID:	32749  

Click image for larger version

Name:	2187_1.jpg
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ID:	32750  
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It looks like you have some work ahead of you but nothing you weren't prepared for it would seem. Darned weather sure gets in the way sometimes. Just think how healthy you are from all that snow shovelling exercise though? Gotta get in shape to tackle the resto on the trailer. Great update, thanks for sharing.

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Barry I have been eyeing your station wagon - what is it? and do you have more photos - looking for my next project already. A sweet ride to pull the LadyBug!!
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Sharon, congrats on LadyBug! We had a similar situation when we got our Safari - ladybugs everywhere. A PO had left some windows open, and they had made themselves at home. We came close to naming her Ladybug too, but went with Sparky instead. Have fun with your new project.
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Originally Posted by GT6921
Barry I have been eyeing your station wagon - what is it? and do you have more photos - looking for my next project already. A sweet ride to pull the LadyBug!!
Why thank you for the compliment. It is our automotive baby and has been with us a long time. The wagon is officially a 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safar 2 Door Wagon - it's Pontiac's equivalent of Chevrolet's Nomad from 1955 to 1957. They are very rare (1,292 made in '57) as they were too expensive for a station wagon in the '50's for most people. I notice there's a 1958 in pretty decent shape for sale on Craig's list Seattle yesterday although it's a four door, it sure looks good and virtually ready to go and they as well are very rare. We love the wagon and bought it as a total wreck in 1981 and have redone it a couple of times. It has towed a lot of trailers (camping, car haulers, trips to the dump) and over the years we've drag raced it, used it as a second car, put a number of different power trains in it, and put about 200,000 miles on it. We use it extensively in spring,summer,fall for our non work related driving and have a ton of fun with it. We knew the moment we bought it we'd have to find the right Airstream to tow behind it, but we had already been looking for just the right Airstream in the mid 70's (we had a '55 BelAir Convertible, a 70 Chevelle SS as well as other cars) and it just took us a long time to find just the right trailer.

Now and then a '55-57 Safari two door wagon shows up for sale but they are now huge dollars. I see absolute wrecks selling on eBay from time to time for several thousand dollars - we paid a fraction of that when we bought ours and today probably have less than $12,000 in it total. We've had some pretty silly offers including an offer to go to a fellows Pontiac/GMC dealership and picking any SUV they have, loaded up, in exchange for the car, which the owner wanted and he hasn't given up the pursuit.

I'll see what I have for pictures and if nothing shows up in my files I'll take a couple more. And thanks again for asking.
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Always Airstreaming!
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Lady Bug is great! When we moved into our antique farmhouse we had lots of lady bugs flying around so we too have a soft spot for them. Congrats on your new baby!

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An interesting thing with ladybugs. Our municipality has realized the benefits of ladybugs and butterflys being an agriculture area, and have breeding/nesting facilities set up and release them by the thousands each year. We get a few in the house, I get a bunch in the shop where the Airstream is stored so that's a good thing I'm learning from you guys.

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Chapter Two - Were OffClick image for larger version

Name:	100_6847.jpg
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Size:	179.1 KB
ID:	32811 Just a quick stop to pick up the hub cap that was left off from the rear brake cylindar job.

Playing it a little safe we waited until around noon to head out on Feb 16th - giving the top of Toronto enough time to clear the snow and give the roads a chance to dry a bit from the big storm the day before. Perfect timing! If only we could have got things sorted out with MoonBeam it would have been a nice trip for her last time with us....

A beautiful sunny day but really really really cold - one of the coldest days this winter (if you can call this a winter??) Said goodbyes to our 3 puppies who were very confused but we new they would be fine. We just explained that we were going to buy them a new Mobile Holiday Couch and they understood right away.

Ran into heavy traffic at the DVP so we detoured off onto the 407 at the 400 and sailed across the top of Toronto. What a difference that makes for all you travelers out there Pay the toll and run from just out side Milton to the West all the way to Brock Road Pickering - coming out at Taunton - which you can run east to the 115 North right to our place for a quick Courtesy Parking - or drop down to the 401 to run through Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Bowmanville.

Settled into a nice sunny drive andBAM! a rock hits the windshield scares the daylights out of Peter and Myself who was driving, of course with the luck we were having it leaves a crack. We kept our fingers crossed in this cold that she would not shatter across the whole windshield but she held steady. We hit a bit of Lake effect snow in the Cambridge area and some drifting snow with a few minor white outs. Several hours later we were crossing into Michigan at Sarnia heading toward Elkhart Indiana our first nights destination. The US Border Patrol was very pleasant and took all of 30 seconds.

It was a long drive for one day but we were on a mission! We were really tempted to change our plans and land up either at Carols, Wheel Interested or Stephs, Tinsista for the night - but unfortunately that would have thrown the whole schedule right off. It was important for us to reach Elkhart as we had some serious shopping to do in the morning at Camping World and RVS - the most important item being the new hitch system (did I mention I sold everything with the MoonBeam!!!).

Early to rise the next morning from a nice evening at the Comfort Inn - no fancy meals McD's was the fastest and safest for us. The morning temps were a balmy 10F with a wind chill that could freeze you solid in 10 seconds. The Yukon groaned to a start - we checked the coolant and she was good. Two minutes down the road there was an annoying metal on metal sound - oh no we have issues again. We need to stop and check the oil sounds like we have run dry of oil (not hard to do in our non mechanical family!) Nope oil was good - but Peter comes around with a little mirror in his hand - "this might have been what was rattling and making the noise" our friend had left his Mirror that he used to find the coolant leak resting somewhere in the engine compartment.....

After that little scare everything went like clockwork (shopping and me always does!!) Even when I was disappointed that I would not be able to get my new Blue Tote Low Sillouhette from Battle Creek we were pleasantly surprised to see them still available at CW and for $63.00 but when we checked out it rang in as $49.00 what a huge savings from $112.00. Within 2 hours we were back on the road to Lowell our targeted early afternoon stop to pick up LadyBug.

A quick call ahead we found the poor fellow was out in the cold hacking away at the ice that had formed at the door and clearing all the snow up to the Pole Barn where LB was hanging out since "End Auction" Day 28th of Jan. We just caught Dale coming in for lunch, we were just east of the I65 turn off and would be no more than 20 minutes from the planned meeting we thought. Then it happened the "snakes nest effect" I80, I90, I65, Hwy 51, East, West all merging to one big fat confusion OMG how do you guys keep all these roads straight!!

Now there is one small problem - we don't have any fancy GPS and our Wal-Mart Atlas was sitting neatly on its shelf - AT HOME - so we were running with the hmmm *&^%$ Mapquest Map printout. Your looking for I65 but there are 3 road signs before you even see the sign for I65 that you have to take to get to I65 then add about 10 transports in a row that block every sign you should have seen and we are safely on our way to Chicago unbeknown to us. What should have been a 4 mile trip to the turn off was taking a lot longer. I am going to have to fire the navigator! 10 minutes up to Chicago and we figured out we missed the turn off - got turned around and made it 20 minutes later to our meeting spot.

We felt very privileged having an escort into to where our new purchase was. Good thing because we would have been traveling around Lake County, Lowell for the rest of our lives....

No LadyBugs here yet just huge Butterflies with anticipation of the pole barn door opening - Now for all you e-bay'rs out there you know the feeling I am talking about - the one that your head plays tricks with you psycho killer lures Canadian Airstream Nuts to Pole Barn - found frozen to death 10 days later. Or how about OMG the frame is hanging out and dragging on the ground - I knew we should have brought a flat bed! Or, he never said anything about the other side of the trailer completely missing! ......finally as the door swings wide open we both look at each other with grins from ear to ear! and take a huge sigh of relief.......

Our first peak - with Ladybugs new rubber shoes set at the door....there she was.....

Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6848.jpg
Views:	114
Size:	98.1 KB
ID:	32812Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6851.jpg
Views:	104
Size:	108.8 KB
ID:	32813

Stay tuned for Chapter Tree - The Road Prep -
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Sharon, I love your story telling Keep the chapters coming. ~G
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Chapter Three - Road Prep

The oooss aaahhhs and YUKS had to be put aside for a bit we had arrived a little latter than intended around 2:00pm and had maybe 4 hours of light left.

In that time the following check list had to be completed:

- Wheel bearings checked and re-packed
- Brakes inspected and tested
- Wire Harness from trailer to Yukon deciphered, sorted and wired
- Install Eaz-Lift WD HitchClick image for larger version

Name:	100_6861.jpg
Views:	101
Size:	118.3 KB
ID:	32830
- Instal Sway Arm
- Check Coupler Ball seat and locking system
- Grease everything along with white grease for the Yukon receiver terminal Road Salt can kill ya
- Axle Check - Dead or Alive - Dead - thus we take a different approach to battening down the hatches! cause you know things are going to fly!
- Check Exterior for any loose items that can become projectiles and a cause for law suites
- Exhaust Pipe removal Large silver canister mounted under trailer (awning, flag pole or pooper hose??? still guessing on that one)Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6854.jpg
Views:	91
Size:	169.1 KB
ID:	32828
- Spare Tire Mount needed to be riveted - no way it was going to hold the wheel.
- Propane Regulator and Pigtail needed to be secured.
- Rivet down any vents or remove completely if possible.
- Break out the duck tape - and tape everything that could fly open - the cranks may be stiff on these old girls but give her a ride with a dead axle and anything can work itself loose in a matter of miles.
- Never trust the lock or closures on the door - wire it shut or the compartment doors - duck tape them.
- We also had a missing back window to take care of - found the perfect piece of 8mil plastic - wedged under the window frame and duck tape all the seems - worked like it was meant to be.
- Secure the inside (although really scary in there I managed to vacuum up a few more leaves and styrofoam packing noodles) secured all the draws, stowed away interior projectiles and removed all light lenses. The spare wheel and the two old ones along with the exhaust pipe were also put in side the trailer.Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6852.jpg
Views:	94
Size:	112.1 KB
ID:	32827

All sounds pretty good right - easy, and no hiccups eh?

The wiring went great to begin with....
The bearings looked brand new and packed nicely even the brakes although had not be used for who knows how many years - over 10 at least - stopped on a dime.

Then it came time to put the new wheels on. We brought with us the Marathons Load D's on the spiffy new rims that we bought for the Overlander. These same type of wheels fit on the 69 Globe Trotter that we bought for her too. We had confirmed the hub and nut centres were the same and we were good to go. "they don't fit" I hear Dale mumble to Peter "You better come and have a look Peter" I was on the other side of the trailer acting as the new found Duck Tape Queen and thinking that the garage was just warm enough for the tape to stick....they still sounded a bit worried on the other side of the trailer so I thought I would pop around and see what the matter was.

So guys what is the problem? "The wheels won't fit" Peter said. "well tell me what I need and I will go get new tires for the old rims if need be but why don't they fit" I asked. You could tell right off that there was no way they were going to slide in and up onto the hub.While they were baffled...I blurted out...."Simple just deflate the tire push it up and inflate it - you do have a compressor right Dale?" The two of them looked at each other and smiled and I received my first compliment, if you can call it one, of the day. "Good thing you brought your wife along Peter" "Yep she is not just a pretty face" Peter responded shyly. Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6859.jpg
Views:	94
Size:	135.2 KB
ID:	32829

It worked perfect and Dale was onto the second wheel in no time. Giving the second one a turn to make sure the brakes were working all of a sudden the wheel was not turning. I was still, you know, minding my own business playing with the duck tape and thought well it can not be serious. He could not get the wheel to fit or turn and started to take all the nuts off - I could not resist - "Hang on Dale....bent over and checked behind the wheel - I think the jack stand might be your problem - the lever is against the tire because the tire is wider than the one you took off" and just left it at that and walked around to the other side to continue with the duck taping. I did hear it I know I did - a second compliment wow!!!!

We were getting close to pulling out and just had the sway bar to mount - meaning drilling holes into the frame. Small hint bring half decent locking screws because the 'chinese' ones just strip in that good old American steel - from Rosies factory in Michigan!!!! It was this simple task that caused the most grief - we thought....with the sway now mounted correctly and the harness all set the coupler ball clamp was acting up - I had visions of running around trying to find a new one. they are tricky sometimes and you can catch them and miss clamping the ball altogether - that is not fun when your trailer pops off down the road.... happened with a landscape trailer - good thing those chains were crossed - made no difference!!!

Okay now we are all set and were getting really cold as the door was now wide open and the Yukon backed into place - slowly the blocks and chocks were all moved one by one. We were wired and while in park all the lights were checked Right, Left, Brake, Running, 4-ways, full lights and the brakes were humming - all good to go.Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6862.jpg
Views:	86
Size:	161.0 KB
ID:	32831

Put her in drive and pulled forward and all the lights went OFF! Now it was dark, outside and freezing. Peter had not eaten for quite some time and I could see he was not quite himself. Thought of backing it back in the pole barn but if you saw it you would have done what we did NOT - it was like threading a needle. Peter made one wrong turn of the wheel and I knew he had to eat and that he was low (diabetic).

Dale ran to get the trouble light and jumped right in - as Peter stuffed his face with frozen granola bars. His hands would not move it was too late they had frozen stiff. And of course Peter being so thorough had taped the wire harness ready for the 600 miles of snow and slush we were about to face. Never quite understood what went wrong but joined a loose black wire with the "green wire" and it gave us lights again. It was just the half hour getting the tape undone!

Little did we know that it was a bit too much on one circuit somewhere and we had lost the running rear lights on both the Yukon and the Trailer - but did not happen until the next day - they were working when we left and when we made our first stop.

Lets back up a few steps right about 3.5-4 hours into the Prep I thought I would ask for the bill of sale, just incase he had not done one up or had one signed by his Dad. It would give me an excuse to sit by the woodstove and warm up. Nope no bill of Sale, No Dad and a non current Title not in either his Fathers or his name - just signed over to whom ever paid her the money....Her.. yep the infamous NAN the name has been changed to protect the innocent US! There was that stomach down to the knees feeling again. You see you have to do things just right to import vintage trailers or anything for that matter these days. To find out the details of this portion of the saga you will have to sit around a camp fire with us one day! In the meantime I went looking around the barn and Found NAN, exchanged our funds and the deal was done. We were on our way.

Always a bit nervous pulling an old trailer - worse in the dark, more worse in the winter and even more worse when not in your own country! That is when you say to yourself what the heck are we doing here - can we not find some crapy little SOB in Canada to meet our needs?... Naaaa we need the adventure "eh"!

9:30 pm after a lovely hot coffee and a final 1/2 hour chat with Dale we pulled away from a great new friend. We do not know what we would have done if he did not have a pole barn and a big ole wood stove! Not too mention doing all the stuff he did on the running gear while Peter worked at the same time on the electrical and hitch systems. Yep don't forget me too, working the Duck Tape system....

We were tired, hungry and FROZEN. The night was clear and we had half a notion to keep running up to Okemos or at least Elkhart but chose to run 20 more minutes to test the bearings and see what fell off the trailer. We were good to the I65 did the circle check and headed out onto the Interstate.Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6866.jpg
Views:	86
Size:	94.1 KB
ID:	32832 It was not long before the lids got heavy and we pulled into the Comfort Inn at exit 255 with a Cracker Barrel too. I had eyed it on the way down and said to myself this is as far as we will get today - about 7 hours earlier.

Checked in and headed across the road with LadyBug in Tow. Had a great meal as close as we could to the big fire. Headed out at 11:00 pm right into a snow storm! (go figure in the middle of winter?) - good thing we were driving literally across the road. Woke up the next morning to 5 inches of snow and a continuing blizzard which was happening all around the bottom of Lake Huron - YIKES.

Now I know the trailer was important but there was a Rivette Rush happening that day and I was not missing it. "We can do this I65 to I80 toll road thing I know we can". It should be clear in about a couple of hours...We headed out onto the road like only true "North Americans" can, with brass balls in our pockets and the 4 wheel high in the ON position.

20 minutes down the road we both heard something but could not quite figure out what it was. I thought it sounded like aluminum/plastic and thought great the window job I did has gone. Peter thought it was some truck brakes. Everything was still on the trailer - so we thought. A few more miles up the road one of the arms to the front guard broke loose and started to bounce onto the trailer so we had to pull in and fix that. Circled around and found nothing else missing. The roads now just wet so back to 2 wheel drive.Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6870.jpg
Views:	102
Size:	102.9 KB
ID:	32835Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6871.jpg
Views:	92
Size:	100.8 KB
ID:	32836

5 hours later we pulled into Okemos ready for a big huge nap, instead we got pumped for the Rivette Rush. Rather than unhitching our new friends came to pick us up. And it was LadyBug's first tour (although she was not called LadyBug at the time) while we were waiting Peter stepped in to have a first look at her in the daylight. Put his hand up through the astrodome area thinking it was glass "Hey look there is nothing here". I looked down and said yep she has environmental issues there was 4 inches of snow on the wheels that were on the floor. There was a makeshift cover at one time and the original astrodome had long gone. That was the noise we heard, the aluminum cover had worked its way loose and flew off.

Off to the Party and great times with all - those Michiganites sure do know how to host a shin-dig. What a great Airstream Community this IS!! I just can not say enough about all the people we have met and chatted to here at the forums - what a thrill it is - and truly the only reason we venture out from our little spot of paradise....because we know if we are ever in a bind, or need a place to stop, or an excuse to have a party - there are many of us like minded people scattered throughout NorthAmerica.

A bit of that girl power goin on and the cool dudes in the back...Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6873.jpg
Views:	90
Size:	117.0 KB
ID:	32837Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6875.jpg
Views:	86
Size:	156.6 KB
ID:	32838

One more chapter and then we get to the fun stuff.
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Hey just realized Dale and Pete could pass as the McKennzie Brothers!!! I can honestly say that was one time a cold beer would have put us over the edge
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Chapter Four - The Border Crossing

This version of the story has been shortened to protect the Innocent

This has turned into a Hobby of Travel Trailer imports with this one being 3rd time lucky. Getting them all decked out with the new gear each time does not help matters.

Peter has become invisible when it comes to crossing the border back into Canada. He hands over the driving, the identification and double checks his "story" a hundred times and starts to turn a peculiar shade of green.

Me - I am a Rock! When I have my story straight and Peter keeps his "Gob" shut - usually when he says anything it is opposite to what I am about to say......

So here we I said above the short version......about 25 questions later (3 of which asked us if we had or owned a gun!!! - 30 minutes of pure stress , 3 heart failures, a mini car search, grounds for divorce TWICE (yep Peter spoke) I had visions the whole time being dragged off to separate rooms and spending the rest of my life in Jail. NEVER AGAIN

We have settled with the idea that this little Globe Trotter will meet all our weekend and mini-vacation needs and the Overlander will meet our lengthy vacations and worldly retirement travel needs - that is it. There can not be any more Airstream Trailers out there that we could possibly need

We were safely on our way - into a very bad snow storm for the next half hour.

The cream on the trip....we were stopped on the 401 for not having a trailer plate - but he could not ticket us because he could not prove that we had to have one because of it just being imported and impossible to plate on either side of the border or even a trip permit issued (a whole other story).

But this young fellow was determined not to let us go until he found something....after 10 minutes of arguing with himself as we are polite citizens and just handed him the papers and repeated three times that these documents constitutes our "Plate and Permit" for this trailer.

He then asked for my license, Registration and Insurance.

The license was good - picture bad but in date

Registration - *&^% did i just not have a birthday recently??? Yep like on the 2nd and I wonder what distracted me to get that little thing done??? LadyBug and Snow Storms!!!

Oh and Peter was in it too - I had set out the insurance slips for all our toys for him he usually puts them all in the vehicles - they were still sitting on the kitchen counter.

So the young fellow fresh out of the academy was a happy fellow and was able to issue me a Non-Current Registration fine of $85 + the $25 standard "victims" charge - yep up here you have to pay for other criminals acts against innocent people!!

Well what about us - victim of circumstance - if he new his laws we would have been on our way and there would have been no discovery of the out of date registration.

You can not have cream without a cheri.....20 minutes later it was dusk time for the lights to go on - NO rear lights or interior lights!!! Have you heard that saying "I Told you So" - why don't you ever listen to me - what do you think I am stupid??" said with major attitude from a very long and stressful trip.

We ran the last 4 hours of the trip at 80klm with the 4 ways on.

It still is a mystery...both sets of fuses are fine - so how do you loose the interior dimmer and both tail lamps only all at once??? Can anyone venture a guess as to where to solve this one?

It truly was a "Flight of the LadyBug" they are clumbsy flyers at best - but they always manage to get themselves from A to B relatively

Here are your standard newbie photos. (But I guess we are not Newbies really)

Hey look there is an Airstream following us....
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6868.jpg
Views:	102
Size:	70.0 KB
ID:	32884

wow check out the my little rig beside the big rigs....Just figured out why eveyone takes this shot - because it is the first time you get to stand back and take a look and the only place you can park is with the Transports
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6878.jpg
Views:	107
Size:	106.2 KB
ID:	32885

It is all worth it when you wake up the next morning in your own bed - the sun shinning, and your first glance out the window is....
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6882.jpg
Views:	111
Size:	191.4 KB
ID:	32886
Wow Honey it was not a dream! It really did happen

LadyBug is settling in just fine and talking to her new friends - she does talk you know - don't believe me - then who is Haily talking to???
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6884.jpg
Views:	91
Size:	130.1 KB
ID:	32887

Stay Tunned for Chapter 5 - The Metemorphosis this will be the fun cops or border patrol to stress you out...
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Chapter 5 - The Metamorphosis

This thing is real nasty inside!!! Just a huge cry from MoonBeam - oh well just a bigger challenge that is all.

Had a chance to get about a foot layer of dirt of her but you would never know it. But I am excited honest well for now anyway.

So here is the plan ( although they could change from time to time). As this is a base model with not to much of anything being fancy I would like to update the functionality a bit.

Starting in the back....I like the toilet shower combo with a door. So we are going to refit the toilet and two closets similar to The sink and counter will stay where it is with a slight re-design on the sink.
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6931.jpg
Views:	96
Size:	118.9 KB
ID:	32992Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6938.jpg
Views:	90
Size:	124.1 KB
ID:	32994

The old water heater (monster) will be replaced with a new unit placed up closer behind the wheel well. The old vent will stay for show but be completely closed off on the inside. A new heater vent will need to be cut out. We do not have the room to keep the WHT where it is right now.

A small but functional bathroom door - with one of the oval windows with frosted lexan will be installed to close off the toilet and shower area.

In place of the bath tub on the curb side will be a new closet/drawer/shelf combo - to compensate for the lose of closet space from the toilet shower. The upper closet door will also have an oval frosted window to match across the hall. We hope to have a small closet - the width of the new water heater that will act as the kitchen pantry beside the cooktop.

The wood in the cupboards and bulkheads is all restorable. We will change out the sliders for wood doors up top.

The kitchen will also under go some minor changes. Oven will be replaced with the Convection Microwave out of the Excella with the new Wedgwood 3 burner cook top.Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6935-1.jpg
Views:	102
Size:	131.9 KB
ID:	32993

There is not much of a cupboard under the existing stove so we may consider that for a cleaning materials organizer.

The sinks in both the bathroom and the kitchen are still in great shape although the SS trim rings are a bit rusty. They seem to clean up nice with 1000 wet/dry sand paper used with water. The cupboard under the kitchen sink will be a pull out pantry as in the new models - so you can access from both sides - this will be a great spot for the dishes with the fancy dish organizers available today.
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6945.jpg
Views:	91
Size:	127.8 KB
ID:	32995

We will need a new fridge - either brand new, or a demo, dent and bash or if I can find an older dometic I have a guy who will do the cooling unit for them for around $250 on the small units. I am looking for a RM 40 or 35 or it's equivalent. Above the fridge I will ditch the drawer - as the drawers will be on the left of the cooktop. In place will be a large pull out cutting counter. I will miss the double counter space of the 69.

The furnace that is at the end of the counter will be removed and a cupboard to store the Marine style pole mount table will be built in its place.

The front goucho will be re-designed to an L-lounge with the suburban furnace under the seat beside the table storage cupboard so that we can still use the same outside furnace vent. We can run the ducting to the back and around the front to better heat the trailer. We do not intend on almost freezing to death in this one.
Click image for larger version

Name:	63 Dinette concept.jpg
Views:	109
Size:	68.2 KB
ID:	32997
Just a concept - not having a double pole table or the blue or the wood strip floor, however we are going with a distressed wood floor look.

We will be changing out the pressure water system for a surflow on demand pump system and a new fresh water tank in the same location. We will loose a drawer and a half with the L-shape seating but will sub in lift up storage instead.

The curbside goucho is not in very good condition so we will sub in the Flexsteel couch out of the Excella that fits perfect - saves me the cost on wood and foam - just have to send it out for re-covering. We will offset the couch an extra 6 inches to give a nice wide double bed and still leave enough room to squeeze by the glley to the bathroom.
Click image for larger version

Name:	100_6940.jpg
Views:	88
Size:	101.7 KB
ID:	32996

The astrodome - we are replacing with a non opening clear skylight dome. Putting in a FF in place of the old vent in the back - adding in a small vent for the toilet/shower room and adding a cooktop exhaust fan - this little AS has 6 large windows as well as a door in door and only 16' x7' inside so I don't think we will have an issue with not having the Astrodome opening for air movement.

We are looking at some neat accents with rivet seams in the fridge door as well as the front bulkhead sliders - to give the interior an aviator look.

We are a bit disappointed that the front and rear cones are fiberglass - did not realize 63 was the year they brought that in. So we have to rethink what to face the ceiling with. The zolatone is inconsistent although original. I like the stainless look of the CCD's and do not have too much wall space in the centre. So it will be nice to have a bit of aluminum showing. We have the aluminum wall fridge vent so that will be stripped and nice racks installed for the special Happy Hour glasses.

Incorporating some cool led lighting, LadyBug accents (chrome/ladybug switch/plug plates, ties for curtains will have Ladybug broaches - and if you look closely you may find a few Ladybugs on the walls. I am sticking with the original decor colour scheme with "Rosie" still being my inspiration along with an 'aviator' atmosphere.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Rusty Rivette Decor copy.jpg
Views:	113
Size:	192.6 KB
ID:	32998

Now if I could just twinkle my nose and all that would be done in a week - that would just be the cats meow.

Now I have to put the work list together - that includes all the usual common sense stuff, like floor, frame, axle - changing out the plumbing and updating the power system. Adding a few courtesy lights and new stack vents. Re-sealing all the windows and sealing up the dried out seams. And that is just a short list....All this with no garage is going to be murder in itself - cold and then bugs then rain then sweltering heat and more bugs just let them all be LadyBugs....

So when you look at the pictures can you SEE IT????
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There's nothing like undertaking a new project to get the blood going. That's good and bad. You want to do lots, and it's exciting doing the planning and getting in and doing it, but the amount of work involved sure can be draining at times. You need a good coach at times when it becomes wearing and you've got a ton of us coaches on your team here . One nice thing is that you also incorporate things you learned from the last trailer (moonbeam), knowing what worked the best and what you would have changed had you needed to do that.

We'll be watching for update pics. It sounds as though you've thought this one through pretty well so it should be an excellent replacement when it's done. So, have at er as my uncle used to say as he left us to do the job he'd just committed us to, and headed off to the bar for a few beers (we were too young to join him, or to know better to go have a pop till he came back - oh well )


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