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Gentle advice to newbies

When, some years ago, I first felt inclined to post on this forum, I had no idea what informal "rules" might govern the conduct of a useful and valued contributing member of an Internet forum. Although I was comfortable with using computers, I felt quite intimidated about launching into the world of any Internet forum. Looking back, that now seems a trifle amusing, but it is the truth. I would wonder "Is this the right sort of issue to raise?"; "Should I use up forum space by saying thank you for advice given" and several similar concerns. I therefore feel it might be useful to list some of the advice that might be useful to newcomers to this forum, the sort of advice that I would have valued several years ago. For those with no such concerns, please ignore this post, as I'm certainly not attempting to teach old dogs new tricks.

So, here goes:
1. Read the Forum's Community Rules. These are well written, clear, and very sensible. What follows is an attempt to put a little more flesh on those bones.
2. When logging on to the forum, you will probably start by using the portal page as a Favorite or Bookmark. I use the User Control Panel (User CP) as the home page. This enables me to see if there are any matters for my attention. I then go to "New Posts", which lists the posts since I last visited the site. As you gain more experience of the forum you will develop your own system.
3. Take time before posting to familiarize yourself with all the facilities of the forum. Click on the "forums" button at the top of the screen, and browse through all the available sub-forum titles.
4. Use the Search facility to research the topic that interests you. Many of your questions will have been answered before, and a little reading and searching can prove most rewarding. Details of how to use the search facility can be found at
5. If the search facility does not fully answer your question, choose the sub-forum that most closely reflects your question, and pose your question as a new thread in that sub-forum.
6. If you start a thread that describes a problem, then, after advice has been received, describe the eventual resolution of the issue. It is unrewarding to assist someone to, for example, fault-find a defective furnace, and never to know if the advice was successfully implemented. We all need to learn from these answers.
7. The Karma system exists to acknowledge a useful, informative or amusing post. The system is described here: Using the search tool for the word "karma" will lead you to more discussions on the system. It's a fun way to show that someone's work is appreciated, without filling the forum with thousands of posts that applaud other posts. However, don't take it too seriously. I find that I can get more karma for a one-line jocular remark than for a post that has taken me many hours to compose. It's just fun, but it's still important.
8. The forum can be likened to a group of friends with mutual interests, sitting round a campfire inside a circle of Airstream trailers at a beautiful State Park campground. The conversation naturally turns toward Airstream matters. A fundamental principle governing one's contributions to the forum should be: "Don't post anything that you wouldn't be prepared to say out loud to a person sitting round that campfire, especially if that person was bigger, stronger and smarter than you, and all the others present could hear you." Anytime you feel tempted to respond aggressively, rudely or sarcastically, remember that you're sitting round that campfire, and your reputation is on the line. If you believe a post is rude, aggressive, or destructive, then report it to the Moderators by using the "Report Post" button to the left of the offending post. It works. I rarely report a post (perhaps one or two a year), but when I do, the post disappears very rapidly. The Moderators do a great job. It is only through their vigilance that we have such a good-natured and useful forum.
9. It is easy to take offense at a remark which was only meant to be humorous. To avoid giving offense in your own posts, use the "smilies" facility to clarify the spirit in which the remark is made.
10. Opinion is not much use in a thread. Experience is better. Proof is best. For example:
  • (a) Opinion: "I think Gloop Synthetic is the best oil in the world."
  • (b) Experience: "I've been using Gloop Synthetic in my trucks for 40 years, I've changed it every six thousand miles, and I've never had an engine wear out on me, even after 500k miles."
  • (c) Proof: "The independent National Institute of Science has carried out a blind trial of the twenty best selling oils, and submitted the oils after 6k miles to independent blind analysis. The results show that Gloop Synthetic has the best results based on 15 different measures. The full details of the trial are on the web at ......... "
11. A little humility goes a long way. There are many very intelligent and experienced members of this forum, so don't underestimate them. You will learn more, and gain respect, by asking questions rather than by making dogmatic statements, especially ones along the lines of "If you don't do as I say the sky will fall in and your family will die." Try using "might", "could", and "perhaps", rather than "will", "must" and "should". Tone is important.
12. Make your aim as a forum member be to learn, and then to help others as your knowledge increases, rather than to demonstrate how clever and knowledgeable you are, or to prove the inadequacy of another forum member.
13. Inaccurate spelling not only grates with many forum members, but it also causes problems for future searches. If "axle" is spelled as "axel" in a post, the search facility will not detect it in a later search. It is very difficult to proof-read one's own work, as the eye will tend to see what it expects to see. I proof-read my posts several times, and still find errors that need correcting on edit after posting. The use of a spell-checker is considerate, and details of how to use one
are at We are hoping that an imminent software upgrade will incorporate a spell-checker.
14. Always say "thank you" when you have asked for help, and advice is given. If there are likely to be several responses, wait a while, perhaps a day, before posting your thanks, as otherwise you will be posting multiple "thanks". If only one reply is expected, then thank straight away. It is unrewarding to, for example, go out to one's trailer, take some photos as requested, and then post them, only never to receive an acknowledgment. We all like to be appreciated.

The above list may seem intimidating, but we were all newbies once, and we know how you feel. The forum members have been very kind to me, and they will be to you. Welcome to the forum!

Nick Crowhurst, Excella 25 1988, Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel. England in summer, USA in winter.
"The price of freedom is eternal maintenance."
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War & Peace

Throw the instructions away...until you can't figure it out.

Your opinion is valued, please not your opinion of someones else's opinion.
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Hmmmmm. . . .

Very sensible advice. Karma coming.
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As always a well thought out post Nick. Thanks for that.

Barry & Donna
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hey nick...

good post!

r u jocky-ing for a moderator position?

it's good to read someone else is using gloop syn...

it is the best! thats a FACT!

knot u-sing it might result in death or traylor destructshun...

sum tymes we u$3 alt 4ms of sphell'n to m-ss wid the srchruch funkshun.

also you forgot 2 mention including LINKS or PIX when offering someone help, they really work!




sure seems like we've covered this rules and 'newbie' stuff b4 too...

aslo you forgot to mention the warm meter...

to keep us all in line, cuze with the shorter daze we all get a little crazy here
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all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Hello Nick -- Thanks for putting this together. I just had an idea. We're looking for authors and articles for a new feature. Let me check to see if your post could be used for that. I'll have more word for you once you get down to Florida. Safe trip!

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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Thank you for the concise and informative "ground rules / rules of engagement". I am fairly new to the forums and have been learning my way around via OJT (typical of me).

This is a great learning environment when treated as such and it is because of folks like you, canoe, and even 2air that us newbies make less mistakes and get up to speed more quickly. For instance, I was using Goop Synthetic as hair gel and should have paid closer attention to the manufacturer's (Goop Industries) directions for correct use of the product

I particularly like your "around the campfire" reference as it is very appropriate.

These tips should be required reading of any newcomer - thanks again!

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I had an idea too

Originally Posted by CanoeStream
Hello Nick -- Thanks for putting this together. I just had an idea. ...
Nick's post should be made "sticky" so that new/prospective members can readily see it.

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yea what we need is more stickies!!!

new members don't look at the stickies, and 'gentle advice' is for babies!

IF you really want a new member to see a thread/guide/suggested blah, blah...

the "welcome to the forums" automated post they initially receive should include some LINKS to required reading....

and EVERYTIME a new THREAD is stared by some one with say...under 1000 posts,

they should get a "did u search HERE FIRST prompt' before the thread can go live....

has anyone noticed how FEW 'airstream in the news' posts/threads go up? and now FEW replies, hits, views and so on happen there...

it's because THAT forum is time delayed and some mod has to read/ok EACH thread/post before it goes on the board....

yea we need more stickies......

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Name:	stickies2.jpg
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all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Hi, as usual, 2air's posts are very colorful. Thank You.

2005 Safari 25-B
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I, too, am impressed. Very solid advice.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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Got gandkids?
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Great post, Nick. If we all learned to abide by your gentleman's rules, we wouldn't need moderators! Karma to ya!


ON edit: Wait a minute, that didn't come out right, let me rethink this post.

Air No. 6427
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Got gandkids?
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Maybe a better way to say it.

Your post offers some very insightful guidance for folks posting to the forum early on. This was the first “Forum” I had ever participated in and was completely clueless as to etiquette, form and manner. “Gentle” guidance is exactly what many of us need, not only in the beginning of a new, complicated endevour, but need to be reminded from time to time the proper decorum. In short, my opinion is that your advice was both timely and appropriate for new folks using the forum and for those of us that have been around for awhile. We must have rules to live by. And we need to know how and where to find ‘em.


Air No. 6427
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I love rules... they are so fun to break. I broke one about making any comments that involved opinion just by posting here. Rules... is that not what so many are pissed off about with the WBCCI? The rules.... you know, you CANNOT have wine a WBCCI dinner? I heard it today, Don't like wine, but will start drinking it at dinner now... love them rules. I did a search of "rules" got 290 hits in .10 seconds...

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